Movavi Review 2023 🥇 Is Movavi Any Good? (Movavi Video Editor Plus Review) Movavi Video Editor Pricing, Pros & Cons

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Customer Support
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Editing Tools


  • User Friendly Interface
  • Quick Installation
  • Built-In Training
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • Available in 15 languages
  • Tons of Editing Tools
  • Free Version for 7-days
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Detailed How-To guide


  • Slow Rendering
  • No free masking
  • Lack of Control

Movavi is completely safe to download. It is a software suite that works the best for amateurs as well as professional video editors as it has features suitable to both the type of users.

Price:$ 70

Are you one of those who likes to edit the videos before putting them across for others to watch? Are you looking to build your brand with video editing?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is expected to be 11% growth in the employment of film and video content editors between 2018 and 2028. That’s why a video editing tool like Movavi is getting all the attention it deserves.

Movavi is a video editing tool of the 21st century designed with uniqueness and a modern interface. Movavi can surely help you with your video editing work, especially if you are an amateur.

In this post, I have shared the detailed Movavi Review 2023 and if this video editor software is safe to use! Let us read in detail about the Movavi video editor software to understand how it can work for you.

Bottom Line Up Front:

Movavi is a software suite that works the best for amateurs as well as professional video editors as it has features suitable to both the type of users. It offers tons of features and functionalities  Though, it has some inconsistencies and bugs that need to be resolved. Movavi also offers tons of products such as Video suite, Video editor plus, screen recorder, photo editor,  But, the seven-day free trial and some amazing discounts make Movavi a viable choice for the video editors.

Movavi is a top-notch tool that is recommended for the newbies as well as for the professionals. It has a large team of authors and experts along with wide customer base. Try Movavi video editor and other products by downloading it for free.

Content Outline

What is Movavi Video Editor?

Movavi is a video editing software suite that can help you trim your videos, add music, and use other editing tools to make your work look more professional.

You might not get all those tools in Movavi that the pro professionals use; however, it has enough tools that you would enjoy as an amateur.

Movavi Overview- movavi review

The clipping tool that comes in as a built-in feature is the most attractive feature of Movavi. Using this feature, you can clip a small portion of a video from a lengthy one and make it into a separate video itself.

It allows you to add graphics and music to this new video, thus helping you create a new file.  This software also supports different extensions for the file and enables you to edit them in the future.

Currently, It has reached version 12 for Windows and Movavi version 4 for macOS with support to 14 languages.

movavi video editors stats- movavi video editor review

The one thing to be aware of while purchasing this software is that there are different versions available in the market.

If you want the latest version, then you can buy it from the website directly; however, the older versions are available on the Amazon website as well.

There are other products available under the name Movavi. We shall throw some light on these products in this review.

Who Is Behind Movavi?

Sergei Pavlishin is the CEO and founder of Movavi. Started in 2004, Movavi has come a long way and one of the most trusted video editing tools.

Movavi founder- movavi video editor review

Movavi started back in 2004 and since then, they have emerged out as the best video editing platform with new feathers. Sergie and his team have made lots of efforts to create this tool most accessible for everyone. 

Movavi milestones and vision- movavi video suite review

In my review, I have covered various questions and by the end, you will understand why Movavi is a must-have video editing tool. 

– What is Movavi?

– Why use Movavi?

– How to use Movavi for video editing?

– Pros and cons of using Movavi?

– Who should use Movavi?

– Is it worth the price?

– Would I recommend this software to friends or family members who want to edit videos on a budget?

– Tips and Tricks to use Movavi Video Editor Plus?

There are so many video editing software available in the market. It is quite hard to find the right one that suits your needs and requirements.

Movavi Video Editor is an affordable and easy-to-use video editing software. It offers a range of features to make high-quality videos. It a simple and intuitive software with a user-friendly interface that lets you create professional videos without any difficulty.

Is Movavi Safe To Download?

Yes. Movavi is 100% safe to download. You can download Movavi for free from their official site.

Once you begin the installation process, it will be installed within seconds. The installation wizard wouldn’t ask you for any permissions. Click on Start and the Movavi Video Editor is ready to launch. Here is how the Movavi looks after the launch.

Chances are that you might get lost in the overwhelming number of features that Movavi offers. But stay calm and you can also try some amazing guides.

Movavi dashboard for editing video- movavi reviews

I have given the complete how-to guide of Movavi below in this review. In this review, I will be sharing only about the video editor and video suite software.

Who Is Movavi For? 

Be it the amateur or the expert, Movavi has a lot of things to offer you. It comes with tons of features and effects that make editing a breeze.

This video tool is for someone who wants to maximize their video audience by directly sharing it on the streaming platforms. For creating engaging, informative and professionally designed videos, this video editor is an amazing choice.

When it comes to customer support, interface or pricing, Movavi offers incredible value for money.

Here are some amazing use cases for Movavi editor:

  • Video Ads: Movavi video editor lets you create quick and professional-looking video ads within minutes. Just pick your tools and you will be able to create the video ads.
  • YouTube videos: For the YouTube video creators, this editor works well for the gaming, tutorial or other creators who want to add effects or split the videos. It creates footage for a high-quality, professional-looking end result.
  • Product Demo Videos: Movavi has a knowledge base that gives a detailed guide for creating step-by-step product guide videos.

How To Use Movavi Video Editor? (Step By Step Guide)

With the easy-to-use video editor, you will be able to create compelling videos in no time. The installation is quick and simple. There are no passwords or accounts to be created on the platform.  

User Interface

Movavi’s clean, intuitive interface is easy to learn, even if you have not used a video editor before. The library navigation is a super slick combination of timecode and progress bar. 

Though it still has quite a few shortcomings when it comes to making videos with professional results. 

The design is simple and modern, with intuitive icons and buttons so to import, cut or adjust the timing of clips. The dashboard has all the tools you need to help turn your videos into awesome projects. 

Someone who has earlier used a tool like TechSmith Camtasia will find Movavi fairly easy to use. Both of these tools have almost the same type of interface and the right side of the editing window has all the editing tools.

If you have just downloaded it, the tool gives a tutorial and set up guide along with the use of each video editing feature.

Adding files in movavi- movavi video plus review

Though the user interface is pretty simple and the design becomes fairly easy. If you are looking to learn more, you must check out the Help section or knowledgebase section to know more about how Movavi works.

Click on Add Files to import your video and drag this video to the left hand panel of the editor.

