Inventory Lab Review 2024: Is This Amazon Lister Tool Worth It? | Top Features, Pros & Cons (How Do We List On Inventory Lab?)

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Inventory Lab Review


InventoryLab is an amazing all-in-one tool that helps you manage inventories automatically. Inventory Lab is designed to help manage both your inventory and accounting processes in one place!

Out of 10


  • 30-Day Trial
  • Gives Real-time Product Scouting
  • Automated Income Tracking
  • Comprehensive Reports For Sellers
  • Comes with Built-in Barcodes
  • Creates 5-Star Buying Decisions
  • Comes with Great Tracking
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • Integrates with Scoutify and Repricer Apps


  • Not the cheapest
  • Not for the large sellers


Price: $ 49

In this post, we have shared the Inventory Lab Review. Read further to find if it is for you!

If you’re an Amazon seller, then you know that there are a lot of challenges associated with running your business.

For example, how do you find profitable products to sell? How do you manage and track inventory?

How can I make sure my expenses are low? What’s the best way to analyze profitability?

And what about taxes and accounting compliance?

Selling on Amazon FBA is a great way to scale your business and reach new customers, but as an Amazon seller, you have to be careful not to lose money in the process.

As much as we’d love for everything about selling on Amazon FBA to be easy, it’s just not.

The biggest pain point for most of us is inventory management. Especially if you are doing any sort of third-party fulfilment (Fulfillment by Seller or Merchant Fulfilled Prime), then you know that labelling items can take quite a bit of time…and mistakes happen all too often when labelling products manually.

The fewer times you can touch a piece of inventory as you process it, the better. By listing through Seller Central…and then printing your labels on a sheet of 30…and then separating the items out into the various fulfilment centres, you are spending a lot of time touching each item multiple times.

This is inefficient! It also leads to mistakes that cost even more time and money!

Solution: That’s when a third-party service like Inventiory Lab comes into play. InventoryLab provides innovative solutions for all these questions and more.

With this  Scoutify app we’ll help you quickly source profitable items for sale on Amazon using your mobile device. Inventory lab Stratify software will help you research product opportunities, list them on Amazon FBA, manage your inventory efficiently and track sales in real-time. The best part is that it’s all integrated into one convenient platform so everything is easy to use!

Today we have featured Inventory Lab Review, with its proper insights, we have also covered its pros and cons, so let’s get started the best way to lessen some of the legwork associated with the Amazon business is Inventory Lab.

As a matter of fact, it has a major role to play in enhancing competence and profitability. A lot of times Inventory Lab is also referred to as IL and there is no denying the fact that Amazon FBA has made it rather simple for the online merchants to begin listing and selling on Amazon.

Bottom Line Upfront: 

InventoryLab is an amazing all-in-one tool that helps you manage inventories automatically. Inventory Lab is designed to help manage both your inventory and accounting processes in one place!

This software has been created specifically for Amazon sellers who want to focus more on their core competencies while letting someone else handle other tasks such as printing labels or managing taxes.

Inventory lab reviews and testimonials

If you are a frequent Amazon seller and looking for cheaper tools than JungleSocut, I would recommend you to try Inventory lab upfront.

Try Inventory Lab free for 30-days now

Inventory Lab Review (8 Pros & 2 Cons)

Inventory Lab comes with an impressive set of tools that will help you manage your inventory in a way that is both automatic and accurate.

This software tool allows you to see which items are selling well, which ones need more attention and even helps you forecast future sales so that you know when it’s time to restock or make changes to product listings.

With Inventory Lab, managing your Amazon business becomes much easier than ever before. The interface is intuitive enough for anyone who has used Excel or Google Sheets before, but still powerful enough for those who want some serious features like forecasting and advanced A/B testing options available at their fingertips.

All this makes managing inventory on Amazon less stressful while providing actionable insights into what needs improvement on every aspect of your company’s operations!


