ScanPower Review 2022 | Is It The Best Tool To Manage Amazon Inventory? (10 Pros & 2 Cons)

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Value for money


  • Makes Amazon Inventory Management Easy
  • Quick To Navigate
  • Amazing Knowledgebase and Tutorials
  • Finds Massive Listing On Amazon
  • 30-day Trial plan
  • Chrome Extension For Managing Invetory
  • Data Customization
  • Easy To Setup
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Offers Native Mobile App


  • There is no back button
  • Fees breakdown is hidden.
  • Scanning may take longer than usual.

ScanPower, with a few astounding features, is a very essential tool for FBA sellers or any start-up who want to increase their business sales faster. 

Price:$ 49

Looking for a Scanpower review? This is the right place to find.

Online business is a trend and has become a part of people’s life. When we talk about online business, the very first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is Amazon.

Based on a survey of more than 2000+ US customers, 89 percent of buyers agree that they’re more likely to buy products from Amazon than other eCommerce sites.

Building someone’s very own online empire is very easy nowadays, and the credit goes to Amazon. For many years, it has been doing this to build an online business. Many businesses have proved to be successful in the Amazon platform.

Looking for the tools that are right, and which will help to maximize the earnings from the FBA items is a part of the process.

Bottom Line Upfront:

If you are looking for the best scouting tool for managing the Amazon inventory and shipping, I would recommend you to try ScanPower over any other app.

ScanPower gives incredible value for money with its features such as Mobile, List, Scouting, Evaluation and Boxt. The software is fairly easy to use. And, if you get stuck somewhere, the customer support, knowledge base and video tutorials will give you the helping hand.

I have looked for the best shipping and inventory management tool for years and my hunt ends here. Here is the word-ScanPower is the real OG for the Amazon Inventory management tool.

If you are looking to give it a try, start your free trial now!

ScanPower reviews and testimonials

This article helps to give you a view of ScanPower. You will learn about What the ScanPower is and what are its advantages when you have a large number of sellers across.

Let’s start by learning a bit about ScanPower and how it actually helps amazon sellers. If you already know about ScanPower, you are most welcome to can skip ahead and read our review directly.

What Is ScanPower?

ScanPower review- overview and features

ScanPower is an ultimate tool for Amazon sellers that allows sending inbound shipments to fulfillment centers and efficient inventory tracking. It has been rated one of the best-scouted apps by Amazon sellers and FBA’ers.

Addressing issues of FBA sellers of Amazon is made easy by a specially made tool called ScanPower.  Your every step – from product sourcing to shipping the items – is made easy by this tool, as ScanPower promises to help you in your complete process.

Spending too much time looking for the next product or worrying about inventory management, won’t happen under this tool.

Accomplishing this and a few other tasks of FBA are so much faster with the help of ScanPower!

FBA is the main focus of ScanPower. If you run an online multi-platform business or hybrid for brick & mortar, using different methods for creating the listing and inventory management is better than the use of ScanPower.

ScanPower can also be used to product scout, evaluate opportunities, and receive historical data. you can also check out our detailed Aura Repricer Review, we have covered detailed, features, with pros and cons. 

There might be various questions to answer at the start of this review such as: 

– What is scanpower?

– Why amazon has scanpower?

– What are the main features of the scanpower dashboards?

– What makes a scanpower inventory a good inventory management tool?


Who Is Behind ScanPower?

Scanpower is founded by a team of 4 Amazon experts who have a vast experience in eBay and other marketplaces.

Chris Green is the first person that comes to my mind when we talk about Scanpower. He is the brain behind this amazing scouting app.

Know about Chris Green in this video. 

Chris claims to be the founder of FIVE different MILLION DOLLAR online businesses.

chris green scanpower founder

ScanPower Features:

ScanPower features- scanpower reviews

Know how ScanPower can be powerful for your business. Six main features of ScanPower are listed below.

1. Mobile

Pricing information for any item can be available in the Catalog of Amazon. The mobile app of ScanPower is available on Android and iOS and it is completely free.

ScanPower review- Mobile - Shopping

Just by scanning the barcode of the item or searching the item with its keyword, ISBN, ASIN, or UPC, you will know about the profit margin of the item you sell.

