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In this article, we have featured the Blinkist Coupon Code, with its proper insights, and discount codes.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Blinkist Coupon Code

👀How Many Books are There in the Blinkist Application?

Thousands of books on 19 different niches are available on the Blinkist software. The books are in both reading and audio mode. You can download any number of books and access them in an offline book. You can also bookmark books of your interest to read them later.

🆓Is There Any Free or Trial Version of the Application?

Yes, you can download and access all the books present on its interface. There is a trial pack of seven days in which you can read premium and latest books. If you find the application interesting, then you can buy the software to read unlimited books.

😵Is it Difficult to Use the Blinkist Tool?

The user interface of the application is quite simple and easy to use. Anyone can use the application and understand its basic functionalities. It is easy to switch from reading to listening to the audio mode or vice versa. One can explore unlimited books of any niche.

🏷️Is Blinkist Worth to Buy?

Yes, it is one of the cheapest book summary applications, which offers impressive features. It is a cost-effective and efficient software to access thousands of books on a single platform.

✅Does Blinkist work offline?

Of course, yes! It is conceivable to peruse disconnected while utilizing the portable application for cell phones and tablets. To overuse disconnected and a book to your library while you have web access (through Wi-Fi or portable information).

Today, we have featured Blinkist Coupon Code. With its proper insights, we have also covered its pros and cons, so let’s get started. Are you fond of reading books? Does it take too much time to read an entire book? If Yes, then Blinkist is the solution. It is a book summary app with a wide range of books.

Here, in the Blinkist, we will know everything about the application in detail. The write-up will cover its working, pros, cons, worth or not, summary quality, etc.

It is essential to know everything about the software before investing your money on it. Many people find reading books annoying.

Key Features Of Blinkist
Key Features Of Blinkist

They need to know the extract or story of the book without considering small facts and details. The application provides good-quality summaries of countless books.

Let us understand the application in detail.

How Does Blinkist Works?

The application can be useful for people who do not have enough time to read. There are millions of books that educate and keep us informed about the world.

But, it is hard to read all of them. Getting an abstract about the book will help in grasping the idea or concept of the book quickly.

This app works the same. You can find summaries of unlimited books and read them in 10 to 15 minutes.

Blinkist Big ideas in small packages


The software provides a book summary in the form of text and audio. The book summary is divided into critical insights to go through every part of the book.

You will feel more excited while reading them. You can read hundreds of books in a single day.

If you read a lot of books, then you will achieve success. Reading makes our minds sharp and improves our brainpower.

Key Features of Blinkist

Check out some of the exciting features of the Blinkist application:

  1. Read Book Summary: When you select any book from the menu, the app shows a Read option. You can read the summary pages of the book. It describes the entire story, facts, or concept of the book. It takes 15-20 minutes to read a single book.
  2. Highlight the Text: If you find something exciting and motivating, then you can highlight the text and access it anytime. You can also sync the highlighted content to Evernote. You can read those lines anytime, anywhere without Blinkist.
  3. Offline Mode: The application also works in an offline mode. You can access the book library without any internet connection. You can download all the books and audios to read or listen to them later.
  4. Listen Audio Summary: There is a Listen option along with the Read on the menu. You can also switch from the Read to Listen mode anytime you desire. You can listen to the book summary by playing the audio. You can download the audios and access them in offline mode.

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How To Operate The Application?

Any iPhone or Android user can download this app for free. You need to signup by using your email ID or Facebook account to access a brief tutorial on its working. There are three main tabs to access thousands of books.

  1. Discover: You can explore the library of books by author, title, or any keyword. There are 19 categories of books to discover. The app also shows trending blinks, recently added books, and creates personalized reading recommendations.
  2. Library: It consists of all the selected book summaries that you have saved to read. You can easily know about your reading status with the help of a progress bar. You can filter your book library to get only audiobooks. It is easy to sort selected books in alphabetical order. You can save your favorite books on your profile and download text summaries to read in an offline mode.
  3. You: This tab includes your highlights, favorite books, and personalized settings. You can filter your favorite list and sort them according to your requirements. The app allows you to share the books on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other platforms. You can activate an option of email notifications and save your highlights in Evernote to access it anywhere.

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Advantages Of Reading Book Summaries

Let us discuss how reading book summaries are useful for you.

  1. If a book is full of unnecessary information, then you can skip it easily. Some books are focused on one thing, with too many examples. A summary is enough to understand the complete book by avoiding poor books.
  2. It is easy to learn different things quickly. It is quite better than sticking to a single book for a month. You can read the book summary in a few minutes. It will help you to read more than one book in a day.
  3. You can remember things when you highlight them or make notes of it. The summary is an abstract of a book, and many facts are illustrated in short ways. If you highlight a few lines in the summary, then it is easy to grasp essential things. On the other hand, you cannot remember loads of lines highlighted in a book.

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Disadvantages Of Reading Book Summaries

There are many disadvantages if you read or listen to the book summaries.  

  1. A complete contains lots of facts, emotions, humor, etc., which will be missed if you read summaries. There is no fun to read summaries. It is like you are reading the concept or story of the book in a few lines. If you are highly connected with the story, you can remember all the things that you have read.
  2. There are chances of missing great ideas and insights from a good book. Every page of a good book transfers knowledge to the reader. Some books are required to read in full.
  3. You can interpret the facts in the wrong way due to a lack of content in the book summary. Sometimes, the context of a summary or a complete book depicts the message differently. You can misunderstand the idea depicted by the writer.

How Can You Use Your Mobile Effectively?

Nowadays, every person has a smartphone, but people kill their valuable time by playing games or unnecessary web surfing. This Blinkist review will tell you how you should spend your precious time.

