FreeUp Review 2023– Is FreeUp Good For Freelancers? Is FreeUp legit?

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FreeUp Review


If you are frustrated over how long you have to wait and how much energy you have to waste to find a worthy freelancer, then FreeUp will literally free you up. FreeUp takes up all those tedious and time-consuming aspects of hiring away from you.

Out of 10


  • Screens each and every freelancer
  • Focuses on providing a hands-on experience for the clients
  • Matches the freelancers and clients really fast
  • Suitable for both entry-level as well as skilled freelancers
  • Great fee structure


  • FreeUp is new and not that big
  • Has rigid selection process


Price: $

Are you looking for an unbiased FreeUp Review? I’ve got your back. In this review, I’ll discuss whether FreeUp is worth it and whether you should give it a shot.

Hiring freelancers is difficult. It takes time and money; you never know if the person you hired will do a good job or take your money and run.

On average, most businesses spend at least 6 hours per hire; that’s 6 hours of lost productivity for each new employee!

Hiring freelancers has never been easier than with FreeUp. Let FreeUp handle everything from screening to payment so you can focus on what matters: growing your business!

Solution: By doing everything for you, FreeUp eliminates all the headaches associated with hiring freelance talent – no more wasting time trying to find quality talent.

Their proprietary screening process assists us in matching top talent with our clients based on their skill sets and interests, while our payment system allows us to handle payments via Stripe or PayPal securely.

The best part?

You don’t have to worry about invoicing or scheduling because they handle everything!

Everything in one place

Bottom Line: Do you own a small business?

I understand how difficult it is to find qualified freelancers. I recommend FreeUp, which does all the work for you. It handles screening, payment, and communication so you can focus on what matters: growing your business!

FreeUp User reviews

Hiring freelancers has never been easier than with FreeUp. You won’t have to waste time looking for qualified candidates because we do it all for you!

You have to tell them what skills or expertise your company requires, and the FreeUp team will take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

Try out FreeUp today by clicking here right now!


FreeUp Review 2023: How Does FreeUp Work?  

FreeUp Review

According to 2019 statistics, approximately 23 percent of start-ups failed, primarily due to a failure to find a team that can work accurately according to their business needs.

Because of the many candidates seeking promotions and employment, it can be challenging to imagine this happening.

FreeUp attempts to counteract this by weeding out applicants who need to be qualified to match the level of your business with their large pool of quality freelancers. They guarantee quick and easy access to top talent.

It is elementary to get started with FreeUp. Create a free account and specify your company’s requirements for a suitable freelancer.

FreeUp will match you with the best freelancer for your business within one business day.

FreeUp Review

You can then set up an interview with the matched freelancer to see if they can work well with your company’s needs.

Once your hiring process is complete, you can manage every aspect of the process through your account, including billing approvals, communication, and deadlines.

Why Do I Recommend FreeUp? 

Because the United States has more than 28.8 million small businesses, there is stiff competition when hiring top-tier candidates.

It is critical to take immediate action. You need more time to sift through the old and rudimentary methods of catching up with freelancers.

It also comprehends your problems and difficulties.

Top Remote Talent

Connor and Nathan, the founders of FreeUp, started their eCommerce business in 2015. They, too, had staffing issues, as did other fast-paced businesses.

To address this issue, Connor and Nathan devised a four-part model.

  • To ensure top-notch quality, it screens each freelancer before they accept them.
  • It focuses on providing a hands-on experience for the clients.
  • It also skips the profiles of freelancers.

Lastly, it matches the freelancers and clients fast for a streamlined process.

Despite putting in a lot of effort, they created a system that can work within the parameters to provide the support that small businesses and startups require.

It also provides a selection of entry-level and skilled freelancers thoroughly vetted through a 4-step process.

How To Become A Freelancer At FreeUp? 

Here’s how you can quickly become a Freelancer at FreeUp:

1. Apply to Join the FreeUp Marketplace

To get started, fill out the FreeUp freelancer application to become a freelancer or start an agency in the marketplace. In 1-2 days, the Freelancer Success team will receive a response informing you whether you have been invited for an interview.

