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  • SunPower makes your work easy, without any confusion
  • Not just the easy navigation
  • It also helps you by providing every detail about the item, including pictures
  • This tool finds any listings on the market places of Amazon
  • This pulls out the most appropriate information
  • The product when compared with other similar tools
  • It allows you data customization
  • That you wanted to collect for checking just by setting it the fields of your choice
  • It is affordable
  • Ease of use
  • The customer support is really good


  • There is no back button

Managing Amazon Listings And FBA Shipments In An Easy Way:

Today we have featured Scanpower Review with its proper insights. We have also covered its pros and cons. So, let’s get started!

Online business is a trend, and has become a part of people’s life.

When we talk about online business, the very first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is Amazon.

It is considered the ocean of online businesses. Every single startup knows the platform, Amazon provides to them.

Building someone’s very own online empire is very easy nowadays, and the credit goes to Amazon.

For many years, it has been doing this to build an online business. Many businesses have proved to be successful in the Amazon platform.

ScanPower - review
ScanPower – review

Regardless of your age, Amazon gives you the opportunity to earn money. Age doesn’t matter at all to earn from Amazon. 

There are almost five million sellers around the different market places of Amazon. Such a phenomenon!

If the success story of these sellers were fake, then these numbers wouldn’t have spoken.

It’s a fact that the competition is a bit threatening. But in Amazon, your identity gets its right place.

Just that you need to be firm in this process in the long run, until you get success!

Looking for the tools that are right, and which will help to maximize the earnings from the FBA items is a part of the process.

This article helps to give you a view of ScanPower. You will learn about What the ScanPower is and what are its advantages when you have a large number of sellers across.

You will also know their features and advantages which will help your business.

What Is ScanPower?

Addressing issues of FBA sellers of Amazon is made easy by a specially made tool called ScanPower.  Your every step – from product sourcing to shipping the items – is made easy by this tool, as ScanPower promises to help you in your complete process.

Spending too much time looking for the next product or worrying about inventory management, won’t happen under this tool.

Accomplishing this and few other tasks of FBA are so much faster with the help of ScanPower!

FBA is the main focus of ScanPower. If you run an online multi-platform business or hybrid for brick & mortar, using different methods for creating the listing and inventory management is better by the use of ScanPower.

ScanPower can also be used to product scout, evaluating opportunities, and to receive historical data.

ScanPower Features | ScanPower Review

Know how ScanPower can be powerful for your business. Six main features of ScanPower are listed below.

1. Mobile

Pricing information of any item can be available from the Catalog of Amazon. The mobile app of ScanPower is available on Android and iOS and it is completely free.

ScanPower - Mobile - Shopping

Just by scanning the barcode of the item or searching the item with its keyword, ISBN, ASIN, or UPC, you will know about the profit margin of the item you sell.

2. List 

With a one-touch system, new listings can be created and your inventory can be managed.

ScanPower List

ScanPower List is a system that processes inventory, lets you create listings, label printing, and items packing even when you are busy.

You just have to scan the item once; the rest will be done by the ScanPower.

3. Box

Your orders can be kept organized with the aid of the box contents feature of the app which can be integrated with the shipments.

ScanPower Box

Tracking the inside of every box, which has 2-dimensional barcodes, that you can print easily, makes packing the shipment items simpler.

4. Evaluate

Using ScanPower Evaluate, you will know about the net payout of every product.

It allows you to make a smart decision while purchasing and helps to purchase smart at the first look itself.

ScanPower - Evaluate

While uploading your list, your numbers are crunched by ScanPower.

5. Scout

Using your computer or laptop, you receive the same information on the pricing related to ScanPower Mobile.

With ScanPower, you get deep knowledge in the processes of selling, from knowing about your competitions to preserving the items purchased for listings in the future.

ScanPower Review - Scout - Best Tool

With Scan Power’s unified Keepa graph, the sales history of an item for three months can also be seen. 

