Aura Repricer Review 2023 | ( Pros & Cons) Is It The Fastest Amazon Repricer‎?

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Aura Repricer Review


With the use of automatic Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Aura maximizes your time in the Amazon Buy Box, increasing both sales & profits for FBA.

Out of 10


  • It help you to Save time
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Decreased chance of errors
  • Easy to use
  • It is affordable
  • It help you to Increase sales
  • Higher chance of a Buy Box
  • It is efficient and 100% safe according to certified users.
  • There’s almost no level of super high meta-thinking required in inputting data.
  • You can know how your competitors are setting prices


  • Lower profit margins


Price: $ 57

Today, I have featured Aura Repricer with its proper insights. I have covered its pros and cons.

I have also covered the difference between BQool And Aura; read the full article to know more about this deal. In this article, I’m going to outline the following so you can make up your mind:

  • What Is Aura Repricer
  • How Aura Repricer works and how much it costs
  • What features make Aura a great tool
  • Some Areas where Aura Repricer can improve (My Opinion)

So let’s get started.

Aura Review.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Trusted by over 50,000 small & large organizations Aura Repricer is one of the finest companies in automatic Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Aura Repricer help me to maximize my Amazon Sales With the Best Amazon Repricer & Revenue Analytics and really helps me to increase both sales and profits


Aura Repricer Review 2023 | Is It The Right Tool For You‎?

As an Amazon seller, you are doing a lot – from choosing the right product, crafting the list, loading its attractive images, etc.

But if your prices are not competitive as per the markets, all these efforts have no meaning.

Here, I bring you the Aura Repricer, also called Artificial Intelligence for Amazon.

Aura Repricer Review

What Is An Amazon Repricer?

A repricing tool will automatically adjust your product prices on your behalf.

They will generally follow a set of guidelines that you have established, freeing you more of your time to focus on building the firm by finding more products.

A repricing tool will link to your Seller Central account, primarily your Amazon marketplaces, and track how the prices of your products change over time.

The system considers changing your price based on your repricing strategy settings with each price change in the Buy Box.


If it concludes that your product’s price needs to be updated, it will quickly calculate and submit the price adjustment to Amazon.

You boost your chances of winning the Buy Box, which accounts for 82% of organic sales, by using automation. You’ll need to use technology to change product prices as rapidly as possible. No matter how quickly we type, it will never be as fast as a computer running code.

Why Do I Need an Amazon Repricer?

Having a repricing tool in your arsenal is essential for the success of your Amazon business in 2022 for a few key reasons, so let’s go over them quickly before we get into Aura Repricer.

1. Time-Saving

The first reason is that it saves time, which is probably the most important for most business owners. By not having to check and change the prices of your items by hand every day, you’ll save a lot of time that you can use in other parts of your business.

2. Free Up Money

If you’ve been an FBA seller for a while, you may have been stuck with old stock, a big pile of cash you can’t get to. Using a repricing tool and the right repricing plan, you might be able to get rid of old stock and get your money back.

3. Get the “Buy Box”

When we talk about lowering prices, we don’t just mean cutting them down to the bone and taking a loss. No one wants to be in a race to the bottom, but some smart ways to set prices can help you sell more and increase your chances of getting the buy-box.

Up to 90% of sales on Amazon are said to happen in the “buy box,” so using an Amazon repricing tool should be an essential part of your Amazon business.

How To Use Aura Repricer?

Here is a video from Aura Amazon Repricer on how to get started with Aura Reprice. Watch this video for a newbie guide on using Aura Amazon Repricer:

How To Use the Amazon Repricing Tool?

Even while many systems, such as Aura, enable fast repricing, the repricing strategy you adopt will determine whether or not you are successful. In most cases, I advise my clients to employ an Oscillation Strategy since this approach strikes a fair balance between expanding sales and preserving a healthy net profit.

Any tool that you want to use will require a few data items to function:

  • Minimum and Maximum pricing
  • The method put into action
  • Currently available stock

Features of Aura Repricer:

Aura Repricer offers a range of powerful features designed to help e-commerce sellers optimize their pricing strategies and compete effectively in the online marketplace. Here are some key features of Aura Repricer:

  1. Own the Buy Box: Aura Repricer is equipped to help you win the Buy Box on platforms like Amazon. By dynamically adjusting your product prices based on competition and market conditions, the repricer aims to increase your chances of securing the Buy Box, which is critical for maximizing sales.
  2. Winning Strategies: Aura Repricer allows you to implement various pricing strategies tailored to your business goals. You can choose from strategies like price beating, profit maximization, or maintaining a specific target price. This flexibility ensures you can adapt your pricing approach to changing market dynamics.
  3. Easily Define Your Competitors: You can define and track your competitors effortlessly using Aura Repricer. This feature enables you to keep a close eye on the pricing strategies of your competitors, allowing you to adjust your prices in response to their changes and maintain a competitive edge.
  4. See Key Metrics: Aura Repricer provides you with valuable insights through key metrics and analytics. You can track your sales performance, pricing history, and the impact of repricing strategies on your revenue. This data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions to improve your pricing tactics over time.