Inventory - Lab - Review
Inventory Lab Review

There are several aspects of the business that you will have to take care of yourself. This will become more than important, especially if you are interested in pursuing selling that engagement full time.

Inventory Lab Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive posting, research, and accounting web application.
  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Capacity to print labels.
  • Capacity to make live batches that go right to Amazon shipment plans.
  • Comes with a live only scanning application.
  • Live chat customer support
  • 30-day free trial
  • Scoutify App for scouting
  • Yearly and monthly subscription.


  • Accounting reports are a little messy.
  • Slightly costly amazon tool.

Inventory lab is a big reputed brand and I am sure you might have various questions. Here, we have answered various questions on Inventory Lab such as: 

– What is Inventory Lab

– What are some of the best features of Inventory Lab?

– How do you find inventory for your business?

– How to use Inventory lab to easily review and sell inventory from your Amazon business?

– How to use Amazon’s Inventory Lab?

– What are the benefits and drawbacks of using Inventory Lab?

– What are the Top pros & cons of using Inventory lab?

How To Use Inventory Lab for Amazon Inventory Management? 

Inventory lab is a comprehensive tool where you can research and list the products. Besides this, you can also manage the inventory and profitability.

Inventory Lab offers two tools for this purpose:

1. Stratify Inventory Lab Review 

Inventory lab stratify review

This tool is useful in finding the profitability of the product. Users can use the detailed data to do product research.

Using the Inventory Lab dashboard, you can list the products, print labels, track profits and losses for your product, and also complete FBA shipments.

The dashboard has an accounting dashboard that lets you track expenses,  view the total in-stock values, and monitor your sales.

Lastly, you get comprehensive reports that can tell you about the most profitable products and sellers.

2. Scoutify Tool  

Scoutify by Inventory Lab review

Scoutify is the mobile version of Inventory lab. On downloading the app, you can calculate the profitability of each of the product in your inventory.

One thing that I liked most about the Inventory lab’s Scoutify is the bar code scanner that is completely free here.

Inventory Lab Features & Benefits 

InventoryLab - Home - Page - Review

Feature-packed listing service:

A desktop barcode scanner is put to use for the purpose of scanning an item into the 1system. You will be getting to know all about the FBA, Merchant Fulfilled, used, and new prices.

Also, you will get to know if the item is up for sale by Amazon and who actually owns the buy box.

List related to Inventory Lab:

Inventory lab list products- inventorylab review

You will also be getting all the information about the particular item’s category, current sales rank, size tier, and any prep required, just like the poly bagging. Also, there is flexibility in terms of entering the buy cost, supplier, and min/max price for each inventory item.  

You will be happy to know that Inventory Lab plays a crucial role in limiting the number of FBA warehouses where the inventory is sent.

Access to sourcing app:

In the present scenario while dealing with retail arbitrage it has practically become impossible to source for inventory without using the Scoutify smartphone app. Now scanning the barcode of any item and getting all the necessary information is child’s play.

And this will eventually tell us if it is a smart decision to invest in an item from a resale point of view. You will get to know all about the competitor’s pricing of any item with the help of Scoutify.

InventoryLab Zendesk ssupport -Invenytorylab Review
InventoryLab Review

Also, if Amazon is in stock, ROI, potential profit[3], sales rank percentage, if you’re restricted or approved from selling the article, how many are already in stock, how many have been sold till now, and also all about the quick links for requesting endorsement for restricted items, and the list is really long.

So it can be rightly said that with the help of the Inventory Lab, you will be getting a listing service and sourcing app at a reasonable price.

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Superb accounting capabilities:

The best part of the Inventory Lab is the fact that it allows you to organize your finances with the help of useful bookkeeping tools.

It means that if you are really interested in making your Amazon FBA business money-spinning, you need to be well aware of the numbers.

You need to get a clear picture of where your money is going and coming. 

