Zeropark Review 2024 – Best Ad Network With Easy UI?

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Zeropark Review


Zeropark is definitely one of the most promising platforms to run your digital campaigns it is a traffic generating source that has a potential business all over the globe

Out of 10


  • Affordable pricing and plans.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to understand stats representation.
  • Used by advertisers from all over the globe.
  • Different customized campaigns options for better results.


  • Not a very useful platform for newbies.
  • Plans are affordable but not so cheap especially for new advertisers.


Price: $ 49

Zeropark Review – Every business in this world potentially needs a good amount of traffic for good profits and sales. That’s why Digital marketing is one of the best ways to generate traffic on your advertisements and offers.

The whole process is indeed a difficult task that requires a whole lot of good marketing strategies and approaches you made.

With Zeropark, advertising digitally becomes very easy as it has different ways of delivering your advertisements directly to the customers very potentially.

Further, in this review article, we will be discussing why everyone should consider Zeropark for generating organic traffic.

Bottom Line: Zeropark is basically a traffic-generating source that has a potential business all over the globe. It is definitely one of the most promising platforms to run your digital campaigns. Try Out Zeropark now.


Zeropark Review Overview: What is Zeropark?

Zeropark overview

Zeropark is basically a traffic-generating source that has a potential business all over the globe. It was established in 2011 and it quickly became one of the most popular sources of generating traffic on advertisements.

It is indeed a very handy tool that offers a great way to start your campaign with positive outcomes.    

Users can basically make a bid on web traffic from different domain redirects which they find more relevant for themselves. On top of that, they can park their domain with Zeropark so that the traffic can be redirected to that specific domain.

It is actually quite an easy and unique process, to be honest.

In this way, advertisers will get a complete Return on Investment they made to get organic traffic. Many big advertisers around the globe use Zeropark services as it is one of the most premium and affordable platforms where you can expand your business exponentially.

Additionally, there are many different campaigns that users can run with Zeropark. We will be discussing that in the latter part of the article.        

Why Should You Try Zeropark?

There are a lot of advantages that Zeropark offers over other traffic-generating resources. From a user-friendly interface to quick responsive customer care support, Zeropark stands tall and literally outshines its competitors with huge margins.

We really don’t see any reason why not to use Zeropark even when it is offering edges over other advertising networks. Let’s dig out all its features in details now:

1) User-Interface

The first thing you will probably like about Zeropark is its user-friendly graphic interface. When you land on their website, you will see everything is displayed in a sorted manner.

Users can browse their different sections to get a clear idea of what actually they are offering and at what price. Overall, the website layout is definitely very attractive and user-friendly as well.

Zeropark User-Interface

2) Campaigns

Customized campaigns can be created on the Zeropark platform which is really a very handy feature for those advertisers whose budget is limited. It will also help the advertisers to make the most out of their investment to get a boost up in their performance.

We will mention different types of campaigns further in this article for a better understanding of how they actually work.

3) Support at Zeropark Review

Customer care support of Zeropark is very quick and responsive although there is a very less probability that you will face any issue with it. However, in certain circumstances, if you still got stuck with anything, then you can contact their customer support.

Your query will be solved straight away within a few minutes.    

Get Started with Zeropark

To start advertising with Zeropark, create an account on their website and start browsing different packages. You have to confirm your email address to get started with it.

Once you are done with the registration and billing process, you can then launch your campaign easily in a few quick steps. When you launch your campaign on Zeropark, then you can access everything directly from the dashboard just by logging in to your account.

Everything is so simple here that the users don’t have to look for other options on the internet.

Complete detailed reports with analysis and stats are provided by Zeropark for users’ convenience. It is simply called a performance overview through which everything can be simplified in the most convenient manner.

How to create a campaign on Zeropark

Creating a campaign on Zeropark is probably the most important part for getting comprehensive outcomes. Users can click on the “New Campaign” option in order to start a new one. It will prompt the users to select one of the options from the given traffic type. There are basically three types of getting traffic on Zeropark:

1) Domain Redirect

2) Pop-up notifications

3) Push notifications

create a campaign

Through the Domain redirect option, you will get traffic on your advertisements directly through online bidding. Park the domain with Zeropark and they will redirect the traffic directly to your preferred domain.

Pop-up or popularly called premium PPV is literally the most used kind of traffic type mainly due to a lot of reasons. The pop-up ads are basically those ads that are displayed in a new tab or new webpage while a user is surfing the internet.

This way of getting traffic is pretty much affordable and effective for advertisers. It is easy to run because the setup can be finished within 2 minutes and you can start advertising instantly.

Advertisers can get traffic in Millions and Billions of numbers and that too in a very limited budget. If you select Premium PPV, then you will be prompted further to select one of these options as your campaign type.      

There are basically four different types of campaigns that users can set up with Zeropark:

1) RON(Run-on-Network)

2) Keyword        

3) Target/Source

4) Multi-Geo

Zeropark new Campain

RON simply allows the advertisers to get advertisements specifically from one region or country. That’s why it is known as Run on Network as it provides the users to select one network as their preferred choice of getting traffic on their ads.