2. List 

With a one-touch system, new Amazon listings can be created and your inventory can be managed.

ScanPower List review

ScanPower List is a system that processes inventory, and lets you create listings, label printing, and items packing even when you are busy.

You just have to scan the item once; the rest will be done by ScanPower.

3. Box

Your orders can be kept organized with the aid of the box contents feature of the app which can be integrated with the shipments.

ScanPower Box- scanpower review

Tracking the inside of every box, which has 2-dimensional barcodes, that you can print easily, makes packing the shipment items simpler.

4. Evaluate

Using ScanPower Evaluate, you will know about the net payout of every product.

It allows you to make a smart decision while purchasing and helps to purchase smart at the first look itself.

ScanPower review- Evaluate

While uploading your list, your numbers are crunched by ScanPower.

5. Scout

Using your computer or laptop, you receive the same information on the pricing data for every item with ScanPower Mobile app.

With ScanPower, you get deep knowledge in the processes of selling, from knowing about your competitions to preserving the items purchased for listings in the future.

ScanPower Review - Scout - Best Tool

With Scan Power’s unified Keepa graph, the sales history of an item for three months can also be seen. 

6. Report

ScanPower Report feature tracks your expenses which include taxes, shipping, and fees.

If you want to stay high in your FBA business, then this is the prime reporting and accounting solution that is needed. 

ScanPower Report- Detailed ScanPower review

With this special feature, you don’t need to have any second guesses on your ROI.

ScanPower New Updates Are Dropping Soon!


ScanPower is a powerful sourcing and listing tool for Amazon. sellers. Shipping can be made breeze with the help of scouting tool like this.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

ScanPower finds any listings on the market places of Amazon. This pulls out the most appropriate information about the product when compared with other similar tools.

😩  Cons

Fees breakdown is not given. Since you have an accurate payout number, information about the fees that take place during sales can’t be seen.


ScanPower, with a few astounding features, is a very essential tool for FBA sellers or any start-up who want to increase their business sales faster. If you are missing out this amazing tool, you will defintely find the shipping and listing a bit difficult.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

How to Use ScanPower to Create Amazon Listings, Add Items & Manage FBA Shipments? (Step-By-Step Guide)

ScanPower is my favorite because of how easy it is to use. This guide will tell you how Scanpower is used for managing the amazon inventory and shipments. 

But first, make sure to create an Amazon seller account. You can sign up for the seller account here.

Amazon seller account dashboard- scanpower review


Let’s take a look at how you can utilize ScanPower to produce Amazon listings and get the most out of it:

Examine goods to see how much they cost on Amazon: 

Scanpower dashboard and report- scanpower scouting review

Simply search for the item you’re searching for using the term, ASIN, ISBN, or UPC, assuming you’ve already signed in to your ScanPower account through mobile or scout.

You’ll see crucial details about the item, such as its weight, size, category, price, and net payout, from there.

Organize items for shipping.

scanpower list shipping- scanpower reviews

Use the List tool to add products you want to sell to your shipment once you’ve found them. Create your labels and decide which warehouse you want to deliver the item to.

Check to see how much your competitors are charging for the item before deciding on your own price. When you click on “complete shipment,” your transaction will appear in your Seller Central account.

Create Shipping Labels 

ScanPower’s Boxt function makes it easy to prepare inbound shipments for Amazon.

ScanPower print shipping labels- scanpower review 2021

Create a new box on the Boxt dashboard and choose the open shipment you wish to process.

Scanning the items you’d like to include in the item You can keep adding more units of a specific item as long as there is room in the box.

Before making a new box, print your shipping labels.

Examine the data in your wholesale spreadsheet.

Use the Evaluate function to filter down the best products for resale if you’re sending wholesale merchandise.

ScanPower evaluate- scanpower review

Before sending your spreadsheet to ScanPower’s Evaluate, double-check that it’s formatted correctly.

Using the Evaluate function is free if you have fewer than 50 items. The cost of this stand-alone function is determined by the number of elements in your spreadsheet that you wish to Evaluate.

You may start examining other fields like rank, goods with FBA offers and merchant fulfilled offers, and net payments in your new spreadsheet using Evaluate.

