Kaplan vs Princeton Review MCAT 2024– Which One Is The Best For MCAT Prep?

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Are you feeling overwhelmed while choosing between Kaplan and Princeton Review for your MCAT prep?

On one side, there’s Kaplan, known for its detailed materials and lots of practice questions. Then, there’s Princeton Review, with its strong strategies and interactive teaching.

In this comparison, I’ll share both courses, diving into their features and teaching styles.

Let’s figure out which one could be the key to unlocking your MCAT success!


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Pricing $699 $499
Best for

Those students who wish to improve their GRE test scores can choose Kaplan and receive the greatest study materials.

The Princeton Review is a good option for those who want to improve their GRE score.

  • Self-Paced
  • Test Books
  • Private Tutoring
  • Video Sessions with Tutor
  • GRE Books
  • Practice Tests
  • Retake Option
  • Pre-recorded Lessons in Self-Paced plan
  • Structured Lessons
  • Score improvement guarantee
  • Live sessions
  • You can get Refund if your score does not improve
  • There is no free trial
  • Terms and conditions apply when requesting for refund
Value For Money

Kaplan guarantees that your GRE score will improve by up to 5 points when compared to the previous year's score, which is a bold claim, and you also have the option to retake the exam.

The Princeton Review has excellent GRE study materials and is less expensive than Kaplan. It may be a cost-effective solution.

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Both Kaplan and Princeton Review are giants in the world of test preparation, but they’re a bit different.

Kaplan is known for its huge amount of resources and practice materials, making it like a big, well-stocked library. On the other hand, Princeton Review feels more like a personal coach, with its focus on strategies and techniques.

I remember feeling overwhelmed by all the choices and reviews out there. So, let’s break it down together and see which one might be the best fit for you.

At the end of this report, you’ll also find a brief overview of the books available from both companies to help you succeed.

Kaplan vs Princeton Review 2024: Which Is Better?

Kaplan vs Princeton Review

Quick overview of Kaplan And Princeton 


Kaplan Review

Kaplan is a well-respected educational services company that offers a range of test preparation courses, including for the GRE.

Known for its high-quality materials and innovative teaching methods,

Kaplan provides students with various course options, such as self-paced online courses, live online classes, and private tutoring.

Their GRE preparation materials include a comprehensive Qbank with over 2,500 practice questions, engaging video lessons, and several full-length practice tests that closely simulate the actual GRE experience.

Want to know more about Kaplan? Check out their about us page to learn more about them. You can check out the contact page if you want to contact them or need any support.


princeton review

Princeton is a prominent educational services provider renowned for its comprehensive GRE preparation courses.

Offering a variety of course formats, including self-paced online, live online, and personalized private tutoring, The Princeton caters to diverse learning styles and needs.

Their courses are distinguished by an extensive array of study materials, including over 20 versatile textbook options, more than 470 practice drills, and a substantial number of full-length adaptive practice tests.

Kaplan vs Princeton Review MCAT

There are so many MCAT course preparation options. Even for Kaplan MCAT vs Princeton Review, it isn’t easy to compare them.

MCAT tests are so necessary for the admissions process that they have tried to provide all student options.

kaplan vs princeton review mcat

Princeton Review says they offer 123 hours of classroom instruction. Kaplan says they offer “more live MCAT instructions than anyone else,” but they do not publish the number of hours, making verifying demand challenging.

There are many specialized options here, from tutoring small groups at the Princeton Review to the intense summer in Kaplan in places like San Diego and Austin.

Let’s look out for those who offer the best MCAT preparation course!

What Are The Main Differences Between Kaplan Vs Princeton Review MCAT?

Here is an overview of both in the form of a comparison.