2. Interview With FreeUp

You must now arrange a meeting with a FreeUp representative. You’ll schedule a 30-45-minute meeting with them to discuss your previous work experience, major skill sets, and communication approaches.

Please arrive on time, tell your story, and ask any questions you may have about the FreeUp platform.

If you have been invited to the final stage of the application process, Freeup will contact you within 24 hours.

3. Pass the Best Practices and Terms of Use Test

To become a member of the FreeUp community, you must first pass a test demonstrating your understanding of the FreeUp Terms of Service and Best Practices.

You will be given a copy of the Freelancer Best Practices and Terms of Service to read and comprehend.

Then, there will be a test to pass that will demonstrate your understanding of the subject. Once you’ve completed this step, Freeup will welcome you into their community.

4. Browse and Land Client Projects

View available client projects and get to know the clients.

In your FreeUp account, apply to the Open Projects Board for projects that match your skill set and hourly rate. New opportunities to interview customers and land new options become available every day.

If a customer is satisfied with your work, they will hire you directly through your FreeUp account, and you will be added to their list so that you can charge hours.

6. Get Paid Weekly

Payments are made to the bank account you specified on your FreeUp account every week. Money is deposited into your chosen bank account every Wednesday.

Few Things Which Made Me Skeptical Of FreeUp

FreeUp excels at what it is designed to do. I had no problems or complaints while using this network. However, as with all good things, there are drawbacks or flaws.

There are flaws or skepticism in FreeUp, but none are prominent or ruin your experience with the platform.

Here are a few examples:

1. FreeUp is Fresh and not that Big

When compared to its competitors, FreeUp is pristine and small. It is still relatively new and small compared to competitors such as Fiverr or Freelancer.

Although FreeUp eliminates the most common complaints from other freelancing platforms, it still feels new, and people may trust other platforms more than FreeUp.

Unlike competitors, FreeUp’s freelancer network and services are also limited. However, it is still very satisfactory in terms of what it offers.

2. The Rigid Selection Process

A rigid selection process may cause you to overlook someone better suited to you.

The best part about FreeUp is the first thing that may make you doubt it while using it. Yes, I’m referring to FreeUp’s selection and screening process.

They typically eliminate many freelancers who need to meet their requirements. However, among the rejected candidates, you may find your ideal candidate. This is fine, but it is something worth discussing.

FreeUp Pricing Plans: How Much Does FreeUp Cost? 

One of my favorite aspects of FreeUp is its fee structure.

FreeUp, unlike other influencer and freelancer networks, does not charge a monthly fee. However, it takes a 15% commission on the freelancer’s earnings.

For clients, freelancers are divided into three tiers, each having a fixed hourly or fixed rate. These rates vary depending on the freelancer’s level of experience and the work they do.

Costs for entry-level freelancers are scanty, with prices increasing as you progress through the tiers.

FreeUp also provides general estimates and quotations based on your required work. They do this by breaking down your requirements piece by piece and analyzing them based on how much you are willing to pay.

FreeUp Pricing

Cost of Basic-Level Freelancers

The basic level of freelancers is quick and efficient at performing small and simple tasks. Tell them what to do, and they will complete it within the time frame specified. Their prices range from $5 to $10.

Cost of Mid-level Freelancers

The second tier is available if you require additional expertise and experience. Mid Level Freelancers are highly specialized and excel at complex tasks such as SEO management. They range in price from $10 to $30 per hour.

Cost of Expert-level Freelancers

They have extensive experience and can even assist you with a task you have only imagined. Their knowledge is the result of many years of hard work and expertise. They would charge you anywhere from $30 to $75 per hour.

How Good Is FreeUp Customer Service?

Regarding business, FreeUp is well-known for providing excellent customer service. Numerous stories are floating around about freelance failures.

If a freelancer quits or fails to deliver, the business suffers losses.