ScanPower functions- scanpower review

You can rearrange the fields based on the information you require to make your selection.

ScanPower Pricing: Is It Worth? 

ScanPower is a decent priced tool and the features that it offers makes it more incredible.

ScanPower pricing plans and review

ScanPower pricing vary according to different features. 

Starting Price

The starting price of the Basic plan is $49 per month., which can be utilized by users of two accounts.

Pro Plan:

The cost of the Pro plan is $99 per month, which can be accessed by users of 4 accounts.

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan costs $199 per month. Users of Unlimited accounts can get access to it. The unlimited usage of the Evaluate feature is also included in it.

Getting to try the ScanPower before deciding to buy it, is the best thing.

Whatever may be the plan you are signing up for, the features can be used freely for a period of 30 days, and then you can see what works well for you.

ScanPower Pros & Cons


  • ScanPower makes your work easy, without any confusion. Not just the easy navigation, it also helps you by providing every detail about the item, including pictures.
  • This tool finds any listings on the market places of Amazon. This pulls out the most appropriate information about the product when compared with other similar tools.
  • It allows you data customization, that you wanted to collect for checking just by setting in the fields of your choice.
  • It has IP Alert Notifications.
  • Highly Customizable Dashboard
  • No other scouting app has so much data.
  • 30-Day Trial Plan
  • It has a native mobile app as well.
  • Chrome Browser Extension.


  • Sometimes, scanning can be a little slow on items, especially when it’s used on Android phones which come with a barcode reader redline. Whereas, iOS users experience quick scanning.
  • Fees breakdown is not given. Since you have an accurate payout number, information about the fees that take place during sales can’t be seen.
  • As there is no back button, it is tough to visit the search page again, while checking the various listings.

Why Should You Trust ScanPower For Your Amazon Business?

The fact that ScanPower is an incredible tool and is owned by such experienced FBA’ers makes it a worthy choice. Chris Green and his team is leaving no stone unturned to make inventory management a breeze for the Amazon sellers.

That’s why ScanPower has been mentioned in some prominent editorials like Yahoo News and Forbes.

ScanPower Reviews & Customer Testimonials: 

Still thinking? Check what customers say about ScanPower.

“Recommend Without Reservation”

ScanPower is the most efficient & EFFECTIVE tool for listing. I’ve tested the main three in this space and would recommend without reservation ScanPower- Stephen

“A Lifesaver”

The ScanPower mobile app has been a lifesaver for my Amazon business. Not only have my profits increased by over 50%, but so has my efficiency.- Joshua


Shawn Mitchell recommends ScanPower.
I have found my thing. Just learned about FBA and I feel like I’m years behind. I am going to get arbitridge this week and that will be my official start.


Mary Taylor recommends ScanPower.
I love the way it calculates my profit. Let’s me know if I’m at a loss or not


Sue Ellen Maxson-mcgoey recommends ScanPower.
Just getting first box together!!!
Chris offered free 30 day trial of scanpower on spreecast, can someone send me link to activate, currently using profit bandit,but would like to compare.
Very nervous about labels and all.

ScanPower Alternatives & Competitors:


InventoryLab has been around since 2013 and has done an excellent job of assisting Amazon merchants with inventory management and product listing. They have a unified user interface (UI) and have simplified the “listing” process. It was founded by Amazon sellers, just like us.

InventoryLab Home Pagw- scan Power alternatives

For listing and research, you may do practically everything with them for your Amazon FBA business. Product labels can be printed, and the interface is simple to use. They also have a free product scanning app included with the membership.


  • The application’s user interface is straightforward.
  • Inventory Lab has the ability to print labels.
  • It’s simple to create live batches that follow Amazon’s shipping plans.
  • Along with that, you’ll get a live scanning app.
  • It’s an excellent approach to conduct product research, inventory, and accounting.


  • Accounting reports might be puzzling at times.
  • The accounting data report’s format is improper.
  • Inventory Lab Amazon merchants do not have a real community.

Profit Bandit

Profit bandit scouting app- scanpower review

Profit Bandit is a mobile scouting software developed by SellerEngine. Scanning any barcode can tell you whether or not an item is profitable to resell on Amazon.

