iMobie AnyTrans Review 2024: Is It Better Transfer Buddy Than iTunes?

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This blog is about iMobie AnyTrans Review 2024. A simple way to transfer your data.

iMobie AnyTrans Review 2024: Your everyday transfer buddy!

Detailed about iMobie AnyTrans Review

Does it take forever to find any file on your iPhone? Do you want to reorganize everything neatly? Do you want software that can give you access to all your files on the go? This is the software for you.

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iMobieAnyTrans helps you manage your data in an organized manner. Even if you have data that is widespread across various devices, the software can help you manage it with ease.

AnyTrans has been optimizing for over seven years. They run smoothly because of the years of optimization. The company boasts 1.5 crores, happy customers. AnyTrans has been working in over 160 plus countries.

You can easily manage your content on your iPhone or iPad, iCloud, or Android devices. The best software to use in this scenario would be AnyTrans. Following iMobie Anytrans Review would briefly explain its features, price, pros, and cons.

Best Buy Discount Offers at iMobie AnyTrans

You can also purchase licenses of more than 10 devices. A student license is also available. You can upgrade your 1-year license to a lifetime subscription as well.

You can upgrade your 1-year subscription into a lifetime subscription at $34.99 for iOS and $29.99. These conversions are for the single license only. 

If you are a student or a teacher you can avail of your discount and get a single license for $19.99.

If you are a business owner you have two premade choices:

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  • The license of 10 computers for 199$
  • The license of 20 Computers for 299$

You can also make a tailored plan for your own needs.

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Overview of iMobie AnyTrans Review

AnyTrans has been developed by iMobie. iMobie has to be the most renowned software developer on the market.

Therefore their solutions are highly regarded. The software company has developed awesome solutions when it comes to mobile OS and continues to do so with AnyTrans.

iMobie AnyTrans surpasses iTunes in managing all your data. It helps you manage your data for all platforms such as iPhones, cloud storage as well as android devices. AnyTrans can manage the data irrespective of where they are stored.

anytrans availabe modes

With Anytrans you can seamlessly manage data from your Phone or iPad, Android, Pc, and iCloud storage in an instance. It has a very easy interface to follow which was an uphill task when it came to using iTunes.

With Anytrans you can back up all your data from your device onto your computer. You can even set a time wherein your data is to be backed up. All these features are completely wireless and hassle-free.

What is AnyTrans?

AnyTrans is a software that helps you manage your data. It can help you move your data from iPhone or iPad to your PC, android device, cloud storage, and vice versa.

what can anytrans do for you

You can easily select files you want to transfer and transfer them easily. You can also organize and edit the files via the help of this software. You can altogether transfer these files to your computer or PC.

The best part about the software is its speed. It can handle any load in a matter of minutes.

Features | iMobie AnyTrans Review 2024

AnyTrans is being split into three categories. We will first see the iPhone Manager.

iPhone Manager:

anytrans for iphone

Three types of backup can be selected as per your needs. We will go through them:

Full Backup:

This backup is to completely back up all the file types present on your device. It has more file formats that can be backed up than in iTunes. 

Incremental Backup:

If you have an outdated backup or you want to backup files that have been newly added to your device you can go for incremental backup. It is logical to just backup the files that are not yet backed up.

Incremental backup helps you save data rather than a full backup which would just decrease the storage space. It is not necessary to do a full backup again and again. 

Air Backup:

Here you can set a period after which you want your data backed up.

The air backup occurs after a certain time of daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The air backup backs up your data wirelessly. Using air back up you can have a scheduled backup process.

Effective Backup Manager:

The effective backup manager helps you backup all your necessary files and retrieve them whenever necessary. Following are the things that it backs up:

anytrans iphone features


You can backup all your messages with complete, entire content. The images or any other format attached to the messages are all backed up.

You can transfer all the messages to another device as well. The software backs up SMS as well as iMessages.


You can backup all your contacts onto your computer in VCF or CSV format. These are formats that are compatible to be attached to your mail. You can backup all your contact onto your other devices as well.

Edit Notes:

You can effectively edit your notes via this software. You can save them into formats such as CSV or HTML or even in simple text format.

Edit Your Calendar:

Via the software, you can edit the events in your calendar as per your liking.

Export Call Logs:

You can backup your call history as well as voice mail. You can also backup your Safari data on your PC.