Though FreeUp cannot wholly prevent these situations, their process can mitigate and combat a few issues, such as freelancers who quit abruptly.

Top Skills At FreeUp

FreeUp offers its customers 24-hour support and is very responsive.

They claim a meager turnover rate but still cover the replacement cost if the freelancer leaves. To ensure a smooth transition, the new candidate should match right away.

FreeUp also has a list of hiring resources online, so you can get answers to any questions you have about hiring.

You can also send an email to request eBooks and cheat sheets or set up a meeting to consult with the team. You will also receive a wealth of helpful advice.

FreeUp Testimonials & User Reviews: 

Here is what the users have to say about FreeUp:

To say that FreeUp changed our lives is an absolute understatement.

Tonya Dawn Recla, CEO, Super Power Experts

FreeUp User reviews

Freelancer Stories

Top 3 Best FreeUp Alternatives

Here are the best alternatives to FreeUp:


Freelancer is a well-known website that has received positive feedback from many users. It does not have a time limit on its tasks and projects, unlike FreeUp.

Both sites are fantastic, but free up scores higher regarding flexibility and ease of use when using the site in my everyday experience.


Freelancer, I found it more difficult and time-consuming to post a job with all the submissions, upvotes, and downvotes.

Neither site has sign-up fees, so you can enter your information and get started immediately.

I recommend both sites because they each do things differently that suit everyone’s needs. But if there is a new job board, I will return to FreeUp! is an older company that has been operating for over 20 years. FreeUp is much newer, having only appeared in the last few years.

Guru has a much larger user base, with over 10 million registered users, whereas FreeUp only has 250,000 registered users. - Freeup Alterantive

While both businesses provide similar services, they do so in very different ways. Guru charges hourly rates for its services, whereas FreeUp charges fixed bids for projects.

Guru specializes in mid-range projects, whereas FreeUp specializes in high-end projects. Guru also provides hourly rates to some freelancers, whereas FreeUp only accepts fixed bids.

If you want to work on mid-level projects, Guru may be a better option, whereas FreeUp may be a better option if you wish to bid on higher-level jobs or get paid hourly.

Both companies are legitimate and offer excellent services to help freelancers connect with clients looking to hire them.


Upwork is a website where you can connect with clients and get paid for your services. The site has many features to look for in a client or job, such as payment options, client feedback and reputation, and so on.

Upwork - FreeUp Alternative

There are no such features in Free Up. Before beginning a project, the site does not allow for any communication between freelancers and clients, which means there is no way to collaborate to create a contract or set the project’s scope, nor is it possible to outline expectations or reward structure (if necessary).

If you go with Upwork, you’ll have to do a lot of the legwork in finding people to work for you.

They may have many freelancers, but also a simple application process. You can select who will work for you, but this may take time during recruitment.

Quick Links

FAQs About FreeUp Review

Do I get to set my hourly rate if I am a Freelancer?

If you are a Freelancer, you can set up your rate by the hour. You will be prompted to set this up when joining the FreeUp network. You can also reject the projects that need to be paying you more. However, FreeUp recommends that you stay on the price given to the client earlier and not change it later.

How can I check the total hours I have given to the client?

You can quickly check the number of hours you have spent working on your client’s job. Just click on the Clients tab in your FreeUp account, and you will get a detailed look at your hours on the job. This page will also tell you the amount you will get from the client based on your hours. The Timecard button will tell you the hours within a particular period.

Is FreeUp legit?

Yes, FreeUp is a legit platform. It takes away all the headaches associated with hiring freelance talent by doing it all for you - no more wasting time trying to find quality talent.

Is FreeUp suitable for freelancers?

FreeUp is an excellent platform for Freelancers. It is a very well-organized platform. They are professional and have an excellent way of finding freelancers for clients. They are also responsive to questions or concerns about projects. FreeUp has categories for projects, but they could have even more.

Is FreeUp free?

There is no sign-up or monthly fee for FreeUp to find you a job. You can set your hourly rate and how much work you want to do.

