WebSelf Review 2024: Is It The Best Website Builder?

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In this blog, I am going to discuss WebSelf Review 2024 Free Website Building Tools

What is WebSelf?

Since the beginning, WebSelf has been deeply committed to constantly developing new features to meet the highest quality standard and also satisfy the requirements of their beloved customers.

Established in 2009, WebSelf was developed with a goal to make website creation accessible to everyone.

Today, WebSelf offers some powerful and FREE website building tools to users from across 125 countries.

Handled by a dedicated team of skilled web enthusiasts, the company is a dynamic and friendly company, proudly serving more than 2.5 million users around the globe.

WebSelf Create your own website

Silent features of WebSelf

WebSelf is one of the best user-friendly website builders in the market that provides you with all the necessary tools and features to create, modify, and publish your own website for FREE.

The tools offered by WebSelf are extremely easy to use and does not require users to have any sort of tech or coding skills.

The dashboard itself will give you direct access to every tool you would need to develop your site. You get to experiment and use all the key features like photo albums, Apple Maps, contact forms, etc.

Furthermore, every website developed with WebSelf will be of top quality, professional, aesthetic, and always optimized for Google and Facebook.

  •   A User-friendly website builder

WebSelf makes website building a lot simpler! You will be able to change the background color, add a custom photo, edit the texts, and a lot more in just a few clicks.

Once you sign up, you get instant access to free designs and templates created by their web designers.

Their team also keeps updating the catalog regularly by adding new choices to the collection to make sure every creative idea of yours can be covered.

Editing is bliss with WebSelf! Moving, adding, or removing content —text, video, image, form, or even an Apple Map, everything has been made extremely simple for you!

Furthermore, the drag-drop editor will allow you to click on any feature and move it around your web page as per your desire.

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  •   Designer templates for your website

If you are looking to create an informative website, that is visually attractive, stylish, and original, then you can choose the website template that suits your requirements, and customize it as per your needs, and are 100% customizable.

Regardless of what you or your company does, there is something for everyone in the templates section of WebSelf.

You will find the best website templates for websites having themes like architecture, restaurants, sports activities or merchandise, travel and tourism, and much more.

WebSelf Choose Your Tamplate

  •   Optimized for Mobile devices

It is important that your website is accessible to users on the go, that’s why WebSelf makes sure that the website you create there are mobile responsive!

Regardless of what the screen size is, be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, your website will maintain its crisp and professional display wherever viewed. Anyone can easily view your site regardless of the device they are using.

  •   Optimized for Google

Let’s find your audience now that you have created your website. To increase your web exposure, your free website is designed for Google and other search engines.

  •   Precise configuration

To a better place, your website in the search results easily customizes the parameters: page names, meta-descriptions, sitemap, robots.txt, etc.

  •   Facebook ready

You can easily customize the text and images that appear when your site is posted on Facebook.

Other Advanced Features of WebSelf

Here are some advanced features that you would get to use while building your website with WebSelf.

  •   Add your Favorite Media

Add and configure photos, videos, slides, an agenda, a newsletter, and more.

  •   Apple Maps

Show visitors how to get to your business or event.

  •   Photos and Videos

Add photos of your own or search the free library of photos. Share a video on YouTube. Develop eye-catching sites that are rich in your favorite content!

Enable your guests to contact you, place an order, take a survey, or take part in a competition. All of your information is securely stored on your account.

  •   Statistics

Remain updated with WebSelf statistics for your site traffic. Looking for more specific information? Integrate Google Analytics, the most popular web statistics tool, into your statistics.

  •   Html

A room reservation system or online chat required? To customize your page, even more, add HTML or Javascript codes.

  •   Forms

Enable your guests to contact you, place an order, take a survey, or take part in a competition. All of your information is securely stored on your account.

  •   Comments

On your website, let your visitors write a summary and accept them. It would then be easier to gather and answer testimonials from your happy customers. Just available with the Pro and Business plans.

  •   Multilingual site

Aiming for a profile that is more international? To your website, add as many languages as you like.

  •   Photo Library

In order to enhance the professional appearance of your website, high-quality and royalty-free photographs are available on your site.

  •   Password Protection

Restrict access to certain pages—or your entire site—to visitors with a password.