Aspect Kaplan MCAT Princeton Review MCAT
Course Offerings Variety of options including self-paced, live online, and in-person courses. Comprehensive options include self-paced, live online, and in-person courses.
Practice Materials Extensive practice materials with 16 full-length practice tests and a Qbank. Rich resource pool with 16 practice tests and numerous practice questions.
Study Resources A vast library of MCAT books and online resources. An extensive set of prep books, including their well-regarded MCAT Subject Review set.
Teaching Style Focus on strategy and test-taking skills, with an emphasis on understanding the test format. Deep content review and test-taking strategies, with a focus on mastering content.
Price Range Generally, it ranges from moderate to high, depending on the course type. It is slightly higher priced, reflecting the comprehensive nature of the courses.
Access Duration Course access is available until the end of your MCAT test-taking year. Generally offers longer access periods compared to Kaplan.
Additional Features Adaptive learning technology through their MCAT Channel. Offers MCAT 510+ guarantee, ensuring a high score.
Student Support Offers personalized study plans and support from instructors. Strong emphasis on student support and one-on-one tutoring options.
Reputation and Results Known for their high-quality materials and student outcomes. Highly regarded for their thorough content review and student score improvements.

The Princeton Review MCAT course provides up to 11 pounds of preparation, while the Kaplan MCAT course provides 7 pounds.

With its “PLUS” packages, the Kaplan MCAT prep course includes 3 hours of tutoring, whereas Princeton Review requires a tutoring package to get individual attention.

The princeton for MCAT

Princeton offers private and small group lessons, whereas Kaplan only provides private ones.

Kaplan for MCAT

However, I recommend Princeton Review for most MCAT students because of their additional MCAT review books and group tutoring kit.

Kaplan vs Princeton Review: Which Books To Choose?

Aspect Kaplan Books Princeton Review Books
Variety of Books Offers two main textbook options Over 20 textbook options available
Content Focus GRE Prep and GRE Prep Plus books focus on test-taking strategies, practice tests, and Q&A sessions Wide range of books covering subject-specific drills to comprehensive strategies and practice tests
Pricing GRE Prep: $15, GRE Prep Plus: $28 Range from $10 to $40 depending on the book
Additional Resources Online practice test and access to Kaplan faculty for Q&A Books tailored for different areas of the GRE
Availability Available on Kaplan’s site and Amazon Available on Amazon and other book retailers
Special Features GRE Prep Plus includes an extra online test and a mobile-friendly prep platform Extensive range of subject-specific and comprehensive study materials
Suitability Best for those who prefer a streamlined approach with key strategies and practice tests Ideal for students seeking a wide range of study options and detailed subject coverage

During preparation, various platforms communicate with students. If this describes your personality, this section is for you.

Kaplan has two major textbook options, which can be found on its website or purchased through Amazon.

GRE Prep (16 USD) and GRE Prep Plus (28 USD) offer exams, physical exams, online practice exam strategies, and faculty access for questions and answers.

The Plus option includes an online test, the helpful QuizBank tool (see Procedure Comparison below), and a mobile-friendly platform.

In contrast, their test provides options ranging from $10 to $40.

Although the first place is slightly more expensive than Kaplan, the Princeton magazine has been updated for its versatility: the site offers more than 20 manual options!

The princeton review and kaplan detailed comparison

Choosing the right book (at the right price) is an excellent benefit for the user, from specialized workbooks to comprehensive strategies and practice tests.

Winner: Princeton Review

Kaplan vs Princeton Review GRE

When studying for the GRE, you should look into GRE courses. Another option for GRE preparation is the Kaplan GRE course.

Kaplan is a test preparation company that provides GRE, GMAT, and MCAT courses and assistance with medical school admissions.

Let’s compare it to the Princeton Review GRE Readiness Course and see how the study plans differ.

Feature Kaplan Princeton Review
Cost Self-Paced: $449, Live Online: $999 Self-Paced: Typically $499 (often discounted to $399), Live Online: $1,199 (often discounted)
Course Access 6 months 120 days (about 4 months)
Books Two main textbook options ($15 and $28) Over 20 textbook options ($10-40)
Practice Questions 2,500+ in GRE Prep Qbank,7 full-length practice tests 24 hours of video lessons,470+ practice drills,8 full-length adaptive tests,3,500+ practice questions
Flashcards Mobile app with 500-card flashcard library Customizable flashcards online and physical packs are available
Course Formats Self-Guided, Online, In Person, Private Tutoring Self-Paced Online, GRE Ultimate, Private Tutoring
Video Lectures High-quality, experienced instructors High-quality, experienced instructors
Guarantees Refund or course retake if score doesn’t improve Stronger guarantees, including significant score improvement in certain packages
X-Factor Qbank for customizable practice DrillSmart adaptive quiz technology

The Princeton Review GRE Course Format in Detail

Are Princeton Review GRE Tests Harder?

