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Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE
Kaplan vs Magoosh GRE
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Ease Of Understanding


Instructor Knowledge




Ease Of Use


App Interface


Value for money


Video Quality


  • Affordability and flexibility
  • Stellar customer support
  • Robust tutoring options
  • Variety of courses
  • Get University Degree
  • Satisfied Customers
  • 100% online platform
  • video lessons, tests, and study materials
  • Live and interactive instruction (The GRE Channel)
  • Risk-free trial and money-back guarantee
  • Online Modules


  • Fewer practice questions and tests

In this Review, we will analyze the specific courses of the two companies Kaplan vs. Magoosh GRE, more closely, and determine the course that best suits your needs.

Read about the Magoosh Gre Prep and Magoosh MCAT in this post vs. Kaplan for GRE Prep!!

Kaplan vs Magoosh GRE 2020: Which Is A Better Choice For GRE

About Magoosh GRE

Magoosh is a young company founded in 2009 by four entrepreneurs in Berkeley, California. Its mission is to provide excellent preparation courses for high-quality exams at an affordable price. 

Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE

They currently offer course options for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, IELTS, and Practice. From the beginning, its goal was to make test preparation affordable, entertaining, and useful.

At this time, they offer personal preparation courses that cost between $ 99 and $ 299 depending on the option chosen.

The main strength is to provide good value for money and to provide students with an amazing mobile app that helps them learn on the go.

Also, they offer guarantee for improved competitive results (e.g., more than five additional points in the ERM or a refund) as well as e-mail support and well-designed video courses

The company is continuously receiving sharp criticism from students who have learned to trust them, especially about GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT.

Get excellent grades on websites like Consumer Affairs (4.5 out of 5) and G2 Crowd, 4.6 out of 5.

If you want to see more courses about GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT, you can check out our detailed comparison about Kaplan vs Princeton Review, We have covered its full insight, pros and cons, pricing, and much more…

Magoosh GRE Prep: How To Start? 

Everything you love about the Magoosh GRE product, in pocket size! For the first time, you can now request your own Magoosh GRE preparation book on Amazon.

Magoosh Training Course

Their GRE students and experts have worked together to create the most consistent GRE guide ever.

Among other things, this 468-page book contains more than a hundred practice questions with detailed explanations, all of which are extracted directly from their popular GRE readiness product online.

Not only is the book full of useful information, but every question and answer has been reviewed by industry experts to maximize students’ learning.

If you are looking for a GRE book, we hope you will get an overview of Magoosh GRE Prep!

1. GRE FREE eBooks

Magoosh offers Free Books GRE – best GRE books Magoosh.


Okay, they’re not books, because if you do not print them out, you can not physically hold them and flip the pages (though an iPad can add credibility to the experience).

Whether tangible or not, eBooks are free and offer many useful strategies.

With Magoosh’s remaining free ERM resources, this is a great way to start your GRE adventure before choosing a book. Here they are: Magoosh GRE eBooks

2. PowerPrep And PowerPrep PLUS 

PowerPrep best GRE Magoosh books

  • PowerPrep 1: Free
  • PowerPrep 2: Free
  • PowerPrep PLUS 1: 39.99 USD
  • PowerPrep PLUS 2: 39.99 USD

At this point, you’ve probably noticed that ETS offers many products to help you prepare for GRE. And they are all excellent.

This is good news if you have to spend a lot of time and money before the test!

Of course, if you do not do that, it will get a bit confusing (and to make it even more complicated, ETS has reused old tests! See the Magoosh PowerPrep article for more information on this topic).

Let us clarify some points. First, there are two PowerPreps: the free version (“PowerPrep” only) and the paid versions (“PowerPrep PLUS,” two tests of $ 39.99 each).

In any case, it’s a good idea to do at least one, and preferably both, free PowerPrep tests before the official exam.

They work with the computer format and you can see the questions directly from the creators of the test.

If you have time, the PowerPrep PLUS tests are convenient. The explanations are a bit short, although it can be a good practice to solve the processes yourself, but at a price.

If you buy both exams, you pay about half of what the existence of the official GRE costs.
In the end, it can be challenging to find excellent GRE practice exams.

Therefore, if you are preparing for a more extended period, it is best to purchase at least one PowerPrep PLUS exam.