Inventory Lab accounting management review

You will be happy to know that Inventory Lab turns out to be a blessing in disguise for all those who are interested in keeping a track of return on investment, buy prices, sales prices inbound shipping costs, money going out in terms of refunds, money coming in from repayment, and a lot more.

Also, you will be getting the perfect opportunity to track your mileage, price of supplies, and all that which is monetarily related to your Amazon business.

Reports related to profit and loss, profitability, and sales tax:

 Now, this is considered as one of the coolest features of Inventory Lab.

You get the complete flexibility for generating reports about the productivity of your inventory.

You will be able to get a glimpse of the profitability of a complete category in your inventory, a particular SKU, or ASIN. 

InventoryLab - Solutions - Amazon - FBA

Inventory Lab Analyze:

You will be able to get the reports on supplier profitability. Also, you will be able to use the supplier productivity feature in several ways:

  • For keeping track of inventory purchased by diverse sources hired by you.
  • For seeing if definite wholesale accounts or stores are more gainful in comparison to the others.
  • For the purpose of analyzing the profitability of an online arbitrage deal list for your business over the period of time.
  • For the purpose of generating reports related to your sales tax, profit, and loss. 


Inventory Lab Pricing: (How Much Inventory Lab Costs?)

Well, it is a well-established fact that pricing in Amazon seller tools may vary riotously and can also reach as high as $1,500+ in terms of the monthly fee. Inventory Lab costs $49 monthly with a 30-day free trial. 

In the monthly subscription, you will get:

  • All-backed data
  • Dedicated support
  • Access to stratify and scoutify app

InventoryLab - Pricing

Their annual plan costs $40 a month. Now, do some calculations here: 

$40/month *12= $480/year whereas the monthly plan costs $49*12= $588 yearly.

You can save up to $108 here. Hence, you need to pay attention to the fact that Inventory Lab is an affordable solution.


Inventory Lab

💰  Price


😍  Pros

30-Day Trial

😩  Cons

Not the cheapest


InventoryLab is an amazing all-in-one tool that helps you manage inventories automatically. Inventory Lab is designed to help manage both your inventory and accounting processes in one place!

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Which Sellers Can Make The Most Out Of  Inventory Lab?

If you are facing some of the issues already mentioned in this article and you feel that you are paying a lot of money for solving the problems, then it is high time that you consider a solution like Inventory Lab.

One thing should be crystal clear to you by now that Inventory Lab is for Amazon sellers and not for eBay.

Also, it is meant for the Amazon US marketplace.

Inventory Lab - Seller

So if you are interested in using it, then you can either be an international seller who has also launched into the marketplace of the US or a US seller.

Inventory Lab Customer Support: 

The customer support team of Inventory Lab has certainly improved a lot. The support page has a dedicated video tutorial section, InventoryLab guide section-by-section, and a troubleshooting guide.

You would also get the customer helpdesk and support numbers.

Lately, they have also introduced the live chat support making the inventory lab one of my favorite contenders for the best Amazon tools.

I tried their live chat support and it took less than a minute to get their response. The quality of the response was personalized and pretty informative.

Inventory lab support review

FAQs On Inventory Lab Review 

✅ What does Inventory lab do?

InventoryLab works as the feature-listing service for the Amazon sellers. It helps sellers information such as FBA, Merchant Fulfilled, new, and used prices, as well as whether Amazon is selling the item and who owns the buy box.

🔥 Is Inventory lab a Repricer?

Inventory lab is not a repricer but works with aura amazon repricer. It works by listing the items on Amazon and setting up the prices using the aura amazon repricer. Users can list new items in inventory and track key metrics like SKU and profitability.

🚀 Is Inventory lab Good for accounting?

Yes. Inventory lab can also work as the accounting software for your Amazon business by giving information on profit and loss and the overhead expenses. Thus, the software can prove to be a great time saver and cost saver.

🏆 Is there an app for Inventory lab?