1. Eight comprehensive field tests-

This GRE preparation course includes eight extensive, computer-based, full-length practice tests. These courses are ahead of their competitors in ERM practice simulations.

After each practice exam, the student receives personal feedback from their instructor. These comments contain the student’s strengths and weaknesses so he can quickly identify the areas he needs to improve before taking the GRE test.

2. Prepare the GRE test-

The princeton review

Princeton Review is the only one offering a self-paced course that provides dissertation ratings. How cool is that?

Students can submit their essays with the LiveGrader tool.

They receive honest feedback and expert evaluation, including suggestions for improving their GRE test writing skills to improve their test scores!

3. Semi-private group option-

Need a private teacher?

This is fine for the Princeton Review’s GRE Readiness Course. This course offers a semi-private option for small groups with a limit of 4 students.

Kaplan for GRE Review

This is a great way to get personal help from a teacher, in person or online, without the expense of private Tutoring.

This option is run once or twice a week for 24 hours of instruction in addition to using online material.

4. Teacher’s access outside the classroom-

When you sign up for the Ultimate class, you can access tutors and teachers outside of class through many channels, including the person, the phone, and email.

By selecting the Private Teacher option, students can adjust the course price based on the teacher’s experience.

5. The tutoring opportunities of Princeton Review GRE-

The princeton review vs kaplan gre

  • Private Tutoring: more than 40 hours of training and instruction time.
  • Teacher tutors: Over 500 hours of Tutoring (or relevant work experience) and lessons for students whose qualifications have improved.
  • First-level tutors: At least 1,000 hours of Tutoring (or relevant work experience) and instructed students who have achieved excellent results.

6. The teaching method of Adaptology-

Finally, the best part of the Princeton Review GRE is Princeton Review’s Adaptive Learning Methodology and its study plan.

This teaching method allows each program to be tailored to the student’s needs.

It is, therefore, prepared precisely as needed. Also, each live class includes specific exam dates with your instructor.

This will allow you to check how you passed the exam and use the mistakes you made.

The Kaplan GRE Course Format in Detail

1. Course Options:

Kaplan provides several course options to suit different learning styles and schedules:

Self-Guided Course: This option is ideal for students who prefer to study at their own pace. It includes 40 hours of video instruction, access to Kaplan’s Qbank, two prep books, and 7 full computer-adaptive tests. The course also features the Official Test Day Experience, where students can take a simulated GRE test at a real testing center.

Online Course: In addition to the self-paced features, this option includes 40 hours of elective live instruction. The Online Plus package further includes 3 hours of one-on-one tutoring and additional math lessons.

In-Person Course: This format combines all online course features with 21 hours of core classroom instruction. Students also receive personalized homework assignments.

2. Study Materials:

Video Lessons: Kaplan offers over 40 hours of on-demand video lessons, which are interactive and designed to simulate a classroom environment.

Practice Tests: Kaplan provides 7 full-length, computer-adaptive practice tests that mimic the format and difficulty of the actual GRE.

Qbank: A customizable quiz tool that allows students to focus on specific topics and difficulty levels, enhancing their practice and preparation.

Prep Books: Kaplan includes two preparation books with its courses, offering additional strategies, practice questions, and test-taking tips.

3. Official Test Day Experience

A unique feature of Kaplan’s GRE prep is that it allows students to take a practice test at an actual GRE testing center, providing a realistic test-day experience.

4. Additional Resources:

Email Support: Kaplan offers email-based support for any queries or additional help needed by students.

