Aura Repricer Review 2022 | ( Aura Repricer Pros & Cons) Is It The Fastest Amazon Repricer‎?

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  • It help you to Save time
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Decreased chance of errors
  • Easy to use
  • It is affordable
  • It help you to Increase sales
  • Higher chance of a Buy Box
  • It is efficient and 100% safe according to certified users.
  • There’s almost no level of super high meta-thinking required in inputting data.
  • You can know how your competitors are setting prices


  • Lower profit margins

With the use of automatic Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Aura maximizes your time in the Amazon Buy Box, increasing both sales & profits for FBA.

Price:$ 57

Today we have featured Aura Repricer Review with its proper insights. We have covered its pros and cons.

we have also covered the difference between BQool And Aura, Read the full article to know more about this deal.

So let’s get started.

Bottom Line I recommend: Trusted by over 50,000 small & large organizations Aura Repricer is one of the finest companies in automatic Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Aura Repricer help me to maximize my Amazon Sales With the Best Amazon Repricer & Revenue Analytics and really helps me to increase both sales and profits


Aura Repricer Review 2022 | Is It The Right Tool For You‎?

As an Amazon seller, you are doing a lot – right from choosing the right product, crafting the list, loading its attractive images, etc.

But if your prices are not competitive as per the markets, then all these efforts have no meaning.

Here, we bring you the Aura Repricer, which is also called Artificial Intelligence for Amazon.

Aura Repricer Review

How To Use Aura Repricer?

Here is a video from Aura Amazon Repricer on how to get started with aura reprice. Watch this video to for a newbie guide on using Aura Amazon Repricer:

Do You Require A Repricer For Amazon Business?

Auto Repricer is an amazing automated repricing tool as it is smart and uses artificial intelligence to keep you ahead and competitive in the business, and help you win Amazon’s buy box often.

It is a very smart and aggressive software, as it helps in keeping your Amazon listings competitive 24/7.

  • Click here and know if Zen Arbitrage actually works? We reviewed Zen Arbitrage and got to know if it can be a real Amazon business or not. Check out our complete review.

It keeps adjusting your price every 30 to 60 seconds and straightaway connects to the Amazon marketplace to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Amazon Repricing For Business Review

Getting Amazon Aura Repricer for your business is going to be very fruitful in helping you make vital decisions. Here are the important points you must consider:

  • How productive is your repricing strategy?
  • How competitive the market is?
  • How much time you are utilizing on repricing your listings?
  • How threatening is the market?
  • Are you doing Retail Arbitrage, Private Label, and Wholesale?


How Is Aura Repricer Tool Helpful?

It is not sure how Amazon assigns the buy box to the vendors, but to earn that buy box price is an essential factor.

You have to remain competitive in prices if you want to enhance your chances of getting the buy box and making sales.

Around 80% of customers use Amazon to buy the box to buy products, so if you do not have a buy box there will be no sales.

Aura Repricer Review - Best Tool For Amazon

To achieve this and to stay at the top of your repricing strategy, without wasting time in your Amazon Seller Account, buy this amazing tool called Go Aura Repricer.

You can organize this tool as per your business requirements and allow this software to make computerized pricing changes as per your business strategy.

It helps you manage up to 50,000 SKUs. 


How does the Aura repricing tool help me to get the Amazon buy box?

While no one knows exactly what formula Amazon uses to assign the checkbox to specific vendors, it is known that price is probably the most important factor.

By staying competitive, you greatly increase your chances of hitting the buyback box and making sales with it. According to studies, over 80% of customers use the Amazon purchase box for shopping. So if you don’t buy a box, don’t sell.

You can keep your price verification strategy up to date without spending countless hours in your Amazon seller account. Just get the Go Aura Repricer Review tool and configure it according to your business needs. and let the software change the prices. automated according to the strategy you have chosen. You can manage up to 50,000 SKUs with Aura.




With the Best Amazon Repricer & Revenue Analytics. With the use of automatic Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

💰  Price

$ 57

😍  Pros

Aura, a SaaS that helps Amazon sellers reprice their inventory using A

😩  Cons

It takes time to work.


With the use of automatic Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Aura maximizes your time in the Amazon Buy Box, increasing both sales & profits for FBA.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Amazon Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, And Private Label?

