Zen Arbitrage Review 2020: Does It Actually Work? (Honest Review)

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  • Work From Home
  • Low to No Learning Curve
  • Numerous Opportunities for Everyone
  • It is efficient and 100% safe according to certified users.
  • It is affordable
  • The customer support is really good
  • Ease of use
  • it is totally value for money
  • Lots of features include
  • Zen loads a maximum of 250 search results on one page. e


  • Require Some Upfront Work

In this post, I have featured Zen Arbitrage Review 2020.

Are you looking for easy ways to start your online business? Want to make real money real fast through Amazon? I guess that’s why you landed in this blog. 

The whole internet is full of get rich quick tricks and finding a legit ticket to the get rich fast train is kind of a huge problem, isn’t it?  

When it comes to tricks for using Amazon FBA as a key tool for your business, Zen Arbitrage is the best tool that you might come across.

Though many people don’t know much about it, those who do have benefited a lot from it. I have been using Zen Arbitrage for a long time now, which motivated me to write this review. 

Through this review, I would be telling you everything that there is to know about Zen Arbitrage, how it works, how its software works, its pros and cons, and many more stuff. So, without wasting any more time, let us dive right into this Zen Arbitrage- my honest review.

Zen Arbitrage | Amazon Book Arbitrage Review

Overview of Zen Arbitrage Review

Before getting into what Zen Arbitrage is, let us find out what online Arbitrage really means. The term online Arbitrage refers to buying goods online and then selling them again at a higher price. When we do this with books, we call it as online book retail Arbitrage. 

Zen Arbitrage is one of its kind. The only online book retailing Arbitrage, founded by Peter Valley in 2007, is Zen Arbitrage. Since 2001, Zen Arbitrage has helped many people become rich by earning a lot of money through the Amazon FBA system. 

With the help of Zen Arbitrage, you can easily buy books from any website and then sell them at 40-100% profit through Amazon FBA. Yes, you heard me, right! The ROI through Zen Arbitrage is very high, and it helps you make huge profits. 

Like Zen Arbitrage, there are other Amazon arbitrage, one of which I shared in my Tactical Arbitrage Review.

About Zen Arbitrage

Zen Arbitrage Review

Zen Arbitrage is an online tool that helps you scan more than 30 websites and look for books that can be bought at very cheap rates. After looking through various websites, you can look into the trade prices and purchase the books at cheaper prices.

After purchasing these books, you can trade them in and profit by selling them at higher prices. You are the one in charge of deciding what books you wish to buy, and it is you who decides the reselling prices. 

Zen Arbitrage just makes the process very easy for you. It also gives you a great option to look after all your books. You can easily trade the books without even physically touching or looking at them!

Want to know how? Well, Zen Arbitrage has a great prep service that will receive the books that you have purchased, look for any damages, and then sell these books to your new buyers. Ain’t it just amazing! 

When Peter Valley founded Zen Arbitrage,  his main intention was to run the amazon business from any corner of the world very easily. He has been an Amazon seller for more than ten years now and also has published many books on selling on Amazon. His books are the world’s best-selling books, so must have already heard about them. 

Zen Arbitrage has a lot of easy and handy tools that make using it very simple. Let us take a look at the three fundamental features of Zen Arbitrage. 

Zen Arbitrage Review for amazon books


Zen Arbitrage provides you new technologies and tools every year, and they make sure that these tools are always evolving and up to date. Let us take a look at some of the tools.

  • Profit mining- This tool helps you to easily get started and earn your profit through searching for books instantly.
  • Real-time data analyzer- With this tool, you can analyze the real-time data on amazon and get to know about the accurate prices at that particular instant of time.
  • Profit boosting tool- This tool helps you get historical sales charts and sort out the fast-selling and more profitable books for you.


Zen Arbitrage provides you with massive training for beginners as well as advanced levels. Wherever there is a possibility that you might need training, this need is very well taken care of by them. 