Whereas in Keyword type, a specific keyword is selected to run the campaign which will revolve around a specific keyword to get traffic on advertisements.

Zeropark provides the option to add various different keywords that are based upon the niche of the advertisements.

It is one of the most effective ways of getting traffic but the main downside of this campaign type is that you need a proper research and marketing strategy to get those generic keywords.

Targets are usually used by the advertisers when they know their targets through the other campaigns they run. 

And the last option, Multi-Geo is used when the advertisers intend to target the traffic from multiple locations.

Push ads: Push advertisements are nowadays trends too much because these notifications are directly delivered on the user’s device.

Just set up all the basic things for the campaign and select this push ads plan on Zeropark to deliver the ad directly on the targeted user’s mobile or desktop.

The main advantage of using push ads is that users will receive a notification and hence there it will be beneficial for the advertisers.  

Now, after selecting one of these options, move further and select other basic options according to the campaign requirements. Once the campaign is on-board, advertisers can track the stats very easily through the dashboard of their Zeropark account.

How to add a postback URL on Zeropark?

As an advertiser, if you are using Voluum, then it will be an advantage because it is owned by Zeropark. That’s why creating a Zeropark campaign on it will be beneficial as it allows the advertisers to track real-time performance perfectly even the total cost too.

All you need to do is just copy and paste the URL of the campaign to get started.

Everything will be on-board and tracking up performance data is made very easy through Voluum. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about the conversion tracking tool because it is already configured in it. So, there is no need to do it manually at your own end.

Campaign Optimization

Campaign optimization is another very important aspect where the advertiser can make a whitelist and blacklist based upon the traffic reports and analysis.

Basically, if there are some regions or sources through which the response is positive and beneficial for the advertisers, they can take that into the whitelist. On the other hand, if there are bad zones that are only draining up the budget, then advertisers can cut them from their list and can save their investment from being ruined unnecessarily.

This is quite a useful feature of Zeropark that protects the investments of advertisers up to a very huge extent.

Moreover, optimized bids can also be placed for the users who are showing more interest in your ads to boost up sales. Additionally, the Visibility bar feature of Zeropark lets the advertisers know about the details whether they are getting all of the traffic or not.

So, in case if they are not getting enough traffic, then they can place customized bids and can outperform their competitors easily.      

Zeropark Offers

Zeropark offers a lot of different campaign types and ad types too. Users have to make a decision on what to choose for their campaign. So, to be a part of the Zeropark platform, sign up now and pay the required fee to get started now.  

Payment at Zeropark Review

Zeropark payment

The minimum deposit which a user can make on Zeropark is $200. There are a lot of payment methods that are supported by Zeropark. Users can pay on their official website when they create their account to start campaigning.

Payment methods like PayPal, Mastercard, Wire, and many others are supported by Zeropark hence making it more user-friendly for the advertisers. Credit Card payments are also available which makes it more convenient for everybody.

Advertisers who are still wondering whether their investment is right or not can give it a try at least once. Growth-oriented results are waiting for you to follow up with Zeropark to make the most out of it.

Pros and Cons


1) One of the most prominent tools in getting traffic on the advertisements.

2) Affordable pricing and plans.

3) User-friendly interface.

4) Easy to understand stats representation.

5) Used by advertisers from all over the globe.

6) Different customized campaign options for better results.


1) Not a very useful platform for newbies.

3) Plans are affordable but not so cheap especially for new advertisers.

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FAQs | Zeropark Review

🤷‍♀️Why Choose Zeropark as Your Traffic Source?

From the fastest campaign approval to automatic campaign optimization, Zeropark traffic source has the tools to make your campaigns highly profitable.

👏 Could I pay CPL or CPA?

They do not run CPA/CPL campaigns but we do have our own auto-optimization tool that will optimize CPM traffic to eCPA goal. Meaning you can run your CPL/CPA campaigns on our platform.

👉 When will my campaign be approved?

Campaigns are generally reviewed within an hour.

🙌 Who are Alternatives & Competitors to Zeropark

Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Semrush, Looker, Pendo, Mode.

🙎‍♂️ What are push ads?

Push advertising is the marketing approach, in which promotional material is presented to large groups of people through channels including flyers, magazines, television, radio and billboards.

🙆‍♂️ How can you contact Customer Support ata Zeropark?

Customers can contact the support team via email, Skype or ZeroPark messenger system. The contacts of the ad campaign manager are provided in the user’s account. Response time is pretty short: as a rule, assistance answer within a few minutes.

Conclusion: Zeropark Review 2024

On a closing note, we can conclude that Zeropark is indeed a great platform for advertisers. It has various different sources of getting traffic directly on advertisements which is really a very great thing. With different plans and strategies, one can create its own customized campaign and can launch it globally.

On top of that, quick responsive customer care support is also one of its biggest advantages that insists the users in clarifying every single doubt they have. So, definitely, it will be worth investing your time and investment in Zeropark to ensure formidable and growth-oriented results.

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