Envato Elements Review 2023– Graphics, Videos, Brushes, WordPress Themes, Templates & Much More

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Envato Elements


Envato Elements, you can access a variety of digital products online. Graphics, videos, brushes, WordPress themes, templates, and more are included in the package.

Out of 10


  • 7 day free trial available
  • Simple licensing
  • 58+ million assets
  • Cancel at any time
  • Student discount available
  • Easy to download multiple times
  • Videos, photos, templates available


  • Price is bit competitive


Price: $ 10.75

In today’s post, we will evaluate Envato Elements, a subscription platform for digital assets such as templates, videos, plugins, and videos. You can learn more about the features, pricing, and other details of Envato Elements through our detailed review.

If you work online for quite some time, you have to be aware of online purchases as well. In order for your website to function properly, these purchases must be made through Envato.  

The largest provider of digital assets is Envato. They have operations in Melbourne and Australia. Envato is associated with at least seven assets directories.

Since a few years ago, Envato has expanded its general operations. Recently, it launched a marketplace for freelancers, a training service, an online tutorial, and a website builder.

Envato Elements Review 2023

What are Envato Elements?

Envato Elements Review - envato homepage


With Envato Elements, you can access a variety of digital products online. You can download and use these products multiple times. Graphics, videos, brushes, WordPress themes, templates, and more are included in the package.

A major impression has been made by Elements by the services it offers, marketed by Envato as its “Ultimate Creative Asset subscription”.

I am going to give a detailed review of Envato Elements in this post. I am also going to explain why people choose to sign up for the service.

Is Envato Elements Worth It?

Different products continue to be offered in the individual resource directories of Envato’s digital asset. Even though it is the author of an asset who sets the price, Envato charges an enabling fee for the author to help them sell on the platform.

In this way, the pricing of an Envato item varies greatly, such as spending $60 on ThemeForest for a theme or $25 on CodeCanyon for a plugin. For the same picture, GraphicRiver offers it for $35 while PhotoDune offers it for $5.

You can rack up your expenses very quickly if you buy digital assets on a regular basis.

Rather than paying for individual items, Envato Elements allows you to access a huge library of digital assets at the cost of only $16.50 per month. It’s worth it to subscribe to Envato Elements!

Several stock photos, music, fonts, graphics, plugins, and themes can be found in the archive. A great thing about these items is that you can download them as many times as you want without any limitations.

Envato Elements can save you money in the following ways. It is very popular, so it can save you money.  

What do you get from Envato Elements?

envato elements features

Visitors (non-members) can browse Envato Elements’ website to see what products are on sale. However, we recommend signing up as Envato provides a daily updated catalog of free digital files. You can easily access these files from the homepage.  

Using your Envato account, sign in. In case you’ve ever bought anything from ThemeForest or the Envato marketplace, you should have an account.

However, if you haven’t already, it just takes a few minutes.

Once you begin browsing Envato Elements with your account, you will be able to see its full archive.

The Envato marketplace currently has about 1.6 million digital assets available for download. However, this number is constantly increasing. More than 22,000 products are added every week.

On the homepage, you will also find information on new items that have been added to the archive and free files. Furthermore, top-quality assets are also displayed in a curated list.

The library includes more than 460,000 motion graphics, 46,000 logos, 22,000 icons, 1,800 presets and actions, 880,000 photos, 110,000 audio files, 15,000 video templates, 22,000 vectors, and 5,900 fonts.

Additionally, members have access to infographics, image backgrounds, and email templates. Members of TutsPlus also have the option to access courses and tutorials.

Please install the Envato Elements plugin for WordPress if you have a WordPress website. Using the WordPress admin area, you can search through the archive and add media directly to the page, and post content.

The WordPress plugin in Envato Elements also offers over 1,400 templates and 80 kit templates. You can customize them easily with Beaver Builder or Elementor. These page builders are both free and use drag and drop tools.

Almost anyone can benefit from membership in Envato Elements.

For bloggers, stock images can be accessed easily. They can then be incorporated into your content.

YouTube templates are hugely popular with YouTubers, as are motion graphics and audio files that can be used for Website designs and can incorporate millions of logos, icons, vectors, fonts, and so on.

The quality of items is obviously very important, and if the quality of 1.6 million items is poor, then they are worthless.

Envato Elements, however, does not follow this rule. The archive consists of only quality items. There is no item that is added merely to boost the catalog’s number for marketing purposes.

Please note that many of the elements on Envato’s marketplace are not free even with the Elements subscription. You cannot download a file from the marketplace if you have a subscription.

Check out these great items you can use for your website from Envato Elements.

How to find an item of your need in Envato Elements?

