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Have you heard about Tailor Brands? It’s this cool online tool that makes designing stuff like logos super easy.

And guess what? I found some amazing Tailor Brands coupon codes that can save you some cash! I was just like you, searching for a good deal on creating a logo for my new baking blog.

I stumbled upon these codes, and wow, they really cut down the cost. I’m super excited to share these discounts with you.

Whether you’re starting a business or want a fun logo for your project, these codes are a game-changer. Keep reading to grab these deals and make your logo dreams come true without breaking the bank.

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❓What is a Tailor Brands Coupon Code?

A Tailor Brands coupon code is a special set of letters and numbers you can use on their website. It helps you save money on their services like logo design and branding tools.

👀How Do I Use a Tailor Brands Coupon Code?

First, pick the Tailor Brands service you want. Then, when you're ready to pay, enter the coupon code in the box that says 'Promo Code' or 'Discount Code'. This will reduce the price!

🧐Do Tailor Brands Coupon Codes Expire?

Yes, they do. Each code has a different expiry date. Check the details of your coupon to see when it ends.

👍Are There Any Restrictions on Using Tailor Brands Coupon Codes?

Sometimes, codes are only for certain services or new customers. Read the terms of your coupon to know for sure.

How do you grab the Tailor Brands coupon codes?

Step 1: click on the discount icon, which will take you to the tailor brand’s official website.

Tailor brands review

Step 2: Look for all the available plans and choose the one that suits your requirements.

Step 4: When you are done choosing the plan, it will say to sign in if you are a new user.

Tailor brand sign up

Step 5: Fill in all the necessary details, purchase the plan, and apply the coupon code in the appropriate box.

Step 6: Enjoy creating the most intuitive logos for your brand.

About Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an all-in-one business platform designed primarily for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It offers a suite of digital tools to streamline the process of starting and managing a business.

Key features include AI-powered logo creation, branding tools with a vast library of design elements, website and business card creation, and social media management tools. Additionally, Tailor Brands provides services for forming an LLC, including assistance with legal documentation and compliance, and offers a professional business mailbox through G-Suite.

The platform caters to those seeking a comprehensive, efficient solution for establishing and growing their business’s online presence and brand identity.

Tailor Brands Products

Tailor brands features

Tailor Brands offers a variety of products and services aimed at helping small businesses and entrepreneurs create and manage their brand identity and business operations. Their main products include:

1. AI-Powered Logo Maker:

This tool uses artificial intelligence to create custom logos based on user input. It’s designed to be fast and user-friendly, generating multiple logo options within seconds.

2. Branding Tools:

Tailor Brands provides a range of branding tools that include design elements like icons, graphics, and typography. These tools help users create a consistent brand identity across various platforms.

3. Website Builder:

The platform offers a website builder that enables users to create and customize their business websites. This tool is integrated with their branding services to ensure website design aligns with the overall brand identity.

4. Digital Business Card:

Users can create digital business cards, which are useful for consolidating contact information and sharing it easily online, complete with QR codes and links to social media.

5. Social Media Design Tools:

Tailor Brands provides tools for designing social media assets, ensuring a consistent look across platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This includes tools for creating post images, banners, and profile pictures.

6. Print Store and Merchandise:

Users can print their brand elements on various products like business cards, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other promotional items. This service is particularly useful for creating branded merchandise for marketing or internal use.

7. Business Mailbox:

In collaboration with G-Suite, Tailor Brands offers a professional business mailbox service, allowing users to create a professional email address with their domain.

8. LLC Formation Services:

Tailor Brands assists in the formation of Limited Liability Companies (LLC), handling various legal and documentation processes required for establishing a business entity.

9. SEO and Online Listing Services:

They provide services to help businesses improve their online visibility, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support and assistance in getting the business listed in online directories and on Google.

10. Mobile App:

Tailor Brands also offers a mobile app, making their tools and services accessible on the go. This includes their logo maker and other branding tools.

Why Tailor brands?

