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  • All the users, including Mac users as well as Windows users, can use it.
  • You can try the product for seven days before making the actual purchase to get the hang of it.
  • It suits the amateurs and beginners with easy to understand features and detailed instructions to follow.
  • It’s easy to navigate all the main features of the program
  • You can apply them to your videos easily by drag and drop actions.
  • Supports all the significant video formats (WMV, MP4, AVI, H.264, 3GP) and WMA to MP3
  • Supports all the significant video formats (WMV, MP4, AVI, H.264, 3GP) and WMA to MP3
  • Supports 180 portable devices
  • High speed converting
  • Movavi Video Converter powerful innovative new features
  • Easy to upload to YouTube


  • Some video editing enthusiasts find the software on the expensive side in terms of budget.

Today we have featured Movavi Review, with its proper insights, we have also covered its pros and cons, so let’s get started… Are you one of those who likes to edit the videos before putting them across for others to watch?

Do you want to see your computer doing professional video editing work? Here is a software suite, Movavi that can help you with your video editing work, especially if you are an amateur.

Let us review this software in detail to understand how well it can work for you.

What Is Movavi?

Movavi is a video editing software suite that can help you trim your videos, add music, and use other editing tools to make your work look more professional.

You might not get all those editing tools in Movavi that the pro professionals use; however, it has enough tools that you would enjoy as an amateur.

Movavi Review - Safe - Multimedia - Software - for - Windows - Movavi
Movavi Review Safe Multimedia Software for Windows Movavi

The clipping tool that comes in as a built-in feature is the most attractive feature of Movavi. Using this feature, you can clip a small portion of a video from a lengthy one and make it into a separate video itself.

It allows you to add graphics and music to this new video, thus helping you create a new file.

This software also supports different extensions for the file and enables you to edit them in the future as well.

The one thing to be aware of while purchasing this video editing software is that there are different versions available in the market.

If you want the latest version, then you can buy it from the Movavi website directly; however, the older versions are available on the Amazon website as well.

There are other products available under the name Movavi. We shall throw some light on these products as well in this review.

Who Can Go For It?

Some people love shooting videos regularly on their smartphones or handy cams.

Nevertheless, when they want to present them to their friends and relatives or post them on social media, they do not want others to see the common mistakes that happen during the shoot.

Camera shaking or moving, the subject head being cut off, shooting in a darker background, too much lighting in the filming set, and wrong filters being used are some of the regular mistakes that an amateur makes while shooting the videos.

Movavi Review - Video Editing Tool

Sometimes, these mistakes can be costly that video may not be in a viewable form.

Movavi is that software that can convert such videos into a presentable form through different editing tools.

Using Movavi, you can edit your old videos and make some new videos from them that you may feel confident to post in your social media account.

This software allows you to bring different sections of one video together to create a new video.

In addition, you can also extract different sections of multiple videos and make a new video.

Although a few novice users find this software difficult to use, most of the users feel easy to follow the instructions and can make the best use of all the editing tools offered by the software.

Hence, it can be recommended to everyone who has a flair for learning the basic video editing as well as some advanced tools.

If you want to use all the editing tools, then go for the full version of this software and get thorough with the commonly used editing tools.

Movavi Products

As we are doing a complete Movavi review, we have decided to include all the products sold under Movavi’s name in this section. 

Movavi Video Suite:

The top-selling product of the company is the Movavi Video Suite, which has professional editing tools to allow users to make changes they want.

While this software is designed for computers, Movavi has created editing tools for smartphones and Tablets as well.

Below, we are listing down a few products that can benefit you if you are using a smartphone to shoot and edit the video.

Movavi Clips:

If your heart is in shooting the videos using your smartphone and need an easy way to edit them without transferring them to a computer, Movavi video clips can give you the solution.

Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can download this application to your device, provided it is an Android device.

Video - Maker - Free - Download - of - Movavi - Movavi Clips

Using this free tool, you can clip a section from an existing video to create a new one. It also lets you add music to your video before saving it.

Movavi 360 Video Editor:

This software is designed for personal computers. If you have an old PC that runs Windows XP operating system, then you can use this software.

