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Hey there! Exciting news for future accountants: I’ve got some awesome Surgent Discount Codes to share with you! Surgent is a big deal when it comes to CPA exam prep, and these codes make it more affordable.

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Use Surgent Discount Code: SWITCHFULL and save up to $700 on the 4-Part essentials pass.


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FAQ About Surgent CPA Discount Code

🤟 How to Apply Your Surgent CPA Review Discount Code?

It is very easy to apply your Surgent Discount Codes, all you need to do is proceed to the checkout menu and enter the code “SWITCHFULL” right before you make the payment for the product that you have selected.

👍 Can I get Surgent CPA Review coupons through email?

You can only expect the best from a service if you are willing to take out your wallet and pay for it, no matter how nominal or how steep the price might be. The same goes for Surgent CPA, but yes, there are indeed some free downloads that you can use to enjoy certain aspects of this website!

🤫 How much can I save at the Surgent Exam Review?

It really depends on how much you are eligible to save based on your timing, and course details.

➰What if you fail the CPA exam?

If you recently failed a part of the CPA exam and are able to retake it in the next month or two with a score of 50 or higher. You'll only need 2-6 weeks to study for this retake if you prepare for the CPA test for 15-20 hours a week.

👍How many hours a week should I study for CPA?

They suggest that you devote 150 hours to studying the Financial section, 120 hours to studying the Regulation portion, 90 hours to studying the Auditing section, and 90 hours to studying the Business section.

Recently Added Surgent Discount Codes & Deals

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Latest Surgent CPA Discount Codes, Coupon & Promos Codes


I’ve rounded up the best CPA Surgent Discount Codes and Coupons. This can save you money and time preparing for your CPA exam.

Surgent’s CPA course is the best on the market. It combines video presentations with practice tests, which can consist of over 8,000 different questions.

If you’ve already tried the free trial and would like to sign up for the full version, be sure to check out our exclusive Surgent CPA discount codes listed below for an even better deal.

Surgent CPA Discount Codes

  • Discount Code: 15OFFANY
  • Applies to: Any individual CPE course
  • Overview: The best way to stay informed and earn CPE credits is to take urgent CPE courses. You can save 15% on any course in our online catalog right now (the discount applies to live webinars, self-study webcasts, and self-study PDF formats)!
  • Discount Amount: 15% off the regular price

How To Claim Surgent Coupon Codes?

Step 1. Use the Surgent coupon code on our site, which will take you to the official Surgent website.

Step 2. Now you’ve found a coupon, click to reveal the code, and then copy it to your clipboard.

Step 3. Visit the Surgent website and select the pricing plan you wish to purchase. Add them to your shopping cart.

surgent pricing plan

Step 4. During the checkout process, you’ll see a field to enter the coupon code. Paste the code you copied earlier into this field.

surgent coupon code

Step 5. Click the “Apply” or similar button to redeem the coupon. Verify that the discount is reflected in your total, and then proceed to complete your purchase.


Surgent Pricing plans 

1. CPA Review Pricing

  • Ultimate pass: $2999
  • Premier pass: $1999
  • Essential pass: $1299

2. CMA Review Pricing 

  • Ultimate pass: $1299
  • Premier pass: $799
  • Essential pass: $699

3. EA Exam Review Pricing

  • Ultimate pass: $999
  • Premier pass: $699
  • Essential pass: $499

4. CIA Exam Review Pricing

  • Essentials $499

5. CISA Exam Review Pricing

  • Ultimate pass: $999
  • Premier pass: $799
  • Essential pass: $349

6. SIE Exam Review Pricing

  • Essentials $149


Surgent Reviews are a good way to reduce the hours you need to study and prepare for the Exams.

The Ultimate Pass, Premier Pass, and Essentials Pass lessons from Surgent have more than 7,700 multiple-choice questions and 417 simulations based on tasks. Access, until you pass, is also a part of them.

Lastly, Surgent CPA’s lectures are led by hardworking teachers who teach you exactly what you need to know to pass.

What does Surgent Platform do?

Surgent is a prominent provider in the field of professional education, specializing in the sectors of accounting, finance, and tax preparation. Renowned for its comprehensive exam review courses, Surgent offers extensive training for certifications like

  • CPA: Certified Public Accountant
  • EA: Enrolled Agent
  • CMA: Certified Management Accountant
  • CIA: Certified Internal Auditor
  • CISA: Certified Information System Auditor

These courses are meticulously designed to facilitate efficient and effective exam preparation.

