15 Affiliate Marketing Examples For Businesses To Draw Inspiration From

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Looking for some Best Affiliate Marketing Examples for Business… Here are 3 best popular check it out…

Wirecutter is a product review website owned by The New York Times Company that offers thorough, research-driven comparisons of consumer products. With a focus on the best gadgets, tech, and home products.

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses create, market, and sell online courses, memberships, and digital products. It offers tools for website building, email marketing, and creating online courses.

The Amazon Associates Program is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers click through and buy products from Amazon.

Jumping into affiliate marketing is like starting a new adventure. It’s exciting, but sometimes you might not know which way to go.

That’s why looking at examples from people who’ve done well can really help you with your own plans.

Whether you’re just beginning or you want to make your current ideas even better, seeing what others have achieved is like finding a secret guide.

It helps us see what works best and gives us new ideas. So, let’s check out some great Affiliate marketing Examples that have really made an impact.

These stories aren’t just about selling stuff; they’re about creating real connections and offering something special that goes beyond just a product.

Get ready to be inspired and find out how to make your next affiliate marketing project not just good but awesome.

Some Best Affiliate Marketing Examples: 

1. Wirecutter

 Affiliate marketing examples wirecutter

Wirecutter is a website that helps you find the best stuff to buy, like tech gadgets and home stuff. It’s part of The New York Times Company.

What makes Wirecutter special is they really take their time to check out what they’re talking about. They don’t just look quickly at things or believe what the companies say about their own products.

They actually use these products for a long time, in real life, to see which ones are the best.

For example, they did a super detailed review on something called “The Best Wi-Fi Extender and Signal Booster.”

This means they tried out a bunch of gadgets that make your Wi-Fi signal stronger and reach further into your house.

They didn’t just look at what the box said; they tested these extenders in different homes to see how well they worked—like how far the Wi-Fi signal could go, how fast it was, and how easy it was to use.

And they’re really honest and keep their reviews up-to-date. They even added new information to their Wi-Fi extender review later on to make sure it had the latest advice.

Plus, they give tips on how to fix your Wi-Fi problems without having to buy anything new, which is really helpful.

So, Wirecutter is all about giving you the best advice after a lot of testing to help you buy stuff that’s actually good.

2. Stewart Gauld

stewart gauld

Stewart Gauld is someone who uses YouTube to help people who are starting or running small businesses. He shares tips and advice on how to use online tools and digital marketing to grow a business.

Stewart is really good at explaining things in a way that’s easy to understand and act on.

He made a video called “Top 5 FREE Website Builders for Small Business 2024,” which is really helpful.

It’s not just a list; it’s a full guide that helps small business owners figure out how to make their own websites without spending a lot of money.

Here is the video

In the video, Stewart talks about what’s good and what’s not so good about each website builder. He shows how they work in real situations, which makes it easier to decide which one to use.

He also puts special links in his video description. If you click on these links and decide to use some of the paid features or upgrade to a premium version of the website builders, Stewart might earn some money.

But he’s always honest about using these affiliate links, and because he focuses on giving really useful advice without being biased, people trust him.

3. Kajabi

Kajabi Overview

Kajabi is a popular online platform that helps people create and sell digital products and online courses. They have a special program for people who want to help spread the word about Kajabi.

This program is cool because it doesn’t just pay you once; it’s like becoming a partner with Kajabi.

They make it super easy to see how many people you’ve told about Kajabi and how much money you’ve made from that. This is great for both beginners and experts in marketing.

Kajabi’s program is especially appealing to those who are into teaching online or running online businesses.

It’s not just about making some extra money; it’s also about being connected to a brand that’s all about quality and helping people succeed.

With a lot of successful users and a platform that keeps getting better, joining Kajabi’s affiliate program means you get to be part of a community that’s making a big impact in the world of online learning and digital business.

4. PCMag


PCMag is a website that talks about all kinds of technology stuff. They’re really good at explaining which tech products are worth buying, thanks to their detailed reviews.

They look at everything you might want to know before you decide to buy something, especially for your business.

They wrote a super helpful article called “The Best Project Management Software for 2024.” It’s all about finding the best tools to help you organize and manage your work or projects. They checked out lots of different software to see which ones were the best.

They looked at what each software can do, how easy it is to use, how well it works with other tools, and how much it costs.

PCMag also uses special links in their articles that can earn them a little money if you decide to buy something after clicking on one.

