EaseUS MobiMover Review 2022– Is It Best Data Transfer Tool?

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Ease of Use
Brand Popularity


  • It has high speed
  • Easily transfer files
  • Compatible with various file types
  • Allows downloading videos from various platforms
  • Easy file management
  • Available for free
  • Interface is very easy to use


  • Need iTunes before transfer
  • iTunes library is difficult to rebuild

MobiMover is a legitimate tool for transferring files to and from iOS devices. It is available for free. It can easily create, edit and delete any file type on you device in a very interactive manner.


This blog is about MobiMover Review 2022– The Best Tool to Transfer Data for iPhone and other Devices!

Software to transfer data from Mac to iOS devices has always been available, but my quest was to find affordable software totransfer data between my iOS device and Windows PC.

I was looking for software that makes data transfer easy as well as helps me take regular backups. Then I found out about EaseUS MobiMover and my life hasn’t been the same. This is what motivated me to write this review of EaseUS MobiMover. 

You want to transfer your data, edit it, or even delete it, you can do all of this using EaseUS MobiMover.

It is the best way to create your local backup and works wonders while organizing all your data.

MobiMover is a product of EaseUS which was founded in 2004. It is the best free software that can be used to easily transfer all your data between your iPhone and computer.

Through this EaseUS review, you will discover everything about EaseUS MobiMover in detail.

easeus mobimover review

MobiMover Review 2022– Can it Transfer Data from iPhone to Other Phone?

How MobiMover Free Can Save Your Digital Life?

I have spent many years in the search for a good alternative to iTunes for syncing and backup and have failed many times.

The main reason was due to the cost of other software. All the other software available were very costly and would cost a minimum of $50 which is a bit expensive. My search for free and safe software led me to MobiMover.

MobiMover is free software that lets you transfer all your data from the iPhone, sync your devices, and also take backups when required.

It not only helps you to transfer data but also helps you to manage your transferred data.

You can transfer and take backups of all your contact notes, calendar entries, messages, voicemails, bookmarks, books, videos, photos, audio files, safari data.

In short, MobiMover can help you transfer any kind of file available on your device to your computer.

MobiMover is completely worth giving a try even if you are already using some service to sync your data and take backups.

If you are currently using any paid software, or even iCloud you should try using MobiMover as it is always better to have a local backup along with a cloud backup for ease of access.

If something goes wrong with your cloud storage then the loss is very difficult to rectify. It is at such times that a local backup is very useful.

MobiMover also helps you to easily transfer all the files from your old iPhone to the new one. This amazing feature comes in handy while switching phones and does save you in many cases.

How to Use EaseUS MobiMover Free?

Now let us see how to use the EaseUS MobiMover.

First, you need to download the software and then launch it on your PC. then you need to connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC through the USB port.

If you wish to transfer data between two iOS devices then you will need to connect both of them through two USB ports at the same time.

MobiMover Review How to use

Then in the program, you would be required to choose the type of transfer that you wish to initiate. Choose transfer from This Device to the file or folder you wish to transfer from the Windows.

Then choose a transfer to a computer or transfer to other devices to choose from the type of files/folders that you wish to transfer to your iPhone or iPad.

You also have the choice to choose Custom Transfer. This will allow you to customize your file transfer and you can easily choose the exact file that you wish to transfer to your device.

This is a great option as it helps you in organizing all the files in your device and choosing the file types before choosing the destination of their transfer.

After selecting the data that you want to transfer from your iOS device, choose the icons situated at the right, and decide if you are transferring them to another PC or phone.

Using this method you can easily make batches and transfer various files to different devices at the same time. MobiMover has a very easy-to-use and great User interface that makes the transfer of files a very easy task.

MobiMover Review Steps

When you transfer files on a device, they appear in their respective apps but when you transfer the files from your device to the computer you can easily select where you want the destination of files.

MobiMover is not just for transferring the files but also a great tool for organizing your files.

