Zen Arbitrage Review 🏆 2024: Is It legit Amazon Business Tool? My Honest Review

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Zen Arbitrage Review


Zen Arbitrage, a book arbitrage tool, is effective for online book reselling on Amazon. It's user-friendly, affordable, and offers good customer support. Key benefits include profit potential, numerous flipping opportunities, minimal physical effort, and location independence. Overall, it's a legitimate tool suitable for those willing to dedicate time and effort​​​​​​.

Out of 10


  • Includes lots of features
  • Ease of use
  • The customer support is really good
  • Affordable
  • Numerous Opportunities for Everyone
  • Low to No Learning Curve
  • Work From Home
  • It is efficient and 100% safe according to certified users.


  • Require some upfront work


Price: $ 79

Ever heard of Zen Arbitrage and wondered if it’s the real deal? I was just as curious! That’s why I dove into the world of online book arbitrage and put Zen Arbitrage to the test.

In this review, I’ll share my firsthand experience with this tool. We’ll look at how it works, its features, and most importantly, if it can really help you make money from selling books online.

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or new to the game, this Zen Arbitrage review is for anyone looking to up their online selling game. Let’s find out if this tool is a hidden gem or just another drop in the digital ocean.

Zen Arbitrage Review

Zen Arbitrage Through My Eyes👀

Zen Arbitrage is a software tool designed for individuals involved in the book arbitrage business.

As a user of Zen Arbitrage, I’ve found it to be a highly effective tool for anyone looking to delve into the world of online book arbitrage.

At its core, it is an innovative platform that simplifies the process of buying low-priced books on Amazon and reselling them at a higher price within the same marketplace.

From my experience, what makes it stand out is its comprehensive database and easy-to-use search features that allow me to identify profitable books quickly.

The owner, Peter Valley, has been an Amazon seller since 2007. He has published 14 books on how to sell books on the Amazon platform.

He is renowned, and his teachings have enabled people to earn money through the years. Peter Valley himself has created this online book arbitrage software.

Zen Arbitrage Review

In simple terms, this software is used to look for books that can be bought and then resold on Amazon’s FBA channel for a profit.

About Peter Valley


Peter Valley, the brain behind Zen Arbitrage, is well-recognized in the Amazon book-selling arena. As an author of 14 books, he imparts extensive knowledge on mastering Amazon sales.

His writings are a valuable resource for those looking to excel in this field.

In addition to being an author, Peter serves as a mentor and coach, guiding new Amazon sellers towards success. His teachings have contributed to significant achievements among his students.

Moreover, Peter extends his expertise through his YouTube channel, where he offers a variety of tips and strategies for profiting from the purchase and sale of books on Amazon.

My Experience: Earning Profits with Zen Arbitrage

In my experience with Zen Arbitrage, I’ve encountered both positive and negative aspects.

On the positive side, the platform is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to find and flip books for a profit. The search functions and profit calculators are particularly helpful, guiding my decisions on which books to invest in.

However, there are downsides. The process requires a significant time investment to research and understand market trends, and there’s a learning curve to mastering effective strategies. Additionally, while I’ve made some profits, they aren’t as substantial as I initially hoped, and it’s certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Overall, my experience with Zen Arbitrage has been a mix of rewarding moments and challenges. It’s a useful tool for those willing to invest time and effort, but it’s important to have realistic expectations about the potential earnings.

How Does It Work? 

1. Use the tool to search Amazon for books.
2. Calculate your book’s FBA price, including taxes and fees.
3. Determine whether your book’s listing price is competitive.
4. Order the books online and deliver them to your home, workplace, prep&pack company, or FBA warehouse.
5. Put your book up for sale and begin receiving orders.

Zen Arbitrage Review

Peter Valley, who has been selling on Amazon since 2007 and has published many books and courses for Amazon sellers such as FBAMastery, Feedback Autopilot, Book sourcing science, Trade-in arbitrage, and Textbook annihilation, came up with the concept of Zen Arbitrage.

What benefits can you get by  Using Zen Arbitrage

1. Potential for Profit: Zen Arbitrage can be profitable due to price discrepancies between FBM’s and FBA’s offers.

2. Abundant Opportunities: There are more profitable flip opportunities than people sourcing them.

3. Minimal Physical Effort: The process is mostly digital and requires little physical effort.

4. Location Independence: The business model is location-independent, needing only an internet connection, a computer, an Amazon Seller Account, and access to Zen Arbitrage.

Some Downsides of using Zen Arbitrage:

1. Hard Work: It requires long hours of intense screen time and analysis.

2. Seasonality: Income potential is somewhat seasonal.​

3. Initial Investment: A significant startup capital is required, as online book costs are higher compared to local sourcing

Multiple Tools provided by Zen Arbitrage

1. Zen Zenith

This application functions as an extension for the Chrome web browser, displaying enticing information about the books that are being searched for directly on Amazon:

  • Introducing the New To New FBA column
  • Prices on eBay
  • Unreasonably Cheap Book Filter
  • Remove All Acceptable Conditions

2. TruRank

It is also available as a Chrome extension that displays the following information while you shop on Amazon:

  • Average sales rank data tool
  • Incorporates previous ranking information into the relevant Amazon page.

3. SourceOptics

  • Another Chrome extension that will display the following information to you:
  • The five best deals available on Amazon for every product across all categories
  • Pricing prowess, including functionality on Amazon’s repricing pages
  • Online arbitrage superpowers: Works on all Amazon pages

Features Of Zen Arbitrage

1. Huge Database

The application has a large collection of books. If a person wants to buy fewer books, the huge number of books they can choose from will drive them crazy.