But they do it nicely, so you get all the information you need without feeling like they’re just trying to sell you something.

This makes their article on project management software really useful for anyone looking to make their work easier because it gives you all the details to make a smart choice.

Plus, if you buy something through their links, you’re also helping them out.

5. GearJunkie


GearJunkie is a website where you can find really detailed reviews about stuff you need for outdoor activities and adventures. They’re known for giving honest opinions, helpful tips, and the latest news about outdoor gear.

One of the cool things they did was a review of the “Timex ‘Standard’ Watch.” They didn’t just list the features of the watch or say what’s good and bad about it.

What makes their review special is that the writer actually used the watch and talked about his own experience with it. He shared how it feels to wear the watch and what it’s like to use it in real life.

This personal story in the review helps you understand what having the Timex ‘Standard’ Watch is really like.

Because the writer talks about both the good and the not-so-good things, it feels like you’re getting advice from a friend. This honesty makes people trust their recommendations more.

6. Amazon

amazon associate

Amazon has a special program called Amazon Associates, and it’s all about helping people make some money by sharing Amazon’s products.

If you have a blog or website or are popular on social media, you can join this program. Here’s how it works: you share a link to an Amazon product, and if someone clicks on your link and buys something within 24 hours, you get a little bit of money from that sale.

The amount you can earn varies from 1% to 10% of the sale price, depending on what kind of product it is.

As of 2021, over 900,000 people around the world are participating in this program. It’s quite popular because it’s easy to use and understand, even for beginners.

The tools for tracking who’s buying through your links are really good, so you always know how much you’re earning.

If you’re thinking about trying out affiliate marketing, starting with Amazon might be a great idea because it’s a big, well-known program that can help get your creative ideas flowing.

7. Belle and Bunty

belle and bunty

Belle and Bunty are two stylish friends from London who share their love for fashion on Instagram. They are known for wearing really pretty clothes and showing off their fun and elegant style.

They work with many fashion brands to share pictures and videos of the latest clothes and shoes.

Not too long ago, they teamed up with Adidas to talk about the famous Samba shoes. They showed their followers lots of different ways to wear these sneakers, making them work for all kinds of looks.

Whether it was for a relaxed weekend outfit or something fancier for a night out, Belle and Bunty showed how these classic shoes can match almost anything you wear.

8. Acorns


Acorns is a cool company that helps people start investing with just a little bit of money. They have a program for people who want to tell others about Acorns.

If you share a special link to Acorns and someone signs up because of your link, you get paid a little bit as a thank you.

What’s really nice about Acorns is that they care a lot about teaching people how to be smart with their money. This is why people who write about money, teach about it, or have a lot of followers interested in finance find Acorns great to work with.

They make it easy for you to see how many people are signing up because of you and help you along the way.

So, if you like helping others learn about investing without needing a lot of money to start, sharing Acorns could be a great way to do that.

9. American Express (AMEX)

american express

American Express (AMEX) wanted to be the go-to place for trusted advice on business topics like money, trends, marketing, and growing a company.

They started a big project with a website called Open Forum, now known as Trends and Insights, to share useful information for business owners.

Their plan worked really well. They kept adding new articles and advice, and soon, lots of people starting and growing their businesses were coming to the site for help.

One clever thing AMEX did was not just write all the content themselves. They also asked experts and well-known people in the business world to share their knowledge and experiences.

This helped make their site even more valuable because it had advice from many different successful people.

So, the takeaway is pretty cool: if you want more people to pay attention to what you’re doing, think about teaming up with experts who already have a big following.

It’s a smart way to attract more visitors and build good relationships with important people in your industry.

10. Airbnb


Airbnb knows how to make a splash with digital marketing, and they’ve got a cool trick: they let their users do the talking.

Instead of just writing articles to show off how great they are, Airbnb encourages people who use their service to share their travel stories, pictures, and tips across social media and their platforms.

They figured out that the best way to attract attention to their rental and travel business is by focusing on travel content.

So, they cheer on both the people who list their places and the travelers who post videos, photos, and guides about their adventures.

Instagram is a big deal for Airbnb because it’s all about sharing awesome visuals, and that’s exactly what travelers love to do. This approach has made them stand out and connect with their audience in a big way.

The cool part? Any business can do this. Encouraging your customers to share their experiences and making them a visible part of your brand’s story can really help spread the word and bring more people to your door.

