Beaver Builder Pricing Plans July 2024: Is The Beaver Builder Theme Worth It?

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With the growing demand for blogging and page editing and styling, while creating your own blogs, you would need new features for your pages.

This is the reason why page builders have taken their terms.  The website-generated page editor is not sufficient for our requirements when we wish to edit it according to our own ideas.

There are so many limitations to the default page editor sponsored by WordPress. And users are definitely complaining about it. So, here we bring you the most trendy and popular Builder plugin i.e. Beaver Builder. Let’s check out Beaver Builder Pricing Plans July 2024.

What is Beaver Builder?

An adjustable drag and drop content page creator that operates on the first end of the WordPress website. It is easy to handle as it is more flexible than the default content editor and beginners, as well as the experts, can equally use it with ease.

it allows you to edit your own page and lets you take charge of your blog page. You need not any longer write those HTML or shortcodes for your creation. Beaver Builder aids you in creating a marvelous, business-like WordPress page simply by dragging and dropping method.

In short, Beaver Builder is a plugin that works by drag and drop method and ultimately enhances your WordPress content creator page without any complications. It is just a two-step easy and hassle-free process if you want to create forms for your site, which can generate tons of sales than try Ninja Forms, the WordPress form builder plugin, we have also mention Ninja Forms Discount Code, go and grab the deal.


What Can You Drive Out Of The Definition?

  • The user can construct manual posts and pages just by dragging and then placing the contents or features on to a wide-open space that can be a page also.
  • It is easy on creating shortcodes. Also, the grand and sophisticated knowledge of HTML master is not necessary.
  • Beaver Builder fits accurately to your default WordPress theme. It additionally comes with a unit of themes stuck to the package to reduce the workload on you.
  • It does not create delays in showing the outcomes of your works, thanks to the complete front-end editing.

Beaver Builder Coupon Codes

In the definitions mentioned above, it now becomes clear what the Beaver Builder exactly is. With this definition, the users realize that Beaver Builder is easy to handle for a large number of users, professional workers, and WordPress creators.

Now you can work efficiently with this new developer and make your contents look richer and attractive than others.

The foremost advantage of Beaver Builder is that it allows beginners to work with comfort in the WordPress platform who really wants to come up with astonishing and attractive content.

Look what the users say about Beaver Builder:

users say about Beaver Builder

What are the Features of Beaver Builder?

  • The user does not have to worry about placing the text and images on the pages. It is easily done even without drag and drop method.
  • You do not need to possess any exceptional knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • The texts and pages can be easily edited.
  • It lets you create the specific column-focused layouts that were earlier not possible by the running WordPress theme.
  • Beaver Builder provides you with as many as thirty automated page templates that help you with pages requiring landing, and also the different types of content sheets.
  • In Beaver Builder, there is a wide variety of themes that allow you to choose any particular style from that range and select accordingly.
  • There is an option of complete front-end editing that gives the users the opportunity of working on that final page which will be viewed by the viewers at the other end.
  • Irrespective of the different WordPress themes, Beaver Builder works with any one of them.
  • The pages and themes you create on your blogs in WordPress can all be viewed by the normal cellular phones.
  • Anything with this Beaver Builder plugin attracts the readers equally even if the connection is broken down or deactivated by any chance.
  • SEO also handles the feature of Beaver Builder content by modifying it.
  • Beaver Builder comes with WooCommerce compatibility.
  • You have the options of IMPORT and EXPORT.
  • Premium features are listed below-
  • There are a number of extra features like
  • Contact Form,
  • Tabs,
  • Slider,
  • Pricing Table,
  • Map,
  • Blog Posts,
  • Subscribe Form,
  • Social Icons, and so on and so forth.
  • Customer support of outstanding quality with all-time availability.
  • World-class care experts are available.
  • Already created layout templates.
  • There are a lot of options to customize your page according to your own desire.
  • Create your own designed modules.


Beaver Builder Pricing

Beaver Builder wonderfully surprises you with a variety of options and features, more than what you would generally expect of a basic plugin. plus there is no hassle whatsoever in operating the same because the access is deliberately made easy for the users.

There is no hurry to operate the features all of a sudden. You can take time in exploring the features while they are waiting in the background to be explored.

Let us now move on to the other important section- the pricing. What are the cost issues and which one to select out of the difference in price shall be touched upon in the next section?

  • Agency- 399$
  • Pro-199$
  • Standard- 99$

One of the perks of Beaver Builder is that you can make use of the plugin in multiple sites irrespective of the subscription plan you have vouched for. This plugin is very flexible and allows you to work on other sites too. Beaver Builder does not always pay heed to the rat race competition.

According to certain trusted reviews, it is sensible to go for the standard or pro value. There is only a white labeling option provided extra in the Agency plan that makes not much difference.

Beaver Builder Pricing

What Makes Beaver Builder this Popular?

  • MODULES AND WIDGETS- Beaver Builder always makes the task of the user handle effortlessly easy. There are manually set modules that can be helped to create wonderful layouts and pages just by dragging the target and dropping in the location. The third-party and basic icons are also handled by this WordPress plugin.
  • Beaver Builder is compatible with any WordPress theme. There is no doubt about its flexibility.
  • Beaver Builder is totally comfortable in any mobile screening. It works well with the cellular phones
  • The templates provided by default can be saved and used for later purpose making it unlimited in its use.
  • It is not lost in translation – Beaver Builder helps the famous WPML translation plugin to make it useful for our foreign users.

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Conclusion- Beaver Builder Pricing 2024

Beaver builder is the most popular plugin for WordPress because of its above-mentioned traits. Although there are so many perks to it still there are some drawbacks remaining. Beaver builder tends to be overworked at times.

Users find it cumbersome to choose among a number of options. The other problem with this plugin is that it tends to be slower at times. Therefore, with a few disadvantages and a large number of advantages, we have overall rated Beaver Builder as an exceptionally good plugin available out there.

Beaver Builder


An adjustable drag and drop content page creator that operates on the first end of the WordPress website. It is easy to handle as it is more flexible than the default content editor and beginners, as well as the experts, can equally use it with ease.

Out of 10


Price: $

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