Yes. Inventory lab has a great mobile app for Android and iPhone. Sellers can use this app for free.

⚡ Does inventory lab work with eBay?

Yes. Inventory Lab works with other marketplaces like eBay and Etsy.

⭐ Is Keepa included in Inventory lab?

Keepa is now included with the Inventory lab. This app helps to identify the progress of your Amazon product and track the performance. This can be done by using the Keepa link.

🎉 Does inventory lab work with QuickBooks?

Yes. Inventory lab works with Quickbooks.

Best Inventory Lab Alternatives

Helium 10:


Helium 10 is the leader in Amazon FBA business tools

One of the main USPs is its Chrome Extension that comes for free. Helium 10 also has 13 tools for different purposes, and customer support should not be forgotten!

Helium 10 is a widely used method that is fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). This platform is a must-have for anyone who wants to expand their Amazon business.

Helium 10 not just assists you in making important decisions about your brands in an effort to enhance the development, but it also assists you in finalizing them.

Check out the most detailed Helium10 Review here..

Jungle Scout:


JungleScout is yet another amazing Scoutify app that is a programmed Amazon product research tool that is instrumented to empower you with information about your rivals. It considers all the required data, including revenue and number of items sold, selling price, FBA fees, supplier margin, and shipping expenses.

Jungle Scout has a chrome extension that runs well and helps you understand your potential customers better by highlighting search results related to your product. The email support could be faster and more helpful though.


Amzscout Pro Bundle Start Amazon Business AMZscout- Inventory lab reviews

AMZScout is yet another tool with an aim to assist you in performing product research. It also has features that allow you to manage your inventory and run reports about your listings.

One of the major USPs for this software program is its ability to detect whether a product will be profitable or not by merely entering some basic information about it.

It also has a product database of over 500 million products, which is updated frequently.


ScanPower - review

ScanPower is capable of identifying the most profitable products across various Amazon marketplaces. It has an extensive list of features that can be easily navigated through in order to perform your tasks quickly and efficiently.

It shows you how many sellers are selling for your desired price, which allows you to determine if it is competitive or not.

It offers extensive features for increased productivity. It has a product database of over 500 million items, updated frequently.

ALso Read: ScanPower Review

In this article, we have answered various questions related tp Inventory lab:

What does Inventory lab do?

Is inventory lab a Repricer?

Is inventory lab Good for accounting?

Is inventory lab an app?

How do you use InventoryLab?

Which sellers will get the most out of Inventory Lab?

Inventory Lab – Are There Alternatives?

Features: InventoryLab can help sellers to effectively manage their inventory in a record-keeping and order management system.

Advantages: InventoryLab provides all the necessary tools for improving the process of product listing on Amazon FBA, such as listing properties, reviews, ratings, user ratings, reviews on seller site and live customer feedback. It can also assist with inventory management.

Benefits: InventoryLab helps you to keep track of products you sell efficiently.

Inventory Lab Customer Reviews on Facebook:

Chris De Santis recommends InventoryLab.

PRO: Tons of features. Great to see a top down view of your business.
CON: If you don’t have a cell signal – you cannot scan products.
Any plans do have a local Amazon database to download so you can use this when you don’t have a cell signal? This is possible with some of your competition, NeatOScan and ASellerTool for example.

Bob Schultz recommends InventoryLab.

Won’t do FBA without it! And there support is some of the best I’ve ever experienced.

Angie Thompson Ritchey recommends InventoryLab.

This has got to be the BEST service for FBA sellers out there. I’ve been using them for about 6 months. As long as I’m selling, I will be using ILab.
Sure, they make listing easy, but that is just the GRAVY. The meat on the bones comes in with the BOOKKEEPING! If you are tired of constantly trying to keep your spreadsheets updated so you can see what sold, for how much, what was the ROI, how much PROFIT made (not sales…PROFIT) and a PLETHORA of other things. Then ILab will MORE than meet your expectations.
And to top it all off? Let’s just throw in an amazon search engine why don’t we? You can type in the name of the item you are researching and TADAAA!!! ILab will pull ALL the listings that match. It’s just a quick skim to find the listings you want to investigate further and those you want to just leave alone.
Their service is MORE than worth every penny.
6 out of 5 stars for me!