No Restriction Across Platforms:

iOS AnyTrans breaks any restriction on the platforms you want to transfer your files across. By the select and drop function, you can easily transfer your data. Your data moves across platforms with no problem whatsoever.

Go Beyond iTunes Restrictions:

You need an iTunes alternative for this. You can break out of the iTunes jumble and transfer your music with ease on your computer or any other iDevice. You can transfer your music from your iPhone onto your PC or iTunes.

You can simply transfer your music without deleting the existing copy. You can transfer your playlists as well. AnyTrans does what iTunes does but a lot better.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages To A Different iPhone:

Whatsapp messages can seamlessly be transferred from one iPhone to another. In addition to messages, it also backs up photos, videos, etc shared from your WhatsApp. You also have the option of converting this backup into an HTML format to be stored on the PC.

Create Your Own Custom Ringtone:

You can even make your very own ringtones. These are fully customized by you. You can select the best part of the song and turn it into your ringtone. You can then import the ringtone onto your iPhone.

Crashed your iTunes? No problem! Even if you have completely crashed your iTunes library or have a few songs missing, AnyTrans can help you with it. You can reconstruct your iTunes in an instance.

Backup Your Photos:

There is no need to erase those priceless photos just to clear up some space. AnyTrans helps you back up all the photos before deleting it from your device. In a moment you can transfer all the files to a location on a computer.

All the backup photos are stored in an organized manner. The photos would be categorized into selfies, live photos, etc. You can view these photos on your PC the same as that on your phone.

Convert File Format Into JPG:

HEIC has to be one of the best formats when it comes to storing quality images. Though it is not as diversely acceptable as the JPG format. The software has come up with an answer to this question. The software automatically converts all the HEIC files into JPG.

There is no need for technical knowledge required to perform this conversion. It does not even require an additional software download to bring about this conversion. You can convert your HEIC photos from your iPhone and edit it on your PC with ease.

Organize your photos:

AnyTrans organizes each folder with ease. You can easily select the files with the preview option and delete the images you no longer need. You can also use the same feature to add all the pictures and videos into a particular category.

Transfer Photos From Your Android To iOS:

The software can easily transfer photos from your android to your iOS devices in an instance. This is possible with the advanced algorithm that AnyTrans has created. You can also transfer a single photo to albums of it from your PC to your iPhone.

Clone iPhone And Transfer Between iOS Devices:

Bored of your iPhone 6 and want to upgrade? When you have got yourself a new iPhone in just one click you can easily back up your files as well as custom settings.

You can select the things you want to backup as well rather than just dumping all the files. You can also restore all the data from iCloud and other storage platforms.

You can transfer contacts and messages as well into your iPad. No need to worry about your app data on your iPhone and iPad. The software backs up app data so you have the best of your new phone with the important old data. 

Lastly, it ensures complete privacy with your backed up files.

Some Other Cool Features:

You Can Share Your Live Photos On Every Platform:

Anytrans helps you convert your live photos into GIFs or video format. So with this format, you can share them on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media platform you can think of.

Download, Install, Uninstall, Update Apps :

AnyTrans does the upper tasks and more. It ensures your app data is safe and you can transfer the app data easily.

Manage Your Apps Without The App Store:

You can easily install the apps from your desktop without the help of iTunes as well. With the new update of iTunes, they have removed the app store from the pc. The software ensures safe and authentic apps from their store.

Backup Your App Data And All Previous Versions:

 You can backup all your previous versions of the app. If you do not like a new app version you simply uninstall it and replace it with the old version.

With every installation of a new app or updating an existing app, the software backs it up. It also backs up app data. Therefore, if you have deleted an app, you can recover all the data on it.

Manages Your Apps:

With so many apps on your device AnyTrans recognizes it is difficult to manage all the apps. With AnyTrans you can easily bring about the deletion of apps that you do not need.

It also gives you an idea as to what version of the app you are using. It gives you the amount of space the app is carrying. You can also delete multiple apps at once.

Setting Up Data In Your New iPhone:

The most frustrating part of setting up a new phone is the reinstallation of apps. The software helps you seamlessly transfer all your app data onto your new phone.

It saves your time and effort of reinstalling apps as well as their data on your new phone. Transfer app data across devices.

Transfer Files Across Devices Wirelessly:

You can transfer files from one phone to another. You can transfer your apps from iOS devices, iPhone, or iPad to your Android phone as well. The Wifi platform helps you instantly transfer your files across devices.

