Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE 2021: What Should You Choose?

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In this post, we have shared the detailed comparison between Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE 2021 including its courses, free materials, and pricing. Read here!!

The American education system requires that a student complete 12 years of study and four years of university before attending a master’s program.

If you want to continue your postgraduate studies, you must pass the admission exam or the GRE.

The scores obtained in this exam help universities determine student achievements, scholarships, and scholarships, while others use these points to set a threshold for applications.

Types of GRE tests

Two sets of tests determine a student’s total GRE score.

  • General Test: This section assesses students’ analytical, quantitative, and verbal skills.
  • Subject examination: This section measures students’ knowledge of a subject or group of subjects seeking higher education.

Between these two points, the results of the general test have more weight.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE 2021: Which Is Better??

About Manhattan GRE

Manhattan GRE vs Magoosh

Tens of thousands of students apply for GRE exams every year. They are determined to complete postgraduate and doctoral courses at the best universities in the United States.

To help self-study decode the GRE code with the appropriate book tips, Manhattan has published a series of eight books with important study materials, document templates, and helpful tips.

Experience the GRE theme of Manhattan

Each book in Manhattan’s GRE series is designed for students who enjoy studying books and is dedicated to a specific topic. This ensures that all concepts are explained in detail in several chapters. The Manhattan GE Series language is packed with examples to facilitate understanding and remains direct and talkative.

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Students can review their understanding of each concept by answering detailed questions at the end of each chapter. This book teaching model gives students a feeling of learning from an experienced tutor.

Manhattan Prep GRE review

Once the student has studied a complete subject, he or she can use the question-print templates printed at the end of each book to verify his or her understanding. These questionnaires are modeled in GRE format, ensuring that students are trained in all courses required for the GRE exam.

The Manhattan GRE pre-exam format provides all students with a unique code at the bottom of their books that allow them to take six simulated exams online.

These tests are fully explained at the end of each question, which makes it easier to understand. Many students who rely on Manhattan GRE books to prepare for the big test often choose books with conceptual questions that also give them access to simulated online exams.

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Manhattan Prep Key Features

  • Free resources

Manhattan Prep has a “Free Resources” page listing the offers. They offer a free trial of computer customization exercises, vocabulary cards, and a free mobile practice app.

Manhattan vs Magoosh for GRE

You also have free prep time at Manhattan Prep GRE, which allows you to access your experts online twice a month. These preparation times are also available on YouTube at any time after the original recordings.

They also provide community resources, including a GRE learning blog, a forum, and a Facebook community, so students can connect with other students to ask questions.

In addition to the free resources, Manhattan Prep GRE offers a free course to anyone interested in their preparation courses so they can try it out and see if the style suits them.

  • GRE for the MBA course

Many students do not want to take the GMAT but are still interested in business studies. With more and more schools accepting GRE as an option, more and more students are taking GRE for admission to the Business School. Manhattan Prep is the only ERP preparation option known to me that offers a special program tailored to the potential of the MBA. Includes an MBA Admission Orientation session.

  • Authentic practice tests

The Manhattan Prep GRE field tests are probably the best tests in the market. Each of his courses offers six practice exams. Many students report that their practice exams are more difficult than the emergency room itself, which increases their confidence and ability when taking the exam.

  • Math option

GRE Manhattan Review

Manhattan Prep offers the complete mathematical option for $ 699. Includes 12 hours of online, live or in-person time, multiple printed books and 6 GRE test exercises. Given the number of students who have less confidence in their math skills, this is a great option for many.

  • Experts

All preparatory teachers in Manhattan achieved the 99th percentile in GRE. So you know that an ERM expert will teach you that. This is not a statement that most competitors can make.

The GRE approach of Manhattan

You will really learn with these books. Manhattan GRE does not rely on tricks or nerdy “tricks”. They have sound basic knowledge. The books also do not stun him with a false sense of complacency, neglecting his practice exams.

Manhattan and Magoosh GRE


The voice of Manhattan GRE

The voice of the books is direct and attractive. The explanations are clear and do not let you scratch your head like in other preparatory books: you have the impression of working with a skilled and patient tutor.

The width of the GRE standby books

Although I have already mentioned this, I would like to emphasize that Barron’s, Kaplan’s, and Princeton Review’s do not cover all concepts and only a few key concepts in italics.

The Manhattan GRE series covers almost everything that I can quantitatively see in the test (I noticed that there are no parables, an unusual kind of question that only appears in difficult questions).

They also offer a free online practice test. The online material is more accurate than in the book, especially in terms of completing the text and sentence equivalency questions (discussed below).

My guess is that this was because the online material was easier to update because they learned more about the new GRE.

If the cost is a huge problem, you can buy one or two of your books, probably those that deal with the types of questions and concepts for which you need extra practice, as you only need one book to access your practice exams online.

