Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE Prep Course 2024: Which Is Best?

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If you’re considering admission to graduate school, the GRE test is what you need to consider. Like many students, the idea of tackling a standardized test might be causing some pre-test jitters.

Achieving that required GRE score is super easy, especially with the guidance of a top-notch GRE preparation course.

Having been in your shoes, I know that picking the best GRE Prep course can feel overwhelming, given the plethora of options available ā€“ more than 10, to be exact.

That’s why I’ve taken it upon: ManhattanĀ and Magoosh for GRE. Both companies offer impressive GRE courses, but there’s one that manages to tip the scales in its favor.

Let’s read my detailed comparison of Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE Prep comparison in detail to find out which wins.


Manhattan Prep

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Pricing $249 $129
Best for

Someone willing to take a quick learning lesson and extensive details.

Magoosh GRE preparation model is ideal for future graduates looking for a more individualized study experience.

  • Free resources
  • GRE for the MBA course
  • Authentic practice tests
  • Math option
  • Magoosh Predictor Score
  • Mobile App
  • Private tutoring
  • Refund Policy
  • Variety of courses available
  • 6 Months and 1 Month plans available.
  • User Friendly
  • Mobile app Available
  • Video explanation after each question
  • Money Back Available
  • No Refund Policy
  • Relatively High Pricing
Value For Money

Magoosh offers affordable courses while giving you the most popular resources.

Manhattan Prep is only for the learners who have high budget. Their courses are high priced and cost almost a thousand dollars.

Customer Support

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Manhattan Prep vs Magoosh GRE


Main Differences: Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE

Let’s figure out the quick differences between Magoosh and Manhattan prep:

  • Manhattan GRE provides online and in-person courses, while Magoosh exclusively offers online courses.
  • Magoosh GRE boasts a collection of 1,200 test prep questions, while Manhattan GRE’s database contains over 100,000 questions.
  • Manhattan GRE allows you to select complete, verbal-only, or math-only courses, whereas Magoosh GRE requires you to take an entire course.
  • Magoosh GRE offers three practice tests, while Manhattan GRE allows you to take up to six full-length GRE practice tests.
  • Manhattan GRE provides 77 video lessons, while Magoosh GRE grants access to 250 video lessons.
  • Magoosh GRE guarantees a +5 score increase, whereas Manhattan GRE does not offer such a guarantee.
  • Manhattan GRE’s score predictor does not accurately predict GRE test results, whereas Magoosh GRE’s score predictor provides a realistic assessment of your performance.
  • Magoosh GRE offers a money-back guarantee, while payments made for the Manhattan GRE app are non-refundable.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE: Overview

Magoosh and Manhattan Prep are equally competitive when it comes to experience in the GRE, but let’s see which one has a better learning experience.

Manhattan Prep GRE Overview

Manhattan Prep provides a comprehensive range of options for GRE students. These options include self-paced courses, in-person classes, tutoring services, and specialized prep courses designed for the Quant section.

Each book in Manhattan’s GRE series is designed for students who enjoy studying books and is dedicated to a specific topic.

Manhattan GRE vs Magoosh

This ensures that all concepts are explained in detail in several chapters. The Manhattan GRE Series language is packed with examples to facilitate understanding and remains direct and talkative.

Students can review their understanding of each concept by answering detailed questions at the end of each chapter. This book teaching model gives students a feeling of learning from an experienced tutor.

These questionnaires are modeled in GRE format, ensuring that students are trained in all courses required for the GRE.

The Manhattan GRE pre-exam format provides all students with a unique code at the bottom of their books, allowing them to take six simulated exams online.

Magoosh GRE Overview

Magoosh is an online learning platform with a vast database of 300 million questions and 8 million hours of video lessons.

With high rankings among the best, Magoosh offers test preparation courses such as IELTS, SAT, Praxis, TOEFL, GMAT, ACT, MCAT, LSAT, and GRE.

Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE

Unlike its competitors like Manhattan Prep, Magoosh does not provide tutoring options but ensures that its online course curriculums meet the highest educational standards. With the flexibility to complete courses at your own pace, you can choose a preparation period of four weeks to six months.

Magoosh guarantees a score increase of at least five points. However, Magoosh limits the number of times you can take full-length preparation tests to three attempts.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep: Features Comparison

Magoosh and Manhattan have some similar features but a lot of distinct ones. Let’s compare these features head-to-head.

Manhattan GRE Prep Key Features

With Magoosh GRE, you can study for the GRE at your own pace and select your preferred course duration. Unlike other platforms, Magoosh does not offer separate verbal or math classes.

Instead, you will cover all sections of the GRE test.

Magoosh GRE Features

Free Resources

Manhattan Prep has a “Free Resources” page listing the offers. They offer a free trial of computer customization exercises, vocabulary cards, and a free mobile practice app.

Manhattan vs Magoosh for GRE

You also have free prep time at Manhattan Prep GRE, which allows you to access your experts online twice a month. These preparation times are also available on YouTube after the original recordings.

They also provide community resources, including a GRE learning blog, a forum, and a Facebook community, so students can connect with other students to ask questions.

