Simply Schedule Appointments Review 2024: Is It The Best Booking Plugin For WordPress?

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Simply Schedule Appointments Review


Simply Schedule Appointments (SSA) is one of the most user-friendly WordPress appointment booking plugins available. This plugin is simple to install and allows you to rapidly establish several booking calendars on your site. Additionally, you can allow consumers to plan phone conversations, meetings, in-person meetings, or coaching sessions.

Out of 10


  • Simple to operate and set up.
  • Appointment types can be created in an unlimited number.
  • Customizing the timing, availability, and scheduling is simple.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of WordPress tools and plugins.
  • Utilize shortcodes to embed the calendar anywhere on your site.


  • Certain features require the pro version.


Price: $ 99

Are you looking for an unbiased opinion about Simply Schedule Appointments Review? If yes, then let me proceed.

Simply Schedule Appointments is a straightforward yet effective appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress, as the name implies.

You can configure your scheduling calendars to accept your first booking within five minutes by using this plugin. And that is doable with the free edition of the program.

With the premium edition, you’ll gain access to a number of exclusive features that will aid in the growth of your business. However, you may be wondering, ‘Is this the finest appointment booking WordPress plugin for my site?’

Do not be concerned! The following is a comprehensive review of the Simply Schedule Appointments WordPress plugin. Therefore, examine its features, advantages, disadvantages, and support to ascertain the answers to your questions.

Now, let us begin.

Simply Schedule Appointments Review: Complete Overview

Simply Schedule Appointments (SSA) is one of the most user-friendly WordPress appointment booking plugins available.

This plugin is easy to set up and allows you to quickly create multiple booking calendars on your website. You can also do the following:

  • Indicate the day and time that you are available for appointments on each one.
  • Limit the number of daily appointments that appear on your calendar.
  • Allow consumers to plan phone conversations, meetings, in-person meetings, or coaching sessions.

To display the booking calendars, simply add their custom shortcodes to the page where you’d like to accept bookings. It’s so straightforward that anyone can use it to develop a fully functional booking system.

Simply Schedule Appointments Review

SSA includes two useful WordPress blocks. One will display all of your appointment types, while the other will display impending appointments. Here is why you should definitely try SSA: 

  • You can use modules to further customize your booking site by integrating it with page builders such as Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder.
  • The calendars are totally responsive and will display properly on any device.
  • You’ll have a plethora of customization choices to ensure that your calendar looks fantastic.
  • Your consumers will find it simple to schedule appointments. They can view your availability and choose an appropriate day and time to arrange an appointment.
  • As a result, this plugin is best suited for independent consultants and small organizations. It is perfect for booking client meetings, events, patients, and services.
  • The SSA plugin is already installed on over 10,000 websites. It has an excellent user rating of an average of 5-stars.

Let’s proceed to the next section of this Simply Schedule Appointments review for a more extensive look at its features.

Key Features of Simply Schedule Appointments:

I’ll discuss the essential features (both free and premium) of the Simply Schedule Appointments plugin in this review section. Therefore, let us not delay in examining them.

1. Unlimited Appointment Types

I previously mentioned the capability of your website to generate and display several booking calendars. This is because your website can be designed to accept a limitless variety of appointment types. This varies according to the nature of your business or requirement.

For example, you can allow new clients to schedule an introduction call via a calendar. Allow established customers to schedule a longer booking via a separate calendar, on the other hand.

You can also keep separate calendars for each service you provide. A freelance barber, for example, can keep separate calendars for each service they provide. One for haircuts and another for hair colouring, for example.

Unlimited Appointment Types

Furthermore, each appointment type is interdependent on the others. Consider a consumer who has reserved a time slot from one sort of appointment. To accommodate the new booking, the same time slot is instantly blocked for other appointment types.

However, it is also possible to disable this default function in favor of having independent calendars. This is possible if you have various appointment types associated with separate independent meeting rooms. In such instances, there is no need to be concerned about double booking.

2. Unique Blackout Dates

Adding blackout dates is a unique feature that I adore about SSA. You can use it to block out dates on which you will be unable to accept any appointments.

To put it another way, you can mark work holidays, birthdays, vacation days, and other special days. That is, you will be unavailable and would like to close the business on certain days.

3. Sync with Google Calendar

The premium version of SSA enables you to integrate booking calendars with Google Calendar. Which is highly useful in a variety of ways.

To begin, you may be managing your schedule with Google Calendar. As a result, you may not want to lose that information when using this plugin. Thus, synchronizing the two calendars enables them to work in unison.

Following that, by integrating Google Calendar into your website, you can easily validate your actual appointments and availability. This also helps you avoid arranging meetings that overlap.

4. Scheduling Options

SSA also comes with a set of advanced scheduling tools that are available for free. In addition, the premium edition comes with more features. These options give you the ability to create feature-rich booking calendars.

The plugin includes the following scheduling options:

  • Set a notice required to avoid last-minute bookings.
  • Utilize the localized timezone to display the date and time in accordance with the user’s geographic location.
  • Limit the number of time slots available for booking or access to your booking calendars, for example.

In general, these solutions enable you to make the most of your time and expand your business.

5. Complete Customization Options

You may entirely modify them by altering the colors, fonts, and other elements with CSS. Or, you can use the simple built-in options to change the accent color and font

Furthermore, you can customize your schedule form by adding your own fields or questions. This allows you to gather important and unique data about your appointments.