If you are selling on Amazon using retail arbitrage or wholesale method, then having an automated repricing tool is essential.

If you have fewer products in your business, then you might not need it. You just have to observe if you are wasting a lot of time handling your Amazon listings pricings.

If yes, then you definitely need a repricing tool. 

Sellers who are using the Private Label method with many SKUs will also gain from Aura Repricer.

Aura Repricer Review BQool vs Aura

Aura Repricer Pricing Policy Review

Aura offers a free 14-days trial for its new customers. This trial gives them an idea about the software and lets them drive to test it without the risk of losing any money.

I believe, it’s the ideal way to use this tool without risking your investment on it and 14 days is enough time to see if this automated Repricer is even helpful for your business.

Amazon Repricing Software Review

If you are a seller with several items, then it is advised to use only some of those items to do a test drive of Aura on them. It will help you check its performance effectively.

Once you feel satisfied and happy with the results, you can go for a monthly plan of $97 or an annual plan of $77 per month, wherein you will save 20%.

This is an essential investment for your business, and if you do not do it wisely then you can end up losing thousands of dollars to your contemporaries.

They might be doing excellent in price adjustments. So, it is better to invest in Aura Repricer for gaining profits and remaining ahead in the competition.

Any good FBA repricer will include pre-built pricing strategies to help you get started quickly; once you’re more familiar with the platform, you can set up your own custom strategies.

Their pre-built pricing strategies work right away, so we recommend that you use them first. However, make sure to monitor the impact of repricing strategies on your top and bottom lines.


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What Are The Pricing Strategies That You Can Use?

As soon as you receive Aura Repricer, you can immediately start using it because it includes pre-built pricing strategies.  

After getting a hang of the software, you can also make your custom strategies.

The pricing strategies it uses are pre-built and are out-of-the-box, thus it is important to oversee the impact of repricing strategies on your business.

Buybox Amazon Reprice Tool - Aura Repricer Review
Buybox Amazon Reprice Tool – Aura

Do not use them right away but first, understand the impact. 

Targeted Repricing 

Like said earlier, you can customize the repricing strategies and take full control of them. You can define how to challenge other vendors, like: 

  • Exclude the competitors who are not FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).
  • Ignore or choose the vendors that are out of stock or back-ordered.
  • Alter the price to maximize your profits, especially when there is no competition. 
  • Determine if you want to reprice depending on dollar amount or percentages.


Amazon Marketplaces Compatible with Aura


BQool vs Aura

If you don’t have the time to manually rate your Amazon products, or just want to find a better alternative to this process, we have a solution for you.

Amazon FBA price review tools are a must to compete and get your products to the top of any market in 2022.


Let’s take a look at BQool’s price verification software and how it can benefit your business.

What Can BQool Amazon Repricer Do For Sellers?

BQool offers Amazon sellers a range of software tools that they can use to automate their Amazon activities to save time, money, and increase sales.

Your pricing software can help you improve your seller ranking on any Amazon marketplace and get your products to win the Buy Box over your competition.

You monitor your offers around the clock for price changes ahead of your competition so you are always one step ahead.


Once a change is detected, the software automatically optimizes the product price every 5 to 15 minutes to maximize your sales and profit margins.

This short video explains how to use BQool to rate Amazon products to win the Buy Box while maintaining pricing accuracy and your target profit margins.

InventoryLab Integration

BQool is fully linked to InventoryLab. Now you can efficiently manage your inventory while keeping prices competitive on Amazon.

BQool automatically synchronizes the costs/quantities that you have assigned to your MSKUs in InventoryLab so that you can set up the item costs for price change rules quickly and efficiently.

In contrast to the aura integration, you can choose between 3 different cost types (current, average, highest), which are synchronized every 12 hours (as opposed to 24-hour aura)



RepricerExpress is an automated price verification solution for Amazon and eBay sellers that automatically rates their listings at competitive prices so they can sell more items and earn more from the Buy Box without having to keep track of their accounts.

With RepricerExpress, Amazon and eBay sellers have seen a significant increase in sales while saving more hours than they can use elsewhere.

