Best Mac Cleaner Softwares 2023– A List of 11 Free+Paid Apps

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In this post, we have featured Best Mac Cleaner Softwares 2023.

As you use your macOS for everything, you are bound to get more and more unnecessary junk files added to your system.

You need to get rid of these junk files to run your Mac smoothly. Deleting the files is not a big task but finding them is.

So, you need to go through each file ensuring which is necessary and which is not which can be a time-consuming task. To make our lives easier many software are present in the market to ensure ease of this process.

In this review, we are going to go through the top 11 Best Mac Cleaner Softwares in the market and ensure that we find the best mac cleaner for you.

Best Mac Cleaners

Best Mac Cleaner Softwares 2023– A List of 11 Free+Paid Apps

1. CleanMyMac X

There is a reason why I have put this software on the very top of this list. This software does work beautifully and efficiently.

It can easily bring about the cleaning of your computer as well as the detection of various malware which makes it one of the best mac cleaners out there. 

It makes sure your computer remains clean and all of the junk files that are present are removed for smoother functioning. 

It detects the files that are remainders of deleted apps that are unnecessary now, as well as helps you clear apps that are not in use.

As we have said earlier, cleaning your PC can be time-consuming and hectic. To help you through the process, CleanMyMac software reduces all the workload into a single button.

It scans all your files, digging through the pile of junk and deletes them in just a click. Cleaning your Mac has never been easy. This software is easily the best mac cleaner you can download. 

Every time your mac slows down it easily helps your computer to run smoother with it’s boosting tools. The tools can clear up the RAM, manage various launch agents, and manage hung applications.

This would decrease the workload of your Mac making your computer even faster than before.

CleanMyMac X ensures that they keep updating their library of malware to ensure your Mac is protected by various new as well as old viruses and malware which is an add on the best mac cleaner tag. 

It also has a combination of an uninstaller and an updater in their tools. The uninstaller helps you uninstall various apps that are not in use and unnecessary to have on your Mac. While the updater helps you keep your apps up to date. 

CleanMyMac X offers you 4 times faster booting time, 2.5 times more responsive apps, more than 5 Gigabytes of free space on your Mac.

CleanMyMac X is a three in one software wherein it cleans, protects your mac from malware as well as offers you a faster Mac. It has to be one of the best mac cleaners out there.

CleanMyMac X free version

You have to buy a subscription to avail of its complete features. The company offers you a free trial to show you how the software works but has it’s own limitations on it’s working. Following is the task of a free trial version of CleanMyMac X can do.

It gives you an unlimited amount of scans but can only clear up to 500 MB of junk files. It also gives a 2-speed improvement to your mac. 

The trial also offers you unlimited scans for both malware as well as privacy. You can not, however, remove any malware via the trial version. With the trial version, you can remove any privacy problems only once.

CleanMyMac- Best Mac Cleaner

Features of CleanMyMac 

  • You can also disable and enable any application as many times as you want but the optimization part of the feature can only be done once. 
  • You can uninstall via the software once while updating two times with this software.
  • You can delete up to 1GB of data via a space lens and securely erase several files.
  • You can erase only 500 MB of data of old and unwanted files via this software.

Cost of CleanMyMac

You can purchase CleanMyMac X as a one-year subscription.

For one mac license, the subscription price is Rs 2670.

For two macs license, the subscription price is Rs4197.

For five Macs license, the subscription price is Rs 6107.

The subscription gives you instant access to the software. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want do not see the software perform as the details were promised. It also offers you 24/7 Sales and technical support.

Considering all the features CleanMyMac surely is a part of the best mac cleaner list.

2. Disk Doctor

Disk doctor has to be one of the most celebrated mac cleaners out there and therefore some may call it the best mac cleaner out there. It is made by a UK based developer and has been awarded as the ‘Mac Gem‘ in the Macworld in 2013.

The software offers you the cleaning of your device in just a few clicks. The software claims to clean gigabytes of storage in just a few steps.

