InVideo Review 2024– Is It A Good Online Video Editor?

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InVideo Review


InVideo is a reliable online video creator for content and marketing videos. Using this tool you can easily create videos for free and if you wanted to have more functionality then you can opt for the paid versions as well.

Out of 10


  • Training & Support
  • Support Services
  • Advanced Automation Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Free Trial


  • Mobile Incompatibility
  • Multitasking Challenges


Price: $ 29

In this post, I have shared InVideo Review 2024.

The growing popularity of video as a medium of mass communication has led brands to incorporate it as a part of their marketing schedule.

Social media influencers and the common people are increasingly conscious about the videos that they post on their social media handles and want to settle for nothing less than the best.  That is why they prefer using advanced video editing tools to cater to their diverse video editing needs.

In such a situation, video editing tools and apps suddenly surge in availability. For newbies, it is indeed a Herculean task to find an editing tool that caters to all the editing needs without being too overwhelming.

Such an app is a great platform to begin your editing journey or if you are looking for a quick fix before posting a video on social media.

A detailed look into the pricing, features, pros, and cons will help you gauge the scope of the platform and help you take a call on whether it is feasible for your use.

invideo review

InVideo Review – Best And Easiest Video Editor Of 2024

What is InVideo?

For newbies looking for a simple video editing platform, InVideo is a comprehensive digital tool that allows you to create videos. Such is the simplicity of this app that you do not need a video editing background to make the most of this platform.

The platform gives you a lot of creative freedom and allows you to transform your textual or pictorial content into engaging videos.

With its headquarters based out of San Francisco (CA), InVideo has moved from strength to strength since its establishment in 2017.

A pioneer video platform, InVideo has successfully catered to the needs of publishers, marketers, and advertisement agencies.

The exceptional customer service of this platform is what sets it apart and allows individual users to leverage the benefits of video editing.

Clients of this platform include some of the largest media houses, brands, and small businesses that are keen to use the video platform to drive engagement.

  • Looking for a comprehensive video editor tool? Movavi Video Editor might be the right choice for you.

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InVideo Features

InVideo is a comprehensive platform that caters to the video making, editing, and management needs of any individual or brand. Its features may be classified as below.

Video Making

InVideo allows users the option of video capturing and editing and has multiple templates for beginners.

Several collaboration tools and drag-and-drop features are available that simplify the video creation process. You can add animations text overlays, and use the text-to-video feature to create poignant videos.

The voice-over feature gives a smooth narration experience and allows you to convey your story more meaningfully.

The media library is another feature designed for novice editors or those who want to create a video in an instant.

With the features of customizable branding and advanced privacy settings, InVideo has simplified the process of video making.

Video Editing

InVideo supports HD resolution and video capturing and gives you the luxury of splitting or merging them at your convenience. 

You can use audio tools, text overlay, video stabilization, and even adjust the speed of the video. The media library feature is useful for situations when you need to work on multiple videos at a time.

The brand overlay and audio tools are other features that come with the tool. InVideo allows multiple users to collaborate on a project and socially share them directly across multiple social media platforms.

Video Management

These days, merely creating a video does not suffice and video creators are increasingly cautious about how they manage the video.

InVideo offers the option of bulk uploading, social sharing, video looping. The closed captioning allows the video creator to reach out to a wider audience.

For users keen to keep a tab on their videos while on-the-go, the mobile screen support feature of this tool is an additional help.

invideo templates


Step by Step InVideo Tutorial

Here is a guided process that will walk you through the process of creating a video in the InVideo tool.

Step 1: At the onset of video creation, you will have to create an account in InVideo and log in with your credentials.  You then choose the ‘Quick Videos’ section and browse through the template options. If you are not keen to use the given templates, you can choose to prepare a video from scratch.

Step 2: Once you have chosen the basic video framework, you can upload the images or video clips that you want in your final video. InVideo has a huge library of images, videos, and sounds for you to choose from if you do not have clips to upload.

Step 3: You can change fonts, add color or modify the text of the video in any way that you want. InVideo gives you the option of adding closed captioning, changing the text speed, and experimenting with the video layout.

Step 4: As the last stage of video preparation, you can export the video and download it after you are satisfied with your creative work. Once downloaded, the video is fit for sharing with the world.

invideo review

Types of Videos You Can Make with InVideo

InVideo is a video editing tool that you can use to create a video collage, promotional video content, advertisements, posters, logo revealing video, or an outro.

InVideo also allows you to create a Facebook Ad template video, Instagram video, YouTube video, YouTube end screen, or simply a video without a watermark.