Maria L Pantalone recommends InventoryLab.

Superb!! Amazing support staff and I appreciate the hard work they all do, from the owners to the customer support. Thank you! A+++++

“I should say that it easily saves me almost $1,000 each month if I use all the apps individually as compared to IL’s ALL IN features that we need for an online business.

Hermie V.

“InventoryLab’s subscription price is fair for the value I receive in saved time and frustration alone and yet they are always bringing new features to the software.”

Lori M.

“The price is totally worth it. If you value your time, InventoryLab pays for itself each and every month.”

Carly G.

InventoryLab on Social media

Conclusion: Is Inventory Lab the Best Amazon Seller Software? Inventory Lab Review

When you talk about the pricing, then you will be very happy with the quality of the services of the Inventory Lab. It is definitely great value for money.22% Of sellers rely on Amazon as their primary source of income. In such a case, Inventory Lab like tool becomes extremely important. 

Some of the impressive recent updates are the ability to add in Shipping Rate to the ROI calculator as well as expiration dates on the basis of the rising trends and customer feedback.

Inventory lab solutions Review

Managing your Amazon business is a time-consuming process. You have to track profits, keep an eye on inventory levels and make sure you are always getting the best price for your items.

Inventory Lab has been designed with these problems in mind and can save you hours of work each month. It’s easy to use interface makes it accessible even if you aren’t tech-savvy, while its advanced features give experienced users access to powerful tools that help them grow their businesses quickly and easily.

Using this tool means that you can spend less time managing crucial aspects of your Amazon business so that you can focus on growing it further instead!

At the end of the day, it is a good sign. You need to keep up with the pace of business on Amazon as it is really fast-paced.

For this purpose, you will be requiring tools like IL or Inventory Lab. Go for a 30-day trial and then you can analyze the extra time required for your core business.

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36 User Reviews on Inventory Lab Review

  1. All my friends recommended this product to me because it makes management of your business easy. If you want an easier way to manage your inventory, I would suggest picking up InventoryLab software!

  2. Being a small-business owner myself, I understand all the problems that arise when it comes to operating online. For instance, one of the hardest things about running an Amazon business is keeping track and managing your inventory levels. Without this, you can find yourself out of stock on competitive products and struggling to compete with businesses who do supply their stores.
    That’s why InventoryLab helps me provide my customers what they need while guaranteeing I don’t run short again! With other programs like Stratify and Scoutify I can update my listings quickly so retail shop owners know exactly what’s in stock. Plus if anything runs low on any other site besides Amazon – InventoryLab can help!

  3. I’m so glad I can imagine my stock of inventory with this app. It’s easy to enter the stuff that is in the boxes, making it a breeze to be done for an entire day or week. You can mark things as new if they were never scanned all the way through and make a few modifications to prices as well. This sure makes life a whole lot easier!

  4. I was skeptical when I first saw InventoryLab, but there is a misconception that the app has some major issues. The truth is Stratify and Scoutify are fantastic products on their own for which you would need an entire separate account to run all your operations efficiently! That’s why this product incorporates everything into one main inventory management software package. It not only lets you handle orders with Uber-level efficiency from front-to-back, but also gives you the ability to react quickly to any changes in price or inventory worldwide! All while still using data from previous orders! I love it.

  5. InventoryLab is a powerful tool that has been designed for the business entrepreneur who intends to sell their products on Amazon. The purpose, or task, of Inventory Lab can be simplified into three words: Sell Stuff. It does this by automating all the processes in running an e-commerce business through its many features and services. Personally, I only use it to keep up with inventory levels from my company’s warehouse but I already know where it will make buyers lives easier–in finding what they need!

