Vicetemple Review in 2024: Is it Best Media Hosting Platform?

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ViceTemple Review


ViceTemple is an elderly media hosting platform that deals in all types of adult material. In other words, ViceTemple is a company that specializes in pornographic websites.

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  • All facilities are priced competitively and affordably.
  • All plans come with a one-click CMS download.
  • A wide range of transaction options is available.
  • Money-back policy for 45 days.
  • Backups are made automatically.
  • Upgrade with a single key.


  • There is no free trial.
  • It only deals with adult industry customers.
  • If the price is high, there are less expensive hosting choices available.


Price: $ 5

Vicetemple Review: The adult entertainment industry is among the most successful and fastest-growing sectors. Porn pages, video chat pages, sexual toy shops, and escort services see rapid growth.

The most common are pornographic websites, with figures showing that $3,075.64 is spent on pornographic content and sales per second digitally.

It’s not easy to launch an online business in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world. Although most shared website hosting providers prohibit sexual and pornography material from being posted on their sites, you’ll use a special kind of host that won’t restrict your website.

Compared to standard web hosts, adult site hosting providers will give you lots more confidentiality, rate, bandwidth, storage, and better infrastructure.

They must already have everything and more at an affordable rate. So let me take you through ViceTemple! ViceTemple, on the other hand, seems to have everything you require.

What is ViceTemple, and how is it helpful?

ViceTemple is an elderly media hosting platform that deals in all types of adult material. In other words, ViceTemple is a company that specializes in pornographic websites. 

They see an increasing trend after their founding in 2016, including the likelihood that they’re just a developing organization.

They offer various services, including pooled networking to exclusive hosting, with just many choices and costs.

Their skillfully designed web hosting plans all provide SSD storage and download speeds, rendering them more than capable of managing even the most challenging streaming. I thought of using it to test it out. 

I wondered if somehow the requirements are more significant beyond what the hosting provider will provide?

Then I discovered that their VPS packages, including SSD storage, high speed, and unlimited traffic, would much more satisfy anyone.

Additionally, increasing the VPS package includes extra storage choices, including storing information on high-quality SAS hard disks.

Eventually, since their data centers all seem to be mid-range strategies that differ primarily in RAM capacity, processing type, and volume, they may lose versatility for some uses.

Besides that, they have very Xeon E3 CPUs, and also bandwidth efficiency, and unlimited internet flow. It also provides funds for the implementation of adult-oriented domains. The website is only available in English.

The group also offers excellent templates and texts in addition to hosting. Consequently, regardless of whether you’re searching for new ideas to develop your website, the group is happy to help.


Features Of ViceTemple-

There’s no reason to be concerned about your security.

It’s essential to maintain the maximum degree of privacy on your adult site. As a measure, buying hosting through ViceTemple gives you total leverage over the protection of your domain. You’d have complete data confidentiality as well. This was the mong I learned. I was relieved about this factor. 

Unless you update the passwords on your board, the group won’t control the information you can save on the database. These incredible features will make your job so much easier, and ViceTemple is a great place to start your porn or dating website.

The website accepts all types of adult content.

The erotic and pornographic industries include a diverse variety of items. This market contains pornographic films, pictures, fantasy stories (Literotica), sex humor, and grim fetish content, among other things.

ViceTemple grants you complete control of what you place onto your homepage. They also handle all information the same and offer outstanding client support.

You have access to FTP.

ViceTemple offers FTP connectivity with your private IP. This would be to make it easier for you as it made for me to connect to FTP and modify your data from ViceTemple getting in the way.

Functions that only require a single click.

You are misguided if you think that learning how to program is needed to start a webpage. Trust me, ViceTemple makes it easy to download themes and plugins with only one key. You could also use this functionality to degrade or improve any element.

ViceTemple is unconcerned with copyright problems.

Content piracy is a common and relentless phenomenon in the adult entertainment industry. Any material on the web repeats at a rapid pace that is impossible to block.

As a whole, ViceTemple dismisses both the idea of duplication and copyright charges, which came down as a surprise for me, and I was pleased with it.

Use metrics and analytics to your advantage.

Just use a built-in usage stats panel; ViceTemple’s team keeps track of the website’s tools. This just helps them decide if the platform must be updated or revised down. Furthermore, guaranteeing the website’s progress.

They provide excellent assistance at any time and in any place.

They have the best customer support, hands down. The workforce at ViceTemple serves 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to enhance customer experience. Consequently, you can contact professional online support, online chat, ticket system, or the mail if you have a query or require guidance. I asked for advice for the setup procedure, and the team replied instantly. 

Can tackle a considerable volume of traffic with ease.

A vast volume of traffic regularly visits an adult site. As just a consequence, they will help you manage vast numbers of individuals.

It’s also built to facilitate massive amounts of traffic through several realms. Any of this is accomplished despite hampering the capacity or pace of the webpage.



Did I Mention The List Of Things You Can Do With Vicetemple?

In terms of goods and services, ViceTemple offers- Adult VPS, Clone Scripts like creating a website as a clone file, domain service, web hosting, and adult servers.

Ease Of Use-

These days, seeking a reputable hosting company that supports adult content is difficult. ViceTemple is among the few hosting providers that help you to access an adult website with no limitations.

Vicetemple certainly understands everything they’re doing, seeing as it could provide you with everything you need for your website. They are still not overcharging for unnecessary extras.

The customer service staff is exceptionally competent and quick to react. 

