Tailor Brands Review 2023: Is It The Best Logo Generator For You? (8 Pros & 2 Cons)

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Tailor Brands Review


Tailor Brands is a machine learning logo creator tool. You don't need a huge budget to create a logo and design a killer logo. It has helped millions of entrepreneurs to create logo and design logo within seconds.

Out of 10


  • User Friendly Interface
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Best Prices Logo Generator In the Market
  • Quick Branding Tools
  • Add-on services
  • Brand Analytics
  • Quick Logo Suggestion
  • Various Logo Formats


  • Limited Personalization
  • Poor Customer Support


Price: $ 3.99

Looking for an unbiased Tailor Brands Review? We got you covered!

Branding your business is hard. You need a logo, an easy to remember the name, and a memorable tagline.

It’s also really important that you get these items right the first time because changing them later in your company’s life cycle can be expensive and confusing for customers.

Most people who try to brand their own business end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on branding materials that they don’t use or love.

And, the first thing that defines your brand is your logo. 75% of Logos are the most recognizable brand identifiers.

With Tailor Brands review, we’ll walk you through each step of the process from start to finish so you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about how it looks online and offline!

Solution: Tailor Brands has been in the market for some time now, and it has already made its name among one of the best in the market. It has made a name for itself by providing logo designing services that are cost-effective and attractive at the same time.

Tailor Brands eliminates your need for getting a costly graphic designer for your service. It doesn’t require any technical skills, to begin with, and above all, you have a great set of tools. It is used by over a million users online and a new logo is designed every second here.

Before starting, look at what the numbers say about Tailor Brands: 

tailor Brands reviews

In our Tailor Brands Review, we have covered everything about the pricing, support, and Tailor brands services.

Bottom Line Up Front : In our opinion, Tailor Brands is a great logo maker service that offers various marketing and business services. However, the company strives to be more of a logo maker including the website builder tool of its own.

It is a great choice for graphic designers from medium-sized to large businesses. If you need more affordable services of logo maker tools, there are few other choices as well. I would recommend you to try Tailor Brands for free and check if its worth for you!

What is Tailor Brands? 

Tailor Brands homepage logo- Tailor Brands Review

Tailor Brands is an online logo designing service and one of the most popular ones in the market that allows users to design simple custom-made logos for companies and brands in less than 10 minutes.

Not just that, Tailor Brands has got almost everything covered from logo design to presentations, and even entire brands with their unique and compelling “Branding Toolbox”. The toolbox also provides marketing tools to help users publicize and promote their designed logo.

The platform is quick as a deer and allows users to design attractive logos on the spot in less than 30 seconds, and further customizations take just about 10 minutes or so.

With their distinctive and straightforward design and branding tools, entrepreneurs can give a boost to their business in the global market.

One does not require any design experience to create special online brand recognition by customizing the company’s logo, website, and other services in just a couple of minutes.

Who Owns Tailor Brands?

Yali Saar Is The CEO and Co-Founder of  Tailor Brands. 

Saar has been mentioned in Forbes as one of the prominent designers.

yasli sar- tailor brands reviews

Tailor Brands founder

Let’s find out more about Tailor Brands Logo Maker and Website Builder in this review.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker:

Tailor Brands Review- Branding products

Tailor Brands logo maker- a well-planned and designed logo is itself a proof of quality service and that’s why it is the basic need of every firm in the contemporary world.

The AI service delivers decent and reliable results in just a couple of minutes. With simple steps such as entering the vision of the company, the software will customize various logos according to it and then will display the designs of the logos from which you can choose the one you prefer the best and can download it.

If you want some modifications to the result, then you can simply design your logo by changing the font, color, size, and text.

Also, you do not have to pay to create a logo,  you just have to pay if you want to buy it with a copyright.

Tailor brand has a mobile app too known as the Tailor brand logo maker app but only for android users.

See, it’s so easy to own a unique logo for your company.

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💥 What Are The Features of Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands comes with some exciting features in an entire package called the “Branding toolbox”. This toolbox offers some exclusive features that will bring seamless publicity and promotion of your brand and logo once it is ready!

Tailor Brands has a wizard tool that is powered by AI. The wizard shows you three different ways to make a logo for your company. You can choose one way with just text, one with an icon, or one with the initials of your company in the design.

Each option will take you down a slightly different path in making your logo. At the end of the process, you will get lots of logo options. The more logos you make, the less similar they are to your original design. The first logos are best because they usually look like what you wanted.