But if you have one month or less before the exam date, you probably do not have to invest.

Overview About Kaplan

Kaplan Review

Kaplan, on the other hand, is the oldest company for test preparation in the world. It was founded in 1938 and now serves students from all over the world.

Unlike Magoosh, it offers a wide range of preparation courses for all imaginable standardized tests.

It also has a more extensive infrastructure with hundreds of educational centers around the world.

They offer much more than just personal preparation courses. Kaplan’s greatest strength is the ability to create an online classroom that can meet 6 to 10 students sharing the same learning experience.

Of course, this type is more expensive and costs between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000. But they are great for students who prefer to work with a teacher.

The company receives mostly positive comments from students and has a rating of 5/5 on Trustpilot.

Kaplan customer reviews

However, the result in the consumption area is quite low (1.8 out of 5).

Fantastic customer service and the cancellation of some personal courses are the leading cause of complaints. Overall, Kaplan enjoys a high reputation in the student community.

In this article, I will review the features and benefits of both options in personal preparation courses. Let’s compare apples to apples.

Magoosh does not have an excellent YouTube channel for GRE, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL, but Kaplan does:

The MCAT is one of the toughest exams you’ll ever pass. This 7-hour, 30-minute beast will put your knowledge and skills to test in chemistry, critical analysis, and reasoning, biology, psychology, and more. It also costs $ 315 per test, so be better prepared!

Let’s see how the two companies behave in terms of MCAT courses.

Magoosh MCAT Course only offers its rhythm option.

Magoosh MCAT - Latest Discount

Therefore, in this general description, I will compare it with the Kaplan rhythm option to make it entirely correct.

Kaplan also offers a variety of MCAT preparation methods (including online and classroom courses). However, we will sign up for another exam.

The first thing that will surprise you here is a significant price difference.

The Kaplan self-study course costs more than $ 1,500 for five months, and the Magoosh course costs only $ 99 for 12 months. Then, before deciding on one or the other, consider your budget.

In terms of value for money, Magoosh wins here clearly. At a super low price, they offer over 745 practice questions, three full practice exams, and 380 video lessons.

That’s a lot, especially since Magoosh’s mobile app is much better and can be used to process learning material.

Best Features

Kaplan offers the most options for courses and materials to prepare for GRE.

There’s something for every budget and need, from $ 49 for Rapid Review Live for GRE Math to over $ 2,000 for your tutoring packages.

They offer personal courses (from $ 1105), live online courses (from $ 850), and courses at their own pace (from $ 595).

They also have a variety of tutoring options as well as on-demand study options.

Amount of Learning Material

Kaplan is characterized by a variety of practice tests, practice questions, comprehensive reviews, and other resources, including offline material.

Magoohs vs Kaplan for GRE

They provide more material than any other provider of GRE preparation, and the library is expanded daily. They offer seven long-term practice exams.

This could be one of its best features since the best way to measure and improve its performance is to practice in the most realistic configuration.

With practice tests, you can do just that while improving mental endurance for the actual test. Most participants offer only three or four practice exams.

In addition to long-term practice exams, the Kaplan Quiz Bank offers more than 5,000 practice questions, more than any other GRE preparation courses and programs.

Most students, probably, won’t be able to answer all these questions, but it is reassuring to know that you will not miss questions in those areas where you need more practice.

Most competitors offer only between 1,500 and 3,000 practice questions. Kaplan’s ERP also offers offline resources, which is unusual in the field of GRE test preparation.

These include Kaplan GRE Premier: Manual Edition, Kaplan GRE Mathematics Workbook, Kaplan GRE Oral Workbook, and Kaplan GRE Pocket Reference.

kaplan gre - Preparation Tips

Online and offline materials will work together to provide students with more options and more complete materials. The books are also available individually.

One of the most important areas of the Kaplan GRE test prep is the GRE channel, a live or on-demand video service that provides interactive lessons and instructions from its GRE experts.

The GRE chain has thousands of lessons in each area of ​​the GRE test, ranging from basic skills to advanced skills. You can filter videos by difficulty and topic.

They add another 15 to 20 hours per week, which provides new and up-to-date advice and review of interactive learning capabilities and opportunities.