Movavi editing window- Movavi windows review

Just like Camtasia, you can trim or edit any part of the video. You can also expand the track which will eventually increase the length of that part of the section.

Screen Capture or Recording Video

Further, the screen capture feature enables us to record the screen. This is a great tool for the presenters or for creating demo videos. Just click on the Capture screencast to start recording your screen. You can either record your whole screen or choose to record the specific part of the screen.

Movavi capture screenshot- movavi video capture review

Similarly, recording a video using the webcam could be of great help for Movavi users. By simply clicking on the ‘Record Video’, you can start recording the video. For those making tutorial videos or something, this option is a great plus.

Editing Capabilities

Movavi is the ultimate video editing tool and has a huge array of features to make the videos look great. In the beginning, I had few issues finding the things in place. Later, the editing tools, effects and transitions were applied swiftly. You can also use sound, music and background effects to edit your videos. 

The process is unbelievably clear and simple, utilizing a drag and drop interface that allows you to create videos with minimum editing. 

Tutorial videos are also available on the channel and support option. It works fast and handles pretty much everything, and easy to use editor.  The editing tools are quite intriguing. However, the cropping of a video might be slightly complicated leaving some constraints.  

The main editing capabilities include the :

  • Filters
  • Transitions
  • Titles
  • Stickers


Now, there are a number of editing filters that can be applied to the video. These filters are categorized into different forms and you can also preview the changes.

Movavi video filters- movavi video plus review

Some of the most intriguing filters include:

  • Broken Lens
  • Autumny Leaves
  • Noise- B&W
  • Blur Filters
  • Artistic
  • Light Leaks and
  • Color Filters


This is another bells and whistles that make it a better alternative to Camtasia. Using the transition feature, you have the ability to join two clips together and form a nice animation.

Adding the transition can be a breeze here. Just right-click on the video and you can add the transition right before or after the video clip.

Movavi transitions effects- movavi video editor plus review

Here are some amazing transitions:

  • Barn Door
  • Blinds Out/In
  • Parallax
  • Artistic
  • Fade In/Out
  • Circle In/Out
  • Mosaic
  • Puzzle
  • Warps and much more…


Titles can be used to add captions to the videos. You can add ordinary texts, intro text, credit, speech bubbles and other forms of texts. These texts can also be used in videos in the form of subtitles.

Movavi titles- movavi video editor plus review


Stickers are a fun way to add to your video. Just Add the sticker to the video by right-clicking and drop the sticker to the video. You can move and resize the sticker to the video as according to the size.

Video stickers- movavi pricing

Video Effects

The background music can also be added to the video, or even a catchy tune is available.  All this is included without having any additional charges or any external paid services. 

The editor may be basic in design and interface but includes powerful tools to fulfil all the needs. The video and photo effects have been challenging to use, but the guide has sorted out the problems. 

Though the effects seem to be much more basic and straightforward, you can upgrade them to find more in the store. Apart from this, there are a number of additional editing features to add to your video. 

Similar to other tools, you can preview and apply changes later.

Now, the editing tools are no less than the wizard.

Video Stabilization

One of the most highlighted features of the Movavi video editor is the video stabilization method. It ensures that the camera shakes during recording does not cause any effect to the video.  I even tried to correct and stabilize the video that was shaken. Well, the Movavi editor can stabilize the minor to moderate shakes. You can also choose to increase the accuracy level and stabilization to adjust the video.


This option is a great feature to put one video over another layer of the video. To put a picture-in-picture effect, the videos can be edited in the form of different tracks. You can change the position and size of the video by using the tracks.

Once done save the result and export the video in any format that you want.

Movavi overlay- movavi review

Highlight and Conceal

These features are great if you are looking to hide or highlight a specific part of the video. You can use this option to highlight the part of the video by selecting or dragging the cursor on that part of the video.  These features are a great plus if you are creating the fast-moving videos and want to only highlight certain parts.

Chroma Key 

Chroma Key can be used to replace the object or background in a video or photo. I was looking for this feature for recording the sessions and webinars. Movavi video suite is indeed one of the most intriguing tool when it comes to the features like Chroma key. You can use this feature to replace the green screen or another background with coloured backgrounds or other images and videos.

Chroma key- movavi review
Chroma Key


Movavi is an amazing video editor that comes with professional video editing tools and comes with a free trial.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

7-Day trial

😩  Cons

Watermark is present in free version.


Movavi is the best video editor with almost no bugs to report! It comes for free and has powerful effects and transitions with various tools for video editing. It is the best tool that I have used in such a pricing.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Project Workflow

One of the drawbacks to Movavi is its Workflow. The interface is not cluttered with options. 

The options available are surely the ones everyone was looking for. While it’s a capable video editor, it still lacks many features found in similar video editing programs. 

Think of it as making a vacation video for all the social media channels. You don’t even require any other software too. 

It is just a workload of seven steps that will be needed to edit a video. However, that doesn’t mean it is the most complicated ones. 

All you need is to follow these steps:

Step 1: Add Media to the program.

Step 2: Double-click the video and add it to the track. You can now split the video and form different segments.

Step 3: Add the effects that you want to try. You can preview the changes.

Step 4: Try as many effects and transitions or filters to the video.

Step 5: You can also add the soundtrack or background music to the video slides.

Step 6: Export the video and download in any format that you want.

If you are looking to learn more about the Movavi editor, check out these How-to guides on Movavi.

The tool also offers a wide range of output options covering all the formats of video and audio. 

The image or video output received will always be on a positive note for users. It’s easy for those who want to start quickly and will enjoy the rendering features and options in their way. 

You can also share the video on active streaming platforms. All the videos made and saved can also be shared on Google Drive or all social media accounts. After completing the project, don’t just render it out. Export it to a number of file formats to upload the video to multiple outlets. 

Is Movavi Easy To Use? 

In my opinion, the Movavi editor has a clean and sleek interface. Just drop the video to the slide and double click on the options to add filters or effects to it!

Trust me! It is that easy.

Movavi influencer reviews- Review of Movavi video editor

The app works very well at the most basic level, with few helpers in between them for beginners.  Lack of professional features makes it simple to use for people not in this field. 

However, more serious editors may have a hard time with complex tasks. However, it is mostly for amateurs. Simply click the star icon, and a dialog box will appear and allows you to alter the speech, audio, and more. 

There might be certain issues that I had to deal with and that’s obvious when you are new to video editing. If you are familiar with these tools, I bet the Movavi editor tool is the easiest to use.