Benefits of Magoosh GRE

The Magoosh GRE preparation model is ideal for future graduates looking for a more individualized study experience. Magoosh offers videoconferencing where students can listen and enjoy the privilege of visual education that makes learning even more interesting.

At the end of each lesson, students are offered practical tests covering all aspects, from basic exercises to advanced exercises.

In addition, these tests also include questions with video presentations that help students to deepen their understanding of the subject and improve their analytical skills.

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Kaplan vs Magoosh for GRE

As Magoosh offers GRE lessons to videos, there is also the possibility to dispel doubts. Students can email their questions to a team of Magoosh experts for answers as soon as possible.

As the world moves on the mobile and many students are connected to smartphones, Magoosh has also taken steps to teach mobile phones. That way, you can learn in no time. This is especially useful for students who travel long distances and can afford this time to prepare for the GRE test.

The simulated Magoosh GRE tests provide a video explanation after each question. Not only is this method attractive, but it also ensures that students fully understand the concept, which drives them to high percentile values. As the Magoosh GRE courses are primarily online, students are offered the opportunity to follow their online timetable.

In addition, Magoosh’s GRE practice exams are timed, giving students real-time experience and fully preparing them for D-Day.

Magoosh Predictor Score

Magoosh used the results of previous students to create a regression-based assessment predictor that helps you measure your workload to the desired results. This is not just a small sample, the Score Predictor contains data of more than 200,000 in its database.

Magoosh score predictor

Finally, all Magoosh questions and video lessons are also available through the application, which works for both Android and Apple. This is an interesting feature for students who want to learn for the race!

Which GMAT preparation option should you choose?

Magoosh simplifies independent GMAT preparation with a complete set of study programs that show you how to structure your time based on the time you spend on the exam.

If you rely on the learning material yourself, it may be advisable to gain access to the Magoosh GMAT preparation platform. With the applicable rates, it makes more sense to buy the premium package than to access only the math and IR areas.

You can also see how Magoosh performs compared to other popular GMAT prep courses.

 # Personal learning vs. Private tutoring

The extra $ 30 is worth the extra 600 questions Magoosh wrote for the oral part, but more importantly, he wants to have enough practice exams to work on, and no one has the limited plan.

Tutoring, however, may be a better option for many student-types. For example, a tutor can help you organize a study program if you leave the GMAT preparation to the last minute. Students with test anxiety can also benefit from integrated support.

If you have math or grammatical problems or have forgotten many things since the last course, the tutors can explain difficult concepts and help you decide what to focus on in your curriculum. Use the Magoosh GMAT platform.

Magoosh vs Manhattan GMAT

To give you a better idea of ​​how to use Magoosh’s GMAT preparation platform, I spent most of the last week in your free trial, taking notes on the quality of your instructions. , Your hardware and your interface.

There is no doubt that Magoosh is a great option for the right student, but preparing for the GMAT can be a significant investment, and it is important to exercise the necessary care. Here is my first impression of Magoosh’s GMAT preparation platform.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep: Refund Policy

There is no offer of refund in both Magoosh and Manhattan Prep. If you don’t like the course, or you got busy in something else or you want to try other courses, you can contact Magoosh within 7 days and they will refund your money without asking any questions.

Where Manhattan Prep clearly says that “all purchases made to Manhattan Prep are nonrefundable.”

Magoosh vs Manhattan: Pricing

Magoosh offers one of the most affordable GRE prep courses both self-paced or instructor-led. Their full library of materials, including video sessions, tutorials, practice questions, and practice tests, is accessible to you for 6 months for just $149. If your GRE test is rapidly drawing closer, you can also pick the 1-month option at $129 for the same amount of material.

Magoosh Pricing


Manhattan Prep offers a couple of various courses. While both live online and in-person classrooms are accessible, they will simply concentrate on their guided self-study course.


They likewise have 6 month and 1-month choices, at $399 and $249, individually. You can pay through the span of 3, 6, or a year at 10-30% APR, depending upon your credit score. Remember that paying $20-$40 through the span of a year will, in the end, cost more than paying a single amount.

It’s the only manual written by the same people that make up the actual test, so it’s a great resource. They also published two more books that dealt specifically with the verbal and mathematical sections.

If you only want to buy books, start with them. You can buy them all at Amazon:

Manhattan Pricing
The official leader

  • GRE official oral statement
  • Quantitative official GRE

For additional resources, we recommend the Manhattan series. It consists of 8 books each dealing with a different topic (for example, a complete book is devoted to algebra, another book deals with quantitative comparison and the interpretation of data).

Since the series is organized by subject, you can choose the books you want to buy based on your strengths and weaknesses. You will also receive a code with the book that gives you access to free practice exams online. You can read our review on our blog. The review gives a comprehensive overview of the Manhattan Book Series.

Manhattan Book Review

For challenging mathematical questions, see the Nova GRE Mathematics Preparation Course. This is an excellent source for difficult quantitative questions that will thoroughly prepare you for the most difficult questions that you see in the exam.