11. Domino

dominos pizza

Domino’s has a smart way of using new tech to stand out. They created something called Domino’s Anyware, which lets you order pizza in a really modern way.

Instead of calling or using a website, you can speak your order into devices because it works with voice commands and understands what you’re saying, thanks to AI (artificial intelligence).

This cool feature didn’t just help them sell more pizza; it also made them look super tech-savvy. Being seen as a brand that loves and uses new technology really caught the attention of younger people.

12. Sephora


Sephora is a big name when it comes to digital marketing because they’re everywhere online.

They make sure they’re present where their customers hang out, especially on social media, where they can show off their products with cool pictures and videos.

They create what’s called “shoppable experiences.” This means they make things like video tutorials or quizzes that not only teach you something but also directly show you products you can buy.

But Sephora doesn’t stop there. They’re really into using every channel possible to connect with their audience.

You can shop directly from their posts on Instagram, have a smooth browsing experience on their website, and even come across ads tailored to your location, pointing you to the nearest Sephora store.

Their strategy is all about understanding their customers, being easy to find, and keeping those customers coming back. Sephora’s approach is a top-notch example of how to do digital marketing right.

13. Red Bull

redbull gives you wings

Red Bull is really good at making videos that a lot of people want to watch and share. They understand that people love exciting and unique things that satisfy their curiosity.

Red Bull does this by creating videos that are so interesting that you have to tell your friends about them.

A perfect example is their Red Bull Stratos video, where they showed Felix Baumgartner jumping from space live.

This was not just any video; it was incredible because it showed something that matched their motto, “Red Bull gives you wings,” in a very literal way.

And they did all this without making it feel like they were trying to sell you a drink. This video got millions of views because it was more about sharing an amazing story than about selling.

The idea here is that people get tired of ads that are always trying to sell something. They prefer stories that are interesting and fun to share.

Red Bull shows that if you tell your story differently and excitingly, more people will want to watch and share it.

14. Apple


Apple really knows how to make its products feel special and luxurious. They also have a smart way of getting people excited about what they sell.

A great example is their “Shot on iPhone” campaign. This was all about showing how good the camera on the iPhone 6 was.

They asked iPhone users to send in photos they took, and 75 people sent in a total of 77 pictures.

This campaign was a big hit and showed how you can use the help of your customers to spread the word about your products.

When Apple shared these photos, it not only showed off the iPhone’s camera quality but also made the people who took the photos feel special.

This kind of thing makes people more loyal to Apple and gets them to talk about the brand with friends and even people who might not like Apple that much. It’s a smart way to market by involving the customers themselves.

15. GoPro


GoPro has a smart way of getting people excited about their cameras. They ask their users to share videos of their adventures, which they then put on GoPro’s official YouTube channel.

This shows everyone that you don’t need to be a pro to make awesome videos.

By sharing real stories from regular people, GoPro has made YouTube the place where they get the most attention.

It’s a great reminder that sharing everyday moments can really connect people to your brand. It makes everything feel more personal and relatable.


❓How do businesses benefit from affiliate marketing?

Businesses can benefit from affiliate marketing by expanding their reach, driving sales, and increasing brand awareness with lower upfront marketing costs. Since payment is based on performance, businesses only pay for actual sales or leads, making it a cost-effective strategy. Affiliate marketing also allows businesses to tap into the affiliates' audience, leveraging their trust and influence.

👀 Can small businesses implement affiliate marketing?

Yes, small businesses can implement affiliate marketing by partnering with influencers, bloggers, or other businesses that align with their brand and target audience. It's a flexible and scalable way to grow their customer base and increase sales without a significant investment in traditional advertising.

👉How Do Businesses Track Affiliate Sales?

Businesses typically use affiliate marketing software or platforms that provide unique tracking links or codes for their affiliates. These tools track clicks, leads, and sales attributed to each affiliate, ensuring that commissions are accurately calculated and paid out.



All these stories from companies like Wirecutter, Stewart Gauld, Kajabi, and others show us that everyone can find their own special way to do well in affiliate marketing.

Some companies test products really well, some share smart tips, and others use cool tech to stand out. From GoPro and Airbnb asking people to share their adventures to Apple showing off photos taken by iPhone users, being real and creative really draws people in.

What makes these companies successful is how they connect with people by offering more than just products.

So, remember to do well in affiliate marketing, stay true, be creative, and always think about what your audience likes. This is the key to making a big impact.

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