  • Live webinars- They provide real-time mentoring and live webinars from experienced Amazon sellers.
  • Text message support- You get Peter Valleys’ personal number, and you can directly text him anytime you come across any doubt or problem.
  • Community- You get access to a huge community of Zen Arbitrage users.


Zen Arbitrage provides you with many automation tools that you might find very useful in your business. Some of these automated tools are:

  • The scanner- It scans more than 40 websites all over the internet and looks for the books you want to buy at cheaper rates.
  • The pre-sorted list of books– With this pre-sorted list, you don’t need to search for books anymore as you have a presorted list ready at your disposal.
  • Profit tracking – With this tool you can easily keep a track of all your sales and profits.

What Makes Zen Arbitrage Special? What is the Secret Behind its Success?

The thing that makes Zen Arbitrage so different from other businesses is that it considers the gap between Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM.

This gap is very well studied and then used for the user’s advantage. I’ll explain it to you in detail now. The products that come under the category of amazon FMB are Fulfilled by Merchants. These products are directly manufactured and sent by the merchants to the customer, and Amazon doesn’t play much of a role in it. 

Now talking of Amazon FBA products, these are fulfilled by Amazon, which means these products are brought to the amazon store horse and then packet and sent by amazon. Amazon takes full responsibility for shipping and returns for these products.

So, there is no doubt that FBA products are more preferred and costly than FBM Sales

Zen Arbitrage uses this gap for its advantage and helps you buy books online at a lower price, and then you can sell them at higher prices. Sounds too good to be true, right? Now let me tell you about how Zen Arbitrage actually works.

How Does Zen Arbitrage Work?

Automation For Amazon FBA Sellers

The working of Zen Arbitrage is completely easy to understand and follow. To understand the complete process, you can have a look at this workflow chart, as shown below. You also have access to a 22-minute video explaining how Zen Arbitrage works.  The complete working can be explained in 5 simple steps. 

Step 1: Search

You begin the process by looking for the books you want to buy. You can easily set your search options and start searching for suitable books.

Step 2: Identify Profit

After searching the books, the next step is to identify the books that would help you gain more profits and then look for the FBA results, which will reveal the prices at which you can sell your books.

Step 3: Buy

Now that you have identified and sorted out the books that you want to buy, the next step is to actually buy the books that you feel are good for you. After buying you can either receive the books on your own or opt for the prep-services and outsource the books. 

Step 4: List, Ship and sell

In the next step, you are required to list the books at a higher price according to your ish, ship it in and then sell the books to your preferred customer. The margin between the selling price and the cost price here is your profit.

Step 5: Repeat 

Congratulations! Now that you know how Zen Arbitrage works, you can easily repeat the above steps and start your own Book Retailing Arbitrage business. 

Features of Zen Arbitrage

How does it work?

Let us have a look into the features of Zen Arbitrage in this section of Zen Arbitrage Review..

  • Database: Zen Arbitrage has the world’s largest database of books. If you make a simple comparison between Zen Arbitrage and some other site, you would definitely get more than 10x results for your search. 
  • Sales Data: Zen Arbitrage shows you the average sales data of more than 12 months. In order to get a book that would help you yield more profits, you need to have its average sales data of the past 12 months, as having the current sales rank is going to result in you losing money rather than making it.  
  • Search Skip: Zen Arbitrage offers you an already sorted list of profitable books. You can pay other Zen Arbitrage members/ users a small amount and get access to the books they have searched and found. This way, you can skip searching for the books completely. This feature is known as Search circumvention. With this, you can save your time by skipping searching in its entirety.
  • Trade-in: With Zen Arbitrage, you can make comparisons on Amazon. You can check on the current active trade-in prices as well as the selling prices for the books on Amazon. With side by side comparison, you can find books at a lower trade-in price and make a profit from the difference.

This method comes with zero risks and can help you make some extra profit. The process is fast, reliable, and easy.

