Aura Repricer Review 2020 | Is It The Fastest Amazon Repricer‎?

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  • It help you to Save time
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Decreased chance of errors
  • There’s almost no level of super high meta-thinking required in inputting data.
  • Easy to use
  • It is efficient and 100% safe according to certified users.
  • It is affordable
  • Higher chance of a Buy Box
  • You can know how your competitors are setting prices
  • It help you to Increase sales
  • prices are really attractive to buyers


  • Lower profit margins

Today we have featured Aura Repricer Review with its proper insights. We have also covered its pros and con. So, let’s get started.

Aura Repricer Review 2020 | Is It The Right Tool For You‎?

As an Amazon seller, you are doing a lot – right from choosing the right product, crafting the list, loading its attractive images, etc.

But if your prices are not competitive as per the markets, then all these efforts have no meaning.

Here, we bring you the Aura Repricer, which is also called Artificial Intelligence for Amazon.

Aura Repricer Review

How Is Aura Repricer Tool Helpful?

It is not sure how Amazon assigns the buy box to the vendors, but to earn that buy box price is an essential factor.

You have to remain competitive in prices if you want to enhance your chances of getting the buy box and making sales.

Around 80% of customers use Amazon to buy the box to buy products, so if you do not have a buy box there will be no sales.

Aura Repricer Review - Best Tool For Amazon

To achieve this and to stay at the top of your repricing strategy, without wasting time in your Amazon Seller Account, buy this amazing tool called Go Aura Repricer.

You can organize this tool as per your business requirements and allow this software to make computerized pricing changes as per your business strategy.

It helps you manage up to 50,000 SKUs. 

How To Use Aura Repricer?

Here is a video from Aura Amazon Repricer on how to get started with aura reprice. Watch this video to for a newbie guide on using Aura Amazon Repricer:

Do You Require A Repricer For Amazon Business?

Auto Repricer is an amazing automated repricing tool as it is smart and uses artificial intelligence to keep you ahead and competitive in the business, and help you win Amazon’s buy box often.

It is a very smart and aggressive software, as it helps in keeping your Amazon listings competitive 24/7.

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It keeps adjusting your price every 30 to 60 seconds and straightaway connects to the Amazon marketplace to help you stay ahead from your competitors. 

Amazon Repricing For Business

Getting Amazon Aura Repricer for your business is going to be very fruitful in helping you make vital decisions. Here are the important points you must consider:

  • How productive is your repricing strategy?
  • How competitive the market is?
  • How much time you are utilizing on repricing your listings?
  • How threatening is the market?
  • Are you doing Retail Arbitrage, Private Label, and Wholesale?

Amazon Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, And Private Label?

If you are selling on Amazon using retail arbitrage or wholesale method, then having an automated repricing tool is essential.

If you have fewer products in your business, then you might not need it. You just have to observe if you are wasting a lot of time handling your Amazon listings pricings.

If yes, then you definitely need a repricing tool. 

Sellers who are using the Private Label method with many SKUs will also gain from Aura Repricer.

Aura Repricer Review

What Are The Pricing Strategies That You Can Use?

As soon as you receive Aura Repricer, you can immediately start using it because it includes pre-built pricing strategies.  

After getting a hang of the software, you can also make your custom strategies.

The pricing strategies it uses are pre-built and are out-of-the-box, thus it is important to oversee the impact of repricing strategies on your business.

Buybox Amazon Reprice Tool - Aura Repricer Review
Buybox Amazon Reprice Tool – Aura

Do not use them right away but first, understand the impact. 

Targeted Repricing 

Like said earlier, you can customize the repricing strategies and take full control of it. You can define how to challenge other vendors, like: 

  • Exclude the competitors who are not FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).
  • Ignore or choose the vendors that are out of stock or back-ordered.
  • Alter the price to maximize your profits, especially when there is no competition. 
  • Determine if you want to reprice depending on dollar amount or percentages.

Amazon Marketplaces Compatible with Aura


Aura Repricer Pricing

Aura offers a free 14-days trial for its new customers. This trial gives them an idea about the software and lets them drive to test it without the risk of losing any money.

I believe, it’s the ideal way to use this tool without risking your investment on it and 14 days is enough time to see if this automated Repricer is even helpful for your business.

Amazon Repricing Software - Aura

If you are a seller with several items, then it is advised to use only some of those items to do a test drive of Aura on them. It will help you check its performance effectively.

Once you feel satisfied and happy with the results, you can go for the monthly plan of $97 or an annual plan of $77 per month, wherein you will save 20%.

