Best Surgent CPA Alternatives In 2024 (Top Pick)

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Are you looking for Surgent CPA alternatives? Surgent CPA Review is an excellent resource for CPA exam preparation.

The learning experience is adaptable, convenient, and adapted to my individual requirements. They also guarantee first-time passes! I would unquestionably recommend Surgent CPA Review to my colleagues.

Best Surgent CPA Alternatives

Becker CPA

Becker CPA Review [Price, Costs, Discounts and more]

Becker CPA Exam Review provides CPA prep courses that are considered the gold standard in the exam prep market. That’s why Becker is our top-rated CPA prep course.

Becker has educated over 1 million CPA candidates. In fact, they have partnerships with the Big 4 and other top accounting firms to train their future CPAs. Becker has taken the time to create courses that adhere to the AICPA standards and will help you pass the CPA Exam the first time.

Becker employs an adaptive e-learning platform, digital and hard-copy materials, 400+ SkillMaster videos with extensive problem explanations, and digital flashcards. Many of the MCQs provide lengthy video explanations of the answers.

Furthermore, the SkillMaster videos lead you through each practice simulation and demonstrate how to strengthen your analytical skills to solve them. Before diving into the article check out the latest surgent discount codes deals and offers.

Gleim CPA

Gleim CPA

Gleim Premium CPA Gleim Premium CPA creates some of the cheapest CPA products while maintaining high quality. Gleim also includes over 10,000 MCQs and over 1,300 SIMs, making it one of the top CPA question banks available. Gleim, in fact, provides hundreds more practice TBSs than other providers. I also like that when you answer practice problems, you get explanations for the correct and incorrect answers.

Furthermore, Gleim’s practice exams closely resemble the CPA Exam, so you’ll feel more at ease on exam day. Gleim also offers audio lectures, SmartAdapt courses, personal coaching, access till you pass, digital flashcards, and the Gleim Instruct Video Series.

Furthermore, Gleim has been manufacturing CPA materials since 1974, so they know a thing (or two) about the CPA Exam. The test bank is truly the best I’ve seen, and you can utilise it to target your weak points at the most in-depth levels. For example, in the test bank, you can drill down not just to derivatives, but also to the type of derivative and more.

The Gleim practise problems are difficult, but they are excellent for people who wish to boost their confidence in order to pass the exam. The Gleim CPA test bank is extremely popular because to the large amount of questions it contains. Not surprisingly, this exam prep is a useful addition to other lecture-heavy courses.

Ninja CPA

Ninja CPA

NINJA CPA Review is not like other review services. As a result, NINJA CPA offers a monthly membership, which is an excellent choice for CPA candidates on a restricted budget. To create a “battle plan” of study, the NINJA technique employs “weapons” such as MCQs, SIMs, notes, flashcards, textbooks, cram films, and audio lectures.

Furthermore, NINJA CPA has eliminated all fluff and narrowly focused your studies on the most crucial topics that is likely to appear on the CPA Exam. Furthermore, NINJA is an excellent choice if you need to augment your current CPA study materials (and quite affordably, too). See how NINJA stacks up against the competition.

Roger CPA

How to Attack the CPA Exam | UWorld Roger CPA Review

Roger CPA Review courses employ an innovative platform, SmartPath Predictive Technology, to guide students through high-quality study materials that assist candidates in passing the CPA exam more quickly. According to Roger’s website, their AI software assists customers in passing the exam three times faster than other applicants. Roger also has an impressive 91 percent CPA Exam pass rate.

However, when compared to other review providers, Roger’s comprehensive Elite course contains fewer MCQs and sample questions. However, Roger’s developers declare that they prioritize quality over number. They devote their study time to high-quality tasks rather than unending busy work with simple MCQs.

Furthermore, Roger’s lectures have a reputation for being highly entertaining. One of the I Pass team members utilized Roger to pass and recall many of the amusing jokes and mnemonics Roger shared in his lectures.

Conclusion: Best Surgent CPA Alternatives In 2024 (Top Pick)

If you like to drill questions and improve your confidence by completing a large number of practice examinations and quizzes, I recommend choosing one of these Surgent CPA Alternative test banks.

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