A standout feature of Surgent’s educational approach is its adaptive learning technology. This innovative system evaluates a student’s proficiency in various topics and tailors the course material accordingly, focusing on areas requiring additional review.

This personalized learning experience enables more effective study and improved outcomes in certification exams.

Key Features of Surgent

Surgent incorporates several key features in its adaptive learning technology, known as A.S.A.P. Technology, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of exam preparation:

1. Personalized Learning Experience: A.S.A.P. Technology is a smart adaptive learning algorithm that creates a personalized study experience. It aims to reduce study time and stress, guide the study process, improve information retention, and increase the likelihood of passing exams on the first attempt.

2. Dynamic Study Plan Adjustment: Based on a diagnostic exam, Surgent’s algorithm continuously adjusts the study plan to the learner’s progress. It focuses on areas needing improvement while reducing emphasis on mastered content.

3. Content Recall Reinforcement: Surgent integrates previously studied material with new content to reinforce learning and prevent forgetting earlier topics.

4. Streamlined Study Sessions: A.S.A.P. Technology eliminates the need to plan study sessions. It presents materials through “Daily Surge” cards, providing a clear and efficient path for each study session.

5. ReadySCORE™: This feature provides a real-time score prediction metric that shows a learner’s competence in each topic and for the full exam, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses.

6. MyMCQ™ Algorithm: Surgent employs an advanced question algorithm, MyMCQ™, which presents material based on difficulty levels. As learners master easier content, they progress to more challenging material, enhancing proficiency.

7. Just-in-Time Learning: This aspect offers immediate explanations and reference materials when a learner answers practice questions incorrectly, focusing on areas needing additional practice.

8. Daily Surge Guidance: Daily Surge cards offer guided study sessions, helping learners to navigate the study materials efficiently without unnecessary planning.

Pros & Cons of Surgent 



  • Adaptive Learning Technology
  • Variable Quality of Instructors
  • It aims to help you study more efficiently by concentrating on your weaker areas.
  • Relatively expensive
  • Up-to-Date Content
  • Extensive Test Bank
  • Study Planner
  • Video Lectures

Courses Provided by Surgent 

Surgent offers a variety of courses tailored for professionals in accounting and finance. Here’s an overview of the courses they provide:

1. CPA Review: This course is designed for those aiming to become certified public accountants​.

surgent cpa review

2. CMA Review: For individuals looking to become certified management accountants.

3. EA Review: This course is for those aspiring to be enrolled agents.

4. CIA Review: Aimed at prospective certified internal auditors.

surgent Cia review

5. CISA Review: For individuals preparing to become certified information systems auditors.

6. SIE Review: This course targets prospective securities industry professionals.

Surgent sie review

7. CPE Credit Courses: These include Accounting & Tax CPE for accounting and tax professionals, CPE for CMAs, CE for CFPs (certified financial planners), and CE for IRS-related changes.

8. Interactive Courses: Surgent Interactive offers short lessons for faster learning.

9. Skills and Certificates: This includes Data Analytics Certifications and Introductory Accounting courses.

10. Income Tax School: This encompasses courses like Beginner Tax Training, Continuing Education, Building a Tax Practice, and career tracks for beginners interested in becoming tax preparers.

Surgent’s courses are designed to cater to various levels of expertise and specializations within the fields of accounting and finance, offering both foundational knowledge and specialized training.

Surgent Customer Support

To contact Surgent’s customer support, you can reach out via email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-778-7436. Their customer care hours are from Monday to Thursday, 8:30 am – 8:00 pm EST, Friday, 8:30 am – 6:00 pm EST, and Saturday, 8:30 am – 3:00 pm EST.

Surgent CPA Testimonials & Real Review

Surgent CPA Review Facebook

Surgent CPA is one of the best CPA Reviews out there. It makes you go through all the concepts and topics without stressing you out too much. The system is easy to navigate.

The technologies that Surgent CPA uses are very accurate and help immensely for you to be quick to understand and cover many topics quickly.


I would recommend this product as it takes care of your growth while you are processing the information, keeping you on track and on time. 

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$300 Off Any Individual Exam Review Course

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Get $800 Discount On Premier Pass

Get $800 with our coupon code for Surgent CPA. Hurry Up!

Surgent Discount Codes & Coupon


Surgent is a company specializing in adaptive learning technology for professional education, particularly in fields like accounting and finance. It stands out due to its unique adaptive learning platform, which tailors the educational experience to each individual's needs, significantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of study time for exams like the CPA, EA, CMA, and CIA.

Out of 10


Price: $ 1000

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