Amazon Fulfillment from Amazon and Featured Sellers benefit from the flexibility that RepricerExpress offers so that they can remain competitive when it comes to boxing spots and other optional fields. The software is incredibly fast and enables sellers to reach higher positions on deal list pages, improve higher product visibility, and positively influence user sales.

82--of-Organic-Sales-Happen-In-the-Buy-Box (formerly xSellco) is a multi-channel price review tool that combines rules and algorithms to change inventory prices in real-time, increasing profitability, and reducing overhead.

The benefits include real-time price verification, net margin verification, and full flexibility in pricing rules.

Pricing policy

Price range: from $ 99 per month.

Special offer:
Get 50% off the Ultimate Repricer Annual Plan. Available to new and existing Express and Plus users.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Why Aura Repricer Is Good For Business?

Aura Repricer is an amazing automated repricing tool as it is smart and uses artificial intelligence to keep you ahead and competitive in the business, and help you win Amazon’s buy box often.

💥 Which Amazon Marketplaces Is Aura Compatible With?

An aura is an automation tool that manages the user SKUs and helps them grow their businesses. It is a great tool to update the pricing list and acquire the buy box automatically. You have to provide data to the platform according to your business requirements, and Aura will automatically make changes in pricing depending upon the strategy you selected.

💲 Does Aura Repricer Give Free Trial?

Aura Repricer is a great tool that offers 14-day free trial. Above all, it also offers affordable pricing plans with risk-free trials.

👉 How does the Aura repricing tool help me to get the Amazon Buy Box?

Aura is a revenue analytics and Amazon repricer tool that with the help of Artificial Intelligence maximizes your time in the Amazon Buy Box and increases both sales and profits for an FBA seller. Aura Repricing Tool works by automating the repricing of your products according to the repricing strategy in accordance with your business objectives saving you countless crucial hours.

✅ How quickly does Aura reprice listings?

Aura is designed to automatically update the prices when there are changes in Amazon API. Instead of updating the prices every 5 to 15 minutes, Aura updates automatically when it detects some activity on Amazon.

⚡ How to create a simple Repricing Strategy within Aura?

Aura helps you through the process of creating a simple repricing strategy by providing you with two pre-configured strategies that can be used right away. There are two different strategies that you can choose from- Pre-configured and Custom. There are two pre-configured strategies ready to use for the customers. These are Featured Merchants, and Lowest Price. Once you select one of these two strategies, Aura starts repricing.

🎉 Can Aura reprice my Private Label products?

Yes, Aura reprices Private Label products by triggering a price change of a minimum amount of $0.01 on the listings that have witnessed a price change within the last three hours. Aura smartly raises the price of the listing and then immediately lowers it to its original pricing. This simple method forces Amazon to provide a price change which ensures that Aura has up-to-date pricing data for your inventory.

🔥 How does Aura handle Strategy or Listing changes?

If you have made any changes in Strategy or Listing, the pricing would automatically be updated at the next organic price change. As Aura is reactive, (Aura automatically updates its pricing of the inventory when it senses a change of pricing from Amazon API), the changes made will be reflected within an average time of 15 minutes. However, a reflection of the pricing change can vary depending upon the frequency of changes in pricing but the competition for every listing.

⚡ When do you need an Amazon Repricer?

To stay inside the Buy Box of the Amazon is not easy. It requires constant changes in pricing to compete with your competition. Automation software provides a detailed analysis of the trend and comes up with a price that will fit your needs of the strategy. Automated repricing software considers many different factors such as target, trend, and strategy, among others, to come up with the best pricing.

👉 What is a Repricer?

Automated Repricing software is a technology that can be programmed by the sellers to change the pricing of the listings on their behalf. This software is customized for specific goals such as being listed in the Buy Box or being able to sell a certain number of units over a defined period. After specifying a strategy, a repricer assesses market data and makes automatic changes to the prices. In this Aura Repricer review, you will know everything about an Amazon Repricer tool.

💲 Why shouldn't you use the free Amazon Repricer?

Some free Amazon repricers are not equipped enough to handle your strategic requirements and fail to deliver results. They fail to regularly update your pricing of the listings or come up with intelligent prices for your unique goals. Also, besides Amazon, the software must be equipped to handle sales at other platforms such as eBay and Walmart as well. So it is vital to choose your repricing software carefully.