Furthermore, they offer a large library of icons. The more common your search terms are, the more icons you can choose from. The typeface library is good, but it’s not anything special.

tailorbrands features review


Here are some amazing Tailor Brands features:

Create Business Cards and Merchandise

If you want your logo printed on things like t-shirts or business cards, that’s possible. Tailor Brands has a partnership with Zazzle, a service that can print anything you want on just about anything. You don’t need to visit another site when ordering merchandise.

Seamless Integration with Social Media Tools

Tailor Brands has social tools that you can use for your business. You can make a logo and put it on Facebook or Instagram in minutes. The software will resize the logo to make sure it is the same size as the other logos. You do not need to have a strategy yet, but these tools are helpful if you are starting one.

Customized and Seasoned Logo Generator Options

This is a unique feature of Tailor Brands logo maker. Using this you can create logos for special holidays or seasons. For example, Tailor brands give Santa hat logos or the Halloween day logo.

Logos are automatically added to your brand profile as different holidays and seasons come up.

The only downside is the logo could at least have used the same typeface as the original logo.


Tailor Brands

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Free trial

😩  Cons

Poor customer support


Tailor Brands is a great logo maker service that offers various marketing and business services. It is a choice for graphic designers from medium-sized to large businesses.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

How Does Tailor Brands Work?

For our Tailor Brands review, I decided to put words into action and started with the logo creation and designing.

We found Tailor Brands as one of the quickest and easiest logo designing platforms in its class and a lot smoother than many services I have tried so far. You can pretty much have your first logo designed in a couple of minutes.

It’s simple to create an eye-catching logo using Tailor Brands on the web. During the editing process, you can see your logo on various surfaces. After you’ve decided on a style, the next step is to personalise your emblem. If you’re unsure, you can experiment with alternative typefaces and style components. Tailor Brands’ social analytics tool also allows you to track the performance of your social media content, allowing you to optimize your social media strategy.

You can create a branded website using the sophisticated Tailor Brands website builder by connecting your domain to a custom domain. Then, based on the type of material you want to exhibit, you can select from a variety of themes for an online store or a blog. The design possibilities available depend on your goals for your website, however, there are two editing modes: fully automatic design and a bespoke theme. Both choices are responsive, and the content and design are both mobile-friendly and adaptable.

Here is how it works:

  1. In the first step, start with the business description. To get the logo suggestion, you need to complete the questionnaire to give the best ideas about your business.

tailor Brsnds working- tailor brands logo creator review

2. Give a short description of your brand. This enables them to design and show options that get close to your imagination.

3. Choose logotype. You will need to choose a kind of logo from the following three options:


Tailor brands logo type- tailor brands revviews

  • Icon Brand
  • Name brand
  • Initial Based

4. Choose from their collection. You will be given 8-10 different design, font, and texture options to choose from. This will help the platform to design an entire catalogue of logos with various fonts, textures, and icon combinations.

Tailor Brands fonts- Tailor brands review

5. Preview your logo. You will be given a collection of 8-10 logo options to choose from along with a “match rate” that indicates how close they came to your stated preferences. Once done, your logo generation will take a few minutes.

Tailor Brands Logo- Tailor brands logo maker review


6. Customize and save your logo. Tailor Brands allows you to tweak and customize the colour, fonts, and layouts of the logos they designed for you. The customization tools are straightforward to use, and you can save your logo once you are satisfied with what you see.

Tailor Brands Logo Customization: Ease Of Use

One of the best things I liked in the Tailor Brands Review is the ease of use and customization of logos. Graphics are a cakewalk to design here. You can pick the designs of your choice and create a logo out of them using personalized tools.

Once you register your account with Facebook or Google, you are free to customize the logo the way you want. I have never seen such a flexible and easy to navigate logo maker dashboard. (Honestly, Tailor brands logo maker is the best logo maker tool for newbies to pros. )

Here’s how the Tailor Brands Editor looks like: 

Tailor brands dashboard- tailor brands logo maker review

  • Styles: Using this option, you can create the styling of your logo. This option shapes your logo in various styles such as Smooth, Bold, Thin, Rounded, Elegant, Retro and others.
  • Fonts: Customize and choose the right font for your logo.
  • Text: With text customization, you can change the initial size, name and spacing between the fonts.

My verdict: Tailor Brands make life easier with easy customization and quick changes. You can preview your logo and design it the way you want. The best part is that it eliminates the need for hiring a designer.

Who Should Use Tailor Brands?

Well, everyone should.

Because everyone spends a hefty sum on logo and brand. So, it is always better to look for a reasonable and robust solution.