Flashcards: Accessible through Kaplan’s mobile app, these flashcards help students study on the go, focusing on GRE vocabulary and concepts.

Access Period: Students have access to Kaplan’s online GRE preparation materials for 6 months, providing ample time to study and revisit the content.

Private Tutoring Option: For personalized attention, Kaplan offers private tutoring packages, ranging from 10 to 40 hours, with a personal GRE coach to tailor the study plan according to the student’s needs.

Kaplan vs Princeton Review SAT Prep

The Princeton Review and Kaplan SAT courses are nearly identical in terms of preparation. You can obtain the SAT prep course structure and books.

Both provide 18 hours of classroom instruction as well as live online classes. Princeton Review offers extra tutoring hours as well as self-paced packages.

In comparison to Kaplan, Princeton Review offers a commendable SAT score guarantee. It guarantees SAT preparation scores of 1240 or higher.

Here is a comparison of the Kaplan SAT and the Princeton Review SAT:

Options Kaplan The Princeton Review
Classroom Instruction 18 hours 18 hours
Live online option Yes Yes
Premium Option Tutoring package Private Tutoring
No. of practice tests 9 3 + Additional tests
Proctored Tests Classroom Classroom or Online
Personalized Study plan Yes Yes
Prep Books Live and Self-paced Included with a live course
On-Demand Video Content 25+ hours 280+ video lessons
Online Tutor Option 3 Hours with Live Online course 5 Hours with A self-paced package
Score Guarantee Higher Score 1240+/1400+
Free Events Available Available Free Events

Kaplan vs Princeton Review LSAT

There are significant differences in the LSAT between the Princeton Review and Kaplan.

They made various decisions regarding the number of learning materials and the evidence they provided about their students’ outcomes and costs.

  • Princeton Review offers Six supervised exams, while Kaplan 3 offers supervised exams.
  • Also, Princeton Review offers a 130-hour video course at 70 hours of Kaplan.
  • Revealed an average increase in LSAT scores of 12 points.

Kaplan’s “Plus” packages include 3 hours of tutoring, whereas Princeton Review requires a tutorial package.

Kaplan offers two LSAT preparation booklets and online and in-person LSAT preparation courses.

For several reasons, I agree with Princeton Review. The absolute numbers are next to the learning material.

Kaplan LSAT Coaching review

Although I emphasize quality over quantity, you know how to study when you study law, and you will benefit from these additional repetitions.

Second, Princeton Review’s disclosure about its LSAT students makes this 12-point jump significant.

Because this is a challenging experience, I recommend reading about the methodology. Even so, it is uncommon for a test preparation company to provide such transparency.

Finally, I appreciate that Kaplan provides this 3-hour training, and I hope to complete it soon.

However, the “Plus” packages are nearly as expensive as the Princeton Review tutorial packages.

Pay a little more for a Princeton review tutorial and get 10 hours of tutoring if you want a tutorial.

   Princeton Review Vs Kaplan ForMCAT: Pricing Policy

I’ll look at Kaplan and Princeton Review’s standard online test preparation options for the first price comparison.

However, remember that each platform has its own add-ons and special packages, which I will review in greater detail below.

Princeton Review pricing


Kaplan Pricing 

kaplan mcat pricing

Regarding preparing for the live test, the prices differ, so keep in mind that you should choose the best for you as per your requirements.

However, keep in mind that Princeton Review GRE fees frequently sell out, and your live online courses are currently $300 off, ranging from $1,199 to only $899.

Princeton Review vs Kaplan: How Long Is The Course Duration?

As previously stated, Kaplan provides six months of access to online preparation materials. You pay less with the Princeton Review Package but only have 120 days to access the course material.

Kaplan customer reviews

If unsatisfied with your progress or product, you can continue with any company or expand your access. We’ll take a closer look at the price guarantees below.

Winner: Kaplan

One of Kaplan’s unique offerings is the “Test Day Experience,” where you can visit one of the education centers and take a simulated GRE.

This is most likely why the course is more expensive.