Every episode is archived. So if you cannot see them live, you can see them anytime, giving you virtually unlimited access to GRE’s strategies and lessons.

Keys For Preparing The GRE Test:

  • Know Your Skills (What’s Your Score Today?).
  • Create a syllabus (based on your target score, target universities).
  • Know how much you can try (the program is useless if you do not know its limits).
  • How long would it take to reach the objective score (hard work and determination)?
  • Even the best GRE books can do a lot and bring you closer to your goals, but each candidate is limited in time and skills.
Kaplan vs Magoosh for GRE
Most Trusted Material

How long would it take for the 5-point score to improve? It’s easy to improve your score from 140 to 145 to 150.

Any increase in points over 150, however, requires effort and time.

Can you define a realistic GRE goal based on your previous academic skills and achievements?

One of the most frequently asked questions: How many books from GRE Test Prep can you buy?

Main Quantitative Books From GRE

Here are some books for the quantitative sections of the GRE: Strategies and Practice Test.

Main Quantity Books From GRE

  • 500 GRE Math Memory Cards (Manhattan).
  • Magoosh GRE Prep Books – (contains books for algebra, word problems, trigonometry).
  • Math notebook for GRE Kaplan Review.

The Main Verbal GRE Books

Here are some books in preparation for the GRE Verbal section. Most students spend more time preparing the oral part than the mathematical part.

After identifying your weak verbal sections, read some books to improve those specific weak sections.

  • Magoosh GRE Preparation Books (GRE Verbal Guide).
  • Magoosh reading comprehension.
  • GRE Vocab Ability Over 800 powerful memory and memory tips.

Books For GRE Practice Tests

For additional GRE practice tests, you may need to purchase Kaplan and other book preparation books, as you no longer need field tests on previous books.

In an ideal world, you must spend 1.5 times a day in ten days before the GRE test date.

There are many practice tests to complete. You must have access to several training tests to achieve this goal.

If you train with 1.5 times the tests (7 sections) at the same time, you train your brain to stay active longer.

In the true GRE test, additional pressure is created. Therefore, you must have ENERGY and 100% FOCUS during the test. That’s why you have to work out longer.

Increase Your GRE Score With The Best GRE Preparation Books

All GRE Test Preparation Guides take a different approach and suggest different strategies for solving the same problem.

The key is to understand how to learn and apply the strategy during the test. If you learn this skill, you can increase your score.

Some candidates may need time to acquire these skills. Some candidates would get used to this ability within two to three weeks of starting their studies.

Kaplan vs magoosh comparison

NOTE: The score changes with time. Do not expect an increase in your scores overnight. If your score does not improve, try a different approach.

Also, get ready with a plan. Know your target score and how you can reach that mark (indicate the number of lessons per day).

Good luck with preparing for the GRE test. Come back to share your GRE test experience. I always like to hear from my readers.

Comparisons Between Kaplan And Magoosh

When reading the comparisons between Kaplan and Magoosh, consider the following general differences:

  • Magoosh is available exclusively in an online format at your own pace. If you are looking for a classroom or an online experience, Kaplan is the best option.
  • Kaplan offers live online tutoring with many of its courses. Magoosh offers email support, where you can send a question and get an answer.
  • In most cases, Magoosh is much cheaper than Kaplan.
  • Magoosh offers mobile apps designed specifically for each course offered, and usually, but not always, better than the Kaplan application experience.
  • Magoosh provides a free 7-day trial for all classes. Kaplan offers free events where you can see what a course looks like.
  • Kaplan’s courses tend to be more content, like videos and practice exams than Magoosh.

Whichever option you choose, you should be familiar with the teaching style used by these teachers.

That’s why I’ve included a link to examples of their videos on YouTube alongside your free samples below.

Alright, with these comments on your differences at the highest level, let’s look at these two competitors in specific tests.

