Movavi Screen Recorder Review 2024: Is It The Best Reliable Screen Recorder?

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Movavi Screen Recorder Review


Movavi Video Recorder is one of the most well-regarded alternatives for screen capture for a variety of reasons. It has a vast selection of recording, editing, and exporting capabilities. It includes everything I seek in the top software, in addition to a number of unique features. It provides you with an incredible degree of control over your video projects, and the final results are practically flawless.

Out of 10


  • 7-day free trial
  • Multiple formats available
  • Multiple export options are available
  • Multiple options for recording screen
  • Screenshotting and customizing options are great
  • Multiple tools like a record-only mic, only system sound, and only webcam video are available


  • Not suitable for game recording


Price: $ 42.95

Capturing your screen is a great way to create video tutorials or capture gaming footage, but it can be challenging to find a screen recorder that’s both easy to use and reliable.

Many screen recorders are challenging to use, and often produce lower-quality recordings.

Movavi Screen Recorder is the perfect solution. This easy-to-use screen recorder is reliable and produces high-quality recordings.

Let us check out the Movavi screen recorder in a little more detail.

Movavi Screen Recorder Review: What Is Movavi Screen Recorder?

Movavi is well-known and committed to providing different applications for video editing.

The Movavi screen recorder enables one to capture webinars, online calls, and tutorials in a speedy and effective way.

Movavi Screen Recorder Review

The firm attempts to relax its consumers and offer them all the features of its software. To enjoy this program, you don’t need to be a skilled editor or a computer specialist.

Using Movavi Screen Recorder, you can easily edit your already-recorded films and improve them as per your needs, export them after editing, and submit the videos to any social network.

What Can You Do With Movavi Screen Recorder?

Capture your webcam: Capture the output of your camera without capturing the screen. Capture an image using the webcam.

Record only audio: Record computer or microphone noises independently from the screen recording.

Draw on videos: Draw on the video as it is being recorded. Add relevant illustrations to your lessons and videos to make them more interesting.

Show keystrokes and mouse: Display your keyboard and configure the mouse display in the recording.

Schedule recording: Set the start date and time for the video screen capture. Set the capture duration limit.

Create screencasts: Capture the microphone, camera, and system noises. Screen and audio may be recorded concurrently or independently.

Here are some of the inclusive services offered by Movavi:

Why Do I Recommend Movavi

Built-in tips on using the screencast software:

Movavi has included use instructions for their video recording software. These display while the pointer is hovering over a button. In the Settings menu, you may activate or disable tips.

Free minor updates:

They always enhance the grabber by including new capabilities and making the application more intuitive. All of these minor upgrades are provided gratis.

Support center and money back guarantee:

If you suffer technical issues, you may contact their Support Center. If they cannot remedy the problem, you are eligible for a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days.

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Movavi Screen Recorder: Best Features

Here are some of the best features of the movavi screen recorder:

Movavi Screen Recorder Best Features

1. Acceleration:

Acceleration via hardware is what makes video processing quick and fluid. You may activate one of the following acceleration types based on your visual card: AMD, NVENC, NVIDIA, and Intel HD Graphics.

SuperSpeed mode is accessible on all hardware types and enables quicker video conversion from one format to another.

2. Scheduler:

The recording scheduler is a lifesaver for those who cannot be constantly in front of the computer. Simply set the timer, and the application will begin automatically recording the screen.

You may instruct the computer to shut down or go to sleep after the capture is complete.

3. Effects:

You may wish to incorporate cursor motions to make your movie even more helpful. You may also set various colors for the left and right mouse clicks and highlight the pointer.

If desired, you may also display keystrokes, either all or only the hotkeys.

4. Webcam:

Webcam video may also be included in your recording. You may choose the location, frame rate, resolution, and size.

5. Audio Quality:

You may choose the frequency and audio recording mode (mono or stereo). It is possible to capture distinct sound streams by recording both microphone and system sounds.

6. Frame Rate:

simultaneously You may capture movies at frame rates between 5 and 60 per second. The higher will provide the greatest quality video.

However, larger files need more storage space, so you may need to alter the frame rate to match the limitations of your computer.

7. Capture Area:

Area selection in Movavi is straightforward. You may record the whole screen, a selected application window, or any section of the desktop manually.

8. Export And Social Sharing:

When complete, you must save and export the outcome. You may save your movie as an MKV, MOV, AVI, and MP4 file convert it to a GIF, or extract the audio and save it as an MP3 file.

Regarding screen pictures, they may be saved as PNG, BMP, or JPG files. You may publish your films straight to YouTube and Google Drive, and share photographs through WhatsApp and Telegram.

9. Screenshotting:

Movavi allows you to capture screenshots while recording video. In addition, there is a distinct screenshot mode that allows you to alter photographs before saving them.

This mode allows you to type text, add arrows, lines, and shapes, and highlight distinct regions with color.

Movavi Pricing & How To Use Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Movavi Screen Recorder from here, and click on ‘Buy Now.’

If you are using Mac, you can also download the Movavi Screen Recorder Mac version.

Official Website of Movavi Screen Recorder

Step – 2: Check out their plans. Click on ‘Buy Now depending on the plan of your choice.

Here are their Windows plans-

Windows plans

And these are the Mac plans-

Mac plans

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for, check the box, and click on ‘Place order’.

check the all box and ‘Place order’

Complete the payment, download, install, and activate Movavi Screen Recorder.