Logo stats and trends
Source: Finances Online

If you want your business to be better than others and you want your business to be able to compete in the market, then Tailor Brands is for you.

Tailor Brands Offer very creative ideas and samples to develop a great logo for the company.

The main objective of Tailor Brands is to provide entrepreneurs with a perfect logo that characterizes all the factors of the company.

They also suggest some marketing strategies to help the company to grow and advance.

 It’s like working with a designer and explaining to him/ her to create a logo that explains the work of your company.

Although you won’t get the same results because it is an online logo customization technique, you will surely get a good result in a reasonable range of money.

If you are new in the market and do not have a big turnover, then Tailor Brands should definitely be your choice.

Tailor Brands Plans & Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

No Tailor Brands review is complete without the mention of pricing plans and the services in it.

Tailor Brands Review - Plan And Pricing

Tailor Brands offers three plans to the customers which are-

  1. Basic: $9.99/month or $3.99/month if you pay for a year.
  2.  Standard: $19.99/month or $5.99/month if you pay for the year upfront.
  3. Premium: $49.99/month or $12.99/ month if you pay for the year upfront.

One can also get an extra rebate if you purchase a plan for two years. You can also save using the Tailor Brands Coupons & Promo Codes (Black Friday Sale is Life).

Here comes an interesting part, you can create and try designing different logos for free. There is this free edition of Tailor Brands which might give you a chance to play around and create a logo for free.

How Good Is Tailor Brands Design Management Tool?

Tailor Brands logo designs

Tailor Brands is a reputable logo creator tool because it doesn’t lose its originality even after downloading. In short, it gives what is available on the screen. Tailor Brands is an excellent choice in the logo industry because of its transparency.

Tailor Brands works in collaboration with a third-party vendor called the Noun Project that creates the licensed image for your logos.

The best thing about Tailor Brands is that you get a lot of choices and among these choices, you can always get the best ones. It is in fact a great choice if you are a freelancer, small business owner, or designer for your customers.

Tailor Brands Pros:

1. Product Focus on Branding over Assets:

Tailor Brands is a product that focuses on building brand awareness and the ease of branding. It also shows what you can do with this brand creator tool based on what Tailor Brands has done for its customers. This kind of product focus will be inherent to all brands just due to the nature of a brand being more important than its assets.

2. Cross-sells and Pricing:

Because Tailor Brands is focusing on brand awareness, not assets, this product has many cross-sells of other products that help with brandings such as Logo Maker for professional logos or Video Creator for video ads. Since Tailor Brands does not sell assets such as images or fonts, it can afford to advertise products that will help customers utilize those brands they are trying to create.

3. User-Friendliness:

The interface of this product is very easy to use and intuitive. You don’t have to read any tutorials in order learn the system because just by using it, you can understand how to navigate.

Also, it is easy for anyone to create a logo or video in no time with this product. Tailor Brands can maintain the user-friendliness of its products by using clear and direct language on what their product does, not changing up the interface often, and following good branding practices.

4. Backend Quality:

The backend that this product uses is high quality. The image editor has many great options like animated gifs, fonts, and mouseovers. Also, there are many integrations with other products which allow for additional customization of logos or videos in the future.

5. Add-on Products:

Because Tailor Brands doesn’t offer a lot of assets, it is able to cross-sell other products and create a suite of products for branding. This creates a lot of customers who buy Tailor Brands Logo Maker, then add on Video Creator or Photo Editor.

Cons of Tailor Brands:

1. Not the best customer support:

Since Tailor Brands Logo Maker doesn’t have the best customer support, it isn’t the best product for a beginner or someone who is new to branding. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t tutorials and videos for learning how to use these products.

It just means that if you have any problems with your brand, you probably will not turn to Tailor Brands for answers.

2. Not the Great Branding:

The branding is not that great because all of the products are trying to get you to buy other products. There really isn’t a good way around this since if Tailor Brands gave out free logos, then they would be losing money or if they made their logo product pay monthly it wouldn’t be as profitable.

Tailor Brands Customer Support-

I couldn’t finish my Tailor Brands Review without rating the customer support of Tailor Brands.  Well, this is the only negative or complaints I have from the company.

Tailor Brands knowledge base- Tailod brands logo generator review

There is a negative trait of this company when it comes to customer service. It is that they do not offer phone service or support to the clients. They believe that all the doubts of the Tailor Brands customer can be solved by their guide tutorials or email services.

You can also get help from the FAQ section of the website of Tailor Brands which offers all the answers to your questions.