😲 What pricing strategies can I use?

It is wiser to opt for a simpler and flexible pricing strategy while you can choose from – Manual and Automatic at Aura. With the automatic pricing model, you can automatically adjust all your listings. However, you can have more control over your pricing through the manual strategy depending on your preferences.

Quick Link:

What To Look For In A Repricer In 2021?

  • Easy to import the cost of the product.
  • You can log into your Amazon account to automatically check all of your products.
  • Pre-configured with multiple price change rules to choose from, but also flexible enough to create your own price change strategies as you progress.
  • Fast execution, a repricer should work every time, period. No bugs, no hassles, no customer service calls as your software stopped adjusting prices. When all of this occurs, it’s time to call a professional Amazon Repricer.

Aura Repricer Real Customer Review & Testimonials


Me and my partner have been using repricing tools on and off over the last couple of years to keep the ball rolling on our prices on our Amazon channel.

Originally we had signed up for informed but then moved over to RepricerExpress to help manage our small inventory. They had some really helpful and knowledgeable staff and helped us swing into action and get everything up and running.

We have now been moved over to and at first it was a little bit daunting but now we are pleasantly surprised with all the new features we have access to. The people we have dealt with have been pleasent and know their stuff.

Like it a lot. You can get quick answer if you need. Even they setup a face to face meeting to explain how to use the program effectively.

Really Powerful software. It can take a while to get to grips with it but support really helped me.

Conclusion: Aura Repricer Review 2022

The Amazon repricing tool has complaints regarding the repricing because it always reprices downwards.

The price of your product goes down only when there is competition. So, it is always a good move to have an efficient repricing tool like Aura Repricer that uses Artificial Intelligence to adjust the prices. It will keep you competitive at all times.

Not only this, but it also identifies when your competitors are out of stock, and when there is no competition, in order to adjust your prices to boost the profits.

Aura Launch – Repricing, Reimagined – Own the Amazon Buy Box

Aura Amazon Repricer Release – Increase Sales by 65%

Repricing Software for Amazon Sellers – Aura

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80 thoughts on “Aura Repricer Review 2022 | ( Aura Repricer Pros & Cons) Is It The Fastest Amazon Repricer‎?”

  1. Aura Repricer is one of the best solutions on the market right now to gain advantage in Amazon. Unlike other repricing solutions, it doesn’t stop at raising and lowering your prices – it does research by cross-referencing how other products are priced and adjusts accordingly. When competitors’ prices change (either up or down), Aura alters yours to match them over time, which means you’ll not only stay ahead of the competition; but you’ll be getting more profits from listing! Comes with an optional programmatic feed that sends data back to us so we can continue adjusting as needed – also comes with a free 30-day trial period too! Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  2. I gave this beautifully designed app a quick go-over and it has exceeded my expectations so far. It’s on the higher end of the price range but I believe that is worth it for all of its amazing features. To be honest, before using this app, my profits were pretty low on Amazon’s FBA program because something was always wrong with what I was doing on my own. Thankfully, Aura Repricer takes care of every aspect of the agreement to make sure you’re putting your time and efforts into actually selling products (rather than wasting time trying to figure out how things work). And if you’ve never used either Tools Pro or MWS Boost before? Definitely install those as well–just like an awesome supporting player in a basketball game

  3. Aura Repricer makes my whole day easy. This last month I’ve seen the number of orders jump 10% and saved $10,000 in shipping costs because of their intelligent pricing algorithm. It’s like they’re telling my competitors to go screw themselves (and my cheaper prices) with daily automated repricing that is always 5-30% lower than what most people are selling at! All for just $15 a month, cheaper than most toilet seats – you NEED this product if you sell on Amazon. While there are many repricer software out there, Aura stands out as one which not only offers up to 30% off purchasing price but also can

