RollerAds Review 2024: New Push Advertising Network (Try It)

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Push notifications and Push Ads notifications are both types of Internet-based communication, yet they should not be mistaken as the same.

Both come in the form of small instant messages, they are fast and non-intrusive notifications of BUT push ads serving marketing purposes and were created to resemble notifications of push.

Push notification ads, meaning push traffic, would not exist had it not been for push notifications to be developed RollerAds Review.

Difference Between The Two?

A Push notification is a message on a mobile device that pops up. SMS text messages and smartphone updates look like push notifications, but they only hit users who have activated your device. App developers can submit them if users need not be in the app or using their devices to get them. App push notifications do not belong to the affiliate marketing industry but are also commonly used for marketing purposes.

On the other hand, push ad notifications that come from websites are online advertisements that are meant to drive traffic to and are available on both desktop and mobile devices. Any publisher is therefore permitted to force ads to the subscribing users on their websites.

Why Are They Important?

Both Push notifications and Push Ads notifications are in reality SMS and advertisements with promotional deals, updates, and promotions that appear on the user’s devices screen regardless of whatever website or application they use in any part of the world. These ads are extremely engaging and clickable, and difficult to ignore.

There are many advantages associated with using these two models for your ad marketing campaigns. They are best used and mainly for their:

  • Timely and instant delivery
  • Maximum opening rates
  • High CTR due to non-intrusive nature
  • More targeted global approach
  • High conversion rates
  • Instant and convenient delivery
  • Track-able transparent statistics
  • Maximum ROI

RollerAds Review 2024 New Push Advertising Network ( Try It)


RollerAds is an advertising network that specializes in push notification ads to offer the best affiliate marketing strategies to our advertisers and high website revenue to our direct publishers. It is a newly introduced ad network specializing in push notifications which is a high-performance ad format.

It was created with a purpose to make it easier for marketers to get the best marketing strategies for affiliates and to help publishers earn high revenue by monetizing their websites.

It is a self-service platform that works on the model of CPC pricing. Roller Advertising is known for 100 percent real traffic hitting Global. Though it is a new advertising network in the digital advertising world where there are already thousands of ad networks.

Yet in such a short space of time, it has made remarkable progress and has already become a choice for over 10k publishers and thousands of advertisers through its highly targeted programmatic approach and modern technology.

Tools offered by Roller Ads!

Roller Ads has been acknowledged by users and critics as being a highly productive ad networking platform. It is loaded with power packed features to help you scale your business considerably with the help of efficient targeting and campaigning tools.

Campaign tools

Create ad campaigns within seconds with an intuitive campaign builder that guides you through the user selection, ad placement, and budgeting process. Analyze the impact of campaign bidding and targeting options on your ad reach and over ROI. Furthermore, you can also track your daily and overall budget spending, and easily change if appropriate.

Targeting tools

Roller Ads targeting options include the following areas where you can effectively target your audience:

  • Desktop / Mobile
  • Subscription Age
  • OS version
  • GEO
  • Zones
  • White/Blacklists
  • Connection type, mobile isp

Creative Library

Get motivated by its imaginative effectiveness already established. Enjoy exposure to a huge array of examples of the best push notification ads to convert! You can also use industry benchmarks to absolutely acquire potential customers for free!

Tracking tools

Roller Ads offers 16 tracking options to allow you to control your campaign results in detail as you optimize your campaigns and boost ad performance after discovering which ad channels are the most valuable for your business!

Roller Ads for Advertise

Roller Ads provides high-quality non-intrusive push notification advertising that are the latest trend in affiliate marketing and is of great benefit to the marketers in spreading their message and boosting their sales.

Targeted Real Audience

Roller Advertising has an audience that is 100 percent genuine and internationally focused rather than fake bots. Roller Advertising links the advertisers and marketers via their apps to their intended target audience anywhere in the world. You get multiple targeting options with Roller Ads that help you reach the real and interested audience.

Easy and Profitable Campaigns

The best thing about this ad network is fast, effective, and highly profitable campaigns.