Generally, most of the software programs become incompatible with older versions. However, Movavi 360 Video Editor is compatible with newer as well as older Windows OS versions, be it Windows 10 or Windows XP.

You can do basic video editing using this software. It also supports certain other functions

Movavi - Video - Editor - Free - Download - Video - Editing - Software

like adding credits at the end of the video, creating a transition effect, if you are creating a video using images, adding music to the video, etc.

Once you complete the editing work, you can preview the video before presenting it to others.

Whether you want to share the video on social media accounts or upload it to YouTube, you can do so within minutes using this software.

Movavi Slideshow Maker:

One of the best ways of sharing photos with your friends and relatives online is through Slideshows, especially when you have a series of photos to share.

There are different software programs and applications available that help you create Slideshows.

Movavi Slideshow Maker is one such software and is rated amongst the best. It has hundreds of transition effects and thirty plus titles for customization.

It also provides you different filters if you like to add some fun to the Slideshow.

The instructions given in the software on how to create a new Slideshow are so easy that even a beginner can benefit from it.

Movavi Video Converter 19:

Whenever you find some good videos on YouTube, it is natural that you wish to save them on your personal computer.

Movavi Video Converter 19 is a software from the brand that lets you capture and convert videos of any extension or format.

This software program can also work on different platforms that you use every day.

Movavi - Review - Video - Converter - 19

If you want to extract audio clips from any of the videos, you can do so using this Movavi software.

Thus, saving your favorite music to your PC is not a challenge anymore. It also comes with basic editing tools that you may want to use on the videos that you have saved.

Movavi Video Editor For Business: Movavi Review

The only software Movavi has created for professional use is the Movavi Video Editor for Business.  The companies can create videos that can be used as commercials or advertisements online.

In addition, if companies want to create videos targeting the clients, they can easily do so using this software package.

While it costs more than the other Movavi products, it is definitely worth buy for the companies who need to create videos often to improve their business.

When you purchase Movavi Video Editor Business, you get two activation keys, thus allowing you to use the software on two different computers.

You also get a personal account manager to support you in your work editing work. The big companies like Google and Intel make use of this software to support their business.

What Is The Price Of Movavi? 

Well, it is natural for you to get curious about how much you will have to spend to buy this software, especially if you are a video editing enthusiast. It depends on the product you are willing to buy and the version of it.

By visiting the Movavi’s official website, you can compare the prices of all the products available along with their usage and applicability.

You can go for the Movavi Free Suite, the seven-day trial version of the Movavi Software Suite, to try to see how well this software suite works for you before making the actual payment.

After the completion of the full seven days, you will be asked to upgrade to the paid version to continue to use the software.

The full version of Movavi Software Suite for the Windows version costs around $149.85 and the business version of the software suite costs a little more extra, at around $169.95, but comes with a business license.

Movavi - Multimedia - Software - Pricing Policy

These two software packages come with a single activation code, allowing you to install the software on a single computer.

You can also buy the older version of the Movavi Software Suite at a reduced price of around $70 and maybe lesser than that as well.

Sometimes you can also enjoy the special deals offered by the company from time to time on their website.

Should You Buy Movavi Software Suite?

Our objective is to ensure that before you decide to buy this software and use it on your computer, you are a hundred percent sure that it is the software you want to use.

Hence, we have tried to reason out when you should go for this software suite and when you can decide to skip purchasing it.

Most of the customers of Movavi Software Suite feel it is worth their money because they have an option to buy the version that suits their budget.

People who do not require all the professional tools, can go for the older versions and save money, especially in the beginner stage.

Movavi Video - Editing Software

Nevertheless, those who have no budget constraints but require the best version can purchase the latest edition that offers professional tools and features.

Movavi has also released a Mac version for Apple users along with the Windows version to support all types of users.

In addition, the Windows version of Movavi Software Suite is compatible with the older Operating Systems of Windows, such as XP and Vista.

What works in favor of Movavi is that users with traditional computers, as well as touchscreens, can comfortably use the software.

As a touchscreen user, you can simply touch the selections to use the software. However, if the touch is very sensitive, the chances are high that you make the wrong selection touches.