You can email your query and they will respond to you within 24 to 48 hours. Although Tailor Brands being an easy-to-use tool, you do not face complicated problems but stellar support would be appreciated. 

However, Tailor Brands is an active social media butterfly and they love engaging with the customers.

They have discussion groups and forums on Facebook to create engaging discussions and solve the customer’s query.

tailor Brands discounssion groups


Tailor Brands

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Free trial

😩  Cons

Poor customer support


Tailor Brands is a great logo maker service that offers various marketing and business services. It is a choice for graphic designers from medium-sized to large businesses.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Tailor Brands Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

Word-of-mouth is indeed important before making a decision on purchasing a product and hence we read out the reliable customer testimonials while writing our Tailor Brands Review.

Tailor Brands Reviews and Testimonials

tailor brands customer testimonials

tailor brands review


Tailor Brand Alternatives & Competitors:

There might be a possibility that Tailor Brands won’t fit you as it is slightly expensive and somewhat automated.  However, there are always alternatives to products.

What are the best alternatives for Tailor Brands? 

Tailor Brand vs Shopify:

tailorbrands vs hatchful

Hatchful by Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce branding companies and offers various features to design a unique logo with costly premium plans but they do not offer design supervision and perspective which Tailor Brands masters. 

Shopify has recently added AI tools and various templates which are very similar to the Wix logo maker. The only downside is that it lacks the design management tool which is present in tailor Brands.

Tailor Brands vs  Wix logo maker- 

wix vs tailor brands comparison

Wix logo maker commonly concentrates upon website development with an additional feature of logo designing whereas Tailor Brands focuses on logo designing with additional service of website development. We have shared some great Wix Discount Coupons with Review.

Wix website builder focuses more on the website building feature whereas Tailor Brands has more focus on designing the logo for the websites.

In short, Tailor Brands is a design tool with a website builder application whereas Wix is a website builder with a designing tool.

Tailor Brands vs 99designs:

99designs vs tailor brands

99designs is no doubt a good alternative of Tailor Brands which offers human skills and creativity to design a logo whereas Tailor Brands design the logo through artificial intelligence technique. 99designs is very costly as compared to Tailor Brands.

In 99Designs, you set the budget and your requirements. It will connect you to graphic designers. The limitation is that you won’t get any design management tools.

Tailor Brands vs Canva-

Tailor Brands vs Canva

Canva is some what easier and more flexible than Tailor Brands. If you are a beginner in graphic design, Canva offers an easy-to-use platform to help you create professional designs with no previous experience. Tailor Brands, on the other hand, is made for people who have been using graphics design software for years. They have a bevvy of advanced features that can make your life easier when creating designs like social media posts or branding campaigns.

Both tools are free. In Canva, you can create an account with a paid plan to have more templates and resources (like fonts). However, they give users a lot of templates and great resources that don’t require a paid membership.

What Customers Designed with Tailor Brands?

🔥 FAQs on Tailor Brands Review

✅ Are Tailor brands reliable?

Indeed, Tailor Brands and URL (offers site security and protection). You can discover extra data about Tailor Brands' site security and protection approaches on their client care page. You can likewise visit their landing page to check whether Tailor Brands has posted extra data on their site security and protection strategies. And yes, it is totally safe and secure to use tailor brands.

⚡ Is Tailor Brands free?

Tailor Brands is a free logo creator. You can download a low-goal form of your logo without charge. In any case, in the event that you need a high-res Vector document, you should pay and purchase the pack available.

🔥 What is the Tailor band logo creator?

Tailor Brands' online logo creator offers you to plan an expert business logo with a couple of snaps where no plan aptitudes are required. The AI calculation makes the logo plan simple! How? Essentially enter a couple of insights regarding your organization and select your plan inclinations and logo maker device will make the ideal logo for your image. You can also effectively redo your logo – you can change the textual style, shading, size, and text to get the last plan similarly as you imagined.

💥 Why should I use Tailor brands?

Tailor Brand is a multi-lingual and has been upheld for Spanish and Dutch alongside English as standard. The apparatus is incredibly simple to utilize and people of any age group can use it, it is that simple. Anybody with even negligible touch with innovation can utilize it without shedding a drop of sweat. The Premium Plan offers an incredible assortment of additional items and instruments to help make the ideal corporate personality for any business.

💼 In how much time can I create a logo?

Your business logo can be prepared in less than 5 minutes. Tailor Brands Logo maker application offers anything your independent company needs so as to get it marked: the application incorporates 20 extra marking devices that will assist you with setting up an extraordinary brand presence.