Conclusion | FreeUp Review 2023: Is FreeUp Good For Freelancers?

FreeUp is a new and upcoming website that seamlessly connects freelancers and clients with freelancers.

This site’s screening and selection process eliminates the need for you to save time with inexperienced and efficient freelancers.

It saves you a lot of time and effort you would otherwise spend looking for quality influencers. This saves you time, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

If you’re frustrated by how long you have to wait and how much energy you have to expend to find a worthy freelancer, FreeUp can help.

FreeUp handles all of the time-consuming and tedious aspects of hiring for you.

There are no disadvantages to using FreeUp to hire freelancers. However, you may get better pricing if you choose freelancers from other sites.

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  1. I’ve always wanted the ability to find the perfect match for my freelance needs whenever I need them. Sometimes, just one or two people can do everything that I need, and other times I may need somebody on every day of the week.

    This is where FreeUp came in! With this app it makes it incredibly easy to assign jobs through texts alone – no more sending me long-winded emails about what they will be doing for my business! Plus, with the great payment system set within these apps, finding freelancers is never a hassle again.

  2. If you need help finding quality freelancers, I’m confident you can use their service. FreeUp does all the screening for you- it not only finds talented freelancers, but also takes care of payment and communication so that its even easier to find good workers!

  3. FreeUp is an innovative company that specializes in hiring every kind of freelancer you could need for your business. It puts talented professionals at your fingertips, so you can focus on what really matters – growing your company!

    Whether it’s writers, developers, photographers or anything else you might be looking for – all the hard work is taken care of with FreeUp. You don’t have to spend hours scouring the web anymore to find quality employees because they do it all for you!

  4. I was hesitant to use free up at first because it sounded good but then I realized that the people were right. Free Up is great for finding vetted freelance work, saving you time and money in the process. The people who are hiring now look like serious business-type people (or students?) used to all this stuff -and they’re getting pretty stiff competition from Freelancers on their platform!

  5. Whenever I need something done on the internet, I’m almost guaranteed to find FreeUp freelancers with completion ratios around 97% and an average of four and a half stars. It’s always reassuring to know that there’s someone willing and able for all my odd jobs – whether it be creating ebook content or managing social media accounts!

    They’re clearly making good use of their time with all these top ratings. You’ll put this freelancer app to shame when they see your rates!

    Simply upload contracts before you start work so that everything is thoroughly understood by both parties.

    Before any work is complete, we ask people if they would like feedback on how they can improve their performance in future tasks submitted; we believe in betterment through education and constructive

  6. FreeUp is not that good of a product. Sure, it’s something, but it’s nothing more than just another app with no backbone. I don’t see people doing anything more than moving on to the next thing too quickly. It isn’t big enough to compete either…which sucks because there are so few successful apps out there these days anyways.

  7. FreeUp is an app for entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative types, and anyone else who needs to get things done. It’s the quick-win that gives you instant access to a hand-picked network of top freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, web development – all people vetted by our team for skill, attitude and communication.

  8. I was looking for content writers, but most of their portfolios were really poorly put together. I found most freelance talent I liked on FreeUp! The screened the portfolios so it wasn’t a pain in my rump to look through them. Plus, when I got feedback from Freelancers, they were easy to talk too and quick to respond if I had any questions about pricing or options about projects.

  9. FreeUp really sucks and their stiff requirements make them impossible to work with. The selection process is tough and they’re not keen on the idea of trying anything new.

  10. Hiring the right people for your business is hard. Separate the wheat from the chaff with FreeUp, where freelancers are vetted before they can list themselves on our marketplace, which saves you time and money.

  11. This product is perfect for anyone who has any remote amount of experience with hiring freelancers.

    The platform is modern, cool, easy to use – and I was on the website for five minutes before I found a SUPER qualified designer at an affordable price. The initial setup process took no time, FreeUp gave me everything I need to make my search easier with their handy-dandy filters.