In addition to the free resources, Manhattan Prep GRE offers a free course to anyone interested in their preparation courses so they can try it out and see if the style suits them.

Authentic Practice Tests

The Manhattan Prep GRE field tests are probably the best tests in the market. Each of his courses offers six practice exams.

Many students report that their practice exams are more difficult than the emergency room itself, which increases their confidence and ability when taking the exam.

Math Option

Manhattan Prep offers the complete mathematical option for $699. It includes 12 hours of online, live, or in-person time, multiple printed books, and 6 GRE test exercises.

Given the number of students who have less confidence in their math skills, this is a great option for many.

Magoosh GRE FeaturesĀ 

As Magoosh offers GRE lessons and videos, there is also the possibility of dispelling doubts. Students can email their questions to a team of Magoosh experts for answers as soon as possible.

Kaplan vs Magoosh for GRE

As the world moves on the mobile and many students are connected to smartphones, Magoosh has also taken steps to teach mobile phones.

That way, you can learn in no time. This is especially useful for students who travel long distances and can afford this time to prepare for the GRE test.

The simulated Magoosh GRE tests provide a video explanation after each question. As the Magoosh GRE courses are primarily online, students can follow their online timetable.

Magoosh Score PredictorĀ 

Magoosh used the results of previous students to create a regression-based assessment predictor that helps you measure your workload to the desired results.

This is not just a small sample; the Score Predictor contains data of more than 200,000 in its database.

Magoosh score predictor

Finally, all Magoosh questions and video lessons are available through the application, which works for Android and Apple. This is an interesting feature for students who want to learn about the race!

Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE Prep Course: Mobile Apps

Mobile apps offer a handy way to practice math and verbal skills for your exam, even on the go. The Manhattan Prep GRE app, available for iOS and Android, presents over a thousand questions spanning crucial exam areas.

Manhattan Prep mobile app

Moreover, it includes 120 challenging quiz questions that surpass the difficulty of typical GRE test items. All solutions are provided, expediting your learning and comprehension. While the free version of Manhattan Prep GRE has limited functionalities and progress tracking, opting for a one-month, three-month, or yearly subscription grants full access to the appā€™s capabilities.

Like the Manhattan Prep GRE app, the GRE Prep & Practice by Magoosh app is compatible with iOS and Android. Notably, all features can be used without the need for in-app purchases.

Magoosh Mobile app- manhattan prep vs Magoosh

This app readies you for the GRE’s math and verbal sections by granting access to 250+ video lessons directly from your smartphone. It boasts a comprehensive collection of over a thousand practice test questions, complete with video and text explanations.

Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE Prep Course: Convenience

Magoosh offers the GRE course, a mobile app that lets you learn quickly. In addition to the GRE application, there are some vocabulary applications to better prepare you for the oral part.

You can develop vocabulary, answer GRE’s practical questions, read articles, and watch video tutorials on these applications.

Its intuitive design makes learning on the fly easier. You can sign in with your Magoosh account to access the entire application for the duration of your subscription.

Manhattan GRE also has a mobile app that is not that complete. On the contrary, you can only test for practical questions, so you cannot access tutorials or tutorials using this application.

The Manhattan Prep GRE application also presents only the issues of the 5-pound book of GRE, which has been reformatted into an application; If you have the book, you do not need the application and vice versa.

Unlike the Magoosh GRE application, this app is not linked to your Interact course: you must pay a monthly or annual subscription (8.99 USD / month or $ 39.99 / year) separately from the course fees to access it.

Manhattan Prep states on its website that you can access Interact “on your desktop or laptop as well as on your iPad.”

But for those who do not have a tablet, it can be difficult to sneak into the learning time on the bus or in the queue at your local cafƩ.

Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE: Pricing

Let’s look at the comparison between Magoosh and Manhattan Prep.

Magoosh Pricing

Magoosh offers one of the most affordable GRE prep courses, both self-paced and instructor-led.

Their full library of materials, including video sessions, tutorials, practice questions, and practice tests, is accessible to you for 6 months for just $149 – $179.

Magoosh Pricing

If your GRE test is rapidly drawing closer, you can also pick the 1-month option at $129 for the same amount of material.

Manhattan Prep Pricing

Manhattan Prep offers a couple of various courses. While both live online and in-person classrooms are accessible, they will concentrate on their guided self-study course.

They likewise have 6-month and 1-month choices, at $399 and $249, individually. Depending on your credit score, you can pay through 3, 6, or a year at 10-30% APR. Remember that paying $20-$40 throughout a year will, in the end, cost more than paying a single amount.

It’s the only manual written by the same people that make up the test, so it’s a great resource. They also published two more books that dealt specifically with the verbal and mathematical sections.

If you only want to buy books, start with them. You can buy them all at Amazon:

Manhattan Pricing


Refund Policy of Manhattan Prep vs Magoosh

There is no offer of refund in either Magoosh or Manhattan Prep. If you don’t like the course, got busy with something else, or want to try other courses, you can contact Magoosh within 7 days, and they will refund your money without asking any questions.

Where Manhattan Prep clearly says that “all purchases made to Manhattan Prep are nonrefundable.”