  4. The right price cuts are what you need to get ahead in Amazon. I find myself spending hours tweaking prices for my Amazon products, hoping that they’ll hit the golden buy box. I tried so many different tactics, but nothing seemed to work. That is until I found Aura Repricer! It uses these amazing algorithms and artificial intelligence to figure out the best pricing strategy for each Amazon listing on my behalf. This has saved me hours of research time and earned me thousands in more profits than ever before! Now it’s just a matter of adding one extra setting in MamaBearMatters’ Amazon Seller Central account this morning, which was incredibly easy by the way, then enjoy my coffee like I do every morning while looking at all this dough. Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  5. ***I was hesitant to make the purchase because of all the other reviews. But I’m so glad I did! The software is practically magic, and if it happens to show up as an option and you’re on a tight budget (like me), there’s something wrong with YOU if you don’t give this program a go first, before admitting defeat and shelling out for expensive repricing software. There’s no complaints that can match how happy we are knowing we don’t have to manually check every product in our inventory again-just let Aura do it for us! We’ve seen such amazing results already, even after just one week. It gives you peace of mind too not having to worry about spending hours every day trying to catch good deals

  6. No more 5am wake up calls just to catch the most profitable time. With Aura, your profit is maximized every day of the week!

  7. Aura Repricer optimizes the price of your products in the Amazon Buy Box, resulting in increased sales and profits. It’s like having a very intelligent, but ultimately friendly apprentice working correctly for you to increase cash flow day after day. Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  8. The only tool I’ve found so far that is FBA-specific. But no worries, it’s perfect for any Amazon seller who wants to stay ahead of the game and not get stuck undercutting the competition with lower prices than their Seller Central counterparts. HIGHLY recommend!

  9. “Aura is AMAZING. I am by NO means a technology “expert” but after just 5 minutes of setting up my first batch of listings, Aura had all them not only matched to the correct buy box price, they are also now winning many more battles for me on Amazon! Aura has completely transformed how quickly and profitably I can sell products on Amazon. Let’s face it – the deal competition these days is fierce…but with this tool on my side, I have never felt so confident in what’s coming down the pipeline.”

  10. I’ve had so many of my friends who are new to Amazon think they could set the prices themselves. Gosh, guys! It’s become too competitive – you really need an Aura Repricer on your team if you want to stay on top of the game. This app is perfect for FBA sellers with increasing inventories and lots of price points that need attention. I can’t believe how much more smoothly everything went after implementing this app! Very pleased with the ROI.” Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  11. If you’re just starting out, start small. If you’ve been doing it for a while, try something new. The more of the less that we used to have of everything everywhere, the better. Selling products on Amazon gives us access to not only one but a variety of markets and worlds where things are traded regularly at a pace never before seen in history – economical cycles on steroids! And as many would say on day 3 of an apocalypse scenario: “Would I rather be alive or decked out?” So do your best to stay afloat by using Aura Repricer – if this doesn’t sound anything like what I’m trying to tell you then maybe turn back now. Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  12. “There was a good and there was an evil (aka third party seller). Then Mack, the creator of Aura Marketing teamed up with his cousin – Hal 9000. The result? A baby born out of AI, Machine Learning, Geek-dom & Business-talk.”

  13. “I already had an excellent process, and now I have found the perfect partner. Sales are up across the board! My strategy is now more effective than ever, because my competition can’t keep up with what Aura does for me. Create your future success story by starting with Aura. Get theirs first.” -Julia S., Amazon Seller, Automatic intelligence & machine learning leads to increased sales and profits.

  14. “Aura was a god send to my eCommerce business. I used it for two weeks and managed to stay in the buy box for over 85% of my items. Now, not only am I selling more products, but I’m also making more money!” Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  15. I can’t believe how much time and money this product saves me. Where was the Aura Repricer when I started selling on Amazon? Now, we can keep our prices competitive with other sellers in the market without having to constantly check our inventory and pricing every day. We just set our goals for profitability goals and let Aura do the hard work for us!

  16. “Aura Repricer is one of the best tools I have used to help grow my Amazon business. Aura helped me go from sub $100,000 in annual revenue to over $1 million.” So you’re not #optimizingsales? Probably because you’ve seen how change affects all other areas. Let Aura keep your products competitive every day with these simple settings & profit increases that never stop! Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  17. Aura is that one easy app we can’t live without! — Aura was created for you. While we may be only a penny or two apart, if I win the buy box and you don’t, my customer gets their product call and yours isn’t. It’s like skipping to the front of the line because your buy button has it all figured out – who could pass on that? Never again do I have to worry about checking every single listing across Amazon before finding an item (especially when logged in), checking back later, comparing prices… As soon as someone ranks lower than me with cheaper prices, sweat dripping down my brow from hours of researching products until they change them *again*.