QR Code Ease: 

There is no restriction on the installation of apps or software to perform the transfer of files from your phone to your PC. There is no need for a USB cable for the transfer. To transfer you need to scan the code to share your files instantly.

Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Platforms:

If you want to handle all your files in different storage platforms this is the app for you. You can backup your photos, videos, etc can be done in one go at one place rather than uploading files individually. You can manage google drive, dropbox, and One Drive.

Safety Of Your Files Ensured: 

You can transfer your files without the internet, therefore, no risk of getting hacked online. 256-bit SSL encryption ensures safe backing up of your files.

Your files are completely private and AnyTrans does not save any kind of data while backing up and transferring your files.

Up-To-Date Backup Till The Present:

AnyTrans helps you backup all your data to the date. You do not need to worry about losing your phone or breaking your phone. Your data is always safe and you can retrieve your data anytime you want.

More Files Backed Up Than iTunes: 

More than 10 types of additional formats can be uploaded and backed up as compared to iTunes from your iOS devices

Select Your Files To Be Backed Up:

While backing up your files you can select your files to backup as well while getting a preview of your files. The backed up data is safe in the backup and the data is not deleted forever. This is why it makes a better iTunes alternative.

Mirror Or Record Your Screen:

If you are into gaming and want to record the gameplay you can via this software. You can also mirror your screen onto a device’s screen. You can also take a screenshot of your screen. 

AnyTrans On Android | iMobie AnyTrans Review 2024

anytrans for android


Many entertainment files such as photos or videos can be scaled to gigabytes when it comes to high-end entertainment files. Their big files can be overwhelming to sort and categorize. You can categorize these files by the type of files. 

Free Storage: 

The number of photos you click on a phone day by day increases. This brings about a decrease in the storage of the device. With AnyTrans you can easily increase your storage space again. android fearures - imobie anytrans review


Share Your Photos With Your Family Instantly:

To easily transfer your files from one mobile to another you have to install the app by AnyTrans. The transfer of the files is fast and secure. The files are transferred via WIFI.

android features 3 imobie anytrans review

Easily Transfer Your Music From Your PC To Your Mobile:

The drag and drop feature of AnyTrans helps you transfer your music from your PC to your mobile very easily. 

You Can Download Online Music As Well As Videos. 

In just one tap you can transfer all your files from an iOS device to your Android device instantly. While the opposite is possible as well.

android feature 2 anytrans

AnyTrans Cloud Manager | iMobie AnyTrans Review 2024

With the AnyTrans cloud manager, you can manage multiple accounts of a particular cloud drive. You can manage various platforms such as Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc. You do not need to access every drive to find your files.

You can easily do one login and all your cloud storage files are in front of you. The main feature being the highly organized setup it offers. Helps you with file management. 

anytrans cloud manager

Only One Account To login To: 

The cloud manager offers you an increased amount of simplicity when it comes to handling cloud drives. With this feature, you would never need to remember a lot of login ids and passwords. One id and password is enough to get you through the process.

Search Your Files:

You can easily find your files in your cloud manager. The search of the cloud manager searches across all platforms you have to get you your desired file. You can search via filters which would ensure a fast and more efficient search for your file.

Sort Your Files With Cloud Manager:

You can compare the sorting with the file sorting you do while moving the files along in your local file manager. It is pretty simple and very similar to what the PC users are used to.

You can simply drag and drop stuff from one folder to a more appropriate one as you want to organize it which gives you excellent file management. You can preview all the files without actually opening it.

While you can simply delete the files which are not necessary and reduce the clutter. 

Keeping Cloud Storage Safe:

The company has employed google 2FA which gives you another layer of security when it comes to protecting you from unauthorized personnel. It also ensures that even if another person has your password your data cannot be leaked.

It is the best way to share your files. Also, it has software for both macOS as well as Windows Pc. It also has a Web app. 

AnyTrans Performance And In-Depth Review.

iMobie has once again hit the ball out of the park with AnyTrans. The software then just what the name suggests. It does seamless transfer across platforms. Phone or PC.

iOS or Android. It just reduces all the work that goes behind transferring files to a basic click. It has a very user-friendly interface

AnyTrans performance has surpassed iTunes performance by miles. It has given us a suitable iTunes alternative. The performance is amazing. The new iPhone transfer function is a good addition to its arsenal.

