Scala Hosting Review 2024: Is It The Best Managed VPS Hosting Provider?

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Scala Hosting Review


Scala Hosting is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. They provide low-cost cloud-based VPS hosting that is both reliable and scalable. Plus, every managed VPS hosting plan includes free domain name registration, free SSL certificate, and free website migration

Out of 10


  • Very developer-friendly atmosphere
  •   Scala Hosting offers excellent server speed
  •   Offers White Label hosting
  •   High reliability – 99.9 % uptime guarantee
  •   CPanel on managed VPS is comprehensive & powerful


  • There is no website builder


Price: $ 14.95

In this Scala Hosting Review 2024, we’ll go over all the details about Scala Hosting and see if it’s the right hosting solution for you.

You need a reliable, secure, and scalable hosting provider that can handle your business’ needs.

Your website is the face of your business. It’s important that it’s always up and running, no matter what. And you don’t want to spend a fortune on hosting services.

Scala Hosting is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. They provide low-cost cloud-based VPS hosting that is both reliable and scalable.

Plus, every managed VPS hosting plan includes free domain name registration, free SSL certificate, and free website migration.

Scala Hosting Review: What is Scala Hosting?

Scala Hosting serves over 50000+ clients from throughout the world and guarantees their 700000+ websites are up and operating.

Scala Hosting is native to the United States but offers its servers in the EU as well. If you pick their DO plan, you receive worldwide data center reach.

The company’s internal R&D department focuses on producing better goods leading to the ideal experience for consumers.

Scala Hosting Review

They can offer revolutionary products like SWordPress, SShield, and SPanel. A firm with a focus on offering some unique features is disrupting the status quo in the web hosting sector.

Talking about the experience, Scala Hosting is a relatively tenured web-hosting business that was formed in 2007 and has taken up its objective to build VPS hosting as a resource that is inexpensive and controllable by everybody including newbies, agencies, corporate sites, and even students.

For novice bloggers seeking WordPress-friendly platforms or enterprises wishing to develop spectacular things on the web, Scala Hosting aims at catering to all areas.

That’s why the corporation has worked hard to make the cloud safe, scalable, and simple to maintain.

Major Features & Benefits of Scala Hosting:

Here are some of the major features & benefits of Scala Hosting:

Features Of Scala Hosting

1. SShield Cyber Security Tool:

SShield Cyber Security Tool makes completely secures your website and keeps it very safe. It absorbs about 99 percent of assaults and stops other websites from using your server’s resources.

2. Extensive Resource Pool

Scala Hosting offers access to a vast variety of resources using which you can enhance your websites.

Although the allotment of most resources differs based on the plan, Scala Hosting’s shared hosting plans also do provide substantial features. All shared hosting plans come with unlimited data transfer and enough storage space.

3. Very Impressive Uptime

Scala Hosting utilizes highly redundant networks with numerous uplinks to provide outstanding site performance and a remarkable 100 percent uptime.

4. HTTP/2 on All Plans:

HTTP/2 is an underappreciated or little-discussed service that most organizations only provide as part of their premium services.

Scala Hosting offers HTTP/2 with even its most affordable services. Their servers are equipped with modern technology, which helps them to operate more quickly.

5. Offers White-label Hosting:

This may be of interest to bigger companies since white-label hosting enables you to become a service provider and offer your own hosting services.

6. Free Domain name, SSL certificate, and CDN Configuration:

It includes choices for free domain, SSL certificate, and CDN setups, which is a huge thing given that it essentially delivers all types of freebies that would otherwise put a significant hole in your wallet.

7. Automatic Daily Backups:

Scala Hosting offers automatic backups, and your data is saved on at least three servers, allowing you to access it from any distant server in the event of a hardware breakdown.

They provide an option to recover data directly from the SPanel, making it incredibly simple to restore data. In addition, you may design your backup system or do backups on demand.

8. They Provide SPanel Control Panel:

Instead of charging extra fees for a cPanel, Scala Hostings has developed the SPanel, which is a very dynamic and effective interface.

It was created and is owned by Scala Hosting, and it enables you to configure your website with built-in security.

It is a practical and compatible alternative to cPanel that demands a substantial license fee. It provides the website with all the independence it needs, ranging from email to DNS setups.

9. Budget-friendly VPS Hosting:

Scala Hosting also offers VPS Cloud Hosting services at affordable costs. They provide both, fully managed, and self-managed VPS solutions, with varying price points.

Even the most affordable plan has possibilities for a range of add-ons, allowing consumers to access a huge resource pool regardless of their budget.

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Scala Hosting Security

Scala Hosting provides managed services, which include taking care of backend security. The feature set is fairly wide and includes SSL certificates, backups, and server security.