  6. InventoryLab is a CRUCIAL SALE ACCELERATION TOOL. With Stratify, you will instantly find out how many of your products are left in-stock at your various channels.

  7. I am an avid Amazon Prime member, but sometimes it is necessary to get a product that isn’t normally stocked on the site from a third party seller. Enter Inventory Lab. A helpful app that gives you all of the information you need about an item and its pricing history at a glance-plus fun tidbits like whether or not You Know That Buy Box Is Mine? You’ll also be able to flex your artistic muscles by designing beautiful listings with images and data of your choosing. It takes some digging around in settings, but once you’ve found it, getting started couldn’t be easier: just list what’s selling on Amazon by ASIN number and this handy listing tool does the rest for you!

  8. Inventory Lab is the ultimate app for amazon sellers who want to quickly see how they can get more of your pricing. It’s easy to use and fast-helps us answer questions like “does Amazon sell this?” and, if so, “should we be able to buy it at a good price?” The team behind the digi has put in tons of data on whether Amazon owns any warehouse space/inventory slots so we’ll know if there’s any room left that could let us snag an item underpriced just as trends. With these updates, our product now offers even more value than before!

  9. Inventory Lab has been a lifesaver for this seller. With constant updates to operating systems and software being released, it takes a lot of time to keep up with all the details involved in online sales. I was tired of spending my weekends pouring over spreadsheets so decided to take InventoryLab for a test drive. In just minutes, I set up integration from Amazon Seller Central straight into the inventory tracker app on my phone so that when I’m out shopping or enjoying recreation, if there’s something that goes on sale (or happens to be at risk of selling), I’ll never miss an opportunity again!

  10. Inventory Lab is a lifesaver for any seller. It shows the FBA, Merchant Fulfilled, new, and used prices from various stores so you can find a competitive price to sell at. There’s also a section of “Price History” that tells you what kind of shelf life your items have had. Items with shorter historical records don’t have this data available yet but places that item on the list as being unavailable. This application goes above and beyond having an inventory management system – it lets sellers know which products are trending at different times during the year!

  11. InventoryLab is my new best friend! It has all the features necessary to list items on Amazon, but it’s sleek and user-friendly interface makes it easy for me to manage my time efficiently.

    I love how I can easily upload an inventory file of prices using CSV/Excel format, or manually enter them one by one. Makes it easy when you have hundreds of items. Plus with the data card feature, there are no more sheets littering my desktop! Now I’m boss momma! She just sells stuff online now too.”

  12. Inventory Lab is a listing service for merchants and Amazon sellers who know how hard it can be to price items fast. I like that it shows the FBA, Merchant Fulfilled, new, and used prices as well as whether Amazon is selling the item and who owns the buy box. It also gives quick links to Keepa for the ASIN of the item so we can check out sales rank and price history as we’re pricing items with them.

  13. This is my favorite app for scanning items and adding them to my list. Its the best of both worlds with a B2B perspective on things mixed into that! I LOVE that we can add upsells/cross sell products, see advertiser’s CPAs, watch our ads rank. We get notifications when people rate our FBA description or product photos–which is super helpful feedback from customers whove left us an amazon review. They even have a listing advice section which has been really helpful in some instances. Essentially you can do end-to-end sourcing on this app and feel like you’re really running your own business without actually having to manage inventory–and its analytics are INSANE!!

  14. I used to buy a ton of things from Amazon, but this app changed my life. I still think it’d be better if the map was live so you could see active product listings right on your phone or tablet instead of just seeing where they were when it loaded the data, but otherwise using this has been so much faster and easier. Right now I’m pricing 100+ items, and if I need to change something about an item (number in stock), I don’t have to start over–just go back and edit the ASIN. Since prices change before we can even get everything up on our site sometimes, there’s no way that’s going to happen; we’ve actually cut down inventory because we know what it is thanks to Inventory Lab.