🏆 Is there any coupon provided by Tailor Brands?

Yes, their website offers you a variety of coupons that you can use while purchasing the subscription. All you have to do is just follow the steps and you are ready to enjoy the discount and save extra bucks from your pocket. Tailor Brands is currently giving a Black Friday discount of up to 75% for the logo creator.

🎉 Do TailorBrand refund the money?

Due to the fact that once design files have been transferred, you are in complete possession and it's difficult to ensure whether or not it is used outside our Tailor platform, Tailor Brand does not offer to refund the money. However, you can contact their customer service for further queries.

Tailor Brands Review Conclusion: Is Tailor Brands Worth The Price?

Honestly, Tailor Brands is very slick and smooth, even for those who are designing their logo for the first tie. It is effortless to use. You get a direct option to start planning your very first logo once you open their page, and the entire process is pretty quick. It’s just a “Click & Choose” game!

At some points, you may, however, feel that the design options are a bit repetitive. But if you’re looking for something smooth and attractive on the spot, then Tailor Brands pretty much serves the purpose.

You can also access the exclusive Tailor Brands Branding toolbox to promote your logo more effectively once you’re ready with your logo. The toolkit provides you with all the right promotional tools at your fingertips.

Tailor Brands is one of the most cost-effective platforms of its type in the market, with plans starting at just $2.99 per month. Thus Tailor Brands is worth a try!

This was our Honest Tailor Brands Review. Do let us know in the comments if you have used Tailor Brands services earlier.

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51 User Reviews on Tailor Brands Review

  1. In my opinion, Tailor Brands is an amazing logo creator and the tools are easy to use. Moreover, the website builder tool is quiet useful. Initially, the online store creation is a breeze.
    The support team is quiet good and the pricing is worth it. I read various positive Tailor Brands Reviews and they are quiet true. So no paid reviews!

  2. Hi Finnich,

    I have read various reviews about Tailor Brands. However, I am skeptical about the privacy policy and refund policy. Can you help me with that?

  3. Hi Finnich,

    That’s totally justified and unbiased review. I have used Tailor brands for my business and I loved the entire process from start to finish. They guide you through what you need to do and it is easy and quick. I liked that they had me do it all professionally. This was a win for anyone who wants to start a business.

  4. Tailor Brands is my favorite tool in the design arsenal because it’s focus on branding never gets interrupted by silly things like fonts or sizing. It frees up your mind for creative thinking, not spacing decisions.

  5. “I’ve been using Tailor Brands for just over a year now and I can honestly say it’s the best purchase I’ve made as an entrepreneur. It saved me so much time, energy, and money that I was able to take on more projects without needing to hire help. Plus, it helped me find my voice because nothing beats getting original content from myself! Thank you Tailor Brands for helping make my business a success!

  6. I’ve always wanted to create designs, but the prospect of learning Adobe software or other design apps was daunting. Tailor Brands offers all-inclusive ‘design studio in your browser’ that includes templates, fonts, seamless export options for social media and physical prints. You can sit down to browse templates on their website– there are hundreds of products! I love being able to combine so many different colors, quotes and banners within one product. It feels like I have the whole world at my fingertips with this incredible suite of tools to use for creativity––not just a few style presets!

  7. I have this product on my desk at work. I never used to do any branding for myself when it came to the office, but when Tailor Brands offered me a free trial (two weeks!), I couldn’t resist giving their branding suite a try. Honestly, even if they hadn’t given me the trial offer, I would totally buy this bundle in its entirety! You can edit your brand with ease and consistency across different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. It’s dramatic how much time you will save with the organizational features of the app alone; not to mention that there are hundreds of templates that help set up your account with built-in analytics!

  8. Tailor Brands is a great design tool for managing your brand’s appearance on both the web and in print. I love its at-a-glance insights, copywriting suggestions, and intuitive asset library. In the past when designing ads or promotions I would spend hours looking for fonts, sorting through color palettes, searching my hard drive for images–RIGHT NOW it’s all done in an instant with our integrated design tools. It feels like a work of genius to be able to manage every aspect of my digital marketing from one platform without worrying about purging my files or redesigning something myself.

  9. I used the Tailor Brands logo maker for my business. The entire process was so quick and easy, I had my website logo in minutes! All of the features are the best part about the product.

  10. I’ve found Tailor Brands to be an amazing tool set for any small business owner who needs a little help with managing design assets. Leaves me time to focus on running and growing the back end of my company, not juggling spreadsheets and wasted time with in-person meetings.

