Best AI Voice Generators 2024 : A List of 10 Free+Paid Tools

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In this post, we have featured Best AI Voice Generators 2024.

You can choose from a variety of computer voice generators for amazing results from the numerous computer voice generators currently on the market:

There have been several changes in voice cloning technology since its inception. In the beginning, it was a tool mainly used for entertainment, but now is used in a number of broader commercial and business applications.

To perform voice cloning properly, no large volume of voice samples is needed, nor does professional equipment.

AI and voice synthesis technology have significantly simplified the process of emulating any type of voice. The use of AI-generated voices is increasingly prevalent today in our games, marketing, audiobooks, animated films, and voice assistants.

Clearly, AI Voice Generators provide real-world benefits that weren’t available a decade ago.

The Best Artificial Intelligence Text-to-Speech Generators:

1. Murf.AI

If you are looking for an AI Voice Generator that sounds like a natural voice, Murf.AI is the best.

Text-to-speech generator Murf.AI can be used for a variety of professional applications that need studio-quality voiceovers. Featuring more than 115 unique voices in 15 different languages, the tool has a huge voice library. You can tell its AI what punctuation and exclamation marks to use in the right tone.

Additionally, a grammar assistant is integrated into the program, so you can proofread your scripts to make them perfect.

Additionally, you can add your own images, video, and audio to your generated voice for seamless synchronization. Enterprise plans come with a powerful collaboration feature as well.


  • Voiceovers can be generated and customized.
  • With one subscription, you can access the entire voice library.
  • Text and audio input is supported.
  • Collaboration online between teams.
  • Instantly generate premium-quality voices.

With Murf.AI, you can easily generate natural-sounding voices that are fast, efficient, and of a higher quality due to its sophisticated AI. With, you gain access to a library of voices that can even turn your home recordings into high-quality voice-overs.

Murf’s online collaboration and grammar assistant also make it a useful tool to enrich the user experience.

Price: A free version is available, while the Basic plan costs $13/month, the Pro plan costs $26/month, and the Enterprise plan costs $83/month.

Website: Murf.Ai

2. Speechelo

Speechelo – Best for creating voiceovers that sound natural.


It gives you full control over customization. With Speechelo, you can create a human-sounding voiceover for any text. Male and female voices are available. The text-to-speech engine allows for inflections to be added to the voice.

Almost all video editing software supports it. It is available in 23 languages. The text can be read in any tone with Speechelo.


  • Speechelo boasts over thirty voices that sound like humans.
  • The text is available in three different tones, normal tone, joyful tone, and serious tone.
  • There are options for adding breathing sounds after each phrase as well as long pauses.
  • It adds punctuation marks when needed and checks the text.
  • Speed and pitch can be changed.

In 3 steps, Speechelo converts any text into voiceover. Besides sales videos, it can also be used for training videos, educational videos, etc. Among the platforms supported by the solution are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Chrome

There is a price of $47 for Speechelo. Monthly payments are not required. You can get a refund within 60 days.

Website: Speechelo

3. Dragon Home

Dragon Home – Provides engaging, personalized, and human-like user experiences.

Dragon Home

Among the solutions, Nuance offers through text-to-speech technology are conversational IVR, vocalizer, vocalizer for embedded solutions, as well as Vocalizer Studio.

The company’s Vocalizer text-to-speech solution works with businesses of all sizes and complexity levels. VoiceActive Studio is a set of easy-to-use tools that help prototype and optimize speech output applications.


  • A total of 53 languages are supported by Nuance Dragon.
  • You can distinguish your brand with 119 unique voices, 17 of them multilingual.
  • A text-to-speech engine is embedded in its automotive, mobile, and other electronic products.
  • The interaction sounds natural with conversational IVR.


Nuance Text-to-Speech is available to both businesses and individuals. Using neural network techniques, it provides a personalized and engaging user experience. We will enable your brand to have a consistent voice experience across the IVR and mobile channels.


