Pushub Review 2024: Best User Marketplace for Advertisers & Publishers?

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Pushub Review


Pushub offers an intuitive platform for real-time push notifications, boasting easy integration, comprehensive analytics, and reliable delivery. Its user-friendly interface simplifies communication strategies, enhancing engagement and user interaction.

Out of 10


  • Global reach with innovative tools
  • Extensive range of advertising solutions
  • Dedicated support provided for advertisers
  • Scalability for large-scale applications
  • Easy integration with existing systems


  • Limited flexibility offered in self-service plans
  • Initial setup complexity for some users
  • Possible data loss in unreliable network conditions


Price: $ 200

Are you someone who is interested in online ads which are both easy and effective?

Pushub lets you show your ads to people directly, which is great for reaching out specifically to your audience. It’s perfect for those who really care about where and how their ads appear.

My detailed review will show you how Pushub can help your ads stand out. To learn more, check out the full Pushub review.

What is Pushub?

Pushub is a platform designed to connect advertisers with a relevant audience across various digital environments.

Pushub Homepage

It specializes in delivering advertisements through push notifications, new page/domain redirects, and various contextual interactive formats such as native, search, and social ads. The platform helps all kinds of businesses reach people in important parts of the world.

Whether it’s Finance (Loans, Debt, Credit, Mortgage), Medicare /ACA, Software, Per Per call, Home Improvement, Sweeps & Lead Gento get leads, they make it easier for businesses to connect with their customers and reach their goals.

They work with advertisers from everywhere. But the places where they see the most success are the United States, English-speaking countries, Western Europe, and Latin America.

The platform boasts a significant reach, with stats highlighting thousands of direct partners and millions of unique push users and ad impressions daily.

Pushub emphasizes ease of integration for advertisers and publishers, offering real-time bidding, XML, JSON, and API support.

Pushub Specialities

Push Notifications allow businesses to send targeted ads directly to people’s devices, which is great for reaching specific audiences quickly and effectively.

Pushub Specialities

New Page/Domain Redirect is a feature that shows ads on new web pages or within existing ones, helping to capture the attention of engaged users.

These tools can help anyone looking to advertise online, from small businesses targeting local customers to larger companies aiming at broader audiences.

Pushub Ad Type Options

Here are the different types of ads offered by Pushub:-

Pushub Ad Type Options

1. Push:

These are messages sent directly to people who have agreed to receive notifications from a website, useful for sending personalized ads.

2. Pop:

This type opens a new window or tab with an ad when someone visits a website, great for catching attention.

Pushub Tools

Pushub offers you many tools to help you in driving traffic, I have explained below the most important ones.

1. AI Optimizer

This is their latest tool which is equipped with advanced machine learning algorithms and powered by big data analytics. This cutting-edge tool is designed to revolutionize campaign optimization, ensuring maximum effectiveness and performance.

Here’s how it works and why it’s such a game-changer:

The AI Optimizer automatically adjusts bidding strategies and optimizes bid landscapes and weights (BL/W) based on the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) goal and unique metrics specific to each industry vertical.

With this help you can analyze real-time data and campaign performance metrics. The AI Optimizer fine-tunes bidding strategies to ensure optimal results. This means your ads are bid on at the right price to achieve the desired outcomes, whether it’s generating leads or driving sales.

Example: Let’s say you’re running a lead generation campaign. The AI Optimizer recognizes that leads have a shorter conversion cycle, so it adjusts bids accordingly for faster optimization.

On the other hand, for sales-focused campaigns with longer conversion cycles, the AI Optimizer takes into account “late sales” and conducts more thorough optimization over time to maximize ROI.

2. Traffic Estimator Tool

Traffic Estimator tool is a powerful resource for advertisers to stay ahead of the curve by providing insights into Cost Per Click (CPC) rates across different ad formats and geographical locations.

Here’s how it works and why it’s so valuable:

Traffic Estimator tool

The Traffic Estimator tool provides advertisers with estimates of the CPC rates they can expect for different ad formats (such as display ads, video ads, etc.) and specific geographical locations.

By accessing this tool, advertisers can gain valuable insights into the potential costs associated with their advertising campaigns. This information allows them to plan and budget effectively, ensuring they allocate resources where they will have the greatest impact.

Example: Let’s say you’re planning a digital advertising campaign targeting multiple regions.

By using the Traffic Estimator tool, you can estimate the CPC rates for each location and format, helping you make informed decisions about where to allocate your advertising budget for optimal results.

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Pricing Details of Pushub

There are 3 plans offered, let me explain each one of them in detail so that you can make a better choice.

Pushub Pricing Plans

1. Self-Served Plan ($200):

You pay $200 as your initial pre-paid budget. This plan gives you access to unique traffic, but you manage everything yourself.

You’ll have pre-filtering for invalid clicks, customer support via email, and access to our customer success team via email.

2. Managed Plan ($1000):

For $1000, you get an initial pre-paid budget.

In this plan, you get a Personal Customer Support Manager who helps with optimizing your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) goal, hourly user age optimization, providing creative insights, and assisting with qualified bid landscapes and weights (BL/W).

Here, you’ll get help with Cost Per Sale (CPS) optimization and pre-lander creation services. However, you’ll be responsible for managing the platform yourself.

3. Agency Plan (Custom Pricing):

Depending on the requirements of your agency, the pricing will be varied.

With the agency plan, you get all the benefits of a Managed account. This means you have a Personal Manager and can access detailed data.

But the great part is, you don’t need to do anything yourself. Pushub’s team will help you with everything– from setting up your account to making it better and keeping track of key performance indicators (KPIs) and return on investment (ROI).

It’s like having your own Google employee managing your media buying on Google for you.

Pros and Cons

1. Pros:

  • Global reach with innovative tools tailored to your needs.
  • Extensive range of advertising solutions for diverse campaigns.
  • Dedicated support provided for advertisers.

2. Cons:

  • Limited flexibility offered in self-service plans.
  • Full platform management is only available in higher-tier plans.
  • Campaign management relies solely on Pushub’s platform.

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Conclusion: Pushub Review 2024

Thus, whether you’re a small business trying to find customers nearby or a big company reaching people all over the world, Pushub has what you need to make your ads better and reach your goals. Give it a try and there is no turning back!

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