Get historical pricing and rank data from Keepa and CamelCamelCamel. Find the lowest price for each condition and fulfilment channel, learn whether an offer is restricted or selling slowly, and learn whether an offer is restricted or selling slowly.

Trade shows, big-box retail stores, thrift stores, and other venues are all possibilities. SellerEngine provides assistance, support, and guidance on how to use the software and make money selling on Amazon.


  • Reasonable price
  • Track data: While scouting, you can monitor and record a variety of information.
  • Determine profit: Using the by price, you may calculate your profit per book. You must set this up ahead of time, but it is a really useful tool. I enjoy how you can quickly calculate all of your FBA fees and see your profit based on each book or item you buy.
  • Low Monthly Cost: At only $10 per month, this is a great way to get started selling on Amazon.


  • Totally reliant on the internet: You’ll need a strong and dependable Internet connection.
  • Battery draining: consumes a lot of battery power (you may need a backup battery for your device if you plan on scouting for a while)
  • Glitches: It’s been reported that there could be communication issues between Amazon and the app, causing it to stop operating and forcing you to return home from scouting if that’s your sole source of information.


SourceMogul- Scanpower alternatives

Sourcemogul is a search engine or sourcing software. It is used by Amazon sellers to find things to resell on Amazon. It enables them to take advantage of market pricing discrepancies.

Sourcemogul has been in the works for a long time. It’s been beta-tested and double-checked numerous times. You may rest assured that the product is of the highest quality. Amazon sellers can save a lot of time and effort by using Sourcemogul.


  • It saves Amazon sellers a lot of time and work.
  • Includes a brand limitations checker and a current stock checker, as well as the ability to save historical data depending on your software usage.
  • It displays your product’s rank, sales rank, and pricing trends.


  • It has a lot fewer features.
  • It doesn’t give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Helium 10


Helium 10 is a very popular Fulfilled By Amazon tool, also known as an FBA tool. For a person who is looking to grow a business on Amazon, this tool is a must for you.

Helium 10 not only helps you make decisions on your products to promote their growth but also helps you finalize them till the last point.

Helium 10 is a widely used method that is fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). This platform is a must-have for anyone who wants to expand their Amazon business. Helium 10 not just assists you in making important decisions about your brands in an effort to enhance the development, but it also assists you in finalizing them.


  • Free demo
  • Amazing suite of tools.
  • Freedom ticket course
  • Easy to use and navigable dashboard.
  • Sales Analytics


  • Slightly expensive to use.
  • Some features are available with Elite plan.

FAQs On ScanPower Review:

👉How to Find Trends and Create Trending Products to Sell on Amazon?

You can find the latest trends and create trending products while managing the inventory using ScanPower. ScanPower is a tool for Amazon sellers sending inbound shipments to Amazon fulfilment centres (FBA), allowing efficient processing and cost-of-goods-sold inventory tracking.

⚡Who Should Use ScanPower?

ScanPower is best suited for the Amazon sellers who want complete and all-in-one solution for arbitrage and inventory management.

💰 Which one should you choose among ScanPower, Inventory Lab & Profit Bandit?

Profit Bandit is not recommended for the Amazon FBA sellers because it lacks various features. ScanPower has various features and is almost as good as the Inventory Lab. The only shortcomings of ScanPower are that it lacks the financial reporting. All other features and pricing makes ScanPower our top choice.

✅ Is ScanPower The Legit Tool?

Yes. ScanPower is one of the best all-in-one solutions for Amazon sellers. It is fairly easy to use and set up and comes with a plethora of features to set up Amazon FBA business. ScanPower has fairly low pricing as compared to other competitors.

✅Does ScanPower Give Free Trial?

Yes. ScanPower gives a 30-day free trial before subscribing to all the plans.

🏆 Does ScanPower have a recommended browser?

It is recommended to have the latest version of the Chrome browser for all ScanPower products. ScanPower is also compatible with Firefox but the auto product restrictions feature and browser extension will not work with Firefox.

ScanPower On Social Media:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by ScanPower (@scanpower)

ScanPower Videos & Tutorials: ScanPower Review

ScanPower Boxt – Amazon box content information requirements for FBA sellers

How To Editing Packed Items in Boxt?