The Zen Arbitrage website has about 21 million books, while most other sites only have about 3 million. Also, they give ten times more money back than any other plan. People who still can’t find a book can go to one of the program’s more than 40 websites.

To compare, eFlip (Online Book Arbitrage Software) and Zen Arbitrage are great for book arbitrage. Still, eFlip is better than Zen Arbitrage because it can flip many different things, like records, CDs, DVDs, etc. In general, it depends on what the person wants.

2. Laser-Precise Search Options

There are many ways to look for books, such as by sales rank, category, title, new or used price, and Amazon’s prices. The search choices are very important and could help them get where they want. This saves you the time and effort to scroll through pages and remember each one.

3. Biggest Book Arbitrage Video Library

The tool has the largest arbitrage library in the world. The site has books for people of all skill levels, which is helpful for anyone who wants to make money online. This library of videos helps people make the best choice based on expected investments, future profits, and long-term sales.

Free Trial Period

Zenarbitrage free trial

Zen Arbitrage has a free sample lasting 14 days and doesn’t need a credit card. The sales page has a sample and an offer for a free online book arbitrage.

Even if you aren’t interested in online book arbitrage, you should sign up for the free trial and watch the training lessons.

The lessons cover setting up your Amazon account, sales rank, Keepa, price methods, prep services, and more. It’s like a “How to Sell on Amazon” course.

ZEN Arbitrage has a monthly fee. They also have two other tools that you can use. The monthly fee is $97; with that, you’ll get all the available features. And if you want to use both tools, it will cost $125 a month.

Zen Arbitrage Pricing

1. Subscription

Their monthly subscription will cost you about $97 a month. Start your 14-day free trial now.

free trial zen arbitrage

2. Get Demos worth $140 & Earn Profits on Amazon

zen arbitrage recordings

Zen Arbitrage Alternatives 

1. ZonGuru  

ZonGuru review

If you want to do retail arbitrage successfully on Amazon, you surely need to get what offers you the best features, and the very first among them is ZonGuru. 

It will help you search for what’s selling best in the market and allow you to find the top keywords for the best sales possible.  It also contains an alert feature for the latest product reviews.

It has an IP monitor, which helps you locate if anyone has copied your image of the product. And if you want to connect with the customers, it offers you an automatic email to get that. 


It offers you a free trial of 7 days, which is easy to cancel.

  • Researcher: It costs $49 per month if billed monthly.
  • Seller: It costs $79 per month if billed monthly.

2. Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout Amazon Seller tool

Jungle Scout is said to be a trendy tool to do your research. This tool helps launch or find products. It will not only help you start your business but also expand it.

It also enables you to track the data and sales so that you are aware of what your competitors are launching, and it also gets you the rated keywords. And you can order products to invent with its inventory manager feature. 

With its multiple features, you can easily monitor the tool and organize your business, and the prices are accordingly low and affordable. 


Try Jungle Scout risk-free for 7 days with a money-back guarantee for Basic, Suite, and Professional.

  1. Jungle Scout Basic costs you $49.
  2.  Jungle Scout Suite costs you $69.
  3.  Jungle Scout Professional costs you $129.

3. PriceBlink 

Price Comparison App

PriceBlink shows you the prices of other sellers at the top of your screen. Just save your valuable time with PriceBlink and enhance your business strategies. Find the deals at lower costs and do not spend more for futility. 

It is fast in comparing the prices of other deals and sends you alerts of the latest coupon codes, free shipping, and others. 

It enables you to see the ratings of your other products so that it’s understandable for you to have what’s best for you.  You will find the sales at much lower prices than you ever thought possible. 


The PriceBlink is free of cost and supports desktop and mobile phones, Firefox, and Chrome versions.  If you want to save money and get the best deals possible, PriceBlink is the thing for you. 

With PriceBlink, you can easily install the app and get the best deals, just like in any other application.

Zen Arbitrage Real Customer Review & Testimonials

Automation For Amazon FBA Sellers

FAQs Related To Zen Arbitrage Review:

😍 Is Zen arbitrage legit?

Zen Arbitrage is 100% NOT A SCAM but rather an ACTUAL BUSINESS!

👁 Can Zen Arbitrage Software be used on any device?

Yes, it works on both Windows and iOS computers. Also, if someone wants to use it on their tablet or phone, this software is entirely web-based and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

👀 Is there a contract for Zen Arbitrage Software that I should know about?

If someone wishes to utilize the Zen Arbitrage Software, there are no restrictions at all. It is possible to sign up and cancel with a single click. The company adheres to a no strings attached policy.

🙌 Where should I go if I need assistance or have questions regarding Zen Arbitrage?

You may always email them at [email protected] or SMS them if you have any questions. A private Facebook group is also available.

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The Final Verdict: Zen Arbitrage Review 2024

Although I have canceled conducting the Zen Book Arbitrage business due to time issues, I have become an affiliate and made money there. To remind you, Zen Arbitrage is a book arbitrage business, not a scam.

To summarize, the minimum monthly cost would be $136.99 (the Zen membership and FBA Amazon account). Once you have these accounts, you must invest in inventory and start with at least $500-$800 worth of inventory.

Ensure you have enough time to dedicate to this business, at least 2-3 hours daily. When you start, do not use the Prep Service; make sure you prep the books independently.

ZenTrade: Amazon trade-in & book buyback arbitrage tool

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