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep: Test Preparation Process

You’ll see a Welcome screen starting with the Manhattan GRE Prep course. You can check your practice tests and get materials to study for the GRE test offline.

The way the platforms look might not be super modern, but they are still easy to use. You can quickly find important things.

On one side, there’s a menu with sections like:

  • Starred tasks
  • Practice tests
  • Flashcards
  • Errata
  • Free resources
  • Change syllabus
  • Reset syllabus

You can easily get flashcards or guides and plan your studies. You can also start video lessons.

Just remember, what you can do depends on your course. If you’re in a Just Math course, you can’t practice for the verbal GRE part.

And even without tutoring, you can join events for free.

Magoosh GRE’s dashboard is easier to use than Manhattan Prep’s. On one side, you’ll find lessons sorted into Math, Verbal, and Writing.

Magoosh GRE dashboard- manhattan prep vs Magoosh

Clicking Practice Math or Verbal starts a new practice session. Your results are shown as pie charts.

You’ll always see your estimated score. This helps you know how you might do on the GRE test.

Magoosh GRE has fewer online and offline things to learn from than Manhattan Prep GRE. Also, you can’t attend workshops to improve your math and verbal skills.

Manhattan GRE vs Magoosh: Results Guarantee

Manhattan Prep GRE doesn’t promise your GRE score will improve after you finish your prep courses. Moreover, they won’t refund you if your GRE performance falls short.

Conversely, Magoosh GRE guarantees that your GRE score will go up by a minimum of 5 points once you complete your prep course. Most students even surpass this by getting around 6 points above the average. Typically, they score approximately 157 in Verbal and 159 in Math.

They will refund you if your GRE score doesn’t improve by at least 5 points with Magoosh GRE. However, you won’t be able to take another course for free.

It’s evident that the Magoosh GRE is a more reliable choice when scoring guarantees, as opposed to the Manhattan Prep GRE, which doesn’t assure you’ll pass the GRE test.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep: PoliciesĀ 

Magoosh strongly discourages sharing accounts with family or friends for several reasons. One important reason is that doing so can make it difficult for the program to track your progress, which means they won’t be able to offer you proper support.

Additionally, Magoosh has a strict policy of not addressing questions or topics beyond what their program provides.

Manhattan Prep prohibits anyone under the age of 13 from purchasing their program. However, children can purchase it with the consent of a parent or guardian.

It’s important to note that neither company has a refund policy. However, Magoosh offers a refund option if you reach out to them within 7 days of your purchase, while Manhattan Prep does not have a refund policy.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE: Pros and ConsĀ 

Manhattan Prep GRE Pros

  • More than 100,000 practice questions to help you practice.
  • You can go to classes in person or online.
  • Instructors are knowledgeable and have a clear understanding of the subject.
  • You can focus on just the math part of the GRE if you want.
  • There are six complete GRE prep courses.
  • They have free workshops and events.
  • Manhattan has clear and updated course curriculum.

Manhattan Prep GRE Cons

  • Their GRE pricing plans are expensive.
  • Inaccurate score predictions

Magoosh Pros:

  • You get over 20 hours of video lessons.
  • Magoosh gives a 7-day free trial for the courses.
  • Their pricing plans are more affordable than Manhattan Prep.
  • Practice exams are full of graphics and texts.
  • Their team promises the score guarantee of up to 5 points.
  • The dashboard is easy to use and modern looking.

Magoos Cons:Ā 

  • No dedicated workshops
  • It offers full-length GRE Prep tests

FAQs on Manhattan Prep GRE vs Magoosh

Do Magoosh and Manhattan Prep offer free trials?

Both preparation courses offer a 7-day trial for free. You can try out the courses for a week without paying to see what they include and how good the materials are.

Which GRE prep company is better, Manhattan Prep or Magoosh?

The big difference between Magoosh and Manhattan Prep GRE prep packages is that Manhattan Prep includes live class sessions. Both of them give you video lessons, GRE practice problems, and practice tests. Still, Manhattan Prep goes a step further by offering live classes.

What are the payment options with Magoosh and Manhattan prep?

Both Magoosh and Manhattan Prep accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. However, Manhattan Prep also offers a payment plan option, which allows students to pay in installments.

Who should enroll in GRE course?

I suggest that if it's feasible, all students should consider taking a GRE course. You should explore this option if you need extra practice and guidance. However, if you're already familiar with the GRE exam and its content, it might be okay for students to skip a course.

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Final Thoughts on Manhattan Prep vs Magoosh GRE

Now, ask yourself which course is the best: Magoosh Vs. Manhattan Prep.

I will suggest Magoosh because it is a more complete, practical, and less expensive course. Manhattan also seems to have problems with its test score analysis.

Several consumers have found that “the interpretation of the data is completely unrealistic” and that their graphics are poorly designed.

Magoosh, on the other hand, has a nice and intuitive design with easy-to-read data analysis.

If you are looking for a great value-for-money ERP course, the Magoosh online course is here. However, if you need extra lessons or feel unwell, give Manhattan Prep the opportunity because it has many practical questions.

Your choice is the best course option according to your needs and availability.

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