Review 2024 – Is It The Best Email Marketing Tool?

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It is a tool made for brands to verify and find email addresses. This tool helps to verify bulk email addresses and even single email addresses. It helps you to upload CVS files for verification in bulk. This is mainly designed for big enterprises as they are using it to get bulk email addresses to be verified just in a few seconds.

Out of 10


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic Add ons
  • Easy to find emails
  • Error Free Results
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Email Verification option


  • Navigation side is paid
  • Slow Email Check Function


Price: $ 49

Some Alternative Of GetEmail 

It is a tool made for brands to verify and find email addresses. This tool helps to verify bulk email addresses and even single email addresses. It helps you to upload CVS files for verification in bulk.

Top GetEmail.lo Alternatives

Here’s our in-depth article on Review. Read the full article to find out if is the right platform for email marketing. 

Email Marketing is considered one of the most important ways to market products for many brands. Some people have a myth that email marketing has died, but actually, it hasn’t.

If we check our emails, we will surely find that more than 40% of the emails will be there from different brands, including promotional emails. This article has tried to include all the important information regarding 1Point Interactive LLC. So, read this article to the end. Review - introduction

Suppose one wishes to verify these bulk emails, and then there is a tool named This is made for those most into email marketing, like Web Marketers. This tool is mainly designed for people willing to verify their emails for their marketing campaign.

Now let us have a brief look at this Tool –

What is GetEmail.lo?

GetEmail is a tool made for brands to verify and find email addresses. This tool helps to verify bulk email addresses and even single email addresses.

It helps you upload CSV files for bulk verification. This is mainly designed for big enterprises, as they use it to verify bulk email addresses in seconds.

This software actually captures and sends you the email addresses of people that go to your website or webpage and they don’t opt-in. Specifically, it captures Canadian and US email addresses.

Features of GetEmail.lo

Email Lookup:

You can find almost anyone’s email address by simply entering their name and the company they work for. This is great for reaching out to professionals or potential business contacts.

Accuracy: uses algorithms that make it very accurate in finding the right email addresses, reducing the chances of sending emails to the wrong people.

Large Database:

The tool has access to a vast database of email addresses, which increases the likelihood of finding the email you need.

Browser Extension: offers a browser extension that integrates with LinkedIn, allowing you to get email addresses directly from LinkedIn profiles without leaving the site.

Easy Integration:

It can easily integrate with other tools and platforms, making it convenient to incorporate into your existing workflows.

Credits System:

The service typically operates on a credit system, where you use credits to retrieve email addresses, allowing you to pay based on your usage.

Free Trial:

You can start with a free trial, which usually includes a few credits to test out the service before committing to a paid plan.

How does this tool Work?

How It Works

Anyone can use this tool to verify email addresses and use other features with the premium subscription. The ‘Get email’ tool is almost designed for all users. First, sign up for by visiting its official website and then taping on the ‘Sign up’ button.

Now, enter some personal details, confirm your mobile number, and complete your details.

Beginners can try the free version of this tool to understand how this tool works. There is also an option named Upload CVS for verifying bulk email addresses. To use this feature, you tap on that option. It also supports the CVS file.

Details Required Before Using

System Requirements

It can work with Windows and Mac operating systems. Compatibility is one of the most helpful features, as it allows all users to handle the software from their respective PCs. 

Training Required

It requires documentation, live online training, and in-person training.


The customer support is 24/7 and online.

Methods of Finding the Email

There are two methods for finding the email. In the first method, you need to enter a person’s name and website or organization name.

In the second method, you can use the get email Chrome extension that lets you extract the email address of any user available on Linked In.

Pricing of GetEmail.lo

Get email is a service available for many brands and individuals with their magnificent premium plans, which are free.

There are total 5 Premium Plans as mentioned below-

  1. Free
  2. Basic
  3. Standard
  4. Premium
  5. Ultra- Premium

There are total 5 Premium Plans as mentioned below-

1) The Free plan which is $0.0

This includes ten credits per month, the CSV download option, and API access.

2) The Basic plan, which costs almost $49/month

This plan includes 300 credits per month and CSV download and API access with the supporting feature of email.