Prices start at $500 for Dragon Legal Individuals and Dragon Professional Individuals. For Dragon Anywhere Mobile, the monthly fee is $15. It is possible to try Dragon Anywhere Mobile for free for one week.

Website: Dragon home


Customizable voice generator powered by AI. allows for high-quality text-to-speech generation through its web-based voice generator. As a result of its user-friendly interface, the platform is extremely easy to use.

It has a text box on its homepage where you can type your text, select the gender, language and voice style, as well as set the conversion speed.

In addition to 570 unique AI voices, the platform supports more than 60 languages and can be used both for commercial and personal purposes.

Both versions of the platform are free. While the free version is quite good, you can only choose a limited number of voice styles. Your generated speech can also be downloaded as MP3s and WAVs.


  • Tone can be fine-tuned by inflections in the voice.
  • Pronunciation of spoken words can be customized.
  • It is a good idea to preview each voice style before applying.
  • Try a variety of speech styles.


The voice generator on is both free and premium. The system uses a voice synthesis engine developed by Google, IBM, and Microsoft to generate realistic voices. is definitely worth checking out since it offers several languages and voice styles to choose from.

Price: Free version available, Personal version $19 monthly, Professional version $39 monthly, Growth version $99 monthly, Business version $199 monthly.



Machine learning is best suited for voice generation.

Spik Ai

Spik is an easy-to-use web-based voice transcription tool that generates natural-sounding text-to-speech. Like, Spik too provides a simple user interface that lets novice users quickly generate a voice from speech they enter in the text box on Spik’s homepage.

Due to its proper application of machine learning, Spik is able to create realistic-sounding voice effects. There is no charge for this app. The files generated by non-registered users, however, are limited to a maximum of 300 characters.

In order to generate documents with up to 1,000 characters, you must sign up for the site’s service. To improve the quality of the generated speech, also supports SSML or Speech Synthesis Markup Language.


  • For speech generation, TEXT and SSML are used.
  • You can use it for free.
  • Speech generation in three steps.
  • There are three different styles of English speaking to choose from.


Despite its simplicity and ease of use, has limited features. Currently, only English is supported. As this process might not be to everyone’s taste, we recommend this tool only for advanced users.

Price: Free, register is required



Combined with real-time API, best for speech generators.


There are many aspects to how works. As well as creating speech from text, it can also create advertising text with a single click.

Using the platform, you can also create a customizable voice for Alexa, Google, and other voice assistants. The tool is also able to clone a representative’s voice so that it can be personalized.

With Resemble, you can create synthetic voices using 4 different options. Using API, you can create voices, record up to 50 samples directly on the web platform, pick voice actors from a wide variety, or upload the raw audio without scripting.


  • Brand voice can be customized.
  • IVR agents should be dynamic.
  • Advertising text generated by AI in one click.
  • Dubbing in any language instantly.

Verdict: is an advanced AI speech-to-text generator with a variety of business-related uses. Resemble’s low-latency API is especially useful for developers, who can build voices and perform other crucial tasks at will with the tool.


A $30/month entry-level plan is available. Custom plans are available through Resemble representatives.



Best for crafting voiceovers.



A user of can generate speech from text and create human-sounding voiceovers through its easy-to-use platform. There are 180 voice styles to choose from in 33 languages. It also provides a wide variety of voices every day, so users have a lot of options.

It takes just 15 minutes to create customized voices with this tool. On this platform, text can be converted to speech in 3 simple steps. In addition, users can access its API to create a voice that sounds like a real person, complete with emotions.


  • Listening, sharing, and converting are unlimited.
  • Thousands of voices at your fingertips.
  • Up to 15000 characters can be converted at once.
  • Creating a DIY voice clone.


An impressive artificial intelligence powers the functions of, a text-to-speech generator. In just 3 simple steps, you can create natural-sounding voices. Using the vast library of voices, you can create voice-overs for audiobooks, videos, podcasts, and more.