  18. The developers of Aura both know what it’s like to be an online seller battling stiff competition. With their tool, you can instantly see how much competitors are charging for your products so you have time to beat them on price before the next sale. It only takes a few minutes for this software to find out which items at specific prices sell best, and their options even allow you set up alerts so that once enough people order your item, it will automatically decrease in price within seconds – saving money by not having to manually adjust every listing one by one! The power of machine automation is unbelievable- try it yourself with Aura Repricer today! Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  19. “Aura is different. I haven’t had to touch the Repricer in over 6 months. It squeezes my bottom line, but I love it.” — Dave “high rankings on Amazon don’t come easy, they take effort and time. You can do so much more than just put goods up for sale with Aura’s help.

  20. I love Aura Repricer! Not only does it give me more time to focus on other projects, but I can improve my spot in the buy box so that sellers with bigger cost per unit don’t profit from me. With this type of marketing strategy, it’s easy to see why they have been nominated for so many awards. They deserve them too. Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  21. I purchased this tool for one of my clients, and they absolutely love it! Once set up with a few basic rules, the repricer is able to take care of all your repricing needs without you even having to do anything. I highly recommend that other sellers try it out, especially if you are looking to increase your time spent in the Buy Box. Interested in seeing how much more money you could be making on Amazon? The Aura Repricer Tool will help manage prices based on “rechoosing” available inventory back into competitors’ best-selling items, enabling increased visibility and longer periods during the day when your product becomes first choice for buyers. Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  22. “I don’t even know where to start with this Amazing product. I have never seen a repricer that is so sensitive and that offers such great customer service. The whole thing was really easy too set up, and they offer a free trial! I’m in the process of starting my company so everything is expensive right now for me which this is perfect because it’s affordable.” “It’s been said time and again, but sellers simply can’t afford to be missing out on Buy Box share,” says Jeff, Aura Repricer founder and CEO. “If you’re giving away 60% or more of your Buy Box chance just because you aren’t staying ahead

  23. I am a private-label seller on Amazon, and let me tell you the difference between a rule-based repricer and an automated one. I had my worries at first. Worrying about various restrictions of the buy box, I got to work with creating good rules for when to raise prices and when to keep them steady with many limits in mind. The process was time consuming – sometimes up to 10 hours per product line just waiting for things to happen! Then three months into it, I started hearing rumours that customers buying from other sellers meant that my old rules were failing. And soon AFter came news of me having “lost” items due in the buybox because they sold so well elsewhere… But THEN Aura happened and saved

  24. I’m not sure what I was paying attention to before, but this has turned out to be a lifesaver! It automatically increases and decreases my prices to maximize the number of sales. And because it takes such an entire lot of work off of me, I can do more with less—because if this is worth anything, then anything deserves more time. But that’s just it: This feels like part of my business now–instead of feeling like something on top which needs constant supervision. Thank you so much for shaping our new reality! Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  25. This product is the best repricer that I have ever used. I use a combination of a rule-based strategy and a process automation to maintain my Buy Box position, which is super effective for me! Unlike most automated repricing tools, Aura also has an AI enabled chat bot with 44 virtual assistants who monitor your inventory levels and conduct A/B testing on products in order to find sales performance limiting factors. I never sleep when it comes to running my firm aurainc !!!

  26. We all know the pains of adjusting pricing across our product listings. One wrong repricer strategy and we’re out of the buy box, which means no sales for us! Well, stop stressing because Aura’s intelligent software is here to save you from that sleepless night. Unlike every other rule-based repricer that require cumbersome input by you, Aura does it all in one easy plug in the background: replenishment reprice thresholds, time throttles (minutes per request), and strategically better placement order (BPU) features keep your prices optimal at all times while freeing up more of your precious time for selling or advertising on social media. Plus when there’s a price change with either competitor AHASU appears like magic filling this fastidiously.