3) The Standard plan, which costs almost $99/month

This plan provides almost 1000 credits/month along with the CSV download and API access with additional supporting features of chat as well as email.

4) The Premium plan costs almost $149/month

This plan includes 2000 credits/month along with the CSV download and API access with additional supporting features of chat, email, and access to the phone.

5) The Ultra-premium plan costs almost $399/month

This plan has whooping 10000 credits/month the CSV download and API access with many additional supporting features such as chat, email, access to the phone (24/7)

App Pricing

Depending upon the individual’s requirements, one can choose an ideal plan based on the above options.

Before picking up a plan, one should always test it with the free test option.

As soon as you are satisfied with the free service, you can definitely proceed with its premium plan.

Pros & Cons of

Every software has its pros and cons. According to the user reviews, in the case of getting email, the number of pros is greater than the number of cons, making it an ideal software. Listed below are the few pros and cons of the GetEmail software:


  • It is very extremely user-friendly.
  • The GUI (graphical user interface) is really good and is one of the most attractive features
  • The software is highly trusted by its users the most compared to the others because none of the emails sent to any address provided by GetEmail have been rejected so far.
  • You get professional IDs by just searching the owner’s full name and the name of the company


  • Most users find the credits expensive.
  • The software mainly focuses on business-related emails and not many personal emails.

GetEmail Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from GetEmail users.

GetEmail Testimonial

Top 3 Best GetEmail Alternatives –

1. Lusha:

GetEmail Alternative - lusha

This helps business professionals establish a quick connection with contacts, leads, and candidates. It also helps build trust by using simple tools.

Currently, even more than 265,000 recruitment managers and sales representatives are using Lusha on their day-to-day basis. Its customers range from small and medium businesses to big enterprises like Amazon, Salesforce, Google, etc.

2. 1Point Interactive, LLC.:

This is actually a cloud-based marketing solution. 1Point Interactive, LLC., allows its users to improve their Return On Investment (ROI).

With the help of 1Point Interactive, LLC. Users can optimize and manage lists, track campaign results in real time, and enhance email deliverability and marketing campaigns. It also helps his users to create sub-accounts for multiple users.

3. MoonMail:

GetEmail Alternative - MoonMail

This is an Email Marketing Software Platform for sending newsletters.

Easiest and simplest to use, you can easily design and create great email marketing campaigns with the help of this. Moonmail analyzes your performance and success through exact statistics and reports.

MoonMail also allows you to make your own custom design, add images, and logos, social media icons in a click, compare data from your previous campaigns, track and monitor your performance & analyze your success, etc.

Quick Links

FAQs | Review

🙌 Is Free?

Yes. Getemail has a 100% free plan that you can sign up for above. If you would like some more advanced functionality, you can always start a free trial of any of our advanced plans, or transition onto one of our low-cost month-to-month plans and upgrade as you see fit.

🙎‍♀️Do you recommend ?

I use on a daily basis. It's absolutely the best tool to navigate and I love how they keep all of your found emails on file for you to easily reference. It's super easy to use and 98% of the emails I've searched so far has turned up accurate. I've gotten so much business from this tool. I definitely recommend itl!!

🤷‍♂️ Does has chrome extention?

Yes, it has a Chrome extension and it shows up on LinkedIn so it is very easy to use it to find emails.

💁‍♀️ Is Lusha safe?

Lusha is great for anyone who needs to find someone's contact information. It is great for HR, recruiting, sourcing, and the like. If you are not looking for hard-to-find contact information then Lusha is not for you.

🙋‍♂️ What are the alternatives of

Lusha, MoonMail, 1Point Interactive, LLC are some of the best alternatives

Conclusion | Review 2024

GetEmail is considered one of the best and perfect tools as it efficiently takes many customers via email marketing.

Get an email to verify bulk email addresses to plan an efficient marketing campaign. One should definitely try it by using GetEmail!

It is found to be the most accurate way to search and validate emails.

Hence, if you are running short of time and need to find an email, GetEmail is the perfect go-to software since its powerful search engine helps you find your required email in just a few seconds.

We sincerely hope this article helps. Please let us know in the comment section if you know anything important about that is not covered in this article.

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