Creating campaigns is a matter of seconds with an intuitive campaign manager who guides you through the entire targeting, ad placement, and budgeting process. You can easily evaluate options for bidding campaigns and targeting which affect your ad reach.

Complete Tracking

Roller Ads provide you with a complete record and simple statistics through their user-friendly interface. You can monitor your success and your sales with ease. It also lets you track and adjust your spending within your budget.

Free Push Notification Templates

Roller Advertising gives you access to a wide range of free models for push notification advertising and allows you to use industry standards to make future customers completely free. At Roller Ads, you simply need to create a free account and submit a request for specific creatives to get a better approach to your performance.

Roller Ads for Publishers

Roller Ads are producing high revenues for the publishers’ available ad estate. Two of the key reasons why publishers should choose this network are as follows.

Easy Setup

The whole setup and start earning with Roller ads is just a matter of a few minutes. You just need to put their tags on your website after a quick sign-up and that’s all, enjoy the results! Profits start earning.

Higher Income

Push notifications are a great source of interaction for actual and social users who usually agree to receive updates. It gives you a high-quality audience that is very interested in your website’s content and that of the push ads. This attracts more advertisers looking for good quality traffic to you. That in turn will help you drive more revenue.

100% Safe

Security is a matter we will never compromise on. Knowing this very well, Roller ads provide you with a 100 percent healthy and reliable list of advertisers to use.

Referral Program

By referring users they give you a great opportunity to gain even more money. They give you a unique link, and you start receiving 5 percent of their revenue when a new publisher signs up using that link.

Benefits Of Using Roller Ads

If you choose to use Roller Ads, then here are some of the benefits you and your brand will be entitled to:

High CTR

Compared to other ad formats such as emails, banners, videos.

Global reach

The global subscription rate and outreach of push notifications is in millions.

Simple and convenient

An image, title and description are all you need.

Instant delivery

Users receive the notifications only when they are online.

100% Real traffic

Only real and authentic users, instead of bots and fake traffic.

Low cost

Min bid is $0.003, which is extremely low as compared to other ad formats.

Payment Details

  • Pricing Model: CPC
  • Minimum Deposit:$50
  • Min CPC:$0.003
  • Minimum payout:$100
  • Referral Commission:5%

Payment methods

  • Payment Methods for Advertisers: Credit card, WebMoney, Capitalist, Wire Transfer.
  • Payment Frequency for publishers: NET 30

Things we love about Roller Ads!

Roller Ads has almost everything that advertisers and publishers need to pump up their push ad notification campaigns.

None of the features have been too overdone, and what you get is a nice, dependable platform that helps you target audiences and scale your business more effectively. Here are some of the aspects of Roller Ads that we truly loved:

Self – Service Platform

Roller ads is a self-service platform which operates independently through programmatic bidding.

Often known as a demand-side platform (DSP) is a self-serve platform that knows more precisely about the marketers’ intended target market and links them with the right publishers that sell their spaces to them.

It functions much like an auction, thus ensuring that the right marketers meet the right publishers and profit both.

Multiple Targeting Options

Roller Ads offers a handful variety of targeting options that include:

  • Desktop/Mobile
  • Subscription Age
  • OS version
  • GEO
  • Zones
  • White /Blacklists

Fully Equipped Dashboard

What a user wants is a full-fledged, simple to use dashboard. Here you’ll find a well-equipped user-friendly dashboard that contains everything you need including accurate statistics and other useful details at a single location.

Customer Support

They offer the users complete customer support. Their dedicated staff is always available to solve technological problems and to answer the customers’ questions at any time. And if you have concerns about their services in mind, please feel free to contact them at any time. They’ll reach out to you soon!

CONCLUSION!:  RollerAds Review 2024 

RollerAds is an amazing self-serving advertising network that helps its users boost their sales and earn the highest market revenues by harnessing the power of push notification ad format. If you want to improve your sales and take your company to the next level, try this network of push notification ads today.

If you want to earn pretty money as a publisher by monetizing your content, you definitely should go for it! The ad network is highly recommended!


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