AdPlexity Coupon Code & Promo Codes November 2020

Get AdPlexity Coupon Codes November 2020 for Adplexity Desktop, Native and Mobile Apps!

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AdPlexity is an indigenous ad spy tool and is one of the dominant spy tools. It acts as a revolutionary tool for audit intelligence.

Its main job is to redirect the Wi-fi and mobile carrier traffic and offer services on the campaigns which are market monitored on mobile web, android apps, and popups over 120 carriers.


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FAQs About AdPlexity Coupons

✅ How do I get the best Adplexity Coupon?

We update our article every day with the latest AdPlexity coupons that are available. You can use any of the mentioned deals and offer and save a huge on your order.

🤔 How to Apply Adplexity Coupon Code?

Step 1 - After picking the deal you want to buy, click on the Get Deal button and head to the checkout process. Step 2 - On the checkout page, you will get an option to ‘apply coupon’. Step 3- Once you apply the code, you will see the discounted amount on your payment page

🙌 How many discount codes or deals are available for AdPlexity?

At the moment, we have listed more than 25+ live deals and offers on AdPlexity. You can click on the Get Deal button and claim your discount. Hurry Up!

😎 Which is the best offer On AdPlexity?

The best offers that you can get on AdPlexity today are: $50 Discount On AdPlexity Adult Subscription, $50 Off AdPlexity Desktop Subscription, 30% With AdPlexity Native Coupon Code and more.

🤟 How accurate is AdPlexity?

Our unique technology allows us to see the exact ads shown on thousands of placements in real-time.

🤓 Does AdPlexity offer a trial?

Sorry, we do not offer any trial periods at the moment. However, you can sign up, and if you think it isn’t for you, you can request a refund within the first 24 hours.

🤔 What countries supported by AdPlexity ?

AdPlexity support in countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Luxembourg, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia, Israel, Mexico, Thailand, Peru.

🤨 What is AdPlexity?

AdPlexity offers six different tools that provide you with a range of data related to the world of e-commerce and affiliate marketing. They give you information about market trends, products, and store value. AdPlexity lets you analyze online markets, and keep track of what your competitors are doing.

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The users can effortlessly discover trends, profitable campaigns, networks, and top publishers with AdPlexity. This efficient tool can analyze numerous rewarding campaigns from all the powerful sources of mobile traffic.

You can now easily grab the AdPlexity Coupon Code and avail an exclusive 30% Lifetime Discount for Native, Desktop, and Mobile apps. You will really benefit from it.

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Overview of AdPlexity

AdPlexity is a company that has headquarters in the United States and was founded in the year 2008.

Basically, the company is an advertising or a marketing company that is the topmost provider of extensive services for the enhancement of online advertisers and publishers.

It is a tool which is particularly designed in online advertising, XML syndication, SEM, and SEO, and boasts of generating a revenue of $1million.

The company has employed proficient and qualified people who are highly qualified to generate such revenues. As per the data, the website has around 700 visitors and viewing of 58,000 pages per day.

Profitable Features of AdPlexity

  • 100 Affiliate Networks –

With just one click you can find the ads which promote affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks.

  • 70 Countries –

This tool has a coverage of all the major countries as well as some lesser competitive countries, which makes the total to 70 countries.

  • Banner Ads –

This tool is helpful to monitor several websites that run on adult websites.

  • 5 Devices –

This tool covers all the major devices like PC, Windows, iPhone, Mac, and Android phones.

  • Landing Page Download –

This tool enables you to download the landing page straight from the user interface.

  • Popup and Directs –

It helps in tracking the campaigns that run on pop-under ads.

  • 120 Carriers –

This tool is smart in identifying the hidden campaigns that run solely on mobile carrier traffic from across the world.

  • Ultra-fast Search –

This tool enables super-fast search within a fraction of a second by keyword, publisher, advertiser, affiliate network, and more.

AdPlexity enables you to find successful campaigns very fast by using filters as follows:

  • Keyword Filter –

You can use the desired keyword on the landing page to search the ads.

  • Advertiser Filter –

You can use the advertiser filter to search for ads for promoting some offers.

  • Tracking tool and affiliate network –

Only specific landing pages can use this feature.

  • Outgoing URLs –

To look for the offer that is being promoted on the landing page, you can use this filter.

  • By Affiliate Network –

The campaigns that promote offers from your affiliate network can be searched with the help of this feature.

  • Download every landing page – 

AdPlexity is like a user interface and allows you to download any landing page in a zip file.

How Can You Use AdPlexity?

AdPlexity is a very effective tool that lets you keep a check on your competitors and competition. It is a fierce spy tool for adult, mobile, and native ads.

This all-in-one tool which enables you to do everything that is required to start and run a powerful Ad campaign.

It will allow you to see all the ads run by your competitors which means their links, landing pages, social media pages, and graphics.

You can also view the products sold by competitors, what are they charging, and which booster apps are they using. This is the crux of what all AdPlexity can do for you.

Campaign for native - AdPlexity Lifetime Discount

Use AdPlexity Native Coupon to increase your savings on this tool and read how to use this amazing tool to gain maximum benefit out of it.