Customer Support

Movavi has friendly people who will always want you to succeed. The support team is available 24*7 for users.  Live chat, phone, and email support make it easy for the users to seek the advice or the help they are after.

Movavi customer support

The software also comes with video tutorials, how-tos, and user manuals. These videos are quite descriptive and would give you details on how to perform specific tasks when editing your videos.

I tried and read each How-to guides and the guides were pretty impressive and easy to understand for the beginners. You can also look for the YouTube video tutorials by exploring their Movavi tutorials channel. There are tons of support and FAQs section that makes the support more intriguing.

Here is what customers say about Movavi’s support team:

Thank you for todays support chat. I was wondering for a long time how to make a multi video video, whatever they are called hehe.. but finally with the help of your awesome customer support on your website I was finally able to learn how to and in movavi 17! Thank you for the excellent customer service. You did make my day and tomorrow even more exciting!


Kudos to your customer service for quickly and perfectly solving my problem of downloading your video editing software. With my thanks

Movavi Products

Before writing the Movavi Video Editor Review, I wanted to try this software to make sure it is a legit editor tool. I installed this tool and started with its trial of 7 days.

Movavi customer reviews- movavi testimonials

In this section, I have given a short review of Movavi clips, Photo Editor, Video Converter, and Screen Capture Review.

Movavi VideoSuite Review:

The top-selling product of the company is the Movavi Video Suite, which has professional editing tools to allow users to make changes they want.

Movavi has a set of tools that can be used to convert videos and capture the screen. Lately, it has added more features to the suite which are given below.

Movavi Clips Review

If your heart is in shooting the videos using your smartphone and need an easy way to edit them without transferring them to a computer, Movavi video clips can give you the solution.

Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can download this application to your device, provided it is an Android device.

Is Movavi safe to download

Using this tool, you can clip a section from an existing video to create a new one. It also lets you add music to your video before saving it.

Movavi 360 Video Editor Review:

This software is designed for personal computers. If you have an old PC that runs Windows XP operating system, then you can use this tool.

Generally, most of the programs become incompatible with older versions. However, Movavi 360 Video Editor is compatible with newer and older Windows OS versions, be it Windows 10 or Windows XP.

It has effects such as transitions, cinematics, and audio converter which works the same way as Camtasia.

Movavi video editor review vs camtasia

Once you complete the editing, you can preview the video before presenting it to others.

Whether you want to share the video on social media or upload it to the YouTube channel, you can do so within minutes using this software.

Movavi Slideshow Maker Review:

One of the best ways of sharing photos with your friends and relatives online is through Slideshows, especially when you have a series of photos to share.

Movavi Slideshow Maker is rated amongst the best slideshow tools. It has hundreds of transition effects and thirty plus titles for customization.

It also provides you different filters if you like to add some fun to the Slideshow. Creating your slide with Movavi is a breeze and if you feel stuck, you can use their guide tour. 

Movavi Video Converter 19 Review:

Whenever you find some good videos on YouTube, it is natural that you wish to save them on your personal computer.

Movavi Video Converter is a software from the brand that lets you capture and convert videos of any extension or format.

This program can also work on different platforms that you use every day.

Movavi Video editor and converter review

If you want to extract audio clips from any of the videos, you can do so using the Movavi converter.

Thus, saving your favorite music to your PC is not a challenge anymore.

Movavi Video Editor For Business

The only tool Movavi has created for professional use is the Video Editor for Business.  The companies can create videos that can be used as commercials or advertisements online.

In addition, if companies want to create videos targeting the clients, they can easily do so using this package.

While it costs more than the other products, it is definitely worth buy for the companies who need to create videos often to improve their business.

When you purchase their Video Editor for Business, you get two Movavi activation keys, thus allowing you to use the software on two different computers.

You also get a personal account manager to support you in your editing program. Big companies like Google and Intel make use of this software to support their business.

Screen Capture Studio for Mac :

Movavi screen recorder- movavi review

Movavi Screen Recorder is new and improved, but you’ll find that it’s still easy to use. Just connect your webcam and mic, press Start, and you’re all set!

Its intuitive interface gives you the fastest access to advanced features – like Video Stabilization, Facecam, Easy Screen Recorder.

How Much Does Movavi Cost?

It depends on the product you are willing to buy and the version of it. The video suite with a photo editor costs $99.95/year.

By visiting the official website, you can compare the prices of all the products available along with their usage and applicability.

movavi editor suite windows pricing review

You can go for the Movavi software Suite with a seven-day trial before purchasing it. 

Also, Movavi offers a 20% discount on its video suite tool. You can use this discount at checkout. 

Movavi video editor tool review- checkout page

After the completion of the full seven days, you will be asked to upgrade to the paid version to continue to use the software.

The full version of Movavi Suite for the Windows version costs around $149.85 and the business version of the software suite costs a little extra, at around $169.95, but comes with a business license.

These two packages come with a single activation code, allowing you to install the software on a single computer.


Movavi is an amazing video editor that comes with professional video editing tools and comes with a free trial.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

7-Day trial

😩  Cons

Watermark is present in free version.


Movavi is the best video editor with almost no bugs to report! It comes for free and has powerful effects and transitions with various tools for video editing. It is the best tool that I have used in such a pricing.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Is Movavi Legit?

Yes. Movavi is completely legit and safe to use. In fact, it is one of the most advanced tools for beginners to edit videos and capture screens in real-time.

Movavi awards and recognition- movavi review

Hence, we have tried to reason out when you should go for this software suite and when you can decide to skip purchasing it.

Most of the customers of Movavi feel that it is worth their money because they have an option to buy the version that suits their budget.

People who do not require all the professional tools, can go for the older versions and save money, especially in the beginner stage.

Nevertheless, those who have no budget constraints but require the best version can purchase the latest edition that offers professional tools.

Movavi reviews and testimonials

Movavi has also released a Mac version for Apple users along with the Windows version to support all types of users.

In addition, the Windows version of Movavi is compatible with the older Operating Systems of Windows, such as XP and Vista.

What works in favor of Movavi is that users with traditional computers, as well as, touchscreens, can comfortably use the software.

As a touchscreen user, you can simply touch the selections to use the software. However, if the touch is very sensitive, the chances are high that you make the wrong selection of touches.

As a video editor, you will be attracted to the Movavi video editor suite because it allows you to edit any video, including shaky videos that you might have shot using the smartphone.

Movavi products and video suite tools- Movavi video editor review

At the same time, it is good to edit even the high-quality videos shot on camcorders.       