You can also use this tool to create invitations, slideshows, or any other type of video content. The scope of this app is diverse and the wide range of templates, filters, tools, and stickers allow you to create different types of videos.

editorial video

InVideo Review- Customer Support

InVideo is regularly expanding its feature set. Or you can say that you will feel appreciated as their customer as they are not those among companies who take the and vanish the seized money and also the quality of their product indicates it.

You can also expect them to answer your question in the shortest time period you want to. They are patient, polite, and look forward to answering the questions of customers. They also have Facebook groups; you can go to their page and listen to their feedback.

No doubt this service is quite new, but it will definitely take you in the right direction.

Pricing Plans | InVideo Review 2024

InVideo offers a wide range of features at a value-for-money rate. Its plans start at a mere $29 per month for individual users.

If you are skeptical about paying $29 upfront without using the product, you can always use the free trial option of the application.

While business plans start from $10 per month, unlimited plans are available for $30 and above.

1) For business: $10 per month and also $120 annually

No video watermark
Create videos for up to 15 minutes.
Videos in 1080p resolution
Full editing features are available
More than 100 designed templates

Standard media library
Unlimited team members
Automated text-to-speak
Use your own music
Storage of 5GB

2) For free: $0 per month

No InVideo watermark
No reselling rights
Storage of 1GB
Videos in 720p resolution
Full editing features are available
Creates video for 5 minutes
1 brand
Single media library
More than 100 designed templates

Pros & Cons | InVideo Review


  • Training and Support

For newbies looking for a simple video editing platform, one of the major concerns is that of a support team that will guide you through the tool usage.

InVideo offers detailed documentation on the application usage that is self-explanatory and ideal for people with no video-making experience. There is also the provision of in-person or live training that will help you get comfortable with the application.

  • Support Services

InVideo has dedicated online support and you will have live representatives ready to assist you at any time of the day or night.

This ensures that you do not face any inconvenience even if you do get stuck at any stage even after the formal training is completed.

  • Diverse Deployments

Irrespective of the type of laptop you are using, the InVideo tool will be available for your system. The latest version of this application is available for both Mac and Windows systems.

The tool is available for cloud, web-based, or SaaS platforms as well. InVideo provides fast performance in all environments as it is not dependent on the memory or processor for its speed.

  • Social Media Support

InVideo has an active social media, private group. You can post any queries, concerns, or learn from the tips shared in the posts of the page.

The best part of the Facebook group is the fact that important people like the CEO and the founder are a part of this group and they respond to important queries in the group.

  • Simplicity of Use

InVideo gives you access to tones of royalty-free images and videos and you can drag-and-drop them around to create professional videos.

You can record your voice or choose from royalty-free background scores. The simplicity of the tool is its major advantage and it takes negligible time for a newbie to master the tool.

  • Advanced Automation Features

InVideo is one of the few tools to automatically add relevant text to video scenes and suggest graphics and other design elements.

Here, all you need to do is identify a blog and select its URL. You then select the video template, and the tool will take you on a guided suggestions tour and your video project will be completed in a matter of minutes.


  • Mobile Incompatibility

Although the InVideo tool gives you mobile screen support, it cannot be deployed on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

This is an inconvenience for users who prefer to have the entire control from the comfort of their mobile phones.

  • Limited Video & Resolution Size

InVideo has limited sizes and if your videos are for some specific social channels that need 4:3, 4:5, or 2:3 sizes, then it is inconvenient for you.

The tool does not support 9:16 or vertical dimensions. Also, if you are looking to change video resolution to FHD or fps rate, then you will not be comfortable.

  • Language Constraints

The user interface and knowledge base articles are available only in the English language. This is a major challenge for users from other geographic areas.

While you do not need to have native proficiency in English, basic reading and comprehension skills in this language are an absolute must.

  • Unavailability of Multiple Company Profiles

Every time you create a new video, you need to manually put in the effort and change the color, logo, and other details.

There is no option of creating a company profile wherein you save details like the brand logo, template, and brand colors and then use it for creating videos for the brand.

  • Multitasking Challenges

With InVideo, multitasking is a challenge as you cannot work on more than one project at a time. There is no provision of copying elements from one template to another and this takes a toll on your overall mobility and speed of work. 

You cannot open multiple tabs at the time and this is a cause of concern for situations when you have a lot of work to do and minimal time at hand.

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Conclusion | InVideo Review 2024

InVideo is a reliable online video creator for content and marketing videos. Using this tool, you can easily create videos for free, and if you want to have more functionality, then you can opt for the paid versions as well.

Having evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of InVideo, we can say that it is one of the best tools that you can use to make videos easily.

With over 1500 video templates, this tool gives the freedom of creative expression and you can bring your ideas to life. Irrespective of whether you are trying to leap into the world of video making or you want to upskill yourself, InVideo will provide you with extensive support along the way.

I hope this post suits your purpose well. And if this post helped you then kindly share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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