Remove Non-Affiliate Offers

The main aim of a spying tool is to see what other affiliates are doing, which includes you as well.

AdPlexity identifies the issues which come up when the affiliate results get mixed up with branded campaigns.

Thus, this tool provides a way to filter the results such that only the affiliate offers are shown. This is easily achievable by filtering with the Tracking Tool and Affiliate Networks.

Refine the Ads by “Received Most Traffic”

AdPlexity is a master of proffering several ways to filter the results as it lets you see the Ads which have got the most traffic.

This filter is essential as it highlights the popular Ads and also displays who is running them.

Landing Pages that are Downloadable

Any landing page which you want to use can be downloaded directly from the page interface of AdPlexity.

On clicking on an Ad you can see all the outbound URLs and the option to download the landing page.

Advanced Filter and Search

AdPlexity lets you search for Ads by Publisher, Affiliate Network, or Keyword, Device, Size, Ad Type, Tracking Tool, or Affiliate Network.

This tool is also helpful in providing you a complete analysis of the promotion offers, traffic, profit margins, campaign angles, and funneling sources.

AdPlexity Products  

  • AdPlexity Desktop

This tool will enable you to see the Ads from 75 countries and also get a detailed analysis of Desktop Ad Exchanges.

adplexity desktop pricing

  • AdPlexity Mobile

As the name suggests, this product is concerned with In-App Ads and Mobile Popup Ads. It also comprises the carrier-specific Ads where all these Ads run in 75 countries.

The monthly subscription of this product is $199 per month but if you use the exclusive AdPlexity Mobile Coupon, you will have to pay only $149 per month.

adplexity coupon codes-adplexity mobile

  • AdPlexity Push

This product demonstrates more than 10 robust Push Traffic Sources and Ads, that run across 80 countries. This product also lets you see the carrier-specific ads which are top secret.

This product’s subscription costs $149 per month, but with AdPlexity Push Coupon, you will have to pay only $129 per month.

  • AdPlexity Native

This product will show Ads from more than 30 countries which comprise the Ads that target the well-known channels.

It focuses on the most essential sources of Native Ad traffic. It also allows you to filter the ads by device and costs $249 per month. But, using the AdPlexity Spy Tool Coupon Code will make you pay only $169 per month.

  • AdPlexity Ecommerce

AdPlexity eCommerce is an intuitive tool that gives details about the individual products that are on sale and also the featured stores.

There are more than 1,00,000 stores and more than 70 million products and you can easily find a product which you could promote.

ads for ecommerce

  • AdPlexity Carriers

Affiliates benefit more from the AdPlexity Carriers product because it is used by Ad Agencies, Affiliate Networks, Ad Verification Systems, Mobile Advertisers, App Developers, etc.

Its monthly subscription costs $149 but by using the AdPlexity Native coupon code for this product you will have to pay only $129 per month.


  • AdPlexity Adult

In the adult entertainment sphere, this product is very helpful. It will give you entry to the popup traffic on adult sites and also details on the Adult Ad Exchange.

These ads are run across 75 countries. It costs $199 per month but with the AdPlexity Coupon Code, you will have to pay $149 per month.

Increase your saving with the AdPlexity Native Coupon Code!

AdPlexity Pros and Cons 


  • This spy tool is helpful in finding the ads in just one click. These ads promote affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks.
  • The campaigns run by its products are spread over 75 countries and cover almost all the popular countries.
  • The interface is very easy to use and enables fast search.
  • It enables you to download any landing page with the page dependencies.
  • It helps in keeping a track on the profitable ad campaigns of the competitors.
  • This tool gathers the biggest amount of data.
  • You get a complete understanding of what your competitors are doing.


  • This tool is very expensive compared to similar tools.
  • Its features are also less as compared to its competitor tools.

Customer Support by AdPlexity

AdPlexity is a customer-centric company and provides services free of cost to all its customers. Their customer support works 24 hours a day, for 7 days and 365 days in a year. It has global support and the customers can call at the toll-free number or contact them via email. Their reply is very prompt and useful.

Quick Links

Conclusion: Best AdPlexity Coupon Codes 2020

The above review of the AdPlexity product clearly shows that this is an amazing plugin with modern and contemporary features.

Publishers and online advertisers benefit a lot from this product as it helps them in getting details of the profitable campaigns, top publishers, trends, and networks. Its interface is user-friendly and speeds up the work.

You can get the full insight into what your competitors are doing.

Newcomers and small businessmen can also benefit from this fantastic spy tool but can be a bit expensive for small businesses to afford it. It is advised to go for this spy tool as per your business needs and products only.

Only after a complete understanding of your requirements and the features provided by this tool, you must go ahead with it.

Use the AdPlexity Coupon Code to save more!

AdPlexity Coupons










User Experience


User Feedback




  • Saves your time and money
  • You can accurately spy on competitors
  • Supports different Ad Networks
  • Provides monthly as well as annual plans
  • Provides multiple products
  • Full refund within 24 hours if you are not satisfied
  • Largest amount of data is collected
  • Runs most successful ad campaigns


  • No free trail provided
  • Single user allowed per account

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