If your iPhone or iPad’s screen looks very cramped then you can just use MobiMover to clearly view all the files on your phone and select as well as delete the ones that you don’t require. It will help you free your device space.

Note: Though you require iTunes to transfer the files some specific files like books, calendars, notes, etc require you to deactivate iCloud on the device to start the transfer of files.

MobiMover Free – A Clear Winner

As we have previously discussed at the beginning of this MobiMover review that having a cloud as well as a local backup together is clearly beneficial for us.

If you are a regular cloud user or use any other tool to take backups then MobiMover is the safest and reliable tool to use for you.

As it is free, MobiMover is affordable to everyone and has a very simple user interface. The transfer speed depends on the amount of data that you wish to transfer but once connected to the PC the scanning time required is very less.

It quickly displays all the files from your device on your iPhone.

If you want to use EaseUS MobiMover for home and personal uses then it is completely free but if you wish to use it for business or commercial purposes then you would have to buy a license through the online store.

  • Superior iPhone Data Transfer

EaseUS MobiMover has the best reviews for being free and offering great features. It easily rates backup for your data on iPhone or iPad and allows you to share files between the iOS devices.

It helps you to sync your computer with your iPhone/iPad to easily share your files between the devices. It also helps you to transfer all the contents, books, music, notes, photos, books, from the devices having iOS 8/9/10/11/12 to your desired device.

EaseUS MobiMover 3.0 Review

EaseUS MobiMover is the first free data transfer and backup application software for all iPhone users.

This amazing software helps you to transfer, save, edit, and also organize all the files on your device. MobiMover 3.0 is a small software of size 5.1 MB so downloading it will not take up data.

EaseUS just like iTunes helps you create backups for your data but unlock iTunes, EaseUS creates the backup of the whole device.

While EaseUS MobiMover helps you take the backups you can easily choose how to organize the data and also the destination at which you would like to save it.

For example, if you wish to save your songs on the cloud or some external hard drive then you can do the same easily.

This software also helps you to clone your device by using just a Windows PC. The greatest thing about this software is that it is completely safe to use and has all the rights reserved completely.

The safety provided by the software is the main highlight along with its affordable pricing.

You can easily customize which file you need to transfer and where to transfer it. This helps you to organize all your data while transferring it.

Though EaseUS MobiMover has some drawbacks, it is still preferred because of the fact that using iTunes with windows is very difficult.

The free version and the paid versions don’t have much difference. The only visible difference is that you get 24*7 technical support as a pro member. And when you use the technician version, you get a license to various pcs and can provide services to many members.

MobiMover Highlights and Features

Let us take a look at the features provided by EaseUS MobiMover and the main highlights.

  • Always keep iPhone well organized

The best feature of EaseUS MobiMover is that it is free and helps you keep your phone organized.

mobimover features

  1. You can easily transfer your data, add or delete and also edit the thighs on your iPhone or iPad very easily.
  2. You can create new items and new categories on your ios device.
  3. You can transfer your files from one ios device to another.
  4. You can easily delete all the unwanted items on your iPhone/iPad through your computer.
  5. You can easily import and export your files between your ios device and computer.
  6. Can’t watch the movie without the internet? Download it now!

MobiMover has an amazing video downloader that helps you download all types of movies and videos on the internet. You can easily enjoy your movie without the internet in an offline mode now!

  • Transfer and transcode at the same time

EaseUS Mobi Mover will help you to automatically identify the formats of videos available and transcode them into the format that would be supported by your device.

This method of transfer and transcode is the easiest method to make sure that you don’t face any issues regarding the different formats of videos.

Technical Specifications

MobiMover supports different almost all kinds of files which includes:

Audio, Images, videos.