    And they even provide packages of curated freelancers which are AWESOME because you don’t have to go through the pain of sifting through all those interviews by yourself – that can be really hard, believe me! Honestly this is one of THE best new websites out there!

  12. I had an extremely tight deadline on a project I was working on, so I threw some bids out there for help. Freelancers are so hard to vet online but FreeUp makes it easier! For instance, one of the freelancers that responded is this lady named Elise that gets design work done quickly and does really great customer service.

  13. FreeUp is saving me tons of time and energy! I’d love to meet the people behind this innovative service, who know how hard it can be to find quality freelancers. This marketplace changes everything about how I work with contractors, because (surprise!) freelancers are humans too – they need to eat sleep laugh too… FreeUp makes it so much easier by not only allowing me to search for talent but also rate them based on their professionalism.

    Time is money folks – what you save here will accumulate in value far beyond what you spend. And since this marketplace has an internal rating system that heeds off your feedback alone— just think of the impact that would have for you as well as any freelance partner down the pipeline

  14. Trying to find talent for your team? FreeUp is the best way to get instant access to a network of top-rated freelancers. A few taps are all it takes, and you can go from project mess to success story in no time!

    What do business owners love about using FreuUp? Easy peasy—we did all the work finding someone for them! The changeover process isn’t stressful at all with these guys on board.

  15. I was able to find a fantastic graphic designer who could work within my budget on occasional projects through FreeUp. I am grateful for FreeUp’s easy-to-use interface which allowed me search efficiently by category of expertise among qualified freelancers in my area!

  16. I was frustrated trying to find a graphic designer to work on jobs with sporadic deadlines – until I found FreeUp. They have the fastest turnaround times and offer custom packages for any pricing commitment.

  17. FreeUp is the perfect website to find freelancers of all skills. Whether you are one yourself or looking for someone who can fulfill your needs, FreeUp has you covered!

    I have been using Freeup since the beginning as a freelancer and as a client and will continue to do so!

    The platform is easy to use and always provides great support. What I like most about Freeup is that it understands what businesses and Freelancers are in need of to effortlessly grow you business. Highly recommend!

  18. FreeUp is an awesome way to find professionals, freelancers, and service providers that are near you. Not only does the FreeUp platform provide a wonderful solo community for people looking for work with an easy-to-use interface, but they have also developed training workshops with business coaches on how to successfully market your product or company. They really do make it possible to go freeup!

  19. FreeUp has been essential to my freelance career and I’m so happy I found it!
    It’s never too early or too late to get FreeUp. You’ll be able to pay your bills with ease, find the right freelancer for the job, and have a positive work-life balance. Highly recommend if you are looking for more financial freedom in your life!

    The most difficult thing with being me is that I always want what I can’t have–namely time off. Thankfully, after finding FreeUp I was able to find a fantastic graphic designer who could work within my budget on occasional projects. Freelancing just became easier because of this wonderful resource!

  20. FreeUp is an all-in-one, no hassle project management system. From creation to delivery of the finished product, Freeup makes it easy for you to focus on your work without fretting about distractions.

    FreeUP provides all of the necessary tools so that you can spend less time worrying and more time working! It’s a dream come true for anyone who doesn’t want their business growth restricted by technology limitations or lack of personal know how.

    Don’t wait any longer – start taking control over your projects today with Free Up!

  21. I was able to find a fantastic graphic designer who could work within my budget on occasional projects. I am grateful for FreeUp!

    I have been using the same freelancers and business owners since we both joined, and we noticed that we didn’t always need steady gigs – just enough to keep our funds going.

    That’s when we both found FreeUp. No more wasted time looking through endless profiles or applicants with dream job descriptions because it has all already been done for us! The platform is easy to use and always provides great support – what really sets them apart is they understand needs of businesses AND freelancers so you don’t waste energy finding your next gig, they do it for you!

  22. FreeUp is an online marketplace offering two different packages: the Starter Package and the Select Package. The FreeUp platform offers a variety of services catering to many types of users, from freelancers to business owners alike.