6. Report

ScanPower Report feature tracks your expenses which include taxes, shipping, and fees.

If you want to stay high in your FBA business, then this is the prime reporting and accounting solution that is needed. 

ScanPower - Report

With this special feature, you don’t need to have any second guesses on your ROI.

How To Create Amazon Listing And Add Items To FBA Shipments Through ScanPower?

ScanPower partners

Let’s learn how to use the ScanPower for creating and taking advantage of Amazon Listings. 

1. Scanning items for Amazon Price

Search the items you want with the help of Keywords: ISBN, ASIN, OR UPC, assuming you have already signed into your ScanPower account.

Then you will see crucial data related to the item, comprising category, weight size, cost, and net payout.

2. Managing Shipment Items 

After finding the items you want to sell, you can make use of List Feature for adding it to the shipping.

You will then have to decide the warehouse where you wish to send them and accordingly create the labels.

You can also check on the items sold by your competitors, then set the price for yours. You will find the transactions at your seller account, once you click on ‘complete shipment’.

3. Printing Shipping Labels

With the ScanPower Box feature, it’s easier to prepare inbound shipments.

On the dashboard of the Box, a new box can be started and open shipment that you wanted to process can be selected. 

The items that need to be added to the already selected items can be scanned.

If you find space in your box, you are allowed to continue to add more number of units of any specific item.

Before you create a new box, your shipping labels can be printed.

4. Analyzing the Wholesale Spreadsheet 

When shipping out the wholesale products, make use of Evaluate features, for narrowing down the products that are best for resale.

Making sure to format your spreadsheet correctly before the uploading of the file to ScanPower’s Evaluate is a must.

Evaluate feature is free if you have only 50 items. The price of this depends on the items present in the spreadsheet which you need to run to get the Evaluation.

Accessing the new spreadsheet through Evaluate, helps you check varied fields, for example, rank, items with offers of FBA and offers, and also net payout fulfilled by the merchant.

The fields can be moved around according to information decided by you.


ScanPower pricing

Prices of ScanPower vary according to different plans.

Starting Price: ScanPower Review

The starting price of the Basic plan is $49 p.m., which can be utilized by users of two accounts.

Pro Plan:

The cost of the Pro plan is $99 p.m., that can be accessed by users of 4 accounts.

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan costs $199 p.m. Users of Unlimited accounts can get access to it. The unlimited usage of the Evaluate feature is also included in it.

Getting to try the ScanPower before deciding to buy it, is the best thing.

Whatever may be the plan you are signing up for, the features can be used freely for a period of 30 days, and then you can see what works well for you.

Pros And Cons


  • ScanPower makes your work easy, without any confusion. Not just the easy navigation, it also helps you by providing every detail about the item, including pictures.
  • This tool finds any listings on the market places of Amazon. This pulls out the most appropriate information about the product when compared with other similar tools.
  • It allows you data customization, that you wanted to collect for checking just by setting in the fields of your choice.


  • Sometimes, scanning can be a little slow on items, especially when it’s used on Android phones which come with a barcode reader redline. Whereas, iOS users experience quick scanning.
  • Fees breakdown is not given. Since you have an accurate payout number, information about the fees that take place during sales can’t be seen.
  • As there is no back button, it is tough to visit the search page again, while checking the various listings. Re-scanning the item to check the listing once again is the only option.    

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Conclusion: ScanPower Review 2020

For a growing business, better tools are required. If you want that FBA business to be your best online empire, and you are very serious about it, it’s very important to choose the right tools that help you in running your operations efficiently.

To get your business off the ground, you definitely need some help.

As you know, the world is very competitive, it’s always better to put your efforts on your business as fast as possible.

ScanPower, with few of the astounding features, is a gift to FBA sellers of any start-up to increase their business sales faster.

Your limited time is maximized, with a user-friendly interface and reliable data reporting.

ScanPower may be a bit costlier than other similar tools. Its incredible customer service makes it the best compared to others. Sometimes, a bit costlier is worthier.


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