Magoosh vs Kaplan GMAT

Magoosh GMAT Review - Overview

When comparing Magoosh with Kaplan for GMAT, the most significant differences are:

  • Magoosh mobile apps are designed specifically for GMAT preparation and are easier to work with than Kaplan’s.
  • Magoosh includes email tutoring with GMAT packages and video tutoring as an update. Kaplan needs an update for the training.
  • Magoosh guarantees a 50 point (premium) increase in score, while Kaplan only guarantees an increase in score.
  • Magoosh has a free 7-day trial of his service. Kaplan has free events to test its functioning.
  • Magoosh offers two field tests (Premium). Kaplan offers nine practice tests and the “Test Day Experience,” which allows you to complete a GMAT practice test in the real test center, ideal if you are thinking about testing.
  • Kaplan contains 2 GMAT preparation books and an MBA Admission Guide. Magoosh does not offer any preparation books.

So, Kaplan or Magoosh For GMAT?

I agree with Magoosh here. Your GMAT preparation is one of your most innovative and best-qualified courses.

It can be said that Magoosh was involved in the GMAT. They offer video tutorials as part of their Guided Study Package.

This is the only course in which they currently offer video tutorials. To increase your guarantee of 50 points is also very generous.

Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE Prep

When it comes to comparing Magoosh to Kaplan for the GRE report, these are the main differences:

  • Mobile apps are designed specifically for GRE and are easier to work with than Kaplan’s.
  • Magoosh includes email tutoring, but Kaplan needs a tutorial package to get personalized support.
  • Guarantees a 50 point increase in the score. Kaplan only guarantees an increase in the score.
  • Offers a free 7-day trial. Kaplan offers free events to test its service.
  • Kaplan offers in contrast to Magoosh, 37 practical tests. Kaplan also provides a unique “test day experience” that allows you to do a hands-on experiment in your real GRE facility to put your nerves to the test in case of anxiety for tests.
  • Offers four books to prepare GREs, while Magoosh does not provide any.

Magoosh Mobile app - GMAT Prep

Magoosh is also known for his preparation for the GRE. With a substantial discount on what you pay with Kaplan, you get a personalized experience at your own pace, especially for those who want to check their cell phones. Here is the advantage of Magoosh.

Kaplan Vs Magoosh GRE SAT / CAT

The Magoosh and Kaplan courses are remarkably similar for both CAT and SAT.

I use your SAT courses for this comparison, but if your child wants to follow the CAT, the differences are minimal. Consider the following differences when comparing Kaplan and Magoosh:

  • The Magoosh Mobile App is specifically designed for SAT / CAT preparation and is easier to work with than Kaplan.
  • Magoosh guarantees an increase of 100 points in the SAT and 4 points in the CAT. Kaplan only guarantees an increase.
  • Magoosh offers a free 7-day trial. Kaplan offers free events to test its service.
  • Kaplan offers eight practice tests with 3 Magoosh practice tests.

Is Magoosh Worth It?

In that case, I give Magoosh a conditional recommendation. The difference in costs between Magoosh and Kaplan is not as important in Abitur examinations.

kaplan vs magoosh SAT - Details

However, the mobile learning approach will attract many students. You just have to make sure that your child is disciplined enough to follow him.

Kaplan offers more learning materials, such as the eight field tests, but often 17-year-olds are not used to it.

I recommend subscribing to the free 7-day trial of Magoosh. If it works well, stay with them.

Quick Links:

Frequently Asked Questions:

✅ How accurate is Magoosh score predictor GRE?

Magoosh Score Predictor gives an accurate measure. If the dashboard predicts 159, you can get nearly 157-163.

🔥 How To Prepare for GRE?

Start with small steps. Don't rely much on freebies. Use courses like Magoosh GRE for better preparation.

🏆 How long is Kaplan Diagnostic Test?

Kaplan Diagnostic test for GRE will last for four hours.

💲💲 How much does Magoosh GRE cost?

Magoosh offer personal preparation courses that cost between $ 99 and $ 299 depending on the option chosen.

Conclusion: Kaplan Vs Magoosh GRE? 2020 (My Verdict)

The Magoosh GRE and Kaplan exam preparation courses are great for you if you set a curriculum and follow it. If you want to learn at your pace, use only online material.

This is also a great solution for you if you usually need an explanation that goes beyond the text but does not want to sit in a classroom.

With the variety of explanations and the depth with which Magoosh explains every problem, the GRE and Kaplan GRE preparation courses are an excellent choice for most types of learners and students.

If the options for Magoosh GRE test preparation do not seem appropriate, look at other options, such as Manhattan Prep.


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