The Best ClickFunnels Alternative 2020 Influencing Traffic

It is every entrepreneur’s desire to grow his business and make it successful. Achieving all these requires focus and hard work as we all know that success does not happen overnight. 

A good entrepreneur is researches, studies, experiments and explores different kinds of strategies that would ensure the growth and success of his business ventures. In today’s world of technology, one of the best strategies is to make use of technology and build your business’s website. Click here to learn more about websites.

Although actual personal face-to-face interaction with customers and clients are very important, websites are also a big plus factor in growing your business. Websites are available 24 hours, 365 days.

This means anytime a client/customer or prospective client/customer feels the need to, he or she can visit your website and browse for information he or she needs that would potentially lead to a sale or booking, or anything that would eventually lead to business profits at your end.


Advantages of Displaying Your Online Presence

Your website will be an invaluable resource for advertisement, announcements, propagandas, or simply a source of information which otherwise would only be available when your place of business is open, and which might not be convenient hours for your potential clients or customers.

Websites bring the shop to its prospective customers, rather than waiting for them to actually visit your shops which may not be possible at all times due to difference in location, for example.

A website also helps a business owner establish his credibility as well as the business’s credibility. Since most of the businesses today have their own websites, the people would assume that you also have your own. Since the majority of the big companies have websites, if you do not have your own website which you can refer your potential clients and customers to, they will assume you are one of those small businesses and may not take your business seriously. If this is the case, making sales will be difficult. 

Somehow, a company’s website reflects its reputation. The more professional it is the more advantages you will have.

Websites are powerful marketing tools. A well-maintained website can beef-up your competitiveness and give you an advantage in the industry you are in. It will improve the image of your business and enhance your professional brand as well as it is a good tool to improve your customer service.

Websites and ClickFunnels

Creating a website is a complex process especially for those who are not internet savvy, but the process could be easier for the geeks.

The complexity of the process will eventually end up with an entrepreneur employing the service of a professional web developer which is an expensive thing to do. On top of the fees you need to pay the programmer, you would need to purchase a domain from a hosting platform. So it is a tedious and expensive process. 

The web-based world has come up with another platform for web-based marketing and it is being called as the future of websites. The use of funnels came into conception and is now being used to eventually create webpages just like any website so that eventually one can create a complete website on ClickFunnels without having to purchase a domain or spend a considerable amount of cash on the development tasks.

All that needs to be done is creating the funnels. Just like a regular website, funnels also contain webpages, checkouts, forms, fulfillment processes, but in totality it performs more than a website. 

However, creating a website is not what ClickFunnels is intended for. It is intended to create funnels that are lead generation and conversion tools. It is an application that helps create landing pages that capture leads and convert them into sales. 

A website allows you to create contents that will dictate your ranks in search results and generates organic traffic while ClickFunnels generate paid traffic and keeps focus on the return of your investment. 

Do You Need a Website or ClickFunnels?

You need both! You can get both worlds and utilize both website and ClickFunnels to your advantage, you can make use of both organic and paid specific traffic. But if you really need to choose just one, assess your business needs and choose that which will do you good and give your business more advantages.

If you want to capitalize on organic traffic from free traffic search engines, choose to build a website; if you choose leads coming from your target market and collect revenues immediately, choose ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is a paid application that helps generate leads and hosted by on the largest public cloud cluster in the net world. With ClickFunnels you would not need and IT department to build your funnels for you; all you have to do is log in and clicking and build your pages.

Data in your funnels are secure and you would not have to pay for updates. It is a catch-all marketing tool that can help you build funnels where you can have landing pages, and other pages you can use for sales, webinars, and more.

As you continue to read below, you will learn of ClickFunnels alternative that you can choose from according to your needs and what could be the most appropriate tool to run your business. 

Other Alternatives

Although the majority of funnel builders and users would opt with ClickFunnels and there is a lot in it that entrepreneurs would love, but still it does not have everything totally. There are other alternatives to choose from.

GetResponse – also an all-in-one marketing platform that is more advanced, but cheaper. This comes with an email marketing, landing page builder, funnel builder, and marketing automation. GetResponse can give you all your marketing automation at a lesser cost.

LeadPages – its advantage is on being a powerful advanced landing page builder tool. It creates high-converting pages without having to write any codes. 

InstaPage – this is a simple page builder and very easy to learn.

BuilderAll – this tool helps entrepreneurs start their online businesses without spending long hours and using different tools in order to come up with one page to start online marketing. It manages email marketing and helps automate everything using one platform only.

InstaBuilder – is a drag and drop tool that you can host on your own website.

The above list is just a few of the many other software and applications that marketers can choose from; GetResponse, however, is ranked as the topmost. However, choosing which tool to use is always up to the entrepreneur’s needs and preferences.

You can find a list of tips and guides (such as on it is done, but running a business is no easy task, especially if you do it all alone. But if you are up to using the aid of technology, you might find it helpful and convenient.

You do not have to employ a whole IT department to build your online marketing website, funnel, or both. All you have to do is to choose a tool, log in and start clicking. You might even be surprised by what you can come up within a breeze. Have fun building!

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