EverWebinar Discount 2024: Get Up to 60% OFF + 3-Months Free

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Webinars are an integral part of any marketing campaign. After all, 15% of the webinar attendees purchase a product or service after attending it.

Out of many webinar software, I found Everwebinar as an impeccable one. Further, there are some great savings you can make while purchasing it.

Check out my detailed post on Everwebinar discount and know why Everwebinar is a worthy investment for you.



EverWebinar 60 Day Trial

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Frequently Asked Questions about EverWebinar Discount Code:

🤑How much can I save with EverWebinar Coupons & Promo codes?

With the EverWebinar coupon code, you can get a good discount and you can save up to 50% on your purchase but please note that currently Everwebinar is not offering coupons exclusively.

👀How often does EverWebinar update new coupon codes?

EverWebinar releases new coupons every day throughout the month but currently Everwebinar is not offering coupons exclusively.

👍What is the best valid EverWebinar coupon that I can use?

To save the best on your purchase you can get: 25% Off Everwebinar.com, Save Up To $100 Off Everwebinar, and more

✌️How many coupons are available for EverWebinar ?

At the moment we have listed 10+ EverWebinar coupons and deals. You can select the best offer as per your requirement and save BIG!

Everwebinar Discount Offer (Season Sale) 💥

Exclusive Discount Offer – Limited Time Deal 🔥

EverWebinar 40% Discount

A lot of websites say they have a 40% off code for EverWebinar, but when you check, there’s no code there.

We found that there used to be an offer: if you bought WebinarJam, you could get EverWebinar for 40% less. But now, that offer is likely expired.

So, when you’re looking for discounts for EverWebinar, be careful not to click on offers that might not be real.

EverWebinar 25% Discount

In the past, a 25% discount for EverWebinar was offered to customers who bought it through affiliates. However, this offer is no longer active, even though some websites still mention it.

Be cautious about these coupons. They might not be official, or they could be outdated. In either case, they won’t give you a discount on EverWebinar.

Everwebinar Biennial Plan Discount

EverWebinar’s best discount is their current plan. It gives you the same features as the yearly plan but costs less.

When you choose this plan, you get three months for free, which is like a 12.5% discount.

You can get this offer directly from EverWebinar’s website because it’s one of their main deals.

Does EverWebinar Offer any Coupons?

Right now, EverWebinar doesn’t have any coupon codes available. But because we’re partnered with EverWebinar, we’ve arranged a special deal for you.

You can use our special link to try EverWebinar for 14 days, and it will only cost you $1. Plus, if you choose the Biennial plan, you’ll get an extra 3 months for free.

Everwebinar $1 free trial discount

We suggest our readers take advantage of this opportunity to try EverWebinar for 14 days at just $1. It’s a great way to save money. Remember, this offer won’t last forever, so grab it before it’s gone.

How to Claim EverWebinar Discount?

If you are considering signing up for EverWebinar, there is a way to save money! You can take advantage of an EverWebinar discount when you purchase an annual subscription. This discount allows you to receive the same features and services as a monthly subscription but at a reduced cost.

Step 1:

Visit the EverWebinar website and click the ‘Sign Up’ button on the top right. You will be taken to a page where you must enter your details and choose a plan according to your requirements.

Everwebinar homepage

Step 2:

Next step is choosing the pricing. There are two Everwebinar available plans: the annual plan is $499 per year, and the biennial plan is $874 per year.

With the biennial plan, you don’t have to pay for 3 months.

Because of our special EverWebinar discount, we recommend choosing the biennial plan and clicking “Start my $1 Trial.” This way, you’ll also get a 30-day trial option.

Everwebinar pricing plans

Step 3:

After choosing the pricing plan, you will prompted to a billing page. Enter all the details, including contact information, address, and email address.

Click Continue to proceed to cart checkout.

checkout page- everwebinar

Step 4: On this page, choose the payment method that best suits you and enter your details.

Step 5: Finally, click on ‘Purchase Now’ and your order will be processed.  You have successfully claimed the EverWebinar discount code.

Voila! Enjoy your well-deserved discount and keep more money in your pocket!

What is EverWebinar?

EverWebinar is an online webinar platform designed to make your business life easier. It lets you create and set up webinars in advance, even though they’re not happening live.