  11. Tailor Brands is a type of branding tool I’ve been looking for, but was really struggling to find.

    I have a lot going on with my marketing – across different websites and social media accounts, all different aspects of content creation, design assets… It can be hard to keep it cohesive. Tailor Brands provides branding tools that focus on one thing: applying your brand identity everywhere you need it quickly and easily from one place. One-tools-to-rule them all!

  12. I was really blown away by Tailor Brands. They seem to create an entire suite of design tools that not only focus on design assets but also unify your brand’s identity across the board. They offer some seriously sweet features, like one-click weather responsive templates, bulk import automation with smart tagging capabilities–even storyboarding! It’s these little extra touches that show me just how much they care about their product and their customers.

    What I think is brilliant is that everything can be done in a matter of minutes without having to fuss over long install times or crazy watermarks because it’s all for framework–built within WordPress! \ I am so pleased with my purchase, they’ve taken all the hassle out of marketing online.

  13. Tailor Brands is a cool and different kind of jewelry design tool. With their versatile and feature-rich user interface, I can really broaden my creativity as an artist. The best aspect of the software was the simplicity to use it on any device – from drafting new designs on my laptop, to redesigning old favorites on my iPad as if I had 30 hands as a designer! Simply by syncing with Dropbox, I’m able to have access to all of those assets wherever I happen to be. No need for me carrying about scores of sketches or lugging around tubes filled with sketches printed out at home! Tailor Brands may not be perfect for designers more professional than myself, but it gives more amateur creatives a huge boost in terms.

  14. At Tailor Brands, they’re all about creating the perfect design to fit your brand image. With their suite of tools available on one platform, it is so easy to stay consistent with the fonts and graphics you use across different mediums. I love how designed my ads are with them!

  15. I have been a freelance graphic designer for the past 15 years. When I entered this industry, you would see so many designers create logos on a Mac and use Microsoft Word to do their newsletter blasts. Nowadays, there are so many tools out there that help us with any task at hand–many of which happen in one-click.

    But Tailor Brands has created something different by focusing on making branding easier across all channels. With extra features like studio templates, fonts curated specifically for your brand’s identity, team member permission settings, WYSIWYG blog editor; it took my business an entire week to get up and running when I first made the switch!

  16. I really love the templates you can choose from. Maybe I’m just lazy, but I hate having to think about things like fonts and colors. Tailor Brands makes it easy because there’s a template for every occasion.

  17. Tailor Brands was easy to use and the design options were really great. I used it for my business Facebook page and saw a real increase in engagement – not something you can say about using Canva. Definitely recommend!

  18. As an active designer, I found that exterior design software was just OK. I could stay on one site for months and barely use the bulk of what they offered. With Tailor Brands, it’s different. Unique to them is their focus on unifying your brand all-around with easy integration into social media sites like Facebook & Pinterest, as well as channels like YouTube or Google Ads. You can choose which ones you want to work in based on what you need for now–you don’t ever have to switch programs again if you don’t want.I would highly recommend Tailor Brand Design Manager!

  19. I’m a graphic designer and I was sick of making logos. So I tried Tailor Brands and it was so much faster! Plus anyone can use the logo creator, which is really helpful for people who don’t have any design skills. It also has business cards, stickers, swag- all without having to create them from scratch. PLUS they look beautiful AND you can edit them until they suit your needs perfectly .

  20. Tailor Brands is more than a fancy font. This suite of tools includes original graphics, website builders for just about any need, and social media displays that help you keep everything cohesive across all platforms. Do you think it’s hard to manage a brand on Instagram? Check out Tailor Brands’ app that let’s users post directly from Pinterest or copy over content from websites right into their profiles without ever leaving the app! Personally I loved browsing through some of those cool wedding invites they have but my favorite part has been as this tool takes care of designing your Facebook ads as well as providing analytics for each platform so you can learn what worked best.

  21. I’m not naturally artistic– I can’t draw like Leonardo. But with Tailor branding, I don’t need to be an artist to impress people on social media! The branding dashboard makes it easy to find your brand’s colors and fonts. It doesn’t have every design tactic in the world, but then again no one needs those tactics if they’re just starting out or want a simple tool for quick designs. That’s what Tailor offers– a simple way to build a professional looking Facebook page at your best price.

  22. I’ve got to say… what a delight. I was too lazy to do much work on my brand, not worth the time. But now, I don’t have anything to worry about! Tailor Brands has done all of it for me and more! Finally there are no problems with design assets clogging up both my drag-drop site builder or whatever color palette tool is this week.