  • FBA offers: Other tools do not have access to FBA data like Zen Arbitrage. The most valuable data that the FBA offers is delivered right to you. Unlike other tools that kick their users out for asking FBA offers, we deliver them right to you.
  • Profit Tracker: You can track all the sales within the Zen Arbitrage. You can directly view all the profits with our tool. You can see what books you purchased and calculate profits with the help of our built-in sales tracking tool.
  • Virtual Business: With Zen Arbitrage, you never need to see a book. You can receive and ship all the books over the online tool and run the business virtually without ever touching a book physically. Our prep service team on Zen will set you up with the tool so that you can receive and ship the books.
  • Training Programme: You do not need any amazon experience for this. Our videos are self-explanatory and will guide you. It is like a virtual Ph.D. in Amazon selling. You can get to work with just a couple of videos, or you can take this to the next level with the additional bonus footages.
  • Alerts and Notifications: You can get customized price drop alerts for books so that you never miss out on a profit-making opportunity. There’s no limit to the amount of money you can make with Zen Arbitrage. If you are looking for a certain price for a book, then set the alert for the desired price and we will send you an alert instantly via email if the price drops.
  • Webinars: We have webinars and live calls where the new users can get real-time coaching from experienced Amazon sellers. Zen members get together on these Live calls to coach new users. The training is extensive and available to everyone.
  • Price history Charts: With Zen Arbitrage price history charts, you can see historical sales values live. For every single book, there is a detailed chart of its sales and price history. These graphs can help you save thousands of dollars.
  • Live Pricing: With the tool, you see real-time prices directly from Amazon. Many will say this is impossible but with FDA you can view real-time data down to seconds. Do not stress yourself with stale and old data. 

Zen Arbitrage Book Leads Marketplace

The Zen Arbitrage book leads marketplace is a unique marketplace having a whole lot of profitable books. To use this marketplace, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the marketplace tab and open book leads marketplace. This feature is included in the Zen Arbitrage.
  2. Choose your book- you can choose the most profitable book based on their cost, best selling, net profit, etc.
  3. Reveal- you can easily click on the reveal button, and by paying less than $5, you can reveal your book without having to search for it.
  4. Profit- you can easily sell your books and make huge profits.

Zen Arbitrage Support

Zen Arbitrage provides very fast and one-on-one support to all its users. They have a live chat option and also access to texting and Facebook community.

If you ever get in touch with their support team, they would never give you false or canned answers and assist you through your problems. You can easily get all your questions answered by an actual Amazon seller.

Zen Arbitrage Pricing Plans

Pricing plans for Zen Arbitrage

Now, moving on to the pricing of Zen Arbitrage. It has a free trial for all the users after which you will be charged $97 per month. You also require an Amazon FBA account, which will cost you $39.99 per month so the total price goes up to $139.99 per month.

Along with the normal features, some bonus features included in this pricing are: 

  • Private Facebook Group: You get access to their large Facebook community of more than 4000 members. 
  • Full video training: you get access to all the video training from beginner level to advanced levels.
  • Text message service: you get the founders personal number, and you can send him texts anytime.
  • Live Webinars: you get access to live webinars from well experienced Amazon sellers.
  • Book leads Marketplace: you get access to the list of pre-sorted profitable books through the leads marketplace.
  • Prep setup service: you get the option to outsource your business shippings without dealing with it personally.

Zen Arbitrage Review- Is Zen Arbitrage Worth the Money?

Zen Arbitrage Review with benefits and features

Considering all the features and functionality that you get at a very low price of$97 per month, Zen Arbitrage is definitely worth the money spent.

But if you still have some doubts regarding the same, you can easily try out their 14 days free trial version. The best part about Zen Arbitrage is that they do not have any hidden charges or costa, and you can cancel any time at your own risk.

So basically, it is a zero-risk business and definitely worth all the money spent.

Pros and Cons of Zen Arbitrage

Now in this Zen Arbitrage Review, let us have a look at the Pros and Cons of Zen Arbitrage. The knowledge of Pros and Cons will help you get a better insight into where Zen Arbitrage performs well and where it lacks. 