A tutorial of the Scout product like ScanPower

How to print labels in ScanPower?

How to check the status of your feeds?

Finally, my Scanpower review has covered various answers such as: 

– What is Scanpower?

– Why amazon has Scanpower?

– Scanpower review

– What is the Scanpower dashboard?

– What are the main features of the Scanpower dashboards?

– What makes a Scanpower inventory a good inventory?

– Which inventory management systems are better than Scanpower?

In a nutshell, ScanPower has the best features of managing amazon inventory. 

Features: ScanPower is an Amazon Product Management, Inventory management and shipping solution for small to medium businesses.

Advantages: ScanPower is a complete set of solutions for all aspects of Amazon product management and inventory.

Benefits: ScanPower helps you manage your Amazon products in the most effective way possible. It reduces the time spent on research, evaluation and training as well as increases sales performance.

Conclusion: Is ScanPower The Best Scouting Tool? ScanPower Review 2022

ScanPower, with a few astounding features, is a very essential tool for FBA sellers or any start-up who want to increase their business sales faster. 

Your limited time is maximized, with a user-friendly interface and powerful sales reporting.

To get your business off the ground, you definitely need some help. And this is where ScanPower can be a great help. 

The bottom line is: If you’re looking for the best scouting tool for managing your Amazon inventory and shipping, I would recommend ScanPower over any other app. ScanPower gives incredible value for money with its features such as Mobile, List, Scouting, Evaluation and Boxt. The software is fairly easy to use.

And if you get stuck somewhere, the customer support knowledge base and video tutorials will give you a helping hand. I have looked for the best shipping and inventory management tool for years and my hunt ends here! Here is the word-ScanPower is the real OG of Amazon Inventory Management Software!

This powerful software lets you manage all aspects of your Amazon store including listing products on Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), tracking inventory levels across multiple warehouses, evaluating products based on profitability metrics like ROI (Return On Investment) or profit margin percentage etc., calculating sales tax rates at different locations around the world etc., handling returns efficiently etc., creating reports about product performance etc., setting up alerts about low stock levels etc and monitoring competitor prices.

ScanPower may be a bit costlier than other similar tools. Its incredible customer service makes it the best compared to others. Sometimes, a bit costlier is worthier.

Looking to know more about Scanpower? Their about us page is the best place to check out or join the ScanPower Facebook group for more updates.

Also, follow Scanpower on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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32 User Reviews on ScanPower Review

  1. Well, I have just used the ScanPower and it seems to have some additional benefits now:

    1. The 250 free scans, was replaced by a 5-day Trial, you setup a Registration in Amazon Payments and also it shows when you will start being billed.

    2. You can cancel at any time, no agreement needed, basic month-to-month membership. The big plus of Scnapoer is that the new Includes being added regularly.

    3. Can be hands-on access, video camera barcode scanning, or utilize a ScanFOB Bluetooth Scanner for high-speed entry. Works on many all higher-end Android phones.

    4. The Latest features for Coverage to Assistance as well as Hot-List attribute latest additions. Internet Payment (Rate+shipping) ideal for FBA (Satisfaction by Sellers.

    5. Reveals quantity for FBA deals. Sales Rank, Classification, Image, Oversize, # of Offers, Weight, Weight all consisted of.

    6. My fav features is that you can click on Photo to go directly to for even more information.
    7. BRAND-NEW Hot Checklist Attribute for linking to various other websites (can include customized links). Information now returns in “Waves” for boosted speed of displaying data. Complete Amazon Catalog offered, consisting of items with no present deals.

  2. I am in admiration of this inventory tool! Scanpower is a great app and also desktop computer collection of software application. I tried providing about 300 publications on the very first time and also it was horrible. i needed to check every publication, then when I intended to ship, I needed to locate every publication again after i printed the tags after that find guides once again to put in the ideal boxes. I have delivered 100s of boxes to amazon ever since with the help of scan power. I check, cost, print the label immediately with scanpower placed it to the correct box all at the same time. it has saved me many days, hours and also weeks of work over in 2015.