Another important reason for you to buy the Movavi software suite is the company’s customer support. I have read various reviews on the internet regarding bad support from the non-Saas developers and that’s true in some cases. 

Usually, customer service is limited in case of a software purchase; however, when you purchase Movavi, reaching the customer representative is quite easy. You can reach them through the mail. 

Movavi has a free trial version for seven days and can be upgraded to the paid version only if you feel comfortable using it.

Pros And Cons Of Movavi Video Editor:

Let us look into some of the advantages and disadvantages of Movavi Software Suite below.


  • Intuitive for the first-time users
  • Seven-days free trial 
  • Complete set of suite tools for video editing, photo editing, and screen capturing.
  • The dashboard is pretty intuitive with navigable tools.
  • Other video editors might need at least 8 GB RAM to run on the system, Movavi needs 4GB RAM.
  • Movavi Video Editor is easy to use. All the menus are available on the left-hand sidebar and some are available on the timeline at the top.
  • Movavi offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Many ready to use transitions.
  • Direct upload to YouTube and other streaming platforms.
  • It is available in various languages.
  • Various audio channels-  Stereo, Mono, surround sound.


  • Some video editing enthusiasts find it on the expensive side in terms of budget.
  • The video editor offers Limited Control Over Effects

Movavi Affiliate Program

Movavi Affiliate program is basically designed to make it easier for the general public to earn money when suggesting their programs to our friends and family through links.

Movavi offers a significant 30% commission to its members. As you start referring clients via the Movavi affiliate program your commissions will increase as your sales increase. They also offer you discounts and exclusive bonuses.

Some Most Common Questions About Movavi and its Video Editor:

Is Movavi really free?

Movavi is a free video editor. It has a nice interface and tools, but it does not have all the features of other editors.

Is Movavi good for beginners?

Movavi is a great tool for beginners. Movavi Video Editor Plus helps you create and edit videos. It is easy to use, even if you have never made a video before. You can make it look great by editing it with this software.

Which is better Movavi or Filmora?

Movavi is a good video editor for beginners. You can use it easily and it has an easy-to-use interface. It is not as powerful as Filmora, but if you are just starting out, Movavi would be better. If you want to be a long-term video editor, then Filmora would be the best choice because it has more features than Movavi.

Is Movavi free for Windows?

Movavi Photo Editor and Movavi Clips are free to download. You can use them without a watermark. Other products are also free, but they put a watermark on your videos.

Is Movavi one time payment?

When you get a Video Editor Plus license, you get all the features of Movavi Video Editor and then some. You pay one-time for everything you need to create high-quality, professional videos.

What can you do with Movavi?

With Movavi Video Editor, you can:

-split videos into parts and cut out parts that you don’t want to see.
-add artistic effects to video and stills.
-insert smooth transitions between video clips and stills.
-add titles to the beginning or end of a movie or mix in titles with the video.
-add music to your movie.

Is Movavi Video Suite 17 good?

Movavi Video Suite is a good tool to make videos for YouTube or home videos. It has some editing tools, so you can create a video. Movavi Video Suite is not as good as other editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Magix VEGAS, but it will do the job.

Movavi Video Editor Testimonials & Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers say about Movavi video editor:

Okay this is a huge step up from what I was using. Whatever was preinstalled on my computer before almost made me quit. It was so complicated! I make cooking videos on YouTube and not the most tech savvy but still wanted to give it a shot and I’m SO HAPPY I could figure out the Movavi Video Editor. It cuts a lot of the stress in content creation out.


At work, I’m the one training new hires but the way we usually do it has been shaken up by COVID. I was in over my head trying to go remote but someone on the team suggested Movavi’s screen recorder so trainees can have a copy of the instructions – plus I can choose to show my keystrokes so everyone can see clearly in the recordings what I’m clicking.


An all-in-one tool for video editing. I am thankful for the Movavi Video Editor Plus pack because I have always dreamt about such software with an almost unlimited range of functions. Extraordinary filters, available transitions, and so on. My best choice!


When I got a 4K GoPro, I started looking for a program that would let me edit the videos without losing quality – and this is the best one that I’ve tested out. Even when working with 4K, the processing time is so fast! I’m also really happy that there are so many file types that I can convert videos to without losing any quality.


Easy to use – a ton of value from the “free” version, not necessary for the subscription if you are doing simple, basic screen shots/recordings. AND – the desktop version has great value beyond the free version, should you wish to edit etc

And there’s more…

is movavi safe and legit

Movavi reviews and testimonials- movavi video editor review

Movavi video editoir review

Movavi editor facebook reviews

Movavi review on Facebook

Read more reviews of Movavi on their site.

Movavi On Social Media:

Movavi video editor on Instagram

 FAQs On Movavi Video Editor:

👉 Is Movavi Free To Use?

Movavi can be downloaded and installed for free. Movavi Photo Editor and Movavi Clips are available to all the users. You can download the photos and clips without the watermark for free. However, Movavi Video Suite has watermark videos.

💯 How long is Movavi free trial?

Movai Free trial lasts for seven days with the options to use any feature.

😲 Is Movavi Better than Filmora?

Filmora has rich features with more cinematic features. However, if you want to create a simple video and share it with your friends, or any small events, you can try the Movavi suite tool. Filmora is also more expensive as compared to Movavi editor.

💥 How much is Movavi Video Editor Plus?

Movavi Video Editor Plus gives a 1-year license for just $39.95. You will need to renew your subscription after a year. This also comes with a discount of 20%.

💥 Is Movavi good for YouTube videos?

Movavi is rated as the top video editor by various YouTubers for its top video quality. It can be pushed directly to YouTube using the export option so that you don't need to download it.

💼 Is Movavi a subscription based?

Yes. Movavi gives a yearly subscription as well as the lifetime subscription.

⚡ How can you remove the Movavi watermark?

The free version of Movavi editor gives the videos with watermark. The only way to remove the watermark in Movavi videos is to purchase the premium license of the software.

✔ How to use the green screen in the Movavi video editor?

Movavi green screen option can be used by overlaying the original video and keeping the background video below. Next, use the Chroma key feature and process the overlay.

🎉 How to add text in the Movavi video editor?

To add the image, simply launch the program and add the video or image. You can use the Title option to add text or subtitles and creatives to the videos. Click on Add text and simply enter the text.

🥇 Will Movavi give you virus?

There are various fake advertisers claiming that Movavi gives you virus. When you install this video editor, the Windows Defender Firewall will protect your system from the viruses if any. Movavi uses the firewall to block these viruses.

