How to Make Logos Online With Tailor Brands 2024?

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In this blog, I have shared a solution to How to Make Logos Online?

Think about your favorite chocolate. Think about your favorite clothing brand. Think about the device you’re using to read this. Have you got these images in your head?

Chances are, at least one of these three images was a logo. That’s how effective marketing works.

With such a competitive market out there, the regular businessman faces multiple challenges every day.

If you’re looking to create strong brand logos, it’s possible you’re a budding entrepreneur, or a graphic designer, or perhaps even just a student who needs to create a logo for a boring school project. No matter, we’re gonna tell you about the exact thing you need to know.

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So we present The Solution of How to Make Logos Online: Tailor Brands.

Make Logos Online

That’s the way to go. Here’s one thing a good logo should help you do: create an impact. A strong one. A good logo can help you launch with an impact, and take it uphill.

Now, if you’re new to this and are figuring things out on your own, it might be confusing to fixate on where to start.

Let’s not waste any time and get right down to it; the easiest way to do it is using Tailor Brands. It’s quick. It’s customizable. And if you’re in a rush, you will never find an equal alternative anywhere.

Why do I need a logo?

A must-have for any impactful business is a powerful image at first glance. There’s no more direct and easier way to do that than with a logo. A logo tells your potential client or customer who you are.

It also tells your customer what you do for them. But a GOOD brand logo is more than that. It is your identity. It conveys your vibe. It creates an experience.

Not only does it grab attention, but it also fosters loyalty amongst your users.

This, obvs, is key. If you’re going to establish yourself in the minds of your customers as a serious option, the logo is the most effective way to create a long-lasting impression. The rate at which business competition unfolds today?

You want to waste no time and no space. Demand all the attention you can.

How can I get a logo?

Of course, there’s the traditional method of consulting a professional to design a logo for you. But maybe you think something will be missing. Maybe you’ve tried it and weren’t really happy with it.

If you’ve got the creative juices flowing in your brain, and you’re full of interesting and witty ideas, you have the option of designing your own logo from scratch.

You’ve got all the creative freedom to follow what inspires your heart and create your own designs. And get this. You don’t need to be trained in marketing.

You don’t need to be an artist. You don’t need to learn any designing software. All you need is a computer or a phone.

“But where should I start?”

In 2020? The internet, of course, dummy!

You can start with Tailor Brands, and then use it for more than just your logo. Sounds crazy, right? Hold your horses. We’re about to blow your mind.

tailor brands- how to make logos online

How to Make Logos Online on Tailor Brands?

There are multiple websites you can go to, but you need one that lets you pick the colors, styles, themes, and fonts you want.

One that lets you create a logo that is fun enough to be attractive, but also classy enough to be professional. One that cares about helping you make a logo that is perfect for YOU!

But you definitely don’t want too much trouble trying to design the perfect logo? After all, you can’t depend on the first idea right away. There’s always trial and error, and you just don’t have the time. Here’s the easiest way to get awesome designs over the internet in less than 10 minutes.

Needless to say, if you’ve opened this article, it’s common sense we’re talking about Tailor Brands because they let you create a brand logo.

how to make logos for your brand

Ready your brand name. Ready your tagline. Here we go.

Step 1-

Open your web browser and open the website. Yes, figuring this out is so easy, we literally included this as a step. Enter the name of your brand and click Design!

Then enter your Tagline; something fun, catchy, and memorable.

Step 2-

This is where it gets REALLY cool. Tailor Brands uses a system you’ve never seen before. Making the process of logo-making the easiest and most fun part of your day.

They’ll ask you whether you’re a student, a graphic designer, an influencer, that kind of stuff. They’re using their algorithm to figure out what kind of logo would be perfect for you. Wicked, innit?

Step 3-

You then enter some details about the industry you work in and describe your brand a little. Nothing too extensive. Just enough.

They use this information to provide you appropriate icons, fonts, and layouts. Who knew a logo designing software that uses an algorithm that can create such a personalized logo?

Step 4-

You then decide whether you want an icon-based, name-based, or initial based logo design. And here’s where your logo can get truly customized.

They’ll ask you questions based on the options you select. At each stage, you’re creating a more and more unique logo. Pick your preferred fonts, and they’ll mix and match different styles so you actually have OPTIONS to pick from.

And there you have it. A palette of different options to choose from and all you had to do was pick your preferences as you do on Netflix. It’s almost addicting!

ideas & inspirations

Tailor Brands Features | Make Logos Online

  • Easy logo making on the go-

It’s the easiest online logo maker you will ever come across. We’re willing to bet on it. It has an extremely user-friendly interface that we absolutely love, and will give you multiple logo options before you can finish singing the alphabet!

They also offer high-resolution images and social media logo sizes so that they look perfectly consistent on every platform. This is important for a brand logo to have a solid memorable impression.

More than just logos:

  • Brand Management Features-

Shakespeare said “The show must go on”, and so it did.

Tailor Brands let you do more with your brand logo than imagined. It lets you extrapolate it into designing a website for your brand. It offers you special tools so you can market yourself using effective social media strategies. (And the show goes on every further,) It allows you to use your logo in a printable form.

You can print it on business cards, on t-shirts. Wow, they really thought of everything, huh?

  • A plethora of options-

There are three types of logos you can create. One that’s name based, one that only includes an icon, and one that is initially based.