For music lovers and professionals the iTunes library rebuild function has to be a lifesaving feature.

AnyTrans has to be the number one platform to organize your files as well. It will make you forget any boundaries between cloud platforms such as google drive and dropbox.

It just shows you what you need simultaneously showing you everything. It has to be the greatest platform ever to manage files online.

The function comes with a price though. Nearly 3000rs for a single license. If you ask me the potential the product has to work does not even compare the price tag. It works like a charm and surpasses iTunes in every way possible. 

With the option of a student license, it further makes it affordable for you if you are a student. And you can even get multiple licenses for your business. (All rights reserved to iMobie)

User interface | iMobie AnyTrans Review 2024

The user interface has to be the key thing that distinguishes good software from a bad one. It has to be the number one thing that influences customer comfort towards your software. The simplicity with which developers have made this interface is commendable.

user love imobie anytrans - happy customer

The interface resembles the drag and drop feature of a PC and therefore very easy to use and get familiar with. The interface is well organized and exceeds iTunes in every way

Pros and Cons of iMobie AnyTrans


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast


  • Even though it says it seamlessly transfers files from your Android to iOS, it does not do that directly. It transfers files through your PC.
  • AnyTrans is a PC software and you always need a pc when it comes to transferring cross platforms.
  • iTunes library cannot be edited or altered via this software. To use the software your iDevice has to be open and unlocked while the transfer is in process.
  • The price is on the expensive end for AnyTrans while its competitor iTunes comes free to the iPhone or iPad.
  • The free trial version has a limited amount of transfers. You cannot contemplate how it really works and therefore defeats the very purpose of keeping a free trial.

Pricing at iMobie AnyTrans Review 2024

AnyTrans is the best place to transfer your data, store a backup, and handle all your content-related issues. Let us look at some of the plans offered by AnyTrans.

AnyTrans for iOS:

1)Single license:

This plan has validity for a year. It offers no-cost upgrades till the subscription ends. The package offers 24/7 customer service as well.

Cost: Rs 3040.09/-

2) Single license:

This plan has the validity of a lifetime. This comes with a no-cost upgrade for a lifetime. This package also offers 24/7 customer service.

Cost: Rs 3800.3/-

3) Family license:

This package has a license for operating on 5 computers. It gives you a lifetime of a no-cost upgrade. It also offers 24/7 customer support.

Cost: Rs 5320.72/-

AnyTrans for Android:

1) Single license: 

This package offers you a lifetime subscription. Licensed on only one computer. The package also offers you no-cost lifetime upgrades. The package also gives you 24/7 free customer support.

Cost: Rs 3040.09/-

2) Single License:

This package offers you a one-year subscription. It can be licensed on only one computer. It also offers you a free upgrade for 1 year. It gives you 24/7 free customer support.

Cost: Rs  2279.88/-

3) Family License

This package offers you a lifetime subscription. It can be licensed for 5 computers. It offers a lifetime of free upgrade. It also offers you 24/7 customer service.

Cost: Rs 5316.36/-

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FAQs | iMobie AnyTrans Review 

💁‍♀️ Is iMobie legitimate?

It is. It is a company trusted by crores of people and their products work wonders. They perform every functionality that they claim to have.

🙇‍♀️ Is AnyTrans free and safe?

It is 100% safe via 256-bit SSL encryption. It also has the additional protection of google 2FA protection for your cloud storage.

👉 Does iMobieAnyTrans work?

It does! It gives you an effortless transfer of files and more. Helps you clone your iPhone or iPad. And move your files across platforms.

👍 What is imobie Anytrans?

It is a content manager simply. It helps you transfer, backup, and manage files from one device to another.

Conclusion | iMobie AnyTrans Review 2024

After we have discussed all the features that it has in this review, we can conclude that it is the go-to software when it comes to transferring files. If you want to send all files on a device or a select few you can do it via AnyTrans.

The software is powerful, easy to understand, and comes with great customer service with faq for helping out with any concerns that you may have. If you have any trouble while using the software you can simply use the live chat which can instantly hook you up with a company representative.

To conclude, this program is recommended for anyone who wants a solution for transferring files from an iOS device as well as Android.

Hope this post iMobie AnyTrans Review 2024 helps you to clear your doubts. Enjoy reading.

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