  27. “This software is absolutely essential for anyone selling on Amazon. Unlike most ‘repricers,’ which are really just auto-price lists, Aura is like having an expert managing your listing prices with the finest machine learning algorithms out there.” Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  28. I’ve always struggled with pricing because it’s so tedious, but I went from being the cheapest seller on the listings to many times being THE Buy Box holder. In essence, Aura is a really decent repricer. But there are few things about it that need to be re-done as soon as possible – as soon as they update their whole pricing system and AI logic, I’ll change my review too. Until then all I have left for them or us is just two stars!

  29. “I usually sell on Ebay and I do everything manual. Finding out about this product has saved me a lot of time with repricing it was such an easy process!”

  30. “Aura Repricer is an automated repricer that can do in 10 minutes what I used to have to spend 8-hours doing every day. This has helped me feel less burned out when running my business.” Thanks for providing aura repricer review

  31. Who are these “crack dealers” who are charging an arm and a leg for their products? It’s time to step up your game. Aura is now here to put the crack back in product repricing, with features like instant algorithmic pricing, strategies that work 24/7 because they’re automated, and much more! This tool has it all–we’ve even thrown in some free items for sellers too help them increase their conversions! You’ll find yourself wrapped tightly by our solutions…don’t worry escape not possible.

  32. I love the beauty of the interface in Aura repricer. It might be simple, but it’s absolutely gorgeous! The workflows are convenient and easy to use The pricing changes happen immediately, which is something I never thought I would need or want in a repricer. I’ve used other repricers before, but it always took so long for them to get up with changes on Amazon that my listings were already out-of-date when they finally did.

  33. I’ve been out of eBay school for a few months now and I’m heating things up again with the help of this little tool. It’s like having Sherlock Holmes as my personal assistant!

  34. I can’t say enough about how useful this repricer has been for my business. For the price, it’s a no-brainer. I was previously using a competiting repricer tool that I had to pay five times as much for and it just couldn’t keep up with live auctions. The Aura Repricer tool competes on price and will also sometimes bid more than you would have if you manually refreshed the listing yourself! So great!

  35. What are the best features? You can change your prices to always stay competitive. Say you sell t-shirts, and right now you’ve got that great Steve Jobs memorial shirt for $25. If I list my sweatshirt that costs less than $5, and create a negative correlation between my product and yours (so it ramps up aggressively when our products also come close), you’re going to take a big hit on your bottom line. That’s because this Aura Repricer is smarter than whatever repricer you’re currently using! Not only does it use historical pricing data, but the algorithms adjust rates in real time so it perpetually stays ahead of what competitors do at any given moment – not just what they did before!

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  38. I’ve never had a problem with any repricer. If there were too many sellers, I would just list lower until it leveled out. There are good times and bad times to do that, but it still does what I need it to do. But now, with Aura Repricer, this isn’t an issue anymore! It will automatically take care of moving you up or down as needed without needing me to be a hawk on the site all day long –plus the Workflows option let me create my own rules for things like going from free shipping to regular shipping.

  39. Not everyone has the time to constantly watch prices. With Aura, you’ll be optimizing your listings 24/7, giving sellers an edge at surviving in this competitive marketplace. Plus, with all these goodies for free (like listing creation and repricing), you really can’t go wrong!

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  41. “The Buy Box is the most powerful of all Amazon marketing assets. As I was competing for my products on Amazon, it became very clear that possessing this golden nugget could spell the difference between success and failure!” “An Aura monthly subscription equates to 52 hours of repricing per month (that’s 15 second bidding cycles!) but with results like these, more hours are always better.”

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    – Aura Repricer brings out the best sellers in you with its exclusive features like price watching, inventory management, analytics reports that cover sales data for PPC campaigns or keywords charged within your product page detail descriptions; there’s also a brand new Active Deals module which analyses second tier listings to find conversion opportunities not spammed by third party retailers. Gone are the days of manually hunting down price drops on competitors’ positions across hundreds

  43. Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a lot of noise when it comes to repricing software. Seriously, every other day someone is launching a new app with an advanced algorithm and “exclusive” optimization methods. But I’m going out on a limb here and saying this product might actually make some real waves in the industry-the whole package is executed so well from start to finish!

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