Step –  4: When done, you will see this little Movavi recording panel on the right side of your screen. Click on this ‘Settings’ icon.

Click on this ‘Settings’ icon

The camera icon here will take the screenshot while the video icon will start recording.

Step – 5: Then on the screen, you will see all these options. You can select and deselect all these as per your convenience and when you’re done, click on ‘Ok’.

explore everything on the menu

Similarly, you can explore everything on their menu. It’s pretty easy to work with and fun as well.

Movavi Screen Recorder: Editing Options

The export choices provided by Movavi Screen Recorder are unmatched by the competitors. Your video may be exported to eleven of the most common video formats.

There are several choices for fine-tuning the technical features of the final movie, including resolution, FPS (frames per second), and sampling rate.

These settings are ideal for sophisticated users, while the default choices will suffice for novices. Additionally, you may optimize your movie for playing on over 150 devices.

Therefore, if you know that your movie will be viewed on an iPhone 11(opens in a new tab), choose the iPhone 11 option from the ‘Apple Devices’ menu.

The application will automatically adjust your video’s settings for the device you are using.

In addition to Android and Windows devices, gaming consoles and other media players are supported. No matter what device your video is viewed on, it is shown in the highest possible quality.

And the quality is outstanding. During testing, 10 identical projects were developed with each video capture program in the lineup.

I examined the outcomes, seeking for video flaws such as pixelation, motion blur, and pauses. In almost every instance, they discovered defects that detract from the watching experience.

In contrast, Movavi Screen Recorder produced videos that were sharp, clear, and practiced similar to the original source material.

In earlier versions of Movavi, it was not possible to optimize your video for YouTube and post it directly.

You may also upload to Google Drive and Movavi Cloud for storage and sharing, respectively.

Movavi makes this program incredibly user-friendly, yet there may be moments when you want assistance.

In addition to the above-mentioned in-application instructions, Movavi’s website has an extensive collection of how-to articles, video guides, and a knowledge base. These sites provide answers to almost all of your questions.

Movavi Screen Recorder Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of movavi:


  • Multiple export options are available
  • SuperSpeed mode
  • Multiple formats available
  • Multiple tools like a record-only mic, only system sound, and only webcam video are available
  • Screenshotting and customizing options are great
  • Multiple options for recording screen
  • 7-day free trial


  • Not suitable for game recording

Why Do I Recommend Movavi?

There are many reasons why you should use this:

1. Clear Interface and Simple Recording:

This software just occupies a tiny portion of your desktop and displays minimum information, allowing you to rapidly access the data from each button in the mini menu.

This tool is especially useful for individuals who dislike complicated processes since starting and stopping a recording requires just a few simple actions.

2. Useful Features and Effects:

In addition to separating multiple recording modes, the Movavi screen recording software makes screencasting easy.

You may configure shortcuts and use the keyboard to capture a movie from beginning to conclusion.

As it permits the recording of keystrokes, the highlighting of mouse clicks and cursors, and the drawing of comments on the screen, it is ideal for creating video lessons and tutorials.

It also supports up to seven output formats, allowing you to choose the one that is most suited to your needs.

After completing a recording, you may immediately preview and trim the video, as well as upload it to social media or a video outlet like YouTube.

3. Support Different Types of Recordings: 

Movavi Screen Recorder allows the selection of several recording modes. The most fundamental method is video recording.

You may choose to record a video using the computer’s sound, microphone, and camera concurrently.

The recording area, camera location, etc., are all modifiable (but the sound volume cannot be changed by the software, sometimes it may be confusing).

Additionally, there are recording settings that allow you to record simply audio or the webcam to suit your needs.

If you wish to plan a recording instead of collecting movies immediately, you may configure automatic recording under the Scheduler.

Taking screenshots is always supported, regardless of whether video recording is enabled.

FAQs About Movavi Screen Recorder Review

Is Movavi Screen Recorder legit?

Movavi Screen Recorder is a product of the reputable and well-known video editing software developer Movavi.

Can I record computer games with Movavi Screen Recorder?

Movavi Screen Recorder is not ideal for recording video games.

Is it safe to install Movavi Screen Recorder on my computer?

Movavi Screen Recorder is entirely risk-free to use. There will be no virus or hacking issues. Movavi creates software to simplify your life and offer creative options for consumers worldwide. It is really essential to us that your usage of Screen Recorder is secure and helpful.

What are the limitations of the free version of Movavi’s video recorder?

The video output will have a watermark. You cannot add a description or tags before uploading a video to YouTube. This version of Screen Recorder is downloadable for free.

Can you capture videos offline using Movavi Screen Recorder?

Yes, Screen Recorder can function offline. You do not need an internet connection to record and store your screen.

Can I record system sounds using the Movavi Screen Recorder?

You can indeed record system noises. Movavi Screen Recorder catches microphone audio as well.

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Conclusion: Movavi Screen Recorder Review 2024

Overall, Movavi Screen Recorder is a useful tool that not only records the screen but also offers the ability to edit the recorded video, a feature that most screen recorders lack.

Screen capture does not need any additional gear or expensive software.

The finest aspect of Movavi products is that they are ideal for both novices and professionals, and the Movavi Screen Recorder is no exception.

It is simple to adapt to and basic to comprehend. Therefore, even if you lack technological expertise, this screen recorder is the perfect option for you.

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