Wix Promo Code & Coupon Codes October 2020

We have shared the Wix Coupon Codes 2020, Wix promo codes & coupons codes that can give you up to 50% off. Also, check the Wix special discounts and deals for free website builder.

Wix has become extremely popular in a really short period of time for providing tools and functions that ease the website production process as much as possible. To create visually beautiful websites with Wix, newbies and freelancers don’t need to waste time studying complex scripting languages and web design tricks.

The platform has proven to be a comprehensive tool with up to 148 million active users worldwide to launch a solid web project of any kind, from small business pages and portfolios to small and medium digital shops.


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FAQs About Wix Promo Code

✅ How can I use a Wix coupon code?

To use the Wix coupon code and promos, navigate to Wix website. Under subscription plan, choose the monthly or yearly subscription. Enter the promo code and coupon code given in the box to grab amazing discounts.

🔥 How do you get Wix promo code offers?

Wix promo code and offers are available at our site from time to time. We also give huge benefits during Wix Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deal.

🎉 What kind of Wix promo code offers can I find?

Wix offers various kinds of special offers and promo codes. You can get every discount you need using Wix discount code offers. They also provide with free trials and some money back guarantee too. Wix is also offering a 50% discount for Students.

⚡ How Do I Get Student Discount on Wix?

You can use our special student discount code on Wix. With this coupon code, you can get up to 50% off Wix website builder for students.

💥 What if the Wix promo code doesn't work?

There might be several reasons if your Wix coupon code offers are not working. First, that you might have applied the same discount code again. Secondly, this coupon code might not be available in your territory or you might have pasted the wrong promo code too.

🔥 How can I get a free domain on Wix?

If you want to get a free domain on Wix, you will get the domain name with wix branding in it. Alternatively, you can connect your own domain to Wix and get started.

How to Grab the Latest Wix Promo Code?

  • Click on the discount image and go to the Wix website. Explore features of Wix and then click on Subscriptions. Here, you will get the most active Wix Coupon codes & discount code.
  • Choose among the Premium plans as per your requirement and click on Select. On choosing the plan, you will redirect to the checkout cart.

Wix pricing plans- Wix special promo codes

  • View the cart and click on Select again.
  • Fill in the login details or sign up with Facebook or Google+. In the checkout page, enter the Wix coupon code or discount code that you want to use. Some discounts do not require any promotional codes. You can automatically get discounts using our exciting Wix coupons given here.

What is Wix? For those who don’t know!

Wix is a globally known website builder that makes it easy to construct outstanding sites in minutes. The framework uses the latest technology and AI-based principles to introduce engaging and user-friendly projects.

It offers a wide range of out-of-the-box choices and features that allow you to create virtually any sort of online projects, whether it is a beautiful professional portfolio or an online store to sell many products online.

What Are The Features of Wix Website Builder?

Wix is a feature-rich website builder that is literally filled with tools and features to make your website building experience a cakewalk. Wix has over 300 different widgets and add-ons in its vast free store, in addition to its AI-based technology and editor. This has a great feature for blogging, eCommerce capabilities, and more as well.

  • Free website
  • Drag and drop
  • Designer templates
  • Stunning galleries
  • Mobile optimized designs
  • Domains
  • Huge image collection
  • Secure hosting
  • SEO
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Wix Arena for Wix Experts
  • Promote your business by sharing it on social pages
  • Wix bookings
  • Wix chat
  • Forums member’s page
  • Forum text editor
  • FAQs and bookings
  • Art store, video, and lightbox

All these characteristics make Wix an exceptional website creator. Besides, several tasks are carried out by Wix apps to make the job easier. All of Wix’s premium plans include free hosting, domain link, 500MB+ storage, Google Analytics, premium support, and cost-free setup. For your new website or blog, you can certainly try Wix and give it a unique appearance!

Why Choose Wix Coupon Code

Wix is a great website building tool that has everything you need to create a beautiful website or blog. The Artificial Design Intelligence understand your need and assists you in designing your websites.

From billions of collections of images, texts, layouts, contact forms, Wix ADI brings you the best of all for creating a one-of-a-kind website.