Zen Arbitrage Pros Zen Arbitrage Cons
  • The biggest pro is that it helps you make money. 
  • It is very easy, affordable, and safe to use
  • The opportunities present are larger than the number of people present to make use of these opportunities. 
  • You do not have to put in any physical efforts. The whole process is online.
  • Zen Arbitrage is not constrained by locations. You can easily buy books from any corner of the world and sell them worldwide.
  • Sitting in front of the computer screen, scanning books, and choosing the best ones is indeed some hard work. 
  • The work can be said to be seasonal. Readers do not buy books all the time; hence the profit is not constant throughout the year.
  • You need some money at hand to start as you would have to buy books in order to sell them. 

My Personal Review about Zen Arbitrage Review

Now that you know everything about Zen Arbitrage, I would like to share my personal experience with you and tell you the things that I liked and did not like about Zen Arbitrage.

Things I liked:

The best thing about Zen Arbitrage is that the process can be completely automated, and you can work on this business through any part of the world. Another thing that I found fairly intriguing was the prep service, which allowed me to run my business without having to touch a single book.

The opportunities present here are really great, and I just had to find the most profitable books, and I was good to go. Just like me, many of my friends have also benefited from this great amazon FBA tool.

Things that I didn’t like:

Now talking about the things that I didn’t like about Zen Arbitrage, I would like to tell you that the process of searching for the most profitable books was a bit tiring for me.

Though, this may not be the case for you. Another thing which I didn’t like was that you need money to buy the books first. So the first sale is always through your pocket, and till you receive the profit, you are left in a bit of a dilemma.

But hey! What business doesn’t need some initial investment, right? Apart from these two, I didn’t find anything that I couldn’t like about Zen Arbitrage.

Quick Links

FAQs | Zen Arbitrage Review

✅ How long does it take to get started at Zen Arbitrage?

If you are already a seller on Amazon FBA and well versed with the basic functionalities, then getting started is just a matter of minutes. Still, if you are entirely new to Amazon FBA, then you would have to take a 90 minutes training on how to get started.

🔥 What things do I need to start with Zen Arbitrage?

You would need an Amazon seller’s account. Other than that, everything is already present in Zen Arbitrage.

👉 What countries can Zen Arbitrage be used in?

Zen Arbitrage can be used in any country worldwide. If you have Amazon in your country, then you can easily use Zen Arbitrage.

⚡ Can beginners sell on Zen Arbitrage?

Yes, Beginners can easily sell using Zen Arbitrage. There is no need for you to be an experienced Amazon seller. Zen Arbitrage is 100% legit program.

✅ How does Zen Arbitrage work?

Zen Arbitrage is an online automation platform that works on the principle of purchasing products from 40 different websites at cheap prices and reselling them at a higher price to the same or different platforms to create a profit. Additionally, Zen Arbitrage’s prep service is efficient enough in handling everything related to the process, so you don’t have to do anything manually.

⚡ What is Zen Arbitrage?

Zen Arbitrage is an online automation program that scans 40 websites to search for the cheap books. This software enables you to lock in your trade-in price, purchase those books at a lower price to ultimately resell them at a much higher cost to make a profit. These websites allow you to choose and select the kinds of books you want to resell and also let you set your reselling price.

💥 Why choose Zen Arbitrage?

Zen Arbitrage makes the user’s life easier by taking care of all the aspects related to the business by themselves. Zen Arbitrage is one of the first companies to provide such services to the users and has a vast database and collections of the books. Additionally, The owner of Zen Arbitrage Peter Valley takes customer support to the next level by providing his cell phone number to his customers.

😲 What are the minimum system requirements to run Zen Arbitrage?

Zen Arbitrage is an online arbitrage automation platform. It runs online and does not require any special hardware to make it work. Zen Arbitrage interface is easy to understand, and in case of any problem, they provide over 50 videos to their customers. These videos give the customers a guide to understanding the working of the platform and help them to grow their business.

⚡ What is eFLIP and Zen Arbitrage?