Do You Require A Repricer For Amazon Business?

Auto Repricer is a fantastic automated repricing tool. It is smart and uses artificial intelligence to keep you ahead and competitive in the business and help you win Amazon’s buy box often.

It is a brilliant and aggressive software that helps keep your Amazon listings competitive 24/7.

  • Want to know if Zen Arbitrage is a legitimate Amazon business? Check out our complete review by clicking here.

It keeps adjusting your price every 30 to 60 seconds and connects to the Amazon marketplace straightaway to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Amazon Repricing For Business Review

Getting Amazon Aura Repricer for your business will be very fruitful in helping you make vital decisions. Here are the important points you must consider:

  • How productive is your repricing strategy?
  • How competitive the market is?
  • How much time you are utilizing on repricing your listings?
  • How threatening is the market?
  • Are you doing Retail Arbitrage, Private Label, and Wholesale?


How Do You Use Amazon Aura Repricer?

It is unclear how Amazon assigns the buy box to the vendors, but earning that buy box price is essential.

You have to remain competitive in prices if you want to enhance your chances of getting the buy box and making sales.

Around 80% of customers use Amazon to buy the box to buy products, so there will be no sales if you do not have a buy box.

Aura Repricer Review - Best Tool For Amazon

To achieve this and to stay at the top of your repricing strategy without wasting time in your Amazon Seller Account, buy this amazing tool called Go Aura Repricer.

You can organize this tool per your business requirements and allow this software to make computerized pricing changes per your business strategy.

It helps you manage up to 50,000 SKUs. 

What Is The Role Of A Repricer?

Amazon sellers can evaluate and change their product prices versus those of competitors without having to know who they are or what their items are.

This ensures that a seller’s offer remains displayed and in contention for the Buy Box even when you are sleeping.



With the Best Amazon Repricer & Revenue Analytics. With the use of automatic Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

💰  Price

$ 57

😍  Pros

Aura, a SaaS that helps Amazon sellers reprice their inventory using A

😩  Cons

It takes time to work.


With the use of automatic Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Aura maximizes your time in the Amazon Buy Box, increasing both sales & profits for FBA.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Can’t I Reprice Manually, or is Automatic Repricing Better?

Without a doubt, you could spend the entire day manually revising prices, but doing so requires a significant amount of time.

If you only have a limited selection of products in your catalog, then it’s certainly a possibility; but, we don’t like to engage in petty competition around here!

Therefore, the response to this question will be very dependent on the circumstances you are now in.

If you are currently investing time in your Amazon business because you do not yet have extra income to invest in automating the firm, then manual repricing may be the best choice for you at this moment.

But there must come a point when you remove yourself from the day-to-day operations of your company so that you can concentrate on the expansion of that company. Because of this, having Amazon repricing tools as a part of your business is necessary.

Amazon Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, And Private Label?

An automated repricing tool is essential if you sell on Amazon using retail arbitrage or wholesale method.

If you have fewer products in your business, then you might not need them. You have to observe if you are wasting a lot of time handling your Amazon listing prices.

Aura Repricer Review BQool vs Aura

If yes, then you need a repricing tool. 

Sellers using the Private Label method with many SKUs will also gain from Aura Repricer.

Pros & Cons of Aura Repricer:

Pros Cons
  • Automatically adjust prices based on competition and market conditions.
  • Repricing products too aggressively can result in a price war that harms the profits
  • Optimizes prices based on shipping costs and fees to increase profit & competitiveness.
  • Repricing tools can harm benefits in competitive markets.
  • Automated repricing can save time when managing a large inventory.
  • Repricing tools offer customizable pricing strategies with limit & rule options.

How Does Amazon Repricing Help Me To Win the Buy Box?

When it comes to the standards that determine who gets Amazon’s coveted “Buy Box,” the online retailer is notoriously tight-lipped. However, through straightforward analysis and a bit of trial and error, I’ve found that Buy Box winners typically have a few characteristics, including the following:

  1. The Lowest Price: The price is the “weighted” aspect that has the most influence on who gets the Buy Box. You will have the best chance of getting the buy box if you match the price of the lowest offer on an Amazon listing or price your product just slightly lower than it.
  2. Quick Handling and Shipment Times: In close second place is the question of handling and shipping times. Both are essential components to achieving success in the Buy Box competition. Amazon gives the ability to ship quickly, mostly through their Fulfillment by Amazon service, the highest priority when determining which products are worthy of the Buy Box. This is done expressly with Prime customers in mind.
  3. A High Feedback Rating: Provided that all other factors remain the same, the Buy Box will most often be awarded to the seller who has had the highest average feedback rating over the past 12 months; the number of ratings is also considered. Therefore, if you are just getting started now, get started today
  4. All Items Must Be in New Condition: In order to be eligible for the Amazon Buy Box, all items must be in brand-new condition. Although a used item may appear in the Used Buy Box, it will not be eligible for the Buy Box that is displayed by default.