✅ How can I get Movavi for free?

Movavi photo editor and Movavi clips are completely free to use. The other products does not come for free. Videos and slideshows are available with watermark for free.

📁 Which is better iMovie or Movavi?

Both of these software has tons of features and functionalities. Movavi is a great tool for the creators and Windows users. iMovie is a better option for the Mac users.

💰 Can you get a refund on Movavi?

If your case falls under our refund policy, you can apply for a refund within 30 days after purchase or three days after renewing your subscription.

🏆 Is Movavi video editor a monthly subscription?

Movavi video editor does not give any monthly subscription but you can get the yearly or lifetime subscriptions.

😲 Is Movavi a lifetime?

Yes. Movavi video editor comes for the lifetime license as well.

💲 Does Movavi work on Mac?

Movavi works both on Mac as well as the Windows devices.

In this Movavi Review, I have answered various questions which were usually asked by Google users: 

Are there any free alternatives to Movavi helps to add audio to a video tool?

How can I get an activation key of Movavi video editor for free?

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Is it worth buying Movavi?

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Is Movavi a good video editor?

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Movavi Review Conclusion: Should You Try Movavi Video Editor? Is Movavi Any Good? 

Movavi is completely safe to download. It is a software suite that works the best for amateurs as well as professional video editors as it has features suitable to both the type of users.

The instructions are easy to follow, and one can easily get used to the features. However, there are customers who have negatively reviewed the product owing to the problem, such as the inability to use all the tools.

In my opinion, Movavi is one of the best video software that justifies it is pricing. One of the best things is its ease of use. It is more affordable and comes with various creative tools.

Features: 1. Supports all popular formats such as .avi, .mp4, and others 2. Ability to play MKV files on a mobile device (4:3) 3. Ability to add subtitles and adjust the audio volume 4. Being able to extract video data from Blu-ray 5. Very easy to use interface 6. Optionally clean the output file 7. Very easy to customize 8. Simplified feature set 9. Possibility of saving your work 10. Support for Windows 8/8 64-bit

Advantages: It offers a wide range of features that will help you in editing videos of any type (even if it is for an amateur). Using Movavi makes your videos look amazing and this will be the best choice for you if you are looking for making great quality videos with minimum effort

Benefits: Movavi is a complete software suite that contains all the tools needed to edit your videos. It comes in handy when you are looking for a good video editor because it has tons of features that can help you edit your videos quickly and easily.

If you want to buy Movavi, go for the trial version of it and get familiar with all the tools so that you can make your final decision. It has cool features that make it reliable for newbies.  If you need an affordable, easy to use and feature-rich video editor tool, Movavi Video Editor is the best tool for you. 

I have read various reviews of Movavi and these were all from the creators of the YouTube channel. Luckily, 90% of the online reviews were positive about it.

If you are looking for video editing software that works on both Windows & Mac, I would recommend you to try Movavi for free and subscribe to it.

Learn More About Movavi Video Editor: 

Want to learn more about Movavi?

Their about page is probably a good place to start.

You can also follow their blog or contact them.

Or check out their socials on FacebookTwitter, YouTube and Instagram

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64 User Reviews on Movavi Review

  1. Movavi is a great tool! The best thing about it is that you can also use it as an editor. I have used the great effects like 3D, music and special effects are available for free. Movavi helps me to make smooth transitions between scenes in my video. But, I would love if the Movavi free trial could be available for more days.

  2. Hi Sonia,

    That’s an amazing review on Movavi video editor.
    It is true that if you are looking for an affordable video editing software, Movavi Video editor is definitely the best one. It has a very clean and simple interface that is easy to navigate. I have used it on a few videos and it works as I expected. Good editing features like 3D depth effect, audio waveform, chroma key and motion graphic are present in this software.

  3. Hi Sonia,

    Thanks for the amazing and detailled review on Movavi video editor.

    I utilized Movavi Video clip Editor to produce my child’s graduation slide show. It was easy to use, as well as had a good collection of transistions and effects. I made use of 4 second scenes, as well as the program was 18 minutes, so there were lots of pictures as well as numerous tunes I edited together making use of the software. I have another youngster graduating following year, and will certainly be using this device again. I advise this software application, as well as am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

  4. Hi Sonia,
    Great article and amazing review.
    I was looking for a video suite that would certainly be robust enough to concealed and modify VOB documents. Additionally, easy to use.
    It is extremely vital to discover the appropriate video clip editor, since I am developing a collection of my niece’s mom who lately passed away.

    Thank you for simplifying my research study and also choice!

  5. I have a lot of experience with video editing. Yet, I found Movavi Video Editor simple, but powerful for the newbies even. It was easy to use. There is no doubt I will continue using this software instead of its competitors.

  6. Great review on Movavi Sonia!
    Movavi Video Editor Plus is a perfect alternative to apps such as iMovie as well as Best Pro! This application was so very easy to find out and also only took 5 seconds to obtain used to. Every little thing was completely set out and cropping photos was simplified. I truly can not share just how satisfied I am with this app. Can you think that all it requires to download is a solitary click from the web?! I have actually utilized many applications prior to for editing and enhancing as well as I can tell you from all-time low of my heart Movavi is a fantastic and also very easy application to utilize. Despite where you battle you can find the solution online in either area, youtube, or even Movavi themselves! Their client support is on factor! Movavi is the way to go!

  7. What I liked most about Movavi video editor?
    I am new to video editing, I initially used totally free open source software application, then chose to buy Movavi collection 2020 for a fantastic worth for money. I instantly liked all the features supplied with the software: introductions, results, shifts etc. and even songs and also seems. Absolutely a turn-key program.

    The drag and decline of Movavi editor is truly instinctive … like most features, including splitting sound and video or including background for example.

    And also there are lots of on-line tutorial particularly produced Movavi, though you can use methods demonstrated with other video clip editing and enhancing software application as Movavi is extremely comparable.

    What did I dislike?
    As I was completely amateur throughout the initial lockdown in UK, I had difficulty with the Chroma trick initially. Now it is an actual satisfaction to utilize.

    The only thing that troubles me is that I can not turn off the pop up that invites me to upgrade to 2021, yet I can deal with that!