It’s a positive experience. Still, you can test your knowledge in the comfort of your home (or, if you’re in a more severe environment, in your library).

Both companies guarantee higher test scores. If you don’t improve your previous GRE score, they’ll refund your money, or you can continue studying for free.

On the other hand, Princeton’s offering is DrillSmart technology, which detects vulnerabilities and asks questions based on your performance. Kaplan offers a similar service (Qbank), but you must create your questionnaires, which takes much more time.

FAQs on Kaplan vs Princeton Review

✅ Is Princeton Review better than Kaplan?

Kaplan has practice tests, as well as the self-paced private tutoring facilities. The charge is less for online courses than for live classes (though online prices may vary by region), but the real pioneer in this area is Princeton. Kaplan offers the best MCAT Prep course.

🔥 Which MCAT Prep is Best?

No doubt, Kaplan is a better choice than Princeton Review. The Princeton Review offers a live online course. In contrast, Kaplan gives the Best Live MCAT Course and the best MCAT study materials for MCAT prep courses.

🏆 How many hours should I study for MCAT?

To prepare for MCAT, it is advised to study 10-15 hours per week for six months. Check for 200 to 300 hours for the MCAT study courses.

👉 Is Princeton Review is associated with Princeton University?

No, Princeton Review is not associated with Princeton University in any way. The difference is that Review helps with college admissions while Univesity is a college.

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Conclusion- Princeton Review vs Kaplan 2024– Who Wins The Battle?

If you’re not the type of student who requires a lot of assistance (which you shouldn’t be if you graduate), an online GRE prep course will cost you much less than a traditional classroom.

Although Kaplan and Princeton Review charge less for online courses than live courses (though online prices may vary by region), Princeton is the true pioneer in this field. Kaplan provides the best MCAT prep course.

According to me, Princeton Review is an excellent choice for a customized options program.

You can select from various learning levels, enroll in a small group study, or even try the program at your own pace with personalized study materials.

Princeton Review ensures you are fully prepared for the GRE by providing eight complete practice exams you can access anytime.

I hope you found a detailed comparison of Kaplan and Princeton Review for the GRE and MCAT in our review, which will help you prepare best for your exams.


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  1. There are two options. I found Kaplan to be less expensive, but the paper’s graphics were lower quality (and not good for coloring). I personally prefer to use Kaplan because it feels more like an interactive game than studying. “I think this book is helpful when you do your practice test. It also helps when you see what type of question types there are and strengths and weaknesses.” However, if you’re looking for better imagery in comparison with Princeton, consider investing your money into that product instead.

  2. For many of my friends, they find that book reading is the best way to learn. If this sounds like your style, then Kaplan has got you covered. Kaplan offers two major textbook options that can be crawled on their website and purchased through Amazon.

  3. Princeton Review is hands down the best online GRE and MCAT prep course you can get. Sure, for $500 Kaplan offers 500 questions on step one, but Princeton will give you 2000 more questions plus a timer and hundreds of videos. Plus after your courses are done, they stay available to you so if you want to go through some material again or get someone else’s opinion on it, there’s no problem. And their customer service is great! It’s very rare that I had a question not answered in two minutes max by them via email or chat in the span of six months I was in contact with them.

  4. Kaplan is a company that offers college preparation classes conveniently online. When it came time to take the GRE, I had heard about their “score improvement guarantee” and thought this might be the exact thing I needed to push me over my goal line. Easily answering questions like these was something they show in all of their videos which made them stick with you off screen too. With all of this advice on how great Kaplan is, if you plan on taking any prep test soon make sure to give Kaplan a call!

  5. I had the opportunity to test the features of Kaplan, and I found it to be just as good as Princeton. They have similar requirements. You must watch all video lessons and answer all questions on their website, which can take up a lot of time for those with demanding schedules outside of school. But if you are still deciding where to start your GRE prep, this is an option worth looking into!

  6. KAPLAN is an excellent GRE test helping tool. I’m not the most skilled person in the world when it comes to standardized testing but these really helped me prepare for the exam and get my desired score. Definitely worth the money!

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