This is an essential investment for your business, and if you do not do it wisely then you can end up losing thousands of dollars to your contemporaries.

They might be doing excellent in price adjustments. So, it is better to invest in Aura Repricer for gaining profits and remaining ahead in the competition.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Why Aura Repricer Is Good For Business?

Aura Repricer is an amazing automated repricing tool as it is smart and uses artificial intelligence to keep you ahead and competitive in the business, and help you win Amazon’s buy box often.

💥 Which Amazon Marketplaces Is Aura Compatible With?

An aura is an automation tool that manages the user SKUs and helps them grow their businesses. It is a great tool to update the pricing list and acquire the buy box automatically. You have to provide data to the platform according to your business requirements, and Aura will automatically make changes in pricing depending upon the strategy you selected.

💲 Does Aura Repricer Give Free Trial?

Aura Repricer is a great tool that offers 14-day free trial. Above all, it also offers affordable pricing plans with risk-free trials.

👉 How does the Aura repricing tool help me to get the Amazon Buy Box?

Aura is a revenue analytics and Amazon repricer tool that with the help of Artificial Intelligence maximizes your time in the Amazon Buy Box and increases both sales and profits for an FBA seller. Aura Repricing Tool works by automating the repricing of your products according to the repricing strategy in accordance with your business objectives saving you countless crucial hours.

✅ How quickly does Aura reprice listings?

Aura is designed to automatically update the prices when there are changes in Amazon API. Instead of updating the prices every 5 to 15 minutes, Aura updates automatically when it detects some activity on Amazon.

⚡ How to create a simple Repricing Strategy within Aura?

Aura helps you through the process of creating a simple repricing strategy by providing you with two pre-configured strategies that can be used right away. There are two different strategies that you can choose from- Pre-configured and Custom. There are two pre-configured strategies ready to use for the customers. These are Featured Merchants, and Lowest Price. Once you select one of these two strategies, Aura starts repricing.

🎉 Can Aura reprice my Private Label products?

Yes, Aura reprices Private Label products by triggering a price change of a minimum amount of $0.01 on the listings that have witnessed a price change within the last three hours. Aura smartly raises the price of the listing and then immediately lowers it to its original pricing. This simple method forces Amazon to provide a price change which ensures that Aura has up-to-date pricing data for your inventory.

🔥 How does Aura handle Strategy or Listing changes?

If you have made any changes in Strategy or Listing, the pricing would automatically be updated at the next organic price change. As Aura is reactive, (Aura automatically updates its pricing of the inventory when it senses a change of pricing from Amazon API), the changes made will be reflected within an average time of 15 minutes. However, a reflection of the pricing change can vary depending upon the frequency of changes in pricing but the competition for every listing.

⚡ When do you need an Amazon Repricer?

To stay inside the Buy Box of the Amazon is not easy. It requires constant changes in pricing to compete with your competition. Automation software provides a detailed analysis of the trend and comes up with a price that will fit your needs of the strategy. Automated repricing software considers many different factors such as target, trend, and strategy, among others, to come up with the best pricing.

👉 What is a Repricer?

Automated Repricing software is a technology that can be programmed by the sellers to change the pricing of the listings on their behalf. This software is customized for specific goals such as being listed in the Buy Box or being able to sell a certain number of units over a defined period. After specifying a strategy, a repricer assesses market data and makes automatic changes to the prices. In this Aura Repricer review, you will know everything about an Amazon Repricer tool.

💲 Why shouldn't you use the free Amazon Repricer?

Some free Amazon repricers are not equipped enough to handle your strategic requirements and fail to deliver results. They fail to regularly update your pricing of the listings or come up with intelligent prices for your unique goals. Also, besides Amazon, the software must be equipped to handle sales at other platforms such as eBay and Walmart as well. So it is vital to choose your repricing software carefully.

😲 What pricing strategies can I use?

It is wiser to opt for a simpler and flexible pricing strategy while you can choose from – Manual and Automatic at Aura. With the automatic pricing model, you can automatically adjust all your listings. However, you can have more control over your pricing through the manual strategy depending on your preferences.

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Conclusion: Aura Repricer Review 2020

The Amazon repricing tool has complaints regarding the repricing because it always reprices downwards.

The price of your product goes down only when there is competition. So, it is always a good move to have an efficient repricing tool like Aura Repricer that uses Artificial Intelligence to adjust the prices. It will keep you competitive at all times.

Not only this, but it also identifies when your competitors are out of stock, and when there is no competition, in order to adjust your prices to boost the profits.

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