Before buying its premium alternatives, I strongly recommend you try its free version.

Price: Free version, Personal Plan for $17.99, Freelancer for $49.99


8. Replica

For game developers and animators looking for AI Voice actors.


A vast gallery of AI voices recorded by professionals is available in Replica. Before subscribing to its premium service, you can try a wide variety of demo voices on this platform.

You can select the voice style you want and Replica will convert your text into a natural-sounding voice on-demand that includes all the necessary emotions.

Your script can be tweaked to sound angry, sad, happy, surprised, and more once you’ve added it. A downloadable version of the generated voice is available as an MP3, WAC, OGG, or FLAC file at 22 kHz.

The platform gives you 30 minutes of free voice credit, so you have enough time to experiment with its various voice styles.


  • Voices from Replica’s large voice library can be auditioned.
  • You can change the pitch, volume, and rate of your speech.
  • You can add voice effects.
  • Creation of scripts.
  • Prototyping using the Voice Line.


As a text-to-speech generator, Replica is ideal for game developers, film directors, and animators, with its vast gallery of voice styles and professional voice actors.

This program features both a simple audition system for trying out every voice and a convenient voice modification system for making generated speech sound as natural as possible.

Price: Try 30 minutes free, 4 hours of voice credit for $24, and 100 hours of credit for $300, as well as custom enterprise plans available upon request.

Website: Replica

9) Woord

The best way to convert article URLs to speech is by using a Chrome extension.


The two methods of generating speech with Woord are very convenient. Start the conversion process by typing the text you would like to convert or by pasting a URL of an entire article.

Woord offers its users an extensive library of custom voices, just as all effective voice-generating tools do.

Style, language, and accent can all be chosen from the library. Currently, more than 60 voices are available in over ten languages. In addition, the voices are generated quickly. Simply click the ‘Play’ button or download the MP3 file directly to listen to the generated voice.


  • Generating and distributing generated voices across various mediums.
  • Text to speech can be generated indefinitely.
  • Add-on for the Chrome browser.
  • You can OCR images and PDFs to capture text.


This AI voice generator works as an affordable way to generate a broad range of voices from text that you provide. It also stands out from its competitors due to its integration of OCR.

This tool has been enhanced with a Chrome browser extension, making it significantly more convenient to use.

Price: You have an option to opt for a free plan, Basic Plan – $24.99. Pro Plan – $99.99

Website: Woord

10. Sonantic

AI-generated voices are best suited for crafting highly expressive sounds.


Sonantic is a voice generator that can produce lifelike and expressive AI voices that is widely known in the entertainment industry for its intuitive interface. You can easily switch between anger, sadness, and happiness in the tone of your generated speech.

By simply switching between three distinct levels, you can alter the intensity of the emotions.

Entering text into the platform can be quickly converted to voice. Sonantic’s voice-over experts can supply production directors with voice-over talent within minutes.

In addition, the platform allows full control over pitch and pacing when it comes to voice-over work.


  • Exceptional sound export.
  • Pitch, volume, pacing, and tone can be adjusted with AI Voice.
  • Professional voice-over work is available through a large library.
  • Choose from high, medium, or low emotion intensity.


 The team at Sonantic excels at producing voice-overs for projects pertaining to films, games, or animation. Several voice performance parameters can help you obtain naturally expressive voices using scripts transformed into realistic artificial voices in minutes.

Price: Custom Pricing plan


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Conclusion: Best AI Voice Generators 2024

It is long past the time when computer voice generators were used only for entertainment. AI voice generators became increasingly important to the commercial sector as the technology developed.

Animated movies, video games, and films all incorporate them today. These tools have a plethora of uses in real life as well

As a result of AI integration and the emergence of software technology, these tools are now also accessible to everyone. The tools listed above are among the best artificial intelligence voice-generation tools on the market today.

The above-listed AI voice generators can execute a variety of tasks, including voice-over work, converting written material into audiobooks, and much more

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