  8. I have actually only just begun making use of Movavi 2021 yesterday and also thanks to its simpleness and pleasant user interface I rapidly got the hang of it. There are numerous various functions to this software that can be found convenient when I do vlogs for youtube. I have actually attempted several video editing software programs’s however because I am a novice I discovered those to be hard to understand and extra technical, Movavi is terrific as it is great for novices like me and is straightforward, everything I need within a software application, Movavi has. I like the cute title openings and it’s great that there is a big variety of transitions to select from. I would certainly enjoy if there could be an option for outro clips for video clips too. As you discover the app even more, discovering the breadth of performance that’s been loaded within it, the simplicity of use remains concerning the same – basic sliders are there to modify illumination. The intricacy exists if you want it – degree meters for sound, for instance – however you can tape your screen merely just utilizing the basic controls. This holds true for the entire application. What’s also wonderful is that you can readjust the quantity of your video clips easily.

  9. – Movavi Video Editor is the perfect tool to bring your creative ideas to life. It has a sleek, easy-to-use interface that is straightforward and simple for even video amateurs like myself. For example, I was able to change my background with Chroma Key super easily! – User “eldop”

  10. Hi Finnich,

    That’s an insightful review on my favourite video editing tool.
    I’d almost forgotten how nice it is to work with video editing software. Movavi makes it so easy that I can create professional-looking videos in moments and enjoy a few minutes of fame status. From animated text effects to sounds, there’s no end to the things you can choose from – not to mention all the built-in filters for modifying your images and eases for motion tracking, there is no way I am going to switch from Movavi ever.

  11. So, I’m not a huge video editing person but I decided to buy this program and give it a go. The interface is easy to navigate and the user guide was SUPER helpful in getting started. My first video turned out awesome!

  12. I have found very useful Movavi Video Editor to do the editing for my video. They allow me to cut and move different parts of the video in the timeline as well as apply many different effects with ease. Not only that, it is also helpful for other features like coloring or adding special effects. I am really enjoying this application right now and planning on using it more often from here on out!

  13. Hey Finnich,

    I have used the trial version of Movavi as well as the Filmora video editor. I am still dicey about which one should I buy?

  14. As someone who’s been using video editing software for a while, I enjoy the clean interface and easy to use functions of Movavi Video Editor Plus. It was easier than ever before to do everything I needed without even thinking about it. The coloring tools also may have saved me some time because they were so straightforward and easy to learn from. It’s well worth trying out this product—you won’t be disappointed!

  15. It was great when Movavi first came out with their video editor. It wasn’t as cluttered with filters and options, but said what it did right and left the rest to more advanced editors who know how to use those tools. However, since they’ve updated the program, I find myself regretting buying it in the first place. It’s very distracting because of all these new bells and whistles going off everywhere on my screen which are especially troublesome for someone like me who just wants a simple editing tool that does what they need without being too overwhelming or complicated. Sure there may be some neat effects you can get from using these other features, but if you want something that is user-friendly enough for beginners to figure out quickly then this might

  16. When I started out editing my own videos, Movavi felt more like a hobby. It’s not as high-powered or advanced in features as some other programs. But for the beginner who might need to tweak titles or insert clip transitions but doesn’t need much else, that’s fine! You get simple functions and an easy navigation system. For me, it was great because I was just getting into video editing and didn’t have enough time yet to learn how everything works. The interface is intuitive and the controls are clearly labeled for each function so you can easily find what you’re looking for (and don’t confuse one set of buttons with another).

    I could also see myself recommending this software package to people on a budget too since

  17. This product is one of the best video editing software’s I’ve seen. Usually, when you edit videos on your computer it takes forever but Movavi Video Editor Plus makes it easier and simpler than other products like Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro X. It has all the tools you would expect in a video editor such as chroma key to remove backgrounds from pictures (which saves hours of work), and audio mixing which many software packages don’t have or at least not for free. What I like best about this package though are its settings that make things easy to use without tutorials or classes- how great is that!

  18. It’s no surprise that Movavi is one of the best video editing programs on the market due to its simplicity and robust features. What I personally enjoyed about it was that you didn’t have to use a transition every time or create one within a preset.
    The interface made me feel like I could easily jump into making my own videos without any problems. It also had some clever effects, such as being able to make someone’s teeth glow in their mouth while they talk—pretty neat!

  19. I’ve always wanted to get into video editing but had a lot of trouble finding the right software. Pretty much all of them seemed pretty archaic and I never got anything done that looked good or even semi-professional. Movavi Video Editor changed everything for me, though! It was surprisingly easy to figure out how it works without any training – you just need go through some intuitive menus and click around until something happens! And in less than 20 minutes, I was sitting there with my first edited video

  20. When I first got this software, I almost passed it up to get the paid version. When you’re a student like me who wants ANYTHING free, Movavi’s Free Video Editor is tempting. But trust me: Spend a few $$ and get all of your needs met by something that barely requires any learning curve at all. You can edit clips and use special effects so easily because of how user-friendly it is–Movavi really put some consideration into what beginners need when editing video clips on their own!

  21. Movavi Video Editor is great editing software that lets you edit videos with ease. I have found some of features very useful. It is easy to use, and if you are new to video editing, it will be easy for you too. I am still learning but I can do it well now because Movavi Video Editor Plus helped me learn how to do it right the first time so my videos were perfect.

  22. You know, I always felt like video editors were so tedious and difficult to use. And then I downloaded this Movavi Video Editor. It was terribly easy to get started with the tutorials (which are also an interactive experience!) and now my videos look professional grade!

  23. I love Movavi Video Editor! It helped me fix my video that went viral and I had no idea how to fix the mistakes. With Movavi’s user-friendly interface, you can easily make changes to your video like changing the background or applying special effects without any problem. The best part is it didn’t break down my computer with a bunch of viruses before I installed it since it doesn’t have any at all!

  24. If you want a solid video editor that is both affordable and easy-to-use, then Movavi Video Editor is the perfect app for you. In my experience, it’s been really great for editing videos from home with professional results thanks to their compressors, effects, transitions and tools. I also found the wizard feature pretty helpful in teaching me how to use this software better.

    Watching your work grow into something incredible never gets old! Life doesn’t always give us enough time (and energy) to take care of everything by ourselves, but Movavi gives us space for creativity. Keep up the great work!

  25. I find Movavi Video Editor to be a lot of fun and easy to use. It has a straightforward interface that is surprisingly not overwhelming at all, both in usage and appearance. Not only does it offer enhanced features like PiP (Picture-in-Picture), Chroma Key, Titling, Tools for Basic Keyframing And Motion Tracking — but this inexpensive program has no less than an incredible range of built-in effects for you to jazz up your videos! I can honestly say without any hesitation that my choice in video editor is definitely worth buying because there’s so many tools that anyone can take full advantage of, regardless if they’re beginners or more advanced users.