Manhattan Prep Tutors

In fact, it’s usually even harder than what you normally see on the exam! Finally, the official GMAT Guide is also a good source of difficult math problems. The format will be a little different, but the difficulty level is similar.

GRE book reviews

It is not necessary for all these books to score high on the exam: Magoosh alone is enough to do it well. But if you want to practice more, it would be great!

Training material

Although the production of Manhattan is more expensive, it offers more. The following is a list of what each GRE course offers for its self-learning options.

Magoosh Vs Manhattan Prep

And yes, over 100,000 questions compared to 1,200. However, before you assume immediately that more is better, you should consider the quality of the questions.

Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE


Consumers who have tried both consistently report that Magoosh’s practice questions are “on average much more difficult than those in the test”. Although the quantitative part of Magoosh is especially brutal, it is much better to see a difficult question in practice with an explanation than to find it in the GRE.

Manhattan also seems to have problems with its test score analysis. Several consumers have found that “the interpretation of the data is completely unrealistic” and that their graphics are poorly designed. Magoosh, on the other hand, has a nice and intuitive design with easy-to-read data analysis.

Is quantity or quality a better measure? Manhattan Prep certainly has the crowd, but if you’re looking for inspiring questions that you can learn and inspire, customers repeatedly point out that Magoosh is the best option.

Convenience: Magoosh Vs Manhattan Prep

Magoosh offers the GRE course, a mobile app that lets you learn in no time. In addition to the GRE application, there are some vocabulary applications to better prepare you for the oral part. You can develop vocabulary, answer GRE’s practical questions, and even read articles and watch video tutorials on these applications.

Magoosh Mobile app

Its intuitive design makes learning on the fly easier. You can sign in with your Magoosh account so you can access the entire application for the duration of your subscription.

Manhattan Prep also has a mobile app that is not that complete. On the contrary, you can only test for practical questions, so you will not be able to access tutorials or tutorials using this application.

The Manhattan Prep GRE application also presents only the issues of the 5-pound book of GRE, which has been reformatted into an application; If you have the book, you do not need the application and vice versa.


Unlike the Magoosh GRE application, this app is not linked to your Interact course: you must pay a monthly or annual subscription (8.99 USD / month or $ 39.99 / year) separately from the course fees to access it can apply.

Manhattan Prep states on its website that you can access Interact “on your desktop or laptop as well as on your iPad”. But for those who do not have a tablet, it can be difficult to sneak into the learning time on the bus or in the queue at your local café.


Magoosh course summary

If you are looking for a course led by an instructor, it is important to know that Magoosh does not offer it. Although you can hire one of your private lesson professors, they only sell GRE online courses at your own pace.

Magoosh offers two options that allow students to choose their courses at their own pace: a one- or six-month term. These two packages are identical to the ones the students receive at the time of purchase.

Magoosh Pricing

The only difference is the period in which they have access. These programs take students through lectures, sorted into GRE topics, followed by practical questions.

In addition, students do not have to enroll in the full GRE course if they do not feel it is necessary. If you are, you can only buy verbal and analytical writing material or just math. However, signing up for Magoosh’s six-month premium package will give you the most benefits.

Manhattan courses  Summary 

Almost all major exam preparation companies offer GRE courses online at their own pace, but Manhattan Preps is one of my favorites. Your program is designed to really take into account how students learn.

mgoosh vs kaplan

The GRE’s own rhythm class consists of three levels that cover verbal and quantitative thinking as well as analytical writing sections. The difficulty levels will increase with the progression of the course. Each level consists of three components: learning, deepening and demonstrating.

You guessed it! In the learning area, students can view teacher videos that explain the content and strategies of a topic related to the ERG.

These videos are professional and highly interactive with clear sound, animations, and instructors that are good for the camera. They are of better quality than Magoosh videos. There is no way to get around it.

Magoosh customer review

It is always important for students to take a moment to gather new information before addressing GRE’s challenging questions. The Drill It section, therefore, starts with very basic questions that give students the opportunity to put into practice the strategies and content they have just learned with direct questions.

Once the student has demonstrated that he understands the concepts, he moves on to the Test It section, where he gets questions similar to GRE.

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Conclusion: Magoosh Or Manhattan Prep GRE 2021??

Now, ask yourself which course is the best: Magoosh Vs. Manhattan PrepI will suggest Magoosh because it is a more complete, practical and less expensive course. Manhattan also seems to have problems with its test score analysis.

Several consumers have found that “the interpretation of the data is completely unrealistic” and that their graphics are poorly designed. Magoosh, on the other hand, has a nice and intuitive design with easy-to-read data analysis.

If you are looking for a great value for money ERP course, the Magoosh online course is here. However, if you need extra lessons or feel unwell, give Manhattan Prep the opportunity because it has many practical questions. , It is your choice which is the best course option according to your needs and availability.

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