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Today we have featured Inventory Lab Review, with its proper insights, we have also covered its pros and cons, so let’s get started the best way to lessen some of the legwork associated with the Amazon business is Inventory Lab.

As a matter of fact, it has a major role to play in enhancing competence and profitability. A lot of times Inventory Lab is also referred to as IL and there is no denying the fact that Amazon FBA has made it rather simple for the online merchants to begin listing and selling on Amazon.

Inventory - Lab - Review
Inventory Lab Review

There are several aspects of the business that you will have to take care of yourself. This will become more than important, especially if you are interested in pursuing selling that engagement full time.

Read the article to know more about the Inventory Lab’s Stratify. The article will cover every section of the web related interface and carefully lay out the features. You will be also getting to know all about reviewing and evaluating competing solutions. So once you are done with reading this article to will get to know all about how to Stratify exactly.

Inventory Lab A beneficial Program For Your Amazon FBA Business:

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Feature-packed listing service:

A desktop barcode scanner [1] is put to use for the purpose of scanning an item into the 1system. You will be getting to know all about the FBA, Merchant Fulfilled, used, and new prices. Also, you will get to know if the item is up for sale by Amazon and who actually owns the buy box.

List related to Inventory Lab:

You will also be getting all the information about the particular item’s category, current sales rank, size tier, and any prep required, just like the poly bagging. Also, there is flexibility in terms of entering the buy cost, supplier, and min/max price for each inventory item.  

You will be happy to know that Inventory Lab plays a crucial role in limiting the number of FBA warehouses where the inventory is sent.

Access to Spotify sourcing app:

In the present scenario while dealing with retail arbitrage it has practically become impossible to source for inventory without using the Spotify smartphone app. Now scanning the barcode of any item and getting all the necessary information is a child’s play.

And this will eventually tell us if it is a smart decision to invest in an item from a resale point of view. You will get to know all about the competitor’s pricing of any item with the help of Spotify.

InventoryLab - Review
InventoryLab Review

Also, if Amazon is in stock, ROI, potential profit[3], sales rank percentage, if you’re restricted or approved from selling the article, how many are already in stock, how many have been sold till now, and also all about the quick links for requesting endorsement for restricted items, and the list is really long.

So it can be rightly said that with the help of the Inventory Lab, you will be getting listing service and sourcing app at a reasonable price.

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Superb accounting capabilities:

The best part of the Inventory Lab is the fact that it allows you to organize your finances with the help of useful bookkeeping tools.

It means that if you are really interested in making your Amazon FBA business money-spinning, you need to be well aware of the numbers.

You need to get a clear picture of where your money is going and coming. 

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More about Inventory Lab Accounting: 

You will be happy to know that Inventory Lab turns out to be a blessing in disguise for all those who are interested in keeping a track of return on investment, buy prices, sales prices inbound shipping costs, money going out in terms of refunds, money coming in from repayment, and a lot more.

Also, you will be getting the perfect opportunity to track your mileage, price of supplies, and all that which is monetarily related to your Amazon business.

Reports related to profit and loss, profitability, and sales tax:

 Now, this is considered as one of the coolest features of Inventory Lab.

You get the complete flexibility for generating reports about the productivity of your inventory.

You will be able to get a glimpse of the profitability of a complete category in your inventory, a particular SKU, or ASIN. 

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Inventory Lab Analyze:

You will be able to get the reports on supplier profitability. Also, you will be able to use the supplier productivity feature in several ways:

  • For keeping track of inventory purchased by diverse sources hired by you.
  • For seeing if definite wholesale accounts or stores are more gainful in comparison to the others.
  • For the purpose of analyzing the profitability of an online arbitrage deal list for your business over the period of time.
  • For the purpose of generating reports related to your sales tax, profit, and loss. 

 Sync Inventory Lab with the BQool repricer service:

It was in September 2018 that the first time BQool automatic repricer service was put to use for the first time.

It was used as it allows the users to bring in the entire buy related costs from Inventory Lab directly into BQool’s Repricing Central, simply at the click of a button. This turns out to be a major time saver.

 Sync Inventory Lab
Sync Inventory Lab

It is important to pay attention to the fact that a Bqool user would give the opportunity to manually make entries related to the original buy cost.

Bqool also allows the import of the buy cost. This turns out to be a big help in setting up the maximum and minimum prices within Repricing Central. 

Liberty to access Inventory Lab with the help of a 3rd party prep service:

If you are interested in a full-time income selling on Amazon, then it becomes all the more important that you think seriously about finding other people to take care of the easier tasks.

It is rather simple to outsource things like the inventory prepping, shipping, and packing, particularly when it comes to wholesale packages or online arbitrage that could have been shipped directly to help you to ship it to Amazon. 

When you are resorting to solutions like Inventory Lab, you get the opportunity to set up multiple employees accounts for the purpose of creating FNSKU labels, shipments, and everything else necessary for shipping your inventory to an Amazon warehouse. 

Necessary Help:

You will be happy to know that IL is proudly associated with a good self-serve help section. For support, there was a Facebook community group.

But it seems that it is not functional anymore. You can look out for other solutions like direct email support.

There are many users who feel the support is getting slower with each passing year. 


Well, it is a well-established fact that pricing in Amazon seller tools may vary riotously and can also reach as high as $1,500+ in terms of the monthly fee.

InventoryLab - Pricing

You need to pay attention to the fact that Inventory Lab is an affordable solution. 

Which Sellers Can Make The Most Out Of IL Or Inventory Lab?

If you are facing some of the issues already mentioned in this article and you feel that you are paying a lot of money for solving the problems, then it is high time that you consider a solution like Inventory Lab.

One thing should be crystal clear to you by now that Inventory Lab is for Amazon sellers and not for eBay.

Also, it is meant for the US marketplace.

Inventory Lab - Seller

So if you are interested in using it, then you can either be an international seller who has also launched into the marketplace of the US or a US seller.

Faq: Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What does inventory lab do?

Inventory Lab. now and has become a brand apparent winner in the Amazon inventory management game. They have a slick UI (user interface) and have made the “listing” experience an easy effort.

⭐ How does inventory lab work?

Barcode scanner to scan an item into the system, and Inventory Lab pulls up the item with all the information we need to price it. .

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Conclusion: Inventory Lab Review

When you talk about the pricing, then you will be very happy with the quality of the services of the Inventory Lab. It is definitely great value for money.

Some of the impressive recent updates are the ability to add in Shipping Rate to the ROI calculator as well as expiration dates on the basis of the rising trends and customer feedback.

At the end of the day, it is a good sign. You need to keep up with the pace of business on Amazon as it is really fast-paced.

For this purpose you will be requiring tools like IL or Inventory Lab. Go for a 30-day trial and then you can analyze the extra time required for your core business.

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