More than 3 million users chose Tailor Brands to create the most dynamic logos for their brands. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about the same, you can still create logos instantly with the help of Tailor Brands. More reasons to choose Tailor Brands are:

1. Instantly and creates stunning logos.

Their logo maker creates an array of choices based on your panache and likings. You can then select the perfect logo to characterize your company’s persona and brand. The result is a motif that is flexible, influential, and impeccably fits your company’s branding stratagem.

Tailor Brands Products

2. Branding Tools Created for Your Business

Start developing your brand uniqueness with their easy-to-use logo maker and adjustable branding tools. Genuinely represent your business with an outstanding logo that converts your zeal and pursuit into a brand. By merging beautiful designs with useful technology, they create branding that will make a permanent impression on your viewers.

Branding Tools Created for Your Business

3. No Designing Abilities? No Problem

Their digital platform allows you to easily create branding that is both eternal and iconic for a section of the value. Whether you are just beginning your side hustle or have been in business for ages, anyone can easily apply their tools and create only a one-of-a-kind logo.

digital platform allows you to easily create branding

Pricing plans of Tailored Brands

1. Tailor Brands LLC Formation Packages:

Essential Plan: Priced at $199 per year, this plan includes assistance with annual compliance, expedited filing (2 days), a draft of an Operating Agreement, and other LLC-related services.

Elite Plan: At $249 per year, the Elite plan offers all the features of the Essential plan, plus a wider range of creative services like branding, limited free logos, merchandise, graphic design, a free domain name for 1 year, business email, and a website.

2. Standard Plan:

Priced at $5.99 per month when billed annually, this plan adds vector EPS files for logos, a business card tool, a branded business deck and presentation, a full website builder with a one-year free domain name, and multi-language site options.

3. Premium Plan:

This plan costs $12.99 per month when billed annually. It includes the ability to create an online store and accept online payments, a chat feature, and tools for social media sales.

4. Elite Plan:

Available at $20.75 per month when billed annually, the Elite plan provides all the features of the Premium package plus LLC formation (excluding state fees), annual compliance, expedited processing (two business days), and an operating agreement.

5. Additional Services and Add-ons:

Tailor Brands also offers various add-on services, including Registered Agent services at $199/year, Employer ID Number (EIN) assistance at $99, annual compliance at $199/year, Operating Agreement drafting at $29, and expedited filing at $49.

6. Free Plan:

There is a basic free plan for LLC formation, but it is limited and doesn’t include the full range of creative services offered by Tailor Brands.

Below is the pricing policy of Tailor Brands for its two plans, along with the feature. Once you are done with designing the logo, you will be introduced to the tools to choose from. Just pick a plan as per your needs.

Pros and cons of Tailor Brands 

Pros Cons
Quick AI logo creation Limited free features
Wide range of branding tools Logos may lack uniqueness
User-friendly Ongoing subscription costs
LLC formation aid Limited design customization
Digital and physical products AI designs’ variable quality
Email and social media tools Platform-limited features
Mobile app available Additional fees for some services
SEO and listing assistance

Tailor Brands Customer support

tailor brands customer support

Tailor Brands offers customer support primarily through email and live chat, ensuring accessibility for their users.

Additionally, they provide a comprehensive online knowledge base and an informative blog, which are valuable resources for users seeking guidance on LLC formation, branding tools, and other services they offer.

This approach to customer support aims to cater to a wide range of user needs and queries.

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Conclusion | Tailor Brands Coupon Codes 2024

Tailor Brands stands out as a versatile and user-friendly platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to establish and enhance their brand identity. With its AI-powered logo creation, extensive branding tools, LLC formation services, and digital marketing support.

It offers a comprehensive solution for building a strong online presence. Tailor Brands also supports this journey with effective customer service via email and live chat.

For those interested in experiencing Tailor Brands’ full suite of services, Using our coupon codes can make it even more accessible for businesses to leverage these valuable tools and services.

I hope you enjoy the Tailor Brands Coupon Codes and Offers and save money on its logo designing tools.

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