The Disk Doctor helps you through the computer to make sure your computer runs smoothly and efficiently. 

The software scans through the cache, browser data, and all files over 100MB to ensure the best cleaning of your Mac.

With the new version of the Disk Doctor coming up with Retina display support the software never looked better. It has a very beautiful and interactive display to ensure ease of users. 

With it being priced at just 2.99 dollars it has to be one of the best mac cleaners out there.

Disk Doctor

Cost of Disk Doctor

The Disk Doctor is just for $2.99 on the Mac App Store.

3. MacBooster

Mac booster has such diverse features it hardly qualifies in a small category of being the Best Mac cleaner. It has a unique feature of scanning and removing duplicate files to ensure no unnecessary files are present on the Mac. 

The Mac also ensures that there is no malware or viruses present on your Mac, therefore, working as an antivirus. Even though the antivirus is a basic one it is a bonus. 

The Mac cleaner also boasts of scanning and clearing almost 20 types of files which is one of the prime functions of the best mac cleaner.  

Mac booster solves the problem of overloaded RAM as well as disc permission issues to run your mac effectively.

Mac booster offers you real-time protection against various adware, malware, and viruses. It ensures your MacOS remains safe. It has to be one of the best Mac cleaners out there. 

MacBooster Malware Remover

Mac booster free version 

The Mac booster is a paid app that does not have a free version as such. It has a free trial that has no actual features though.

You cannot delete or solve any problems with the free trial but just scan for them and the trial detects malware. Not a very good trial but it’s okay if you just want to know if the software detects malware on your Mac.

Cost of Mac Booster

The Mac booster has various packages to choose from:

1. Lite

Lite consists of a license for only one Mac. The package offers you lifetime protection and full system clean. It also boosts your computer for optimum working.

It costs $39.95.

2. Standard

This package gives you a license for 3 Macs. The package offers you the same lifetime protection and full system clean as well as boosting your computer.

It also offers you additional features such as anti-malware and anti-virus functions. It also optimizes your startup as well as cleans memory of your Mac. It also provides you privacy clean to ensure complete erasing of your files. 

 It costs $59.95.

3. Premium

This package gives you a license for 5 Macs. This package aside from the features mentioned in the standard package offers an additional 24*7 customer support and a priority towards you. 

 It costs $89.95

Mac Booster

4. OnyX

OnyX is one of the best mac cleaners in the free category. It is only a 4.9 MB application but doesn’t get fooled by the size. It is for advanced users and programmers generally. With the software, you can automate various tasks such as cache removal in macOS.

It also gives you a feature of scanning through the log files and inner databases and that is what makes it the best mac cleaner in the free category.

If you are an ordinary Mac user it may take some time to get used to the software. It does not have the ideal user-friendly interface and flashy buttons as compared to other software but is very powerful in terms of application. 

Various applications of OnyX would be rebuilding databases, removing corrupted files, changing parameters in apps such as Finder, Safari, and other apps.

One thing to note would be to download the correct version of the app. Every OnyX is developed for a particular version of OS and you should download the right one for you.

Besides as mentioned earlier the app is completely free and thus proving to be the best mac cleaner. 

Cost of OnyX


OnyX mac cleaner

5. DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk has to be one of the best mac cleaners when it comes to visual representation. The software scans all your files and represents the data in a graphic and beautiful way.

The graphic representation helps you realize which folder or drive is taking most of your space. The drive with the maximum space can be checked for the files that are occupying the space and if it is really necessary to keep those files.

Therefore, you can clear unnecessary clutter in a jiffy.

The great thing about the software is that it not only scans the computers hard disk but also the devices attached to it.


It can scan a thunderbolt disk, a flash, network storage, and everything storage related. The data updated by the software is real-time data which shows you if necessary data is present on your computer at a particular time which is why it is the best mac cleaner out there. 

Due to its easy interface and relatively cheap subscription, it has been one of the popular software for professionals. 