  • Free website
  • Drag and drop
  • Designer templates
  • Stunning galleries
  • Mobile optimized designs
  • Domains
  • Huge image collection
  • Secure hosting
  • SEO
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Wix Arena for Wix Experts
  • Promote your business by sharing it on social pages
  • Wix bookings
  • Wix chat
  • Forums member’s page
  • Forum text editor
  • FAQs and bookings
  • Art store, video, and lightbox
  • Wix coupon builder

How Does It Work?

You can start your website in six easy steps:

  • Choose the kind of website you want to create,
  • Customize Wix templates,
  • Use Drag and Drop design features,
  • Publish your website and go live,
  • Start driving traffic using advanced SEO tools and marketing solutions.

You can also get the Wix mailbox and start accompanying email address to elevate your brand with exciting Wix coupons and start building your professional online presence for less!

How much does Wix Cost?

The Wix pricing structure seems to be an extremely affordable and pocket-friendly solution, which also offers users to try a free version. If you are impressed with the power of what Wix can do for free, then you can go ahead and subscribe to one of its paid plans to meet your long-term online project expectations.

The Premium Wix plans currently offered include:

  • With no Wix ads, excluding 2 GB of storage and 3 GB of bandwidth, the Combo Plan costs $247 a month. A good small business forum and portfolio range.
  • The cost is $372 for the Unlimited Package. For entrepreneurs and freelancers, this is fine. The kit includes infinite storage and promotional instruments.

**And more

Wix provides different Business and eCommerce project bundles. They are the following:

  • Business Basic – In addition to eCommerce integration, you get all website kit functionality for $23 a month.
  • Business Unlimited – in addition to 10 video hours, professional logo, and social media logo files, you get all the eCommerce apps for $27 a month.
  • Business VIP costs $49 a month with all preceding features plus VIP support and priority response.
  • The Enterprise Plan costs $500 a month for caving companies to expand their business and profit from the individual operation.

**There is a 14-day refund policy on each of the premium plans.

Why Do We Recommend Wix? (5 REASONS)

Wix premium features- Wix coupon codes 2020

Wix is a fantastic website building tool that has everything you need to make your website or blog beautiful. Artificial Design Intelligence recognizes the need to design the websites and helps you.

Wix ADI gives you the best of all to create a one-of-a-kind website from billions of collections of photos, texts, templates, communication types.

  • User friendly

The main goal of the website builder is to provide beginners and individuals who have never dealt with this type of software before, but who want competent online representation, with a trouble-free construction process.

A skilled site will be ready in a few minutes from instant signing to the intuitive dashboard and various website building tools in the kit!

  • Intuitive design

Users can use up to 550 different models in hundreds of different categories that are mobile-friendly. Wix has all this in one place if you need a blog, a platform for small businesses, an online shop, or a portfolio.

Virtually all the themes have built-in applications and custom widgets connected to niches. There’s not much tailoring you need to do.

  • SEO-friendly

Wix makes it easy for SEO-friendly websites to create. You can use advanced settings to edit custom URLs, create SEO-optimized titles and descriptions for pages or blog posts, use preview mode, or benefit from the automated SEO Wizard by using a package of detailed SEO strategies.

  • Wix App Market

Entry to the widest variety of free applications and add-ons available, maybe. For your forums, create beautiful picture galleries, add contact forms to get more users and broaden the mailing list, create calendars to display previous events, implement analytics to track your traffic, and recognize the most common platforms.

All of the widgets are completely free. You can add them to the list with just one click.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Wix has a wide range of tips and tutorials on how to get started, edit templates, create content that is designed for SEO, etc.

You can ask questions here, check for tools you need, or opt for a Wix forum with tonnes of articles related to website marketing, design, and other important problems. The system also has the conventional ticketing system for catering to customer complaints in addition to the Wix forum.

Does Wix Offer Free Trial?

Yes. Wix also offers a 14-day free trial period. You can check out the Wix free trial and grab this special offer to check out all the features of the Wix builder. We have also given the Wix coupon code for trying the Wix free trial period.

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Conclusion: Wix Promo Code & Coupon Code 2020

All these features make Wix an excellent website builder. Moreover, Wix apps perform multiple functions to make your task easier. All the premium plans of Wix include free hosting, domain connection, 500MB+ storage, Google Analytics, Premium support, and free of cost set up.

You can surely try Wix for your new website or blog and give it a unique appearance.

Hope you get the benefit from Wix promo codes & coupons given above. Do not forget to share these valid coupon code for getting huge discounts on Wix. 

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14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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