  26. “Movavi really rules.”

    “The Movavi video editor makes me feel like I can do anything. It’s so easy to use, even my little sister could use it and she doesn’t know how to read! The new user interface is perfect for people just starting out with movie making or editing tools because there’s nothing to learn.”

  27. Movavi Video Editor has never been anything but a simple video editor I can just quickly warp through with ease. And for those occasions when my movie is so good, you really need to see it in the best quality possible, Movavi also includes something they call “video enhancing.”
    Thanks for the amazing review on Movavi video editor Finnich! Your team rocks!

  28. Movavi 8.1 provides simple tools for beginner video editors to create their own movies. It is easy to use and affordable, making it a necessary tool for anyone who wants to produce high quality videos with intuitive controls.

  29. I wanted to edit a video for my congress poster presentation. I was looking for software that is cheap, easy to learn and has the ability to show pictures in a picture. After scrolling through an online video on how the picture in picture feature worked, I was able to use it and put different pictures together. I also liked how videos fade out because it helps me make my presentation stand out from others.

  30. I had no experience at video editing, and Movavi Video Editor was so easy to use. I edited my videos with ease, starting out with the new and improved user interface. It takes 20 minutes (or less) before you know how to edit like a pro.
    It’s been compatible since XP, so it’ll work on your old laptop too! If you’re looking for an ingenious web-based solution that costs nothing, now there’s an alternative: Movavi Video Editor Cloud Service which can be accessed from any connected device of your choice!

  31. Hi Finnich,

    I have something to share about the Movavi and their support team. Though the software is good, it does not guarantee the refund.
    I purchased Movavi Video Editor Plus 21- Personal from their site and I was not sure if it had the features I needed. It did not have what I wanted. At the top of the page, it said “money back guarantee” so I thought that meant there were no conditions. When I tried to click on the “money back guarantee”, there was nothing there. There was just an image that said “Money back guarantee” with no limits or any indication that this is a legitimate company.

  32. Movavi Video Editor is so easy to use! Honestly, I needed a video editing app for my personal Youtube videos and they are usually constantly crashing my computer whenever I try to do anything more than crop the video. But however this Movavi Video Editor application was perfect! Really no hiccups at all once I cropped it out. Movavi can take any size of video clip and make it whatever size you want without quality loss even if that’s 2 hours long. And then with this same free software, you can also create 3D videos too; which seems like something that would cost hundreds of dollars elsewhere… Some people might be thinking ‘I don’t need this,’ but honestly what does having your own personalized Youtube channel hurt?

  33. Movavi is the best video editor for its money, and it was designed with simplicity in mind. It’s easy-to-use and has a user interface that anyone could pick up and get started right away without any hassle or confusion. It’s readily available and affordable–with Movavi Video Editor you can finally make all of your creative ideas come to life without breaking your bank.

  34. I’ve never felt as powerful as when I use Movavi Video Editor. With the new, improved interface it feels like my computer was built especially for me and I can’t stop switching over from the previous version to this one. It only takes a few minutes to find what you need and in most cases there is an option that suits every preference—even if you didn’t know you had preferences! The video editors are responsive and more intuitive than ever. You even get Chroma Key so there’s no need for fancy filming equipment or graphics programs (which saves money!). If your videos aren’t up-to-par, they won’t be picked up by any publishers or broadcasted on TV because of how awful they

  35. I’m really glad I found out about this. I was looking for a software that would do the same thing as Premiere Elements, and this is perfect. Movavi Video Editor comes with all these features I need to create my editing video project. For example, you can cross-cut between different videos, it has nifty soundtracks off the bat–nothing too fancy but it does what you need. It’s so simple and intuitive to use! Even though there are less effects than in other programs like Premiere Pro or After Effects I learned how to work around them pretty easily and now they don’t even bother me. All in all great product for a beginner editor on a budget!

  36. This is a fantastic video editor. It has everything that I could dream of, and it’s really affordable. The interface is easy to use, the tools are creative, even if they’re basic; this video editor can take your footage and make something beautiful out of it.

  37. If you’re looking for a video editor that’s easy to use and has everything you need to make your videos come alive, then the Movavi Video Editor is worth every penny. It only takes minutes to get started editing, with its intuitive interface that eliminates any potential learning curve. The automatic chromakeying feature really helps when switching backdrops in post-production without losing quality or ruining the shot of what’s behind it. You’ll feel like an expert video editor fast!

  38. I ordered this for my work, and was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the mail. I wasn’t expecting Movavi video editor software to come with so much. It’s nice that you can start editing right out of the box without worrying about expensive equipment or searching for complicated instructions online. There are really easy to understand tutorials which allow me to get familiar with all of its features very quickly, and the price is just unbeatable!

  39. I am an experienced video editor who needed to start from scratch when I heard about Movavi. All of the tools were right where you would expect them to be, so it was easier than anything I have ever used! Plus, the process is lightning-fast and renders beautifully! Try it now and see for yourself why everyone’s talking about this insanely easy new video editing software product by Movavi.

  40. I’m an avid video editor for YouTube videos and dislike the hassle of monthly subscriptions. This is where Movavi video editor comes in! It has so many features like adding text to a video, exporting format choices, social media integration with Facebook and Twitter possibilities that make it easy for me to create content on my terms and find others who want to watch hours of gaming YouTube clips I can upload. Overall, Movavi Video Editor is great for those looking for a free way to edit their clips without losing quality or realism.

  41. Hi Finnich,
    Movavi Video Editor is a top-notch software that’s perfect for all of your video editing needs. With it you can add videos, photos and text together to make one amazing production. Movavi’s interface is intuitive and clear, meaning even beginners will create beautifully edited video in no time. I recommend this software to anyone looking to save money on professional editing without hurting the quality of their final product.

  42. Movavi is insanely easy to use and has helped me tremendously with editing the videos I make. It’s powerful but doesn’t take a long time loading or using, and it always does exactly what I need. The educational features are cool too!

  43. One of the best pieces of software I’ve ever used and one that is surprisingly affordable for its quality. Lets you do some really detailed editing on your videos, which might be too expensive to do with other providers. You can use it for many different kind of projects and hobbies-although beginners may need a few tutorials before they get good at using all the app’s features.