Zen Arbitrage and eFLIP are two well-known web-based arbitrage tools for online books. These tools are designed to find cheap books from different websites and resell them through an FBA account. This process of selling cheap books for a higher price is called flipping. These two tools are quite alike because of the nature of the service and differ because of the features that they offer.

💲 How do both tools facilitate online book arbitrage?

Zen Arbitrage and eFLIP both work on the same principle of flipping books to earn profits. This process includes finding books at a lower price at a specific platform and reselling it for a higher cost to another platform, thus creating a profit. If you can repeat the same process time after time, you can, over time, create a considerable profit. This is where solutions like Zen Arbitrage and eFLIP come in handy.

🔥 Are there any competitors of Zen Arbitrage?

The only relevant competitor to Zen Arbitrage in the market currently is eFLIP. eFLIP is an online arbitrage platform as Zen Arbitrage provides the option to purchase and resale books, DVDs, CDs to make a profit. Just like Zen Arbitrage, eFLIP works in the same way, although Zen Arbitrage algorithm is much advanced. So, it is needless to say that while Zen Arbitrage has few competitors, it still comes out at top.

🎉 What do I get for Zen Arbitrage? What are the features and highlights of Zen Arbitrage?

Let’s take a look at some features provided by Zen Arbitrage. Zen Arbitrage has a massive database with over 22+ million books which is ten times larger than the nearest competitor. Zen Arbitrage also allows you to sell your search results to other members and helps you make quick bucks. Zen Arbitrage provides a unique tracking tool that allows you to set a margin for your profits.

💥 Who is Peter Valley, creator of Zen Arbitrage (ZA)?

Peter Valley is the creator of Zen Arbitrage and has been a seller on Amazon since 2007. He pioneered the concept of “Online book arbitrage” and is the world’s most published author on Amazon selling who has published several books in his career. Apart from Zen Arbitrator, he has created other online platforms such as: Online Book Arbitrage On-demand Webclass RepriceAlytics TruRank NEW: Zen Zenith

🏆 How will Zen Arbitrage make me money or create a passive income for me?

The principle behind any arbitrage business is that you buy some product and resell it a higher value to earn a profit. Zen Arbitrage is based on the same principle and works in the same way. For example, Bookstore A is offering a book for $10 and Bookstore B is offering the same book for $50. You buy the book from Bookstore A for $10 and sell it a profit of $20 to Bookstore B. In our Zen Arbitrage review, you will get more details about how to earn money using Zen Arbitrage.

😲 Does online book arbitrage work?

Yes, online book arbitrage does work, but it requires the right setup and good knowledge about the business. It works the same way as other flipping business work and has an equal chance of success and failure. But with the right monitoring, a person can earn a lot of money. Peter Valley posted a screenshot of one of his students who earnt $87,000 in a month through Zen Arbitrage.

⚡ Do sites like eFlip, Zen Arbitrage, etc. actually work?

Yes, sites like eFLIP, Zen Arbitrage do work as they just enhance the manual effort required for the flipping business. Many people have made a significant amount of money sourcing books from sources such as Zen Arbitrage, eFLIP, etc. It may not be as simple as it looks, as sometimes the good deals often drop in price or take along to be sold.

✅ Does Zen Arbitrage actually work? An Honest Review

Zen Arbitrage has proven to provide excellent results through proper means. Many people have used the platforms for years and generated a considerable amount of income through the online book arbitrage business. However, selling a book on the platform is not that easy as sometimes the price of the book drops once purchased or sometimes it takes a long time to sell the books.

The Final Verdict: Zen Arbitrage Review 2020

Zen Arbitrage has helped so many people make a lot of money by running their own business. So if you are looking for ways to start your own business and make money online, Zen Arbitrage is the best platform for you. 

The vast ocean of unexplored opportunities gives a chance of making more profits than you can ever think of. So, if you have any doubts about whether Zen Arbitrage is legit or not, try out the free trial before actually paying for the product.

I hope you like this Zen Arbitrage Review. And if you decide to use Zen Arbitrage, I would like to tell you it is definitely worth your time and money.

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