Complete Customization Features

Not to mention, you may design and automate appointment confirmation emails and SMS reminders or notifications. This way, you can minimize missed appointments.

6. Integrate seamlessly with Divi, Elementor, and Beaver Builder

Utilizing a page builder plugin or blocks in Gutenberg streamlines the process of modifying and customizing forms.

Simply Schedule Appointments plugin is fully compatible with popular page builders such as Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder. This allows you to easily drag and drop objects into your form.

Simply Schedule Appointments Integrations

Furthermore, it contains Beaver Builder modules, Elementor widgets, and Divi components. That is optimal to be used on an online booking website. It covers the following: 

  • Make New Appointments.
  • Show Upcoming Appointments to logged-in users, and so forth.

7. Supports Other Popular WordPress Plugins and Tools

The premium edition of SSA works seamlessly with a variety of other popular WordPress plugins. Among the most critical are PayPal and Stripe payment gateways for accepting payments on a booking website.

Best Support

  • To track conversions and goals, use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Segment.
  • Plugins for WordPress that provide Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as LifterLMS.
  • Direct integration with Mailchimp.
  • Twilio may be used to receive and send SMS notifications.
  • Form creator Plugins for WordPress such as Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms
  • To conduct web meetings, Zoom and Google Meet are recommended.

8. Other Premium Features

Apart from the aforementioned functionalities, more premium features are available. For instance:

Premium Features

  • Capable of scheduling classes and group events.
  • Multiple bookings in the same time window are supported.
  • Provides an unlimited number of webhooks for use.
  • Capability to schedule your team, among other things.

Now, let’s discuss the pricing structure of this Simply Schedule Appointments review.

Simply Schedule Appointments Pricing Plans: How Much It Cost?

Are you ready to begin arranging appointments with this feature-rich plugin? Then, in this section of the review, I’ll discuss the Simply Schedule Appointments plugin’s pricing options.

SSA is available as a free download as well as a paid version. You must choose the appropriate plan for your site based on the features you desire.

Now, there are a few pricing options available for the premium edition. Furthermore, they are relatively affordable. I’ve included a brief overview of the company’s three pricing tiers below. They are as follows:

Simply Schedule Appointments Pricing Plans

1. Plus Edition

Support and upgrades are included in the $99 price. Pricing for multi-site plans ranges from $149 for 25 sites to $199 for 1000 sites. Among the characteristics included in this plan are the following:

  • All of the complementary features.
  • Integration with Google Calendar.
  • Booking forms with customized fields.
  • Zoom integration, for example.

2. Professional Edition

This package is priced at $199 and includes one year of support and updates. The multi-site pricing plan is $249 for up to 25 locations and $399 for up to 1000 locations. Among the characteristics included in this plan are the following:

  • All features of the Plus plan.
  • Payments accepted.
  • Webhooks are available indefinitely.
  • Send email and SMS reminders, among other things.

3. Business Edition

It also includes one year of service and updates for $299. While the multi-site pricing plan is $349 for 25 sites and $599 for 1000 sites, it costs $349 for 25 sites and $599 for 1000 sites.

Among the characteristics included in this plan are the following:

  • All features of the Professional plan.
  • Make a schedule for your team.
  • Onboarding SSAs in real-time through Zoom, etc.
  • You can also visit the plugin’s original website’s Pricing page to review the plugin’s capabilities in detail.

Simply Schedule Appointments: Customer Support Options

In any plugin, it’s critical to pay attention to the customer support settings. Simply Schedule Appointments also delivers adequate customer service, as I will detail later in my review.

Simply Schedule Appointments Customer Support

If you’re using the free version, the best place to start is the Support Forum. It includes the users’ questions or concerns. Therefore, determine whether or not their inquiries have been resolved.

While the company’s website provides more support. On the Help Center page, there is a section titled “Common Issues.” Here you’ll discover guides for resolving common plugin-related issues.

Built-in Support Options

And the company’s help offerings do not stop at its website. If you’re using the plugin, you can access the plugin’s built-in support services directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Simply navigate to Appointment > Support. There, you’ll get a concise set of diagnostic data that may indicate the resolution to your concerns or issues. For example, an out-of-date plugin version, unsuccessful scheduling events resulting in missing alerts, and so on.

Additionally, you can select the Contact Support Team button if you are unable to locate anything on the Support tab. A popup window will then emerge to capture your email address and message. By sending this message, you will be submitting a support request to the team.

Simply Schedule Appointments Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons :


  • Simple to operate and set up in less than five minutes.
  • Appointment types can be created in an unlimited number.
  • Utilize shortcodes to embed the calendar anywhere on your site.
  • Customizing the timing, availability, and scheduling is a simple and advanced way.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of WordPress tools and plugins.


  • When it comes to the paid edition, this is not the cheapest WordPress booking plugin.
  • Certain features require the pro version.

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Conclusion: Simply Schedule Appointments Review 2024

That is all from me. This concludes the Simply Schedule Appointments review. I hope that after reading it, you’re eager to try and consider utilizing the plugin.

In general, this plugin provides fantastic capabilities for conveniently scheduling appointments. As a result, I propose that you use this Simply Schedule Appointments review guide to test it out for yourself.

And if you run into any difficulties, please leave a comment in the box below. I’d love to hear about your experiences with this wonderful plugin.

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