    When I first joined, I used the Starter Package which allowed me to post one job offer for 40 days or less with no cost above my listing price. There were also plenty of previous projects posted by other freelancers that served as great sources of help when it came time to find someone who specializes in what I needed done (I was actually able to find a fantastic graphic designer who could work within my budget on occasional projects).

    What sets Free Up aside from other marketplaces is their customer service; they’ve always been quick and friendly when

  23. FreeUp is the best way to find freelancers on demand. It’s easy to use and always provides great support!

  24. I’m a freelancer and I know how much pain it can be to find jobs when you’re someone like me. That’s why FreeUp is such an amazing tool! It helps you screen your applicants, draws up contracts, and even communicate with them so that you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

    When I first started using their service I was a bit skeptical cause there’s always going to be at least one person that will screw things up – but the quality of the freelancers they sent my way have been exceptional. In fact, I found so many great people through FreeUp that now all of my work is coming from them exclusively!

  25. After struggling to find the exact skill set for my company, I found FreeUp with a simple search. within minutes of signing up, I had enough applicants to choose from that most of my worries were gone without having to go through the hassle of doing any interviews.

  26. FreeUp is so expensive and so limited! It’s not worth it at all for what you get. All you can eat up to $150? What a waste of money and time!

  27. FreeUp successfully reduced my workload by 50%! I have 3 employees now instead of 6. It’s the best investment that I will ever make for my business…

  28. FreeUp is a payroll service that empowers freelancers. It relieves the pain of finding, hiring and managing contractors by handling screening, payment and communication on your behalf. I tried FreeUp for a couple projects and it relieved me from many headaches associated with receiving proposals for these jobs where I’m not sure if they have what I need. With one email to Free-Up, my job was put out there to those registered as freelancers who had indicated their interest in working with me as well as those screened as trustworthy by the company’s automated system. In about an hour, i got 5 responses back to my project!! VERY NICE INITIATIVE!

  29. I have been looking for a freelancer to help me with my small business, but it’s hard to find someone who matches my budget. That’s when I found FreeUp which found the perfect freelancer for my business. They are reasonable and easy to work with, so I’m really happy that I don’t have the slouch around looking for freelance services anymore!

  30. I’ve been using FreeUp for a while now and it allows me to focus on all the important things I need to do as a business owner. It saves me significant time because I don’t have to constantly screen new freelancers, negotiate prices, or field their questions all the time. Plus this product has a great customer service team that is very prompt with responding. I’m glad I decided use this platform!

  31. I was afraid to hire people I didn’t know, but FreeUp makes it easy. They were worth every penny! My business is only growing because of them. Now I can stop worrying about freelancers and spend more time with my family or working on my professional skills!!

  32. I’ve been using FreeUp to help get freelancers on my team, and it’s worth every penny. It’s easier than finding freelancers myself through all the different platforms that are out there. And if I need more for an ongoing project, I can even set up a recurring payment so they’ll be automatically hired each time or whenever I need them!

  33. FreeUp is like a Tinder for freelancers and clients. 100% match-worthy and there’s no need to sift through stacks of resumes; they screen each and every freelance they get in, matching them up quickly with the perfect client by taking their skillset into account. It totally rules!

  34. FREEUP is the first human-powered platform for connecting freelancers with businesses. What makes FreeUp so different from other job boards? It takes care of all the details – screening, payment, and communication so you can focus on your business growth. That’s why when I needed to hire freelance photographers for an upcoming shoot in Beijing, I turned to FREEUP. All it cost me was 20 minutes filling out a form online about what I wanted my freelancer photogs to do. Within 15 minutes, 23 total shortlisted candidates had applied with amazing portfolios that left me in awe! And since they are already screened according to my needs, sorting through their bios in 10 minutes wasn’t hard at all! So I picked one quickly and now i am loving working with this!