  23. This brand makes it easy for you to get a cohesive and usable product without the effort of designing every aspect. All this tool suite does is help you design your brand’s identity with ease, so that when someone searches up your business, they get the same feeling from looking at your social media posts or visiting your website.

    I am freelance writer and I love working on Tailor Brands! Their tools are super user-friendly and the social posts and ads just look great all of a sudden–for me specifically because I can use their assets in different platforms. My favorite thing about them was definitely how fast my work became easier. I built out my whole marketing plan like 3 times faster than before (maybe even more).

  24. I had a really bad experience with Tailor Brands. I built the perfect logo, and it looked awesome on my website — but then they turned around and stole my whole identity! Now they even have my cat!

  25. I was always trying to find the perfect tool for social media. The one that could post right away, or generate new design assets in moments, and it never felt like I found the best one *until* I tried Tailor Brands.

    I can’t tell you how much time and energy they’ve saved me because now all of my design assets are in sync: websites, blogs posts, ads – no matter where you see my content you’ll be seeing the same brand identity. And everything looks better–more cohesive; sharper; more professional; more real-looking.”

  26. Tailor Brands is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to break into designing their own brand. Before Tailor Brands, I came up with designs that people loved on social media but didn’t know what to do next. But now I’ve grown my audiences and products by keeping them consistent across all channels!

  27. I love Tailor Brands! It has really helped me streamline my branding process. I liked how easy it was to make changes in the logo creator, and that intuitive AI actually gave me some great ideas to explore even though I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go with my brand. The custom store-front is also helpful because it makes getting accessibly merchandise for me easier than trying to navigate through other stores online.

  28. I couldn’t believe there was a company out there that really understands how hard it is to keep up with your branding in the digital space. The integration of their tools make my life so much easier and I actually have time to design something instead of just trying to manage all these different social feeds.

  29. Tailor Brands has been a godsend for me. It’s saved me from having to remember what font was used in which ad, and I don’t have to spend hours hand-creating social media ads.

    Product description: There are so many tools out there that do one task better than the next, but Tailor Brands is the first tool that does it all – and well. My campaigns now feel cohesive and unified instead of disconnected images across platforms!

  30. If you want a streamlined, well-designed brand to use across all of your marketing channels and assets, Tailor Brands is the best tool out there. I love how easy it is to simultaneously make updates in one location and see them reflected everywhere else instantaneously. From Facebook ads to Etsy banners … you can tweak anything from any device with their mobile app!

  31. I have struggled with creating cohesive branding for my website, social media, blog posts, ads, etc. I always thought it was just me being lazy or not caring about keeping a consistent message throughout my products. But one day I stumbled across Tailor Brands and all of the confusion stopped. They make everything seamless. The best part? It’s really easy to use!

  32. Tailor Brands is the best logo maker ever! I tried so many other programs for logos before, but nothing compares to Tailor Brands. It’s super easy to use and has a ton of nice features that you won’t find anywhere else! One weird thing – it wants me to pay after I’m done using it each time.

  33. Tailor Brand is the go-to option for designers who are serious about their work. You can’t just throw together a brand logo in an hour or two! Tailor BRAND takes care to develop streamlined, cohesive design so your clients have one place to look for their needs. With this tool, you get all the fonts, kerning guidelines and premium image packages at a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere!

  34. Tailor Brands is perfect for small businesses that want to create professional-grade logos, cards, and branding on the fly. My small business loves how easy it is use Tailor Brands to get started.

  35. Tailor Brands was literally the missing piece to my marketing puzzle. I create a ton of SOCIAL MEDIA content every day across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram so being able to know that everything from one company, with brands synced everywhere is amazing.

    With Tailor Brands you can create graphics offline AND online so if you’re looking for an all in one solution then give it a try!

  36. I used Tailor Brands for about six months and was hesitant to switch- if only because I loved their brand identity. But gradually, I came to realize that there are some design features Tailor brands lacks. The product descriptions were too short; all of the content would cram into one block of text, making it hard to quickly scan the page (especially on mobile). They could offer more variety in fonts and colors throughout pages, but then again you need a mile long HTML code!

    I compiled my thoughts by creating an infographic that illustrates which products Tailor Brands offers. It definitely helped me understand what the software is capable of at first glance!