If you choose an initial based logo or a name based logo, all you have to do is pick out of the options they provide to you, three types of fonts that you like.

They’ll then just go right ahead and present your options of logos. (PS- you’ll have to sign up, to be able to see, download, and use your logos, but that’s the least you can do, right?)

If you choose an icon-based shape, you’ll get to choose between an abstract shape, that you can create, or you can search for icons.

If you choose the abstract shape option, pick your fonts, and it’ll create your logo using abstract shapes. This is truly interesting if you don’t have a lot of ideas. You get a variety of options you can choose from. There’s no room for disappointment, y’all.

If you choose to search for an icon, you’ll actually see a bunch of different icons that are related to the information you put in earlier. You can pick any five, then pick three fonts, and Tailor Brands will mix and match them into interesting logo layouts.

With so many options, there are thousands of different types of logos you can create. There are really endless possibilities here.

  • Seasonal logo generator-

A really interesting feature is its seasonal logo generator.

This can be fun and interesting, and it is an effective way to draw your audience’s attention. While this is a feature you would have to pay for, it spices things up and attracts new audiences all year long.

tailor brands- make logos online

Customer Service at Tailor Brands

I need help! Where can I contact them?

One of their major downfalls is that they do not provide phone support. They do, however, aim to be of service 24/7 through an online form or through email.

You can reach them at [email protected]. For small queries that need immediate clarification, you could use their FAQ section, which is quite comprehensive and might be able to help you out.

Pros and Cons Tailor Brands


  • It functions as a platform that can be used for more than just a logo maker. It is a one-stop-solution to fulfill all your branding needs. You can hit two more birds with the same stone. Make a logo, get website designs, and social media tools for free!
  • Their process is extremely customizable. Talk about creating an experience.
  • They are capable of offering you endless different logo designs, which can be really quick and effortless. A big thumbs up if you’re short of time and need a logo on the go.
  • Their most interesting feature is the one that lets you create and use an abstract shape. If you’re looking to make the most unique logo in the world, one that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before, you’ll love this feature.
  • They let you use their services in English, Spanish, German, and French, which is useful if you’re not a native English speaker.
  • It puts up a strong fight against other branding options such as Wix Logo Maker, Shopify, and DIY Tools.


  • There’s a lack of options with the text you can add in your logos if you’re looking to get super hysterical and use special characters
  • Their system of offering you brand logos gets a little predetermined as you proceed. You choose what type of logo you want, and you’ll be presented with options of icons and fonts available, but these options are limited, and depend on the choices you made earlier in the process.
  • It might feel like their algorithm makes a lot of the choices for you. Something you don’t want when you’re trying to create a logo of your liking. Yeah, we thought that was a little odd, too.
  • Honestly, they’re not very good at their customer service. They don’t offer phone support, which some people might think is a necessity when you’re trying to manage a website. But also, they’re a little unresponsive through other mediums, which can really be frustrating.
  • Another bump in the ride is that unless you’ve purchased a plan, you cannot actually move around the fonts or icons to place them where you’d like, but you have to do with the layouts they create for you.
  • Perhaps the most disappointing limitation of Tailor Brands is that if you haven’t purchased a plan, it doesn’t let you choose your own color palette. And that calls for a big BOOO! from us.

Pricing Tailor Brand | Make Logos Online

Here’s where you might begin to hesitate.

If you’re strategizing to use Tailor Brands for individual projects or paying for simply one month at a time can create a hole in your pocket.

If you want to use their social media marketing services and the special features that allow you to make your business cards, or upload your own images, you do, unfortunately, have to dive into your pockets.

It’ll get especially painful if your plan expires and you need to use their services and you log on to purchase the plan again and oh no! The prices have shot UP like nobody’s business. Unpredictability is not always fun.

But like some of us do believe, money does buy happiness. If you’re looking to use Tailor Brands as the protagonist of your logo making career, buying a yearly plan and actually using it often makes it an exceptionally cheap and greatly fulfilling deal.

So how much does it actually cost? Their prices update quite often, but here’s where they’re at right now.

The Basic Plan is $9.99 a month. The Standard Plan at $19.99 a month. And the Premium at a whopping $49.99 a month.

You do, however, get a whopping discount if you decide to buy their services for two years at one go. The Basic Plan only costs $2.50 a month if you buy a two-year plan. That’s a BIG saving.

If you’re a graphic designer who creates logos for other companies, this is a gold mine.

All things said and done, we’re about, to be honest here. They’re known to be a little notorious with money. If you’ve bought a plan and want to cancel your subscription, you’re in for a rodeo.

Previous customers have had a lot of trouble canceling their plans, and you know what, that really doesn’t look too good.

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Conclusion: The Solution of How to Make Logos Online 2024

If you can afford it, there’s really no other competition. Nothing spits out logo designs as quickly, efficiently, and amusingly as Tailor Brands. It’s really fascinating to see it work.

With their numerous customizable options and additional services, it really outshines every other online logo making tool. They take care of all your branding needs, so you’re worried about fewer things and can really take your business to fulfill its true potential.

You not only can create a good first impression with a really customized logo, but you can create a lasting one using their social media features, and their support for printable items.

They take care of all your branding needs, and also make it so easy and cheap that managing your brand is a walk in the park.

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