WebSelf Features

Plans and Pricing of WebSelf

WebSelf currently offers 4 pricing packages for customers to choose from. Out of these 4 plans, one is a free plan having all the basic features, and the other plans are paid (Starting at 7.95€ per month – Annual).

Here is a quick listing of all the plans and the features involved, followed by an overview comparing all the plans.

Free – Free and limitless

  •       All basic features
  •       5 pages
  •       webself.net sub-domain
  •       Powered by WebSelf

Basic – Ideal for beginners

Price: 7.95€ per month billed annually

  •       All basic features
  •       10 pages
  •       Free domain for 1 year
  •       Domain connection
  •       2 GB of disk space
  •       2 GB of bandwidth
  •       Powered by WebSelf
  •       2 e-mail addresses

Pro – Enhances your Website

Price: 12.45€ per month billed annually

  •       All basic features
  •       50 pages
  •       Free domain for 1 year*
  •       Domain connection
  •       10 GB of disk space
  •       20 GB of bandwidth
  •       No WebSelf advertising
  •       2 e-mail addresses
  •       Premium support
  •       Multilingual

eCommerce – A complete Package with all Features

Price: 16.95€ per month billed annually

  •       All basic features
  •       Unlimited pages
  •       Free domain for 1 year*
  •       Domain connection
  •       20 GB of disk space
  •       50 GB of bandwidth
  •       E-Shop
  •       No WebSelf advertising
  •       2 e-mail addresses
  •       Premium support
  •       Multilingual

WebSelf Pricing Plans


Free web hosting Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTTPS Secure Server Connection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blog Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photo Library Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile-Optimized Yes Yes Yes Yes
Apple Maps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Videos Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Networks Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTML Codes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Downloadable Files Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comments 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Customized Contact Forms Yes Yes Yes
Domain Name 1 1 1
Email Address 2 2 2
Password Protected Pages Yes Yes
Mailing list Yes Yes
Multilingual Yes Yes
Statistics Yes Yes Yes
100% WITHOUT transaction fee Yes
Products Quantity Unlimited
Pricing and Shipping Management Yes
Payment Methods PayPal, Stripe, Paymill, bank transfer,
Promotion Code Yes
Products Options Yes
Cross-Selling Yes
Customer Support
Help Center Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone Yes Yes
VIP Support Yes

**For more information, you can visit the WebSelf pricing section and explore all the necessary details.

Why Should you Choose WebSelf?

WebSelf is a website builder that provides users with all the necessary to create the most visually stunning and smooth functioning websites.

You get an easy to use drag-drop editor with which you can modify and customize your website and then publish your website on the Internet

The best thing we loved about WebSelf is that it is so intuitive and easy to use that you won’t need any tech skills or knowledge of coding to create an amazing website through it.

Once you sign up, you get instant access to a neat, clutter-free dashboard that has all the tools you need to develop your site.

The websites created and published through WebSelf are always Google-friendly and Facebook-ready.

WebSelf Tools to create Website

Quick Links

FAQs | WebSelf Review

🤷‍♂️ How to register and create my site?

Just go to WebSelf.net and enter your email address, a password and click on “Create my site”. Your account will be created in seconds, then choose a theme and a title for your website, and voila!

👉 Can I copy the contents of an entire site?

No problem, your content can be copied, just go to the content in your site and click on “Copy”. Screenshot. You can also copy your site directly from your Admin Panel. Screenshot. Enter a name for your new copied site, this will be added automatically to your list of existing sites.

🙋‍♀️ How many sites can I have?

You can have up to 5 free sites to your account. To create a new site, click on Add a site in your Admin Panel. Screenshot

🤔 Will my site be visible to search engines like Google?

Yes, after you have completed your registration. Please note that we list your website on search engine indexes for you as soon as we receive your payment. That said, the search engines take a while to index your site. This depends in fact search engines themselves. This is usually a period of a few weeks.

Conclusion | WebSelf Review 2024

Altogether, we have realized that WebSelf is a complete package for anyone ranging from freelancers to bloggers to business owners.

It is free, user-friendly, and offers all the prime features you would need to create your dream website within minutes.

It’s quick and easy, and you can start building an exceptional website within a few minutes.

Furthermore, the website templates are highly customizable and you can modify them according to your needs by adding pages, widgets, and more very easily!


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