As convenient as possible listening to you, they respond to all of your issues and get them addressed as quickly as possible. But if you’re unsure about anything as simple as which platform to use, they’ll clarify the differences here between database styles and recommend which to choose.

A fantastic pornographic platform host encourages you to do it all you want for your domain despite blocking your profile for pornography, as several other providers do.

Design and modify your entertainment website fast and conveniently for a low rate, without worrying about this slumping or slowing down.

The web host from ViceTemple would give you lots of excellent uptime of 99.9 percent and database rate, both of which are critical for the overall stability of an adult site.


I adore their support service. If you require help or even have any concerns, Vicetemple offers the choice of approaching their outstanding support personnel. They’ll take your questions, clear up any confusion, and help you get managed in the adult entertainment industry. They are accessible 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and could be contacted by text, group chats, or a booking. 

Pros And Cons While Using Vicetemple-

The best thing regarding ViceTemple is that it becomes effortless to learn and manage your porn website here; even this might be the first experience establishing an adult site, you would have no problems.

Having also said ViceTemple seems to have a significant number of advantages and disadvantages, and you must be mindful of it. And if there are just a few drawbacks to mention, they are always drawbacks that you should be aware of. Luckily I have used it, got surprised by the results, and noted it down below for you- 


  • A wide range of transaction options is available.
  • Money-back policy for 45 days.
  • It has a data center that is located offshore.
  • Backups are made automatically.
  • Every hosting package comes with unlimited traffic.
  • Complete personal confidentiality.
  • Upgrade with a single key.
  • Install applications with a single command.
  • All plans come with a one-click CMS download.
  • A large number of adult and standard web addresses and extensions are available.
  • Each hosting package comes with a free SSL certificate.
  • All facilities are priced competitively and affordably.
  • Excellent customer care is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • On mutual, VPS, and dedicated servers, there is a money-back policy.


  • There is no free trial.
  • If the price is high, there are less expensive hosting choices available.
  • It only deals with adult industry customers.


Unique And Cheap Pricing Packages- 

I was amazed at the cheap price offers provided by ViceTemple!

  • Adult shared hosting is five dollars per month.
  • The adult virtual server is fifteen dollars per month.
  • The adult dedicated server is 110 dollars per month.

Vicetemple offers a wide variety of website hosting platforms. Perhaps one of their older website hosting packages is a fine place to start if you’re just starting. Their basic package is $5 a month and contains unrestricted bandwidth, Ten subsites, and 15 Gigabytes of disc space.

A most costly plan, which charges $40 per month, contains accessible files, 180 Gigabyte internal memory, an endless expanse of subsites, and an endless list of addon realms.

ViceTemple charges reasonable rates for the kind of hosting it offers, though this is not exclusive to shared networking. The VPS packages are moderately priced for the tools they provide, such as RAID 10. Dedicated cloud packages are reasonably priced.

pricing plans

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FAQ’s | Vicetemple Review

⁉️ Is it possible to unsubscribe to ViceTemple?

You must manually and sequentially withdraw the instant Payment options if you'd like to discontinue your Vicetemple web host. Just the cardholder, which would be you, has the option to drop the PayPal membership. They had also, nevertheless, formed a user-friendly guidance about how to disable PayPal memberships for their customers. Simply follow the instructions in their user manual.

🤷‍♀️ What are Cloudflare Nameservers in ViceTemple?

There seems to be a significant advantage to using Cloudflare nameservers instead of those of your service company (e.g. your favorite Vicetemple in this scenario). Cloudflare has a number of desirable properties that are completely free. And you should not turn it down. Having more than 76 physical servicing centers worldwide, the people visiting will be successfully added to the datacenter nearest to them, ensuring the fastest possible loading time. Cloudflare might well exhibit a pre-copied model of your homepage then if it went offline. It constantly monitors bots as well as other malevolent requests in imminent traffic. It defends your homepage from Cyberattacks. Cloudflare provides a free facility which would otherwise charge a hundred dollar or maybe more.

👉 What are the four major aspects you get with Vicetemple?

ViceTemple is a one stop shop adult web hosting provider. It offers much more than you can imagine to set up an adult website. The major four services it provides are- Adult Domains. Adult VPS. Adult Web Hosting. Adult Servers.

💁🏻‍♂️What kind of domains are available on ViceTemple?

ViceTemple offers a wide range of domain extensions to help you find the ideal domain name. You are free to use any web domain you want,,.porn,.xxx, and other plugins.

Conclusion | Vicetemple Review 2024

I enjoyed using ViceTemple and was mesmerized by its benefits! Unless you plan to start an online site, I highly urge you to use Vicetemple as your hosting provider. The business guarantees anonymity and safety and its replica files, which help you get your website up and running fast.

The different plans offered by Vicetemple are sure to fit any project, and the customer center staff will be around to help you each step along the way.

They would not only give you valuable hints about how to do those tasks, but they’ll also gladly assist you in selecting the ideal design with your website, as well as set things up, add all the extensions, and so forth.

One advantage is that you may have absolute authority over whatever is being accomplished because if you may not like how it’s being performed, you can change it. 

ViceTemple offers whatever you need in web hosting, VPS, operating systems, and domain name registration facilities. I think ViceTemple is indeed a refreshing change in the sluggish hosting market for its identity, target demographic, and overall philosophy.

If you’d like to handle adult material, ViceTemple might be the best web host choice for you. It covers it all from shared hosting with online services, giving you further options as the company expands.

I hope you liked our detailed Vicetemple Review.

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