  35. Finding quality freelancers is a tough job, with so many shady characters who always disappear with your money. And if you do find an honest partner, it’s hard to know if there are any? That’s where FreeUp comes in – a tried and true service that does all the work for you! You can rest assured that we carefully screen candidates using our algorithm and then take care of the payment process too, letting you focus on what really matters: growing your business. They help in making freelancing as painless as possible!

  36. I’ve used FreeUp on more than one occasion and they never disappoint. You can tell that they really care about their freelancers which goes a long way in this high-stress industry!! All of the customer service experiences I had were wonderful. They’re quick to answer questions, thorough with training, and very understanding during some rocky times on my end that weren’t their fault whatsoever; nothing but sweet things to say about these guys! ○Their agreements are fair, payment is prompt (although it’s up to you when you want them paid each month), and they have great features like performance tracking for both parties so there’s no guesswork or wondering if your freelancers are being honest. The app itself makes it super easy!

  37. I was in search of a place where I can be my own boss and make decisions on which projects to take up and pursue. This is when I found FreeUp, the perfect platform for me. On this site, you get screened by each and every client; something that’s unseen on other freelancers’ sites like Upwork. Once you’re screened you’ll know what kinds of jobs come your way because FreeUp guides users about their preferences so you lead them towards jobs they would want to do or else ignore completely – it’s all tailored to the individuals’ needs!

  38. I know how tough it is to find someone who’s genuinely marketable on the internet. So imagine my delight when FreeUp showed up like a shining diamond of great price (its pretty good, too)! It screens candidates with your company needs in mind; pays them promptly; and helps track their work with ease. You don’t even need to get into these cumbersome conversations about whether they’re “working hard” or not – what kind of mood are you? Just give this sidekick some tasks until they’re done. And then you can focus on your business because FreeUp has its back!

  39. I am so grateful to have found FreeUp! I dreamed of freelancing and now my aspirations are within reach. FreeUp screens each and every freelancer, provides me with a hands-on experience for the clients, matches them up really fast. Don’t know whether you’re an entry level as well as skilled freelancer? No worries, they provide great fee structure for both sorts of people.

  40. I wish I had FreeUp when I first started expediting! As a freelancer myself, I know how daunting it can be to prepare for and find jobs. Plus there were so many channels to manage – it felt like my plate was already too full before the day even started. Luckily, i grabed this app and changed my life! With FreeUp, you’ll open up your email inbox knowing that everything is just as good as handled. Your profile lists what you specialize in, requirements for hires such as minimum hours per week or experience level. Frequently asked questions about working with contractors are all included on the site which helps take some of the stress out of finding new talent to work with too! It will make everything butter!

  41. I used FreeUp to find a job as an intern, so I know how good it is. It’s the one-stop shop for me now! I go on FreeUp every day—it’s great because you can set your own level of experience and location, then they’ll match you with jobs that are where you want them to be. So simple!!

  42. I was looking for a freelancer to help design my website and the project went so well! I didn’t have time to make decisions on fonts, colors, or where certain elements should go. All of those decisions were made seamlessly by FreeUp experts who quoted a price that was perfect for my budget. Now I’m back in business with a beautiful new site!

  43. I love FreeUp because it’s so easy to work with .Screens each and every freelancer so I know they have the skills I need, matches me really fast to a project that fits my skill set, offers a great fee structure, doesn’t take any of my money before the end result is finished. And best of all – payouts are within days!

  44. I don’t know about you but I get pissed every time I find out someone lied during an interview. FreeUp will never let that happen anymore! Thanks to this ingenious tool, quality freelancers are just a click away and it only takes the one click of a button to see their portfolio, qualifications, work history, certifications, references etc. Freelancing has never been easier than it is right now with FreeUp on your team!

  45. Continued use of FreeUp is not suggested. The company has a very rigid selection process for who they allow to have the product, but once you pass that threshold it’s no longer very freeing at all. Imagine being constantly told what your day should look like without any say in the matter. You have to constantly report back on how well you’ve done and apologize when anything goes wrong down to taking too long in line at the grocery store. It honestly isn’t worth it…

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