Scala Hosting Security Features - Scala Hosting Review

1. SpamAssassin:

It is accessible through the control panel and filters incoming emails to keep the mailbox spam-free. Please remember that you must manually turn it on.

2. Dedicated IP:

It is a standard feature of every VPS server. It is beneficial since it increases your privacy and enables you to fully use a professional email account. Because reputation is not shared between users, you will not be barred as spam.

3. 2 Full Snapshots:

If anything goes wrong, you may restore your whole account in a matter of minutes, regardless of how heavy your instance is.

4. Daily Backups:

For greater security, these are conducted automatically and stored on a different server. It enables the restoration of files, email accounts, and databases.

5. SSHield:

This security package monitors websites and alerts administrators if a hack happens. According to Scala Hosting, it should prevent 99.99 % of all assaults.

SSHield Security Features - Scala Hosting Review

6. Free SSL Certificates:

SSL Certificates are also provided, but you must manually activate them. Regarding backups, SSLs, and spam prevention, Scala Hosting seems to be quite well-equipped.

SSL Certificates

Is it a DDoS attack, malicious software, or brute force? In any event, it exists, and judging by the amount of positive Scala Hosting reviews online, it seems to be functioning; nobody has complained about inadequate security.

Overall, Scala Hosting is safe and addresses all main online security aspects. The SSHield solution should be more transparent, but I won’t complain since I did not encounter any security concerns when testing the service.

Scala Hosting Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

They have four plans to offer:

Scala Hosting Pricing - Scala Hosting Review

  • Start (Starts from $14.95 per month): This one will include unmetered bandwidth, 50 GB SSD, 4 GB RAM, and 2 CPU Core.
  • Advanced (Starts from $32.95 per month): This one will include unmetered bandwidth, 80 GB SSD, 6 GB RAM, and 3 CPU Core. 
  • Business (Starts from $72.95 per month): This one will include unmetered bandwidth, 160 GB SSD, 10 GB RAM, and 5 CPU Core. 
  • Enterprise (Starts from $152.95 per month): This one will include unmetered bandwidth, 320 GB SSD, 18 GB RAM, and 9 CPU Core.

Scala Hosting Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of scala hosting:

Scala Hosting Pros

  •   Extremely developer-friendly environment
  •   Offers White Label hosting
  •   Get a free domain name, SSL, migration, and more!
  •   Automated backup – Scala Hosting keeps 7 copies of your site
  •   HTTP/2 on all plans speed site loading
  •   Generous provisions of resources
  •   CPanel on managed VPS is comprehensive & powerful
  •   High reliability – 99.9 % uptime guarantee
  •   Scala Hosting offers excellent server speed

Scala Hosting Cons

  •   No website builder

FAQs on Scala Hosting Review

What kind of customer support does Scala Hosting offer?

Since difficulties may happen at any time of the day, it is essential for hosting providers to provide help around-the-clock through numerous channels. Scala Hosting provides email help around the clock at [email protected]. Scala Hosting's customer support staff includes specialists with at least three years of field experience to guarantee clients get correct guidance. Users of Scala Hosting may also consult the provider's knowledge base, which provides a plethora of tutorials and articles for managing websites and accounts.

Does Scala Host offer white label hosting?

White label hosting refers to the absence of a provider's branding on their tools and control panels. This is a handy tool for site designers and developers that bundle hosting with their services. Scala Hosting offers white label hosting, which allows third-party developers to utilize Scala Hosting to provide their hosting services to customers.

Are there any hidden costs at Scala Hosting?

Scala Hosting has no hidden fees or charges. However, consumers may pick from a variety of extra upgrades to tailor their plans to their specific requirements. For instance, customers may enhance their cloud hosting service by purchasing 10 GB of SSD storage for $ 2, one CPU core for $ 6, and 24/7 proactive monitoring for $ 5.

Does Scala Hosting handle migrations?

With Scala Hosting's free migration services, users who already have a website hosted by another company may quickly switch to the company. The provider's team of migration professionals will move and test the operation of your website on the new server.

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Conclusion: Scala Hosting Review 2024

Scala Hosting is a great option if you’re looking for a web hosting provider that offers excellent value for money, reliability, and performance.

In comparison to other providers, Scala Hosting provides its customers with more storage space and bandwidth, as well as unlimited email accounts and databases.

They also offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is one of the best in the industry.

What sets Scala Hosting apart from its competitors is its focus on providing a hassle-free experience for its customers. Unlike other providers that try to upsell you on additional services or features.

Scala Hosting keeps things simple by including everything you need in their base plans. This allows you to focus on running your business, rather than worrying about your web hosting.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable web hosting provider, Scala Hosting is a great option to consider.

Their base plans provide everything you need to get started online, and their focus on customer satisfaction makes them a company you can trust.

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