  44. For people like me, who are low on cash but high on creativity, Movavi Video Editor is the perfect solution. It’s easy for beginners to use with great tutorials that guide you through every step of the process. The interface is clean and I love how it’s just clear enough so that I know what I’m doing even when my brain can’t really keep up. It also comes with awesome creative tools- Movavi Video Editor has pretty much everything in its library from transitions, fonts, titles, overlays – so there is no limit to your imagination or creativity!

  45. Thank you so much for such a great App Movavi Video Editor! I spent hours looking for an app that would allow me to edit videos and add music to it; however, I had no luck. This app has everything I was looking for in a video editor: low-quality support, basic editing tools, quality of images and sound files which is perfect not only for amateurs but also professionals as well- the motions graphics are just what we needed to create unique presentations. It doesn’t cost too much money; in my case it even saved me on purchasing additional programs like Photoshop or Lightroom. Overall this is the most easiest and user friendly application with all functions available at one place!

  46. I’ve never felt as powerful as when I use Movavi Video Editor. With the new, improved interface it feels like my computer was built especially for me and I can’t stop switching over from the previous version to this one. It only takes a few minutes to find what you need and in most cases there is an option that suits every preference—even if you didn’t know you had preferences! The video editors are responsive and more intuitive than ever. You even get Chroma Key so there’s no need for fancy filming equipment or graphics programs (which saves money!). If your videos aren’t up-to-par, they won’t be picked up by any publishers or broadcasted on TV because of how awful they.

  47. I’m a graphic designer, and I use this software because it’s just so easy to use. It also has awesome creative tools that are not always available with other free video editing softwares. For me, Movavi is better than iMovie any day of the week.

  48. This is, by far, the best video editing software I have ever used. It has high definition tools that make videos look professional (even mine!), it’s easy to use and there are oodles of things you can do in this program. After using it for 10 minutes or so, you’ll find yourself becoming enraptured with all its features. Truly an amazing product!

  49. I’m an amateur video editor, and I could tell that Movavi was going to be easy on my computer. Whether it be something simple or something more complicated, this software will do the job for you.

    I had some snapshots of events written out for slideshows before upgrading to a better quality camera that created more footage that I couldn’t find the time to sort through. After looking into scrolling through though every portrait with 150 pictures in the photo library and realizing just how tedious it would be, I set out to find a program that was quicker than manually sifting through matching images by hand. This slideshow maker saved me from this stressious work! It came with some great ways of arranging photos into different layouts and designs so there is

  50. Movavi is a lightweight, yet robust video editing app. Movavi has great features that make it perfect for amateur or professional editors on a budget. The app’s interface isn’t complicated and the tool selection is easy to use and really powerful!

  51. As a millennial who loves to find new ways to express myself I’ve been looking for an app that will help me share my creativity without going broke. That’s why I was thrilled when I heard about Movavi Video Editor Plus and the new features it offers. Now with Chroma Key, which allows you to be your own director by adding anything on top of your clips, this app is perfect for any occasion. The only thing left to decide now is what song should go with it!

  52. I was very surprised when I found out that Movavi is so easy to use. I think it can be used for almost every person. When I put subtitles in my school project, it worked really well. I recommend this software to people who want to edit a video for any use, for school or work, because it will not disappoint you. Before Movavi, I tried other video editors and they were all difficult to use; maybe they are designed for professional video editors, but what’s amazing about Movavi is that it can be used by beginners and professionals too.

  53. The Movavi Video Editor Plus has helped me in my YouTube content. With the help of this amazing software, I was able to upload content that is original and high quality. One click opens up a new way to edit videos – sleek interface makes formatting seem simple, but it comes with so many features!

  54. Hi Finnich,

    Do I need to add credit card details for the Movavi free trial?

  55. Hi Finnich,

    There is no doubt why I want Movavi video editor as my go-to video editing tool.
    I had no idea how much functionality Movavi Video Editor has – with all of the tools available for users, it’s quite a versatile program. It also takes up less hard drive space than some other editing software I installed previously.
    It handles whatever project you put in front of it and is compatible with a lot of different formats.

  56. For people like me, who are low on cash but high on creativity, Movavi Video Editor is the perfect solution. It’s easy for beginners to use with great tutorials that guide you through every step of the process. The interface is clean and I love how it’s just clear enough so that I know what I’m doing even when my brain can’t really keep up. It also comes with awesome creative tools- Movavi Video Editor has pretty much everything in its library from transitions, fonts, titles, overlays – so there is no limit to your imagination or creativity!

  57. Movavi is a simple and easy-to-use video editor that is within everybody’s budget. This software is perfect for people who are new to editing or have been editing in the past, but want something even more affordable. Movavi has great features—you can add filters, use overlays, add transitions with fades and wipes…what ever you want!

  58. Movavi Video Editor is among the most popular video editors on today’s market. With it you can edit, cut and rotate any scene of your video clips into perfect movie with no sweat. Movavi comes with a number of editing tools that one would need to create an awesome masterpiece: music editor, voice changer and special effects with one-touch fixes for common problems with videos such as shaking and noise. It is user-friendly so even beginner won’t have trouble mastering it in no time!

  59. Movavi is easy to use, but hard to master. Almost anyone can do basic editing on this software, but there are so many little subtle tricks that it’s difficult to take full advantage of all the amazing features it has to offer without brushing up on some techniques.

  60. Movavi Video Editor is perfect for editing your own videos, or to take that extra touch with stock footage. The Movavi Video Editor includes over 100 effects for FREE built within the app so you can turn any video into a masterpiece! Whenever I need an animation to spice up my marketing materials, the Movavi Visual Effects are always there for me.

  61. Movavi is a great app for editing and creating both personal and business videos. You can use it to create anything from wedding videos, tutorials, etc. The video editor comes with plenty of useful tools such as the cutting tool which is designed for quick cuts and transitions! There’s also a library of templates that you can use to start off your project quickly. Movavi offers flexible automatic or manual input options for monochrome or full color contrast, panning logic properties, time stretch algorithms and much more!

  62. There are plenty of apps that offer professional editing features, but not all of them will suit your budget. Movavi is among the best video editing software for its price – you’ll never have to worry about becoming frustrated with the functionality because it’s straightforward, intuitive, and easy-to-use. And don’t forget that it’s also completely free!

  63. Movavi is the best, if not only free video editing software out there. It may be simple and lack any really creative/advanced features, but for those of us who just want to put together some photos and music to create a few videos or slideshows actually need something easy and intuitive that’s free, then Movavi would be our recommendation.

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