Linguise Review 2024: Is It The Best WordPress Translation Plugin?

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Linguise Review


Linguise will be able to do translations instantly in over 90 different languages. It is the easiest to set up of all the WordPress translation plugins. Besides that it makes it easy to translate your website’s content and code at the same time. It works on any theme or plugin without any problem.

Out of 10


  • It is very easy to use and beginners friendly.
  • It gives translations of the highest quality in 80+ languages.
  • It offers a mobile friendly version as well.
  • All the features can be customized according to need.
  • It has live translation also.


  • No disadvantages found yet.


Price: $ 15

Are you in search of a Linguise Review? If yes then read this article completely as it covers everything you need to know.

Do you need a simple solution for translating your WordPress website into many different languages?

If you want to go global or even just target a specific area where English isn’t the main language, you need to make your website multilingual.

It’s not easy to use most of the translation plugins for WordPress, so if you don’t know how to use them, getting them to work can be hard.

To look at Linguise’s website translation service in this review, we’ll look at the service itself. Before we go into the full Linguise review, here’s a quick look at what we think of the plugin.

Linguise Review 2024: What Is Linguise?

A SaaS tool called Linguise helps websites translate their content automatically. It is used to do this.

You can use Language in any PHP-based web application, such as WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Drupal, any other custom website, or any other custom setup you can think of.

As soon as Linguise is installed, it will be able to do translations instantly in over 90 different languages. The Linguise plugin was the easiest to set up of all the WordPress translation plugins I tested. Hands down, the best.

Linguise Review

Besides, you also get a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to translate your website’s content and code at the same time. Because the tool changes the code on the front end, it works on any theme or plugin without any problems.

Linguise is a subscription-based service and comes with a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

In other words, you’ll need to sign up for one of their plans in order to use the service instead of paying a one-time fee like with most WordPress plugins. Based on the number of words that need to be translated, the price ranges from $15 to $45.

Linguise Review: Features & Hands-On

Here are some of the most important things about Linguise’s automatic translation service.

In the end, you can easily translate your website into more than 80 languages thanks to their own machine translation technology that can help you do it quickly and easily. In addition, you get a lot of other things as well.

Here are some of the most well-known.

1. Translations Of The Highest Quality:

By utilizing neural machine learning, Linguise is meant to get better with each word it translates. It will keep getting better and better with each word it translates.

Linguise uses Google’s most popular NMT models to make sure you get the best translations for your content. It’s also possible to make changes to a translation from the front end of your website.

Highest Quality Translations On Linguise

Also, Linguise has advanced translation rules that can be used to set rules for excluding and replacing content. For example, you can change or remove content to be translated by URLs, languages, HTML elements, test cases, and so on.

2. SEO Optimized:

Google and other search engines give more attention to websites that can be translated. According to Linguise, you can boost your website’s traffic by up to 40% by allowing translations on your site.

It doesn’t matter how many Linguise translations your website goes through. A mobile-friendly version of your website will work the same no matter how many translations it has to go through.

Linguise SEO Optimized Features

For each page, Linguise makes multiple language versions with a new page for each one.

Translations can be turned on in 20 different languages, so your homepage can have 20 different versions and rank higher based on the language people are looking for when they type it in.

3. Server-Side Fast Translations:

As long as you don’t translate your website into more than 40 languages, the speed isn’t going to slow down. Because of the active caching technology, this can be done quickly.

Fast & Secure Translations Features

When it comes to the whole process of translating and storing pages, Linguise says it takes about 10ms for everything to be done. In this case, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues because you have local caching systems.

4. Powerful Dashboard:

You can manage websites and translate them all from the same place with Linguise’s dashboard, which is like a control center.

If you want to manage translations and see how your website is using Linguise, this is the tool for you. It comes with a clean and easy-to-use interface that helps you do that.

Linguise Dashboard

Another way to get live translations for your website is to open it from the dashboard. You can then change things to make them automatically appear in translations.

5. Translations in 80+ Languages:

Linguise Languages

With Linguise installed on your website, you can get instant translations in 80+ languages in just one click. There are no extra fees for translating your website into more languages because every plan comes with the option to translate into as many languages as you want.

Linguise Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

There is a charge for Linguise based on the number of words that need to be changed. Websites that have less than 200,000 words can be translated for $15 a month with the Start plan.

For $25 a month, you can translate 600,000 words on your site. if you need a lot of translations, you can choose the Large plan, which costs $45 per month.

Linguise Pricing - Linguise Review

With this plan, you get unlimited words translated, which is a lot of words. If you pay for the year, you’ll get one month free. For now, you can try out the tool on your website for free for a month to see how it works.

Linguise Review: Installation & Setting Up

In this section, we’ll learn how to install and set up Linguise on a web page. In the event that you haven’t decided on a plan, you can sign up for the Linguise free trial to get Linguise set up on your site.

There is a WordPress plugin to help make the process of setting up and integrating a lot more simple. To do this first, you need to sign up and set up an account with Linguise, then.

As part of this process, you’ll be asked to add your website and domain name, as well as the languages you speak. After you finish the setup wizard, you will have the API key. This key will come in handy later. Save it now, because we’ll need it.

Go to your WordPress admin dashboard now. Add the Linguise plugin to your site, then. Afterward, you’ll need to enter the API key. Click on Apply and paste the one you got before.

There are a lot of ways to change the language settings for your website once it has been activated. The content on your website has already been translated into 80+ languages.

Now, you can choose from three ways to change the language switcher.

  • WordPress menu item
  • PHP snippet
  • Shortcode

For each method, you can choose how the Flag and Language names are shown, where they are shown, and whether or not to show or hide them.

1. Adding Language Switcher in Menu Item:

A simple way to add Language Switcher to the menu is to add it to the menu. Go to WP Admin > Appearance > Menus in the WP Admin to change the appearance of your site.

Adding Linguise To Wordpres Menu

Linguise languages are checked, so click the Add to Menu button to make them a part of the main menu.

It’s done! People who visit your website can now choose from a list of languages to switch to. You’ve done it! If you want to move the switcher, just drag and drop it where you want it to be.

2. Live Translations Editor:

You can also launch the live editor from the menu, in addition to the options listed in the dashboard. Web pages are opened in your preferred language by a live editor that lets you make changes to them.

Linguise Translate From Menu

To change a piece of text, select it, type the new text, and then click the Save button. In the same way, you can change the meta-information, such as the title and description.

In the top right corner of the page, click on Edit Meta to show the meta description. Moreover, from the dashboard, you can define translation rules based on the given parameters.

The translation of the brand name isn’t necessarily accurate. If you set up a custom translation rule, all the text will be replaced with the translation you provide. If you don’t want some URLs to be translated, you can use the Exclusion by URL rule to do that.

Linguise On Youtube:

Conclusion: Linguise Review 2024

Translating is the best thing to do with a reliable and autonomous service that doesn’t need a lot of help. Linguise has proven to be that answer.

In less than five minutes, your website can be automatically translated, and then you can let it go for good.

As a result of Linguise’s seamless integration and machine translation technology, you can focus on growing your website, and Linguise will take care of making sure your site is accessible to people around the world in their own language.

While other companies in the field offer a similar service, Linguise has prices that start at just $15 a month. As a bonus, you can try it out for a month for free.

That’s enough time to see how translations have changed your website’s traffic and reach across the world. Linguise has a free trial that you can use to see if it is the right tool for your job or not. You can sign up for the free version by going to this link.

I hope you liked this Linguise review, have any thoughts write them down below in the comment section.

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