Everwebinar webinars- WebinarJam vs Everwebinar

The clever part is that EverWebinar makes these pre-recorded webinars look like real-time events.

Whether you’re running a big company or a solo entrepreneur, EverWebinar is a great way to get more potential customers and boost your sales.

You see, it’s not always possible to host live webinars all the time. This could be due to different time zones of your audience, inconsistent attendance, having to repeat the same content repeatedly, and more.

With EverWebinar, you can save a lot of time and effort. Instead of doing live webinars every time, you can create a fantastic presentation just once and then schedule it to run as many times as you need. This means you can keep reaching new customers without having to redo the whole thing each time.

EverWebinar Features

Everwebinar Coupon Codes & Offers

1. Flexible Scheduling

EverWebinar’s flexible scheduling makes it easy to accommodate different time zones with just a few clicks to set the date and time for your webinar.

You can also create recurring events that are held regularly, such as weekly or monthly webinars.

Flexible Scheduling- Everwebinar

2. Automated Email And SMS System

The automated email and SMS system ensures that all registered attendees receive timely invitations and reminders about your upcoming webinars.

You can also customize these notifications with images, videos, and other content to increase engagement from your audience.

3. Automated Webinar

The automated webinar feature allows you to set up a live webinar that runs on its own without requiring any additional interventions. This means that you can focus on creating quality content for your webinar instead of spending time managing it.

Live feature in EverWebinar

4. On-Demand Webinars

EverWebinar also allows you to create on-demand webinars that can be watched anytime.

On Demand webinars

This helps extend the reach of your webinar content and gives your audience more flexibility when attending your webinars. You can also use these recordings to build a library of webinar content for future viewers.

5. Live Rooms 

This cool thing about EverWebinar is its live room feature. It makes your recorded webinars seem like they’re happening right now. The room background and the chat messages look like they’re live, too.

So, your recorded videos seem real, like live sessions, and you don’t have to put in extra effort to redo them.

6. Pre-Designed and Customized Landing Pages 

You can use your webinars to attract potential customers to your landing page. EverWebinar has many ready-made landing page designs that you can choose from.

Creating one of your own is super easy – point and click. You can change colors, pictures, logos, add extra bits, put up a video, and lots more, all with just a simple click!

7. Split Testing

Not getting enough conversions? Test out the two versions of the same page by using the EverWebinar Split testing feature.

You can create two versions of the same page using different designs and landing pages, with one being shorter and the other being longer.

Split testing in Everwebinar

8. Automated Integration 

EverWebinar integrates seamlessly with various CRM and automation marketing tools. It integrates with HubSpot, Active Campaign, Kartra, Drip, Zapier, and others. 

Everwebinar integration options

EverWerbinar Pricing Plans 

EverWebinar offers two pricing plans: Yearly and Biennial.

While there is no difference in their features, they differ in pricing and the time they are charged.

Everwebinar pricing

EverWebinar’s yearly plan bills $499 per year.

The Biennial plan charges you $874 every 2 years. Additionally, you get the first 3 months free when you opt for the biennial plan.

Here are the quick features of Everwebinar:

  • Automated Webinars
  • Hybrid Webinars
  • Just-In-Time Webinars
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Live Chat Simulator
  • Professional Page Templates
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Email & SMS System
  • Clickable Offers & CTA’s
  • Built In Urgency & Scarcity
  • Dynamic Display
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Easy Integrations
  • 1 Additional Team Member
  • Bad Words Filter
  • Registration Notification
  • Detailed Analytics.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Try EverWebinar risk-free with their 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! If you’re not completely satisfied with their platform within the first month, send us a request and we’ll give you a full refund.

everwebinar vs webinarjam- 30 day money back guarantee

Use our exclusive EverWebinar coupon code to save even more with their money-back plan. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to test the waters and achieve your marketing goals with confidence.

Conclusion- EverWebinar Coupon Codes 2024

As you can see, EverWebinar is an incredibly effective tool for increasing reach and engagement.

While Everwebinar paid plans are available, taking advantage of the exclusive coupon codes and discounts makes this one of the most cost-effective options on the market today.

Use the promo code for the plan you’d like to upgrade to and enjoy a lower price while still getting all the benefits of using EverWebinar.

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