Cost of DaisyDisk

Rs 799 available on Apple Mac Store.

6. AppCleaner and Uninstaller

This has to be the simplest of the bunch and is free of cost. It has a user-friendly interface that helps you get used to the software faster. It uses the mechanism of drag and drops to erase unwanted apps, this feature makes it the best mac cleaner in the market. 

It also allows you to delete all the excess files that are present on your device while the app is uninstalled. It can, therefore, keep your mac clean and get rid of unnecessary files.

It can be used to delete various logs, preferences, etc which you do not need. It is the best mac cleaner free from any kind of virus or malware.

It also helps you uninstall various extensions that are piled up on your laptop. It helps you run your computer much smoother by removing all the unnecessary data. 

It has to be the simplest way to completely erase a particular app from your device without leaving a single trace of a file after its uninstallation. This app provides all the necessary features and hence is known to be the best mac cleaner.

Cost AppCleaner and Uninstaller


7. Drive Genius

Drive genius gives you a combination of two features. The first feature of Drive Genius is cleaning while the second is security. Drive genius has a speed option wherein you can optimize your Mac to work at its best. 

The software also helps you identify duplicate files to ensure maximum removal of unwanted files from the system.

Another feature that can be easeful is that it helps you detect very large files and you can see if you need them on your device. This feature is crucial to make it to the best mac cleaner list.

It also has a clone feature wherein you can exactly clone the files in your hard disk to another which has a higher storage capacity. 

It gives you a feature of deleting your files securely and permanently without the possibility of revival to ensure your privacy. This is an add-on security feature for your best mac cleaner software.

The software offers a malware scan wherein it scans your computer for any malware present on your computer as per the list which is updated daily. It also automatically checks the files which are downloaded to ensure the files are secure.

It can also detect any loose connections or hardware issues and indicate them to you.

It also checks up on formatted drives to ensure they work fine.

Drive Genius

Is drive genius free?

It is a paid service but it does have a demo version you can take advantage of. It has all the features of the paid version, therefore, you can use it for 30 days.

Then you need to pay for the software while it is just a one-time investment rather than a yearly subscription.

Cost of Drive Genius

There are generally three packages offered by Drive genius:

  • Standard License

This is a yearly subscription and can be set to auto-renewal.  You can also transfer your license for a limited amount of time in a year. New features and debugs are updated continuously. You are also offered email support and live chat if you encounter any problem. 

 It costs $79/-

  • Standard License

This is a one-time purchase subscription. It only gives you a license for one Mac. A reasonable amount of transfer of the license can be done in a year. You can get email support for about 6 months. 

It costs $99/-

  • Professional License

It gives you a license for about 10 computers. It gives you a subscription for about a year. You get unlimited transfer of subscription. All the new features and debugs are updated. 

It costs $299/-

8. Smart Mac Care

When you look at Smart Mac Care it has all the features that there are in other mac cleaners. There are no unique features that are present in this software.

There is an additional malware detecting software that you make the call as a plus point but it lacks a certain novelty as compared to other software. Still, it makes the list of best mac cleaners out there.

It does have an easy interface and has divided its works into scans such as Malware scan, Junk scan, Privacy Scan, etc. 

It has the same features of boosting your Mac’s performance as well as protecting you from various malware and viruses. 

Smart Mac Care

Cost of Smart Mac Care

You get a tweak photo software for free with this purchase. The company also offers a 60 days money-back guarantee and 24×7 customer support.

It costs Rs 3770/-

9. CCleaner

CCleaner has two types: one is the free version and the second being the professional (paid version). We will first start with the free version. It is one of the most popular of the list even though not as famous for being the best mac cleaner but a cleaner for other OS.

The free version

The free version consists of some basic features such as scanning for unwanted files. After you install CCleaner on your Mac it scans your Mac to search for unnecessary files for your Mac.

After the scan, it shows you the files it has found in a list type and you can choose if you want the file or not. Generally, the files are unwanted cache but for careful users, you can double-check the contents before deleting.