As a video editor, you will be attracted to the Movavi software suite because it allows you to edit any video, including shaky videos that you might have shot using the smartphone.

Movavi Review - Video - Editing Software

At the same time, it is good to edit even the high-quality videos shot on camcorders.       

Another important reason for you to buy the Movavi software suite is the company’s customer service department.

Usually, the customer service is limited in case of a software purchase; however, when you purchase Movavi, reaching the customer representative is quite easy.

By visiting the official website, you can have a chat with one of the customer representatives live. These representatives help you with the instructions to download the software or can even listen to your problem if you want a refund.

Please keep in mind that despite all this support from the customer care, a few Movavi customers have complained that customer support could not give them the solution in certain cases.

If you have a question in mind as to whether Movavi is a safe purchase, you do not have to worry anymore.

You can use the trial version for full seven days and then can upgrade to the paid version only if you feel comfortable using it.

If you are searching for a free video editing software to download, you may get some packages on the internet.

However, one needs to be extremely cautious while downloading the free software programs as they usually have spyware with them.

When you download them, even the spyware gets downloaded, which will track all your online activities and may transfer your important details to another computer.

Sometimes, the risk is in the form of adware that keeps the ads running on your computer when you are running other programs. The only solution to this issue is to download the software only from trustworthy sources.

Movavi Review – The Competition

Video editing tools, today, face severe competition in the market. Movavi is one of the top names when it comes to video editing software suites. Few other brands in the market are also performing well, such as Movie Studio 13 Platinum from Sony, PowerDirector 16 Ultra from Cyberlink, etc. 

Movie Studio 13 Platinum is suitable for both amateurs as well as the professionals and offers an option to upload the video on social media directly.

Whenever this software identifies that you have an issue using the software, it pops the bubbles.

Noise - Reduction - Software - How - to - Fix - Grainy - Photos

It costs somewhere around the same price as Movavi Software and has a built-in support function for touchscreen users.

PowerDirector 16 Ultra has professional editing tools and provides a professional quality finish to the videos.

It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher operating systems of Windows and works best for the professional video editors. You can either buy the version that is delivered to your home or can download it online directly.

Using this software package, you can use a maximum of seven clips at a time to create a new video.

It offers you special editing tools that you cannot get in the Movavi package. Obviously, you will also pay a higher price to buy this software suite as compared to Movavi.

Those who are looking for a cheaper video editing tool may want to consider FotoWorks XL. The latest version of this software has many features and can run on all the operating systems from Windows XP to the latest version of Windows.

This software has all the buttons on the top of the screen, making it different from the other software suites.

Another software program that can offer you an ultimate video editing experience is Director Suite 365, as it comes with the same tools that a photo editing software offers.

It allows you to edit photos as well as videos and comes with certain audio editing tools for an ultimate experience.

However, the biggest problem with this software is that it is not easy to use. Instructions are often confusing, and features are difficult to understand.

It is an expensive software package not suitable for beginners and amateurs.

Pros And Cons Of Movavi Review

Any software package has its own pros and cons. Let us look into some of the advantages and disadvantages of Movavi Software Suite below.


  • All the users, including Mac users as well as Windows users, can use it.
  • You can try the product for seven days before making the actual purchase to get the hang of it.
  • It suits the amateurs and beginners with easy to understand features and detailed instructions to follow. 


  • A few customers have complained that customer representatives could not help them with some specific issues.
  • Some video editing enthusiasts find the software on the expensive side in terms of budget.

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Conclusion: Movavi Review 2020 | Create Outstanding Video 

Movavi is a software suite that works the best for amateurs as well as professional video editors as it has features suitable to both the type of users.

The instructions are easy to follow, and one can easily get used to the features. However, there are customers who have negatively reviewed the product owing to the problem, such as the inability to use all the tools offered by the software. 

If you want to buy the software, go for the trial version of it and get familiar with all the tools so that you can make your final decision.

It may take a few days for any video editor to get used to the software before start uploading the finished videos online.

So, give yourself a few days to get through with all the tools. The time is not far that you surprise your friends and family with interesting videos created by you. 


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