  15. What’s not to love about Inventory Lab? For one, I can track my account at home in my PJs with a fresh cup of coffee. My accountant said it was the best decision for me when I went out on maternity leave with twins who are now 11 months old. It took away the hassle of tracking every single item that comes into our store – which are snatched up fast because I don’t charge full price – or any other stores for that matter!

  16. I used to spend literally HOURS per week on inventory. With InventoryLab my work is done within minutes, BEFORE I wake up! Let me tell you about the best part — not only does this software handle all of your inventory needs without lifting a finger, but then it also keeps track of everything for you so that you’ll always know what’s selling and getting clogged in warehouses. This means there are no surprises with staying stocked or managing stockouts. Best decision ever.

  17. We use Inventory Lab to power our own eCommerce website, so it works well for us. It has everything you need in one place to figure out how much things cost and what other sellers are selling them for – which is really nice because we were sold a product that wasn’t the cheapest but had a ton of features. Not having to jump around different sites or check email all day saves a lot of time!

  18. Inventory Lab has changed the way we run our business, we can’t imagine going back to what we were doing before. We no longer have piles and piles of papers and folders in a shoe-box like system. The stress is gone with this software – it’s amazing how simple it is to find anything on command with just a few clicks.
    InventoryLab helped us be on top of things from start to finish on Amazon, especially making sure that nothing would get scrapped or scrolled over without being seen for the opportunity that it could be! Thanks Inventory Lab!

  19. Inventory Lab has all the solutions I needed for running my business. With Stratify and Scoutify, it’s easy to track what you have in store and where those goods are, as well as an intuitive interface with advanced features. Now inventory counts go quick. One of my favorite things about InventoryLab is that it lets me easily upload a logo or image for a product page – making my listings look great!
    I’ve been using this software for almost two years now and find myself bragging about how there’s no end to its capabilities – from exporting data to enriching SEO studies on website analytics or monitoring conversion rates during promotion periods, or even using Shopbots’ sweepstakes tool which creates invitations participants can redeem at your site.

  20. The best thing about this app is that it saves hours of time checking prices and the buy box. Everything you need to know is just a tap away, so I can finally stop wasting my day on Amazon trying to find pricing information. If only every seller had access to Inventory Lab before getting into FBA…

  21. InventoryLab is the most important tool for inspecting amazon listings, keeping tabs on inventory and pricing.

    It’s so easy to move products around my store with Inventory Lab- I think my favorite feature might be the ability to set minimums and out of stock alerts so you never hope too many copies of what ever it may be you’re hoping not to sell before they’ll come in.

  22. My company used more than one inventory management app for our business until I found Inventory Lab. The other apps always felt too complicated to use, had features I never needed or wanted, and took me an hour to log in. This app has everything I need at my fingertips. Everything!

  23. I was using Shopify for years before switching over to Amazon. The truth is, they are both valid solutions that offer many of the same features. I switched because of InventoryLab’s app, Scoutify. It automatically sends out an email with a request for amazon-fulfilled orders on my behalf! Whoever said order fulfillment wasn’t automated had clearly never tried this software!

  24. This app is great if you’re an Amazon power seller, because it allows you to list faster and create more lucrative listings. It provides easy access to the prices of similar items on Amazon, which makes for better pricing decisions. The integrations with Keepa make price history (the ability to see how much a product has sold in its lifetime) measurable across large warehouses of FBA products. I also love the quick links to find calculations like revenue per item or profit margins.

    The main downside is that Inventory Lab isn’t compatible with eBay or Shopify, so I can’t use it on my other accounts outside of Amazon’s site.