Such a huge library of digital assets makes it difficult to find the right one. For you to find the right items of your interest, you will have to sort the items and specifically search for them.

The categories can be filtered in Envato, so it makes it easy to search. By doing this, you will be able to get more specific and relevant results.

Using the search bar located at the top of every page is an obvious choice if you know what you need. In this case, you will get the most relevant and useful results by restricting your search to a specific category.

The “browse” option at the top of the page leads you to the “all items” tab, where you can search for the item.

On the left side, you will find a list of categories. Below this list is a selection pane with all of the items for each category. It will make shopping a pleasure for customers.

Having this menu on your website allows your customers to access Envato Elements from anywhere.  

Filtering is another important and efficient way to get a desired digital asset.

Towards the left side of the page, you will find a list of filters when selecting a category. By displaying restricted items from the specific sub-category with the most relevant tags, this list will enhance your search.  

If you select Adobe Photoshop, for example, the items can be restricted.

In a digital library with thousands of items, a good search function is also important.

In a matter of seconds, the search bar may help identify the most relevant items if the right keywords are entered. If you select the categories and narrow down the keywords with filters, you can further refine your search.

In the main description area, there is always a list of items related to those listed beneath the related items.

How To Get Envato Elements Subscription?

envato elements downloads


Envato Elements is free to browse if you just want to sign up. Guests are welcome to browse. As a regular member, you have access to the entire digital archive.

In this case, instead of an invitation to join, the item page displays a download option for members. The element’s purpose and a full explanation of its use can be found on the item page.

The tool also displays the files that are to be included with the application, as well as the file types and dimensions that are compatible with these elements. Dimensions such as color selection are also shown.

Whenever you browse and explore the website, it notes down what you have viewed.

Place your items in a collection and bookmark them. After reviewing all these items, you can decide to proceed with Envato Elements to finish your project.

If you want to download all the files you want, be sure to add them all.


envato elements license

Additionally, a license is provided. You just need to add the title of the project to the field and then assign the file for the already added project. The file can now be downloaded.

You can download files without a license if you wish.

You can preview the video files before downloading them to watch them.

Envato provides detailed information about video looping, frame rate, file size, and resolution.

It is the simplicity of the process that makes it so great. To download the assets of your choice, you do not have to switch from one page to another. Adding a project to an item of your choice is as simple as clicking on it.

There are no low-quality or low-definition videos or images in our video library. The paragraphs with 5,000 pixels of width were checked. The biggest resolution files are 4K and 1080p.

How Much Does Envato Elements Cost?

pricing and plans of envator elements

With Envato Elements, you’ll have access to over 1,600,000 digital items and 50,000,000 stock photos on Envato Elements and Twenty20. With this membership, you can also access eBooks and courses from TutsPlus.

It costs $16.50 per month excluding tax to own all of this.

By adding their student email address at the time of signing up, students can enjoy 30% off. Memberships are only valid for a month, so you are free to cancel them at any time.

It’s true that you can download digital products at any time and in any amount, but that doesn’t mean you own them. For instance, you cannot download an element and then sell it to another person or start using print graphics for commercial purposes.   

Understanding license terms and conditions will help you understand what is and is not allowed.

Other Envato Sites

3DOcean 3D prints and CG textures.

PhotoDune Free royalty-free stock photos

Graphic River– Icons, logos, templates, and fonts

AudioJungle– Music and audio with no royalties

VideoHive– Free videos and templates

CodeCanyon– Plugins, scripts, and code snippets

ThemeForest– Website themes and templates

Quick Links

Conclusion- Envato Elements Review 2023

There are a lot of people out there who benefit from Envato Elements. You will be surprised by the low price of the monthly subscription once you learn about all the items available at Envato’s marketplace.

Likewise, the ability to cancel your membership any time of the month ensures that you aren’t tied to a long-term commitment.

Another important and pleasing aspect of items is their quality. In a deep exploration of the stock image website, you may find many low-quality graphics, videos, and images.

In order to ensure quality, Envato has fewer items so that every single item is worth using and downloading.

Envato Elements has much to offer, but not everyone can use it. In order to make the subscription worthwhile, you need to use the service regularly.

The digital items should be purchased periodically if you don’t download audio, videos, and images regularly.

You may also be unable to find the item you prefer on Envato Elements. Members of Elements do not have access to all items available at Envato Marketplace.

Therefore, you may have to restrict yourself to the available files or purchase the items separately.

Envato Elements offers a monthly membership at $16.50. For most customers, Envato Elements is an “All-in-One” type solution, which provides them with everything they want. However, some may view Elements as just a low-cost addition to their existing portfolio.

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