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magoosh coupon codes.

Magoosh is a play on the Old Persian word magush, one who is highly learned, wise and generous. This website will help you improve your score with over a thousand online practice questions, lesson videos, friendly support and more.

Improve your skills and make them better than even before by just getting started with Magoosh coupon codes. Let’s check out the Magoosh Coupon codes February 2020.

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Magoosh discount coupon codes



ABOUT MAGOOSH? Magoosh Discount Coupon Codes

Everybody has the right to get the education but for getting education everything matters whether it is guideline or price for the education. Magoosh provides a high-quality way of having education at affordable price.

They believe that getting Education is for everyone and therefore they provide many free lectures. For students, it is very important that they enjoy as well as learns whatever they are studying. In classrooms, it is quite possible that a student can be neglected but here at Magoosh, it is impossible. They do what they say and believe.

They always focus to develop a student’s way of studying. Education is the foremost step for a student. Students who want to prepare for higher studies could easily engage with Magoosh. Magoosh for GRE prepares you for higher studies that nobody could.

As nowadays graduation is not enough, you need to be prepared for higher education also that is for post-graduation, and here comes Magoosh to help you out. Magoosh cares for each and every student. Magoosh believes in providing knowledge to those who cannot afford them hence they provide free video lectures. Magoosh prepares you to crack almost all the main exams for higher education. They help the student to achieve their dreams.

What is Magoosh?

Magoosh is a company which prepares students for their higher education entrance exams. Magoosh is derived from an Old Persian word magush, magush means someone who is highly educated, wise, and generous. This company believes in making every student a magush. Magoosh was established in 2009.

Its founders are Hansoo Lee, Bhavin Parikh, Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Vikram Shenoy. Its headquarters is in Berkeley, CA, USA. They released their first product in June 2009. Their first product was GMAT math practice questions with video explanations. Since 2009 Magoosh worked hard to expand and grow And Now Magoosh made its customers around the world. Their achievement lies in the growth of their students.

They give video lessons, practice test questions, and online email support so that a student can learn, practice and solve his problem easily and efficiently. Also, for students, the company has free mobile apps for both iPhone and Android. With Magoosh No obstacle can prevent you from getting the education.

More than 1.5 million students have used Magoosh’s web and mobile apps to prepare for their higher education entrance exams. It is ranked by Inc. magazine and Entrepreneur magazine for “fastest-growing companies in the U.S” and “the best entrepreneurial companies in America” respectively.

Its company size is about 11-50 employees. Here in Magoosh, every employee is working each and every second only for you, they focus on providing their best service to you. Their specialties lie in Education, GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, Startup Advice, ACT, New SAT, EdTech, LSAT, Careers, IELTS, and MCAT. They make you prepare for the traditional test and they give their best for you.

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They make your test months so enjoyable and beneficial. They believe in teaching seriously with some amount of fun. Their team consists of expert teachers, tutors, engineers, and education aficionados. They make sure that you take these months of preparation seriously.

They are the ones who constantly improvised Magoosh’s teaching skills. With Magoosh you can study and learn at your own pace and time. There is no hurry when it comes to studying. They make sure that your concepts should be crystal clear. They provide lessons, apps, and videos for free for those students who cannot afford Magoosh.

Magoosh provides Products like:


Magoosh MCAT

GRE Prep



SAT Prep

ACT Prep

Praxis Prep




High School Package


Features of Magoosh:

  • Accessible

From anywhere, anytime from anything students can study with magoosh. There is no boundary for studies. There are no limits. You can use magoosh from your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

  • Effective
  1. They make sure that they cover each and everything in their video lessons. They cover every little concept and gives you shortcuts for efficient learning.
  2. They provide you Over 200 practice questions. There is a famous proverb that practice makes a man perfect and that is exactly they like to follow.
  3. They support their students via email. Students can easily clear their doubts by mailing to remote teachers, teachers solve their problem and respond immediately.


  • Best value
  1. They provide their service at a very affordable price and a team of experts will always be there for you.
  2. they give over 90 lessons, more than 200 practice question and email assistance for any course.


  • Cash back guarantee

7-day money back guarantee is given by magoosh. If you are not satisfied by the teaching service provided by them then you can easily withdraw within 7 days.


  • Trusted materials
  1. They like to teach you with most trusted materials they have. They provide you the material which is most updated, tried-and-tested materials, based on careful analysis of students’ answers


Their mission is to provide you the best of best that’s why they make your preparations accessible, effective, and enjoyable.


◇ Increase concentration
◇ Upgrade your score point
◇ Makes you skilful
◇ Provides more guidance and is more instructive
◇ Helps you to stay focused
◇ Increases vocabulary


  • Accessible:

There are students from over 185 countries. They do not discriminate. They just want you to study. They give you high quality of preparation material for studying.


  • Effective:

In the end, it is the result which is really matters and they try to that their every student achieves their respective goals. They work upon the stats of the knowledge of their past students to improve in future.

  • Enjoyable:

They like to teach their student in a fun way but efficiently. Hence, they work hard for it.


Their price is high as compared to other educational companies. There is no provision of live tutoring.

Magoosh website helps you in preparing for various tests and increases the learning power, vocabulary and skill efficiency. This website will make you more skillful and guarantees progress. You can learn with Magoosh on the go thru its mobile apps as well as the desktop version.


You will be given lessons by industry experts and you can also track your performance.

It is an online test preparation organisation situated in Berkeley, California that trains students via video lectures, practice test papers, and online email support.

It is a reasonable, effective, and enjoyable solution for online test preparation for the courses of GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, IELTS, and Praxis. Get a better score, for sure.
Improve Your Score with Magoosh training program. Pay Less & Test Higher with Magoosh.

Conclusion: Magoosh Discount Coupon Codes

Therefore, Magoosh is the best option for the quality of study material you require for your studies. Also, they give you a break from all the hurdles and let you focus only on your studies. The biggest savior of today’s time is Magoosh.

Also, 24/7 email support is available. You can contact them whenever you want. They are always here to help you. You don’t have to worry when Magoosh is there for your help. Therefore, Magoosh students are happy students.


Hope you take advantage of Magoosh Coupon Codes February 2020.

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