  3. This little app is really taking the cake when it comes to all things Amazon. ScanPower gives you so many features, but I’m here to focus on the one thing that I use all of the time- pricing data for every item in their catalog by source, list, and even FBA seller numbers. This feature has saved my butt more than once because not only have I figured out how much should be charged for an item based on competition, but also what shipping methods are viable for our product before placing that order with China.

  4. After weeks of my husband and I spending hours on end looking for the best deals before hitting “Submit” to sell an item (some nights leading into the late hours), we invested in Scan Power. What a HEAVEN SENT! Within minutes of scanning our items with their patented 2D barcode, they sent us over all the prices and what other people were selling it for – and we were able to beat everyone’s price (literally almost every single time!). Plus, now that we fed them our FNSKU data, within just THREE clicks they’ll print out the barcodes which lets us spend more time playing with our daughter. AMAZING!!!!

  5. The best app for listings. I’ve seen it all, and this is the best one out there. Far better than anything else that’s available on the market today. Check ScanPower out – I have zero regrets with my purchase!

  6. We thought the product was really easy to use everywhere and it’s-almost like you can take it anywhere. People who don’t know Amazon at all can use this app, too! I pressed “Find Amazon Price” under the clothes section because I wanted to see what clothes were on sale, or if they had clothing discounts for Christmas or anything like that. The website has many specific sections with styles for men, women, youth–you name it; there are tons of categories.

    ScanPower is an app that searches Amazon listings for desired products using barcodes. It replaces time-consuming searches with 1 tap convenience, providing ASIN level price comparisons without surcharges (even when discounted), in-stock availability updates.

  7. This app is a lifesaver not only for selling items on Amazon but also in your day to day life. I can’t say enough about it! It’s so convenient and easy to use with the barcode scanner. If you just want an overview of pricing for something that isn’t in Scanpower, then they have graphs where you can search based off information like source or list. And with the ScanPower Pro version, price tracking? Automatic profit analysis? Who doesn’t need all of these features when they’re busy!

  8. ScanPower is a must have for any amazon seller! It’s been awhile since I’ve been more excited about anything, but scans from live data on pricing information for every item in the Amazon catalog, by source and list. You get all of this complete with inbox reminders to make sure you never miss a sale!

  9. ScanPower’s mobile iPhone app has been a lifesaver for my Amazon business. Not only have my profits increased roughly fifty fold, but so has my efficiency thanks to Scan Power’s barcode scanning feature. Just point your camera at the item you want to purchase and Scan Power will take care of the rest!

  10. ScanPower is the most powerful mobile app when it comes to product reviews with comprehensive filters, emails, and notifications. You can list your products on Amazon with ease or add them in manually from scratch. Scan power makes it so easy with its email notifications of orders shipping status – don’t miss anything going through that review process again! Once you get a notification your shipment’s been sent out, that’s when the real work begins: viewing every detail of each package ready for final approval! Imagine having a 24/7 customer service department without any headaches at all? Well this nifty little helper does just that. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to see how their products are being presented around the

  11. The Amazon app was getting too clunky and heavy for me, so I tried ScanPower Mobile. It’s tiny and really lightweight, but it does the same thing that Amazon does: scanning the barcodes like a champ! And to my surprise, World Trade quoted me about $26 less than Amazon—I feel like we’ve come full circle.

    Simply download this free application and scan your favorite product names – no need to know or search for those long-winded ASINs! You can also share your information with friends on social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Have you noticed those little QR codes appearing everywhere? That says something about how trendy this app is now!

  12. I’ve always been a fan of scanning for products instead of typing. How long does it take to scroll up and down an Excel spreadsheet? Much less time than I spend with my phone in my hands, scrolling through the photos on Amazon! ScanPower has made this job much more efficient and they do it by connecting me with products that fit within the parameters I specify. With only one click of my button, they scan all local stores and email me when they find what I need – which saves so much valuable time!!

  13. Take a second to listen to this customer, ScanPower will have you earning more money and less stress. This is my go-to app for scanning product names so I can match it to a box or ship on the fly no problem! The developer also added a couple nice upgrades recently too.