  37. I use Tailor Brands to keep a cohesive, recognizable brand across all my channels. For example, I have one single company logo. One common color scheme with just a few variations in each media type – black, white and so on. In addition to the look & feel of the entire brand, they also track customer interactions or social media comments from different layouts all in one place! It’s been so helpful for managing responses when someone has issues with my product on Apples’s website when it should have been available through Amazon – I can hop into that private screenshot gallery and find out what went wrong.

  38. I don’t know what I was thinking not signing up for Tailor Brands sooner. It has so many benefits! At first, you might think it sounds pricey but it’s really worth the price considering everything they offer. The main thing is unifying your design through their whole suite of tools and services, but there’s also their library system that makes collaborating on projects way easier. The other day, one of my colleagues threw together a poster like she does every year for our annual staff meeting in minutes because Tailor Brands made it easy for her to do that. Definitely check them out if you love design as much as me – I highly recommend these guys!

  39. Working with Tailor Brands was so amazing. It was the first time that I have actually felt like my brand had an on-brand voice across all of the various social media channels. The interface was user-friendly, which made it easy to create images for everything. And their conversion rate optimization is stellar – landing pages are linked to campaigns seamlessly and drive traffic without any effort on my part.”

  40. My final favorite thing about Tailor Brands is how they have customer service. When my account was getting a little ahead of me, I took it to the team and got so much gratitude from the whole staff! They made me feel supported, just like a real person. You can’t ask for better support than that!

  41. Tailor is amazing! I love how easy they make everything, and it’s really affordable. I’ve had to do some last minute projects for my company and Tailor has saved my butt. It’s no surprise that they’re the world’s most loved branding tool out there with over 22 million user reviews! Check them out today.

  42. Tailor Brands has made managing my brand so much easier. It almost feels like having an assistant in the palm of your hand! For example, that feature about unifying my logo across all platforms is just genius. And I can work on projects anywhere, at any time with them because you don’t need to be connected to wifi or anything for Tailor Brands to work flawlessly.

  43. Tailor Brands is a great app for those of us who are always on the go, but want to make sure our brand looks professional and polished. Tailor Brands takes all the stress out of creating a cohesive brand identity because they have an entire suite that manages everything from your colors to photography across every social media platform. I’ve been able to increase my engagement online by 15% just by making sure that it looked cohesive throughout my site!

  44. For a long time, I struggled with designing a cohesive brand for my social media account. With so many different tools out there and unique users on each one, it’s hard to keep everything consistent across platforms! But now I have Tailor Brands and they do it all for me. It offers templates for every tool that is used in most businesses – from Facebook posts to slideshows to laptop stickers. Every time I create something new or come up with a new idea, I just open the program right up and pick from the existing templates–all my branding is taken care of in less than 10 minutes!

  45. I do not know what I would do without Tailor Brands. They take the burden away of designing for each new platform. Plus, they come with some really cool fonts, colors, and layouts that are perfect for any project!

  46. I thought this entire process was so easy. I create my cover on their site, upload it for free to Amazon and automatically provide stand-alone products for my new company’s products too! My products are all making sales online because of how professional they look.

  47. Sometimes, people might want to try their hand at marketing without the worry of breaking anything. With Tailor Brands, you’ll have access to an entire tool suite that will help you not break your brand across different platforms. You can stay right on brand with photos or fonts that match. Sure. This is what I use now – everyone needs marketing tools that are chalk full of these little things!

  48. When I first started exploring design, Tailor Brands was a lifesaver. It’s saved me so much money and effort for designing my own materials because their suite has everything you need to keep your brand consistent across screens. The thing that blew me away the most is how easy it is to implement these designs too!

  49. I’ve been using Tailor Brands for a little over six months now, and it’s really helped my entire team maintain consistency in our marketing.
    We were conservative at first when we started implementing with them, but after seeing how easy they are to use the more involved campaigns became less daunting. Now that I have all of my marketing collateral in one place with tons of templates ready to go? It’s solid gold!
    You can tell that this company cares about their work – giving you plenty of customization options and making sure your design is always on point across every single platform out there. Top notch customer service too!

  50. I’ve used Tailor Brands to create a logo for my new business and I am so happy with the final product. The AI-powered logo creator made it easy to draft something nice and clean, which was great because I’m not creative like that. Besides making logos there are other features too – branding creation, social tools, etc. Great experience overall!

  51. Tailor Brands offers a diverse range of services to keep your brand unified and one-on-brand. Some things they do: allow you to manage the design assets on your website only, automatically add an SSL certificate so engagement on emails is good, host videos for viewing, help with strategy and execution all within one tool set. The best part about their typography is how it’s simple yet responsive across all devices.

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