It also helps you uninstall apps from your Mac. It organizes all the apps by the space they occupy and the installation date and you can delete unwanted apps later accordingly via this list.


The software also gives you a list of apps that startup as soon as the Mac starts. Some apps occupy the Mac RAM and unnecessarily slow down the performance of the Mac. This can be avoided by removing the apps from the list of apps that can self start.

Honestly, with these functions, only this software qualifies for being in the best mac cleaner list. It is one of the simplest and user-friendly mac cleaners out there.

The paid version: The professional or paid version has the additional feature of privacy protection. It also offers you customer support.

You can also detect real-time alerts about any malware intrusion on your computer which enhances its rank in the Best mac cleaner list. 

The premium version also gives you automatic updates that give you the latest tools to fight against malware and the most advanced technologies so that it stays the best mac cleaner in the market.


For 1 Mac the license a one year license would cost you about RS 770/- and you can also purchase licenses for multiple Macs.

10. Disk inventory X

Disk Inventory X is a software that tries to give you details of files present on your hard disk with a visual representation. It gives you details about the file’s size. It has a unique tree representation called “treemaps”.

It is free software so it is hard to complain about its interface. It has a pretty simple interface where each file is given a color and you can see the file size on the left. But there are simple to use software out there and I won’t consider it to be the best mac cleaner to use.



Disk Inventory X

11. Sensei

We have kept the best mac cleaner for the last. This is a relatively new software in the market but a powerful one.

It has so many features that it is difficult to put it in a list. The most important one would be the cleaning feature. It can scan unnecessary files and delete them accordingly freeing up GB of data without any harm to your precious files.

It also has a storage overview wherein you can see all the drives connected to your Mac and find their in-depth information. It also has a partition map explorer that can go through each of the disks.

It also has an uninstaller that can help you uninstall apps that are hidden and uninstall them with no residual files. 

Sensei performance tool

In addition to the cleaning feature, it also gives you a monitor for hardware health which is an add on to being the best mac cleaner in the market. There are generally aspects which are shown:

1)Thermal condition of the Mac: You can check the temperature of the Mac via the thermal sensors. It also checks the speed of the fans and also detects if the sensor is faulty.

2) Battery health: You can check the specifications of your battery and check its health. By monitoring the battery you can extend the life span of the battery. 

3) Improve the performance of your Mac: You can boost up the performance of the Mac by inhibiting certain startup items to ensure your Mac’s RAM remains clear for optimum.

These additional features make Sensei the best mac cleaner.


You can purchase the software via two packages:

1) 1-Year license:

Gives you 1 year of updates and all the other features that may be added. It costs $29 per year.

2) Full License:

It upgrades you with all the updates and other updates. It is a one time purchase. There is no upgrade required. It costs $59.

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FAQs | Best Mac Cleaner

🤭 Which is the best Mac cleaner for free?

OnyX has to be the best mac cleaner as it gives you the power to handle startups and other applications. It is difficult to cope up at the start but programmers and advanced users would love this software.

🧐 Is Mac Cleaner worth it?

It has to be the most famous software in the market and the functions it offers it is worth your try. It is amongst the top software in the list of best mac cleaners.

🤓 How do I clean and optimize my Mac?

There is various software in the market such as CleanMyMac X which can help you scan and clean unnecessary files in a flash. While CleanMyMac X also has boosting tools to optimize your Mac for better performance. It is considered to be the best mac cleaner. In the free category however the best mac cleaner would be OnyX.

Conclusion | Best Mac Cleaner 2023

I hope you would have found this best Mac cleaner review helpful. I think even though sensei is new in the market it offers great features and is value for money and is hands down the best mac cleaner out there.

OnyX has to be one of the best mac cleaners out there when it comes to free mac cleaning software which gives you control over your MacOS.

I believe each software on the list is one of the best mac cleaners out there and you should choose the best mac cleaner for you as per your requirements and the details given in the review.

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