  25. I found this app to be really useful. I think it would work for any Amazon seller, whether they are starting out or have been selling for awhile. The simplicity of the interface lets you focus on what matters most–my products! The dashboard is navigated with ease and the product search function makes routine tasks fun to explore. I haven’t uploaded inventory in years because it was too time-consuming but InventoryLab made that easy again. Best part is that my customers can leave reviews directly from emails or Amazon, all while using their friend’s referral code – which means more free stuff for me!

  26. At first I was really annoyed that my booker website no longer let me see competing deals, but then I found Inventory Lab. This listing service lets you search for an item by name, making it easy to find items on Amazon if the ASIN isn’t known. It gives quick links to Keepa so you can check out sales rank and price history as you’re pricing your listings. Inventory Lab is a great tool-although it could still use some occasional improvement-,and there are lots of other reasons why buyers will love using it too!

  27. “I’ve been using Inventory Lab since last year, and it has increased my inventory accuracy by 500%! I was previously spending hours on Amazon figuring out which products were available to send to my customers, but now that problem is completely solved. It makes running an online business so much easier.”

  28. Inventory Lab is a new product from Shopify that does it all. It’s the only inventory system you will ever need to bring new items, listings, and your market activation plans into reality with novel features you deserve!

  29. I LOVE Inventory Lab because it tells me the price of an item in 3 different ways–FBA, Merchant Fulfilled (New), and Merchant fulfilled (Used). Every time I need to know what my profit margins are or how that one elusive box is priced, this app has the answer. The other thing I love about this app is that when you get down to pricing something, you can open up Keepa sheet for the ASIN and see how often it’s sold over a certain period of time like 1 day or 12 months. This lets us make informed decisions on whether we should sell something new at full list price with no discounts; use coupons; try marketplace selling; consign; or any combination thereof.

  30. Inventory Lab is the spark that lit my fire. I am an internet marketer who has been dabbling in ecommerce as a side job for years, and it wasn’t until recently that I had to take inventory seriously. With Inventory Lab, I could evaluate demand/supply levels quickly (Stratify), coordinate shipping logistics (Scoutify) using real-time price tracking information, manage my constant stream of different orders seamlessly – all while never accounting for last minute changes! They say “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, but with this model, you’ll be looking at how much stronger your whole business can get by upgrading to this product.

  31. This is the ONE Inventory tracking system you will need!
    Huge product selection with Stratify offers an all-inclusive way to track inventory. For example, if someone needs to keep tabs on multiple vendors or SKUs, they can create a warehouse in just 3 easy steps. If that person only needed one vendor but wanted to use templates for fast setup of their BOQs, then they have that option as well! Stock alerts and powerful search makes it super simple to find what you’re looking for too. Lastly, it has a Mobile App that syncs up directly with your account so no more carrying paper list at the store trying desperately to remember what quantity was ordered last time 😉

  32. I love that this software is so user-friendly. If you’re tired of trying to juggle your online business, try Inventory Lab. It’s quick and easy to use the software because it does all the work for you – automatically! There are so many features I don’t know how they fit them all into one product!

  33. Inventory Lab has been a total game changer for my Amazon product business. It’s so easy to upload new inventory and manage shipping, I don’t know why anyone would use anything else!

  34. I needed a better system to price my items on Amazon so I could compete with the large sellers. Inventory Lab helps me manage the sale of both RRP and FBA Items, which is really important because it can be difficult to track inventory properly if they are listed in different places. It helped me figure out what my margins were worth for each product type and then alerted me when I had more money coming in than going out.”

  35. I think literally every Amazon vendor should have this software. It makes inventory management so much easier, as it keeps everything in one place.

  36. I had to make some changes for this app to be useful. I wanted something more robust, where you could do everything. This is good if you’re on a budget and can’t afford expensive software like Shipstation, which also has the capabilities of data-feeds syncing with Amazon’s API.

    The Market Insights feature provides users with valuable information like what people who bought your product are doing now (how they used it), how long their purchase lasted after purchasers had activated items; it also let’s buyers know about what other customers who bought this think about it—which is invaluable insight!

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