  14. ScanPower is the best tool out there for maximizing your profit margins. I found it hard to figure out what price to set on my products, but ScanPower does all this for me in just a few minutes! It’s really easy and convenient, because I can access through my phone anytime. Reduce risks in finding the perfect selling prices with its convenient real-time data streams that inform you about how much sellers are making at any given moment. Now when customers come back asking where I got something so cheap, they’ll know…all thanks to Scanpower.

  15. ScanPower is an amazing tool, really. I downloaded it to my mobile for free and it made my life so much easier! The scanning software is great, also. You can scan products on the shelf of a store or online and make up lists very quickly with some info like price, weight, etc. Or you can just find the information you need through ScanPower’s extensive search engine features. There are all sorts of third party options that might sound repetitive at first but they work well because different people have different needs based on what industry they’re in or how old their business is–those reasons shouldn’t matter when downloading this product though because it has so many functions beforehand too…nope! One of its most notable parts is probably how not.

  16. ScanPower is perfect for business people who are looking to save time, streamline their operation, or get the most out of every moment. The number one mistake that people make with inventory management is attempting to multitask. That manual job would be so much easier if ScanPower had been around when I first started my company!

  17. I love ScanPower! It’s so user-friendly. And it allowed me to finally get a handle on my pricing for sellers. If you have products in the Amazon catalog bank, this is a tool you can’t live without.

  18. Using ScanPower’s mobile app I am able to automatically scan my entire inventory while sitting in traffic or heading into work (or while out!) This makes the use of external scanners obsolete. No more taking up space, lugging big heavy lasers around, refilling paper – it’s just SO convenient.

  19. ScanPower is not just a new app that makes listing available on the go – it gives you options for photos, videos and even your inventory. And ScanPower’s security features? They’re an absolute GOD-SEND to amateur sellers like myself.


  20. I’m not kidding when I say, “Scan Power saves me hours of time every week!” When you’re constantly on the grind tracking prices for your company, it can be hard to stay ahead. The ScanPower app has made my life so much easier! It’s like an extra set of hands that never runs out of batteries — always available, always dependable. All I have to do is download it onto my phone and start scanning barcodes until something catches my eye (or anyone else’s). One off-hand comment or question has saved me more than worth its small investment.

  21. “I’ve been using ScanPower Mobile for 6 months. I used to have a huge spreadsheet of prices in each merchant, but now with ScanPower Mobile they are all auto-updating when I check the barcodes on the phone. It’s easier to read in this way, because my eyes get tired really quick when staring at a spreadsheet for 30 minutes straight!”

  22. ScanPower is amazing! It’s so easy to use. I’ve been able to figure out which items are selling the best and which sellers are making the most profit. Scanpower has helped me reduce my risk of purchasing low-margin products even more by leveraging pricing data points that show me the differences in margins between competitors. I love ScanPower because it saves time, gives me accurate information, and makes due diligence easier for all of my internet sources. The UI is clean and user-friendly, not something you see often these days.

  23. “I am a small business owner, I sell on Amazon FBA. ScanPower has been awesome! I am way less stressed about how many of my items are selling or what prices to charge for them. It’s all done automatically!”

    Product description: “After using the product for awhile, I have an excellent knowledge of which products are more difficult to sell and being aware of my competitors’ pricing.”

  24. After trying ScanPower, I was amazed at how quickly information appeared on my phone. Its new format makes it really simple to find specific products and sellers with ease. Plus the pricing history records let me know if there are any sales coming up! A new best friend for all sellers… Give this app a try, you won’t regret!

  25. I started using ScanPower after I found that my hands were cramping out from holding the device and listing for hours on end. I tested all three price ranges and found that what they charge for their services is worth it! Not only has my efficiency increased, but so has my profit margins because of the app’s features to slim down your listings and cut off useless information.

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    ScanPower Mobile is a sourcing app for Android and iOS devices that scans product barcodes and provides detailed Amazon pricing information. The advanced features include automatic ASIN-level restricted check, in-stock variations, and the ability to find hidden listings. Web Retailer takes your search criteria seriously with in-depth practical information that helps retailers grow their businesses.

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    The number one most useful thing for us is how apps like ScanPower can input your sale prices automatically based on what the competitors are listing their product at; this is such a huge help with our sales because it saves us from having double check every single price before putting an item up for sale.

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