Aura repricing does not immediately affect delivery times or your account’s feedback rating; nevertheless, it will keep your prices lower than those of your competitors at all times and ensure that they are always the lowest across all of your listings.

In addition, the primary value-adds that Amazon Aura brings to your company can take the form of a number of different things.

Aura Repricer Pricing Plans

Aura offers a free 14-day trial for its new customers. This trial gives them an idea about the software and lets them drive to test it without the risk of losing any money.

I believe, it’s the ideal way to use this tool without risking your investment on it and 14 days is enough time to see if this automated Repricer is even helpful for your business.

aura pricing

If you are a seller with several items, then it is advised to use only some of those items to do a test drive of Aura on them. It will help you check its performance effectively.

Once you feel satisfied and happy with the results, you can go for a monthly plan of $97 or an annual plan of $77, saving 20%.

This is an essential investment for your business, and if you do not do it wisely, you can lose thousands of dollars to your contemporaries.

They might be doing excellent in price adjustments. So, it is better to invest in Aura Repricer to gain profits and remain ahead of the competition.

Any good FBA Repricer will include pre-built pricing strategies to help you get started quickly; once you’re more familiar with the platform, you can set up your own custom strategies.

Their pre-built pricing strategies work immediately, so we recommend using them first. However, monitor the impact of repricing strategies on your top and bottom lines.

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What Are The GoAura Pricing Strategies That You Can Use?

As soon as you receive Aura Repricer, you can immediately start using it because it includes pre-built pricing strategies.  

You can also make custom strategies after getting a hang of the software.

The pricing strategies it uses are pre-built and out-of-the-box, thus it is important to oversee the impact of repricing strategies on your business.

Buybox Amazon Reprice Tool - Aura Repricer Review
Buybox Amazon Reprice Tool – Aura

Do not use them right away but first, understand the impact. 

Targeted Repricing 

As said earlier, you can customize the repricing strategies and take full control of them. You can define how to challenge other vendors, like: 

  • Exclude the competitors who are not FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).
  • Ignore or choose the vendors that are out of stock or back-ordered.
  • Alter the price to maximize your profits, especially when there is no competition. 
  • Determine if you want to reprice depending on dollar amount or percentages.

Amazon Marketplaces Compatible with Aura


Aura Repricer Real Customer Review & Testimonials


Me and my partner have been using repricing tools on and off over the last couple of years to keep the ball rolling on our prices on our Amazon channel.

Originally we had signed up for informed but then moved over to RepricerExpress to help manage our small inventory. They had some really helpful and knowledgeable staff and helped us swing into action and get everything up and running.

We have now been moved over to and at first it was a little bit daunting but now we are pleasantly surprised with all the new features we have access to. The people we have dealt with have been pleasent and know their stuff.

Like it a lot. You can get quick answer if you need. Even they setup a face to face meeting to explain how to use the program effectively.

Really Powerful software. It can take a while to get to grips with it but support really helped me.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Related To Aura Repricer Review

✅ Why Aura Repricer Is Good For Business?

Aura Repricer is an amazing automated repricing tool as it is smart and uses artificial intelligence to keep you ahead and competitive in the business, and help you win Amazon’s buy box often.

💥 Which Amazon Marketplaces Is Aura Compatible With?

An aura is an automation tool that manages the user SKUs and helps them grow their businesses. It is a great tool to update the pricing list and acquire the buy box automatically.

✅ How quickly does Aura reprice listings?

Aura is designed to automatically update the prices when there are changes in Amazon API. Instead of updating the prices every 5 to 15 minutes, Aura updates automatically when it detects some activity on Amazon.

🎉 Can Aura reprice my Private Label products?

Yes, Aura reprices Private Label products by triggering a price change of a minimum amount of $0.01 on the listings that have witnessed a price change within the last three hours. Aura smartly raises the price of the listing and then immediately lowers it to its original pricing.

😲 What pricing strategies can I use?

It is wiser to opt for a simpler and flexible pricing strategy while you can choose from – Manual and Automatic at Aura. With the automatic pricing model, you can automatically adjust all your listings. However, you can have more control over your pricing through the manual strategy depending on your preferences.

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Conclusion: Aura Repricer Review 2023

The Amazon repricing tool has complaints regarding the repricing because it always reprices downwards.

The price of your product goes down only when there is competition. So, it is always a good move to have an efficient repricing tool like Aura Repricer that uses Artificial Intelligence to adjust the prices. It will keep you competitive at all times.

Not only this, but it also identifies when your competitors are out of stock, and when there is no competition, in order to adjust your prices to boost profits.

Aura Launch – Repricing, Reimagined – Own the Amazon Buy Box

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