Below is the list of different formats of the files that are supported

  • Audios: Music, Ringtones, Voice Memo, Audiobooks, Playlist.
  • Images: Photo Library, Photo Video, Camera Roll,  and Photo Stream.
  • Videos: TV Show, Music Video, Movie.
  • Other: Contacts, Messages, Note, Books, and VoiceMail.
  • Note: Audio formats include all popular formats ( mp3, m4a, m4b,m4p, m4r, rm, wav, wma, mdi, aac).

Similarly, video formats include all of the popular formats (mp4, MOV, m4v, WMV, rm, Mkv, Avi, flv).

And image formats include-  jpg, BMP, icon, tiff, png, gif.

System Requirements

The system requirements for windows are 10/8.1/8/7 and that for MAC is macOS 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14(Mojave), 10.13(High Sierra), 10.12 (Sierra), macOS X 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10(Yosemite).

Supported Devices

Here is the list of the supported apple devices.

  • iPhone 4s/ 5/ 5s/ 6/ 6s/ 6s plus/ 7/ 7plus/ 8/ 8plus/ X/ XS/ XS Max/ XR.
  • iPad mini 2/ 3/ 4/ iPad Air/ Air 2/iPad Pro. 

Some Guide & Tips

  • Free Ways to put music in your iPhone

Tips on how to transfer music to your iPhone using EaseUS MobiMover.

1. Connect your device to the computer.

2. Launch EaseUS.

3. Click on trust and then allow.

4. Then go to content management, select audio, and then music.

content management

6. Click on ADD contents and select the files that you wish to add.

pc to phone

7. Select the files you wish to transfer and click open. This will start transferring your files.

transfer files

  • Methods to Transfer Contacts from Mac to iPhone x/ 8/ 8 plus.

1. Connect your device to the computer.

2. Launch EaseUS.

3. Click on trust and then allow.

4. Select Mac to Phone and then select files.

mac to iphone- mobimover review

5. Select the files you wish to transfer and then click open.

mobimover contact transfer

6. Click on transfer and this would start the transfer of files from Mac to your iPhone.

mac to iphone data transfer

EaseUs MobiMover Pricing

easeus pricing

EaseUS MobiMover Pros and Cons


  • You can easily select the data you want to transfer from the iOS divide to your PC.
  • You can easily transfer all the files between two iOS devices.
  • It supports more than eight types of files including podcasts, voice mails, videos, audios, pictures, contacts, notes, etc. 
  • You can download all types of videos from Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, etc through the valid URL.
  • You can easily create, edit and also delete the files.
  • It is very easy to download and use MobiMover.


  • It requires you to download iTunes before transferring any data.
  • The iTunes library is very difficult to rebuild.

MobiMover Customer Reviews

mobimover user review mobimover review- customer review

MobiMover Testimonials

mobimover testimonial
customer reviews user review

More About EaseUs MobiMover

  • Quick Guide to EaseUS MobiMover For Windows

  • Quick Guide to EaseUS MobiMover For Mac

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FAQs | MobiMover Review

🙇‍♀️ Is it safe to use EaseUS MobiMover?

Yes, EaseUS MobiMover is completely safe software. It keeps all your data secured and is 100% safe.

👩‍🔧 Is MobiSaver easy to use?

Yes, EaseUS MobiMover has a very user-friendly UI and the steps required to transfer data are also very easy to follow hence it is very easy to use.

👍 Is EaseUS MobiSaver free?

If you wish to use EaseUS MobiMover for personal use then it is completely free but if you wish to use it for business or commercial purposes then you will have to get its paid version.

🤙 What is the best iPhone Transfer Software?

EaseUS MobiMover is the best iPhone Transfer Software because of its great UI, features offered, and no oct of using it.

Conclusion | MobiMover Review 2022

EaseUs MobiMover is the most powerful and effective software that I have come across. It is 100% safe and provides great support to users.

EaseUs MobiMover is, without doubt, the best data transfer software available for iOS devices and it is also free which makes it worth giving a try! I hope you found this review helpful.

To know more about MobiMover,

Hope this MobiMover Review 2022 was useful for you!

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