If you love reading, then you must not waste time on reading a whole book or surfing the internet to get an online book. You can read the book summary to understand the concept and facts of the book in a concise way.

It will be more interesting than reading a whole book. You can listen to the book summaries while traveling or doing chores. It is better to learn something than wasting your time on your mobile.

You can occupy your mind productively while using a smartphone. If you are looking for any application to spend your time effectively, then you can download Blinkist. Read thousands of books at any niche.

Other Applications Like Blinkist

There are many similar apps to provide book summaries. But they are quite different from Blinkist. Some of them include less number of books on a specific niche.

They are considerably expensive and challenging to operate. The book library in Blinkist contains a large and good collection of books. There are 19 different niches to explore books.

The application is easy to operate and access a wide range of book summaries on your mobile. Every day, new books are added to the library to add more interest. Many books written by great authors are included in the library.

Blinkist - alternative

It is easy to explore thousands of books via a single device in your palm. Reading a story on this platform is not just a summary. It consists of the book’s vital points, i.e., accessible to anyone.

You can save a lot of time listening to the abstract of the story. The audio versions are comparatively more interesting than reading.

It is better to get a complete idea of the book instead of reading a whole book. It is difficult to find a unique book summary application like Blinkist.

Types Of Books Available On Blinkist

There is a wide range of books available on the Blinkist platform. The books belong to 19 categories. Reading them can be helpful for your knowledge, interests, and career. Following is the list of book categories:

  1. Economics
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Culture of Corporate Companies
  4. History and Biography
  5. Sales and Marketing
  6. Leadership and Managing Skills
  7. Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Parenting
  10. Society and Politics
  11. Inspiring and Motivating
  12. Money Investments
  13. Happiness and Mindfulness
  14. Self-improvement, self-motivation, and personal growth
  15. Psychology and Sociology
  16. Science and Technology
  17. Astrology and Future Predictions
  18. Sex and Relationships
  19. Time Management and Productivity

Who Can Take The Benefit From The Blinkist App?

Blinkist app can be helpful for any user. It can be:

  • School or College Students
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • People looking for time pass
  • Side-hustlers and Solopreneurs
  • Book reading lover
  • People interested in Personal Finance
  • Self-help Junkies

Trial Of Blinkist App With Blinkist Coupon Code

If you want to try the application, you can download the app on Android, iOS, or iPhone devices. If you are not sure enough to buy this app, then you must try it before making any decision. You can use the app for 30 days for free.

It is a golden chance to check out the interface, available books, working, etc. After going through the app, you can decide whether to buy the premium pack or not.

Make sure that you find it simple and exciting to read books of your interest. You will be surprised to know that the app is the fastest way to read many books in a day. Explore the software and understand how it is useful for your development and knowledge.

Cost Of Blinkist App

After checking out the trial pack, you might be thinking of the cost of Blinkist plans. You must decide whether you want to buy a monthly or yearly pack. The plans are also available with a 7-day trial. The price of the monthly pack is $5.99, and the annual pack is $71.99.

Blinkist also offers a premium plan, in which you can access the audio feature. Listening to book summaries is a more convenient option than reading.

Blinkist discount coupon codes

You can listen to books while doing your chores. The premium plan comes with the highlighting and saving notes option that allows saving important lines on Evernote by synchronizing it. You can share your book notes on social media platforms also.

Is Blinkist Worth it?

If you consider the cost of any non-fiction book, it lies between $10-$15, along with the E-book version. You are paying a lot if the book is not much better than expected.

Suppose if you read 60 books in a year, you will pay $60 to $90 in a year. The chances of reading good books are less. It is not a smart decision and investment. Instead, you can buy the app with thousands of books by good writers.

Blinkist Pricing Plans with discount

You can explore more than one book in a day by reading the summary. It is worth buying the premium plans.

It will cost you less than you spend on books you are reading in a year. The app provides books on different niches to support different people on this platform. It depends on how you prefer to learn and explore books.

Pros Of Blinkist

  1. The application provides complete summaries of books. You can understand the critical concepts of the book in a few minutes.
  2. You can read as well as listen to the book summary.
  3. The user interface of the software is easy to use and navigate.
  4. It takes a few minutes to read or listen to the complete summary. It saves a lot of time to read poor books.
  5. The application allows you to highlight and save essential lines to access it anywhere on any device.
  6. You can access book summaries in an offline mode after downloading it.
  7. The audio feature is perfect for accessing the book while doing other chores.
  8. If you read books regularly, you will remain updated with the latest information in a specific niche. It is excellent to keep yourself informed about all the happenings in the world.
  9.  The application is compatible with iPhone, iOS, Android, Windows desktop, mobile, or tablet. You can download the software from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Cons Of Blinkist

  1. A reader cannot feel the emotions that a writer has given to the book. It is hard to capture the book spirit by reading the summary. Blinkist does the same thing to the reader.
  2. It can be tedious and repetitive if you continuously read or listen to the stories. You can use this application to read one or two books a day.
  3. Some book summaries may not include important points and facts of the real book.
  4. The application does not rank books. You have to explore the available books and determine whether the books are good enough or not.

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Conclusion: Blinkist Coupon Code 2024

In this Blinkist review, we have discussed many things about reading books and their summaries. There are two sides to a coin, and hence, there are both advantages and disadvantages to reading book summaries.

Blinkist offers thousands of books on a single platform that are readable and listenable. It has a user-friendly interface to approach books and learn important things.

The application is available with a 7-day trial so you can try it out before purchasing it. The cost of the app is less as compared to the books in a year.

It will keep your mind busy and allow you to learn and explore more.

If you are thinking of trying this app, you can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple app store.

Try it today and explore thousands of books of your interest.

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