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[Updated September 2019] Spyfu Discount Coupon Code – Get Upto 50% Off

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Written by Finnich Vessal

In this post, you will find the latest Spyfu Coupons & Offers for saving money on this best software. 

By SPYFU you will earn more with less effort. As it finds out the most used keyword from your competitors in the market, it also increases your rank on those keywords which you purchase after a good survey. It also helps in knowing the strategy your competitors are following and which of their strategy failed so you can avoid that or can have a better solution for that.

You can plan a good content writing campaign by SPYFU and also you can use keywords tools for various things like organizing them in groups and finding the mostly used keywords by your challenges and adding them on list, finds the most profitable keywords etc. so make a good business out of it. Let’s check out the Spyfu coupons & offers and take advantage of its various plans. Get the Spyfu free trial code below.

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[Updated September 2019] Spyfu Discount Coupon Code – Get Up to 50% Off

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What is SpyFu?

It is a cloud-hosted software which focuses on search marketing. It provides search marketing formula which is required by the online marketers to succeed in their online marketing campaign and that too at very affordable prices.

SpyFu coupon codes

It provides beneficial information to the user that are being used the competing marketers as to grow in the business. It provides with the most profitable keywords and ads for being paid and organic searches that are used by the competing marketers. It provides the user with competitive intelligence that gives smarter strategies to the user. It assures the user of successful online marketing strategies that would boost revenue and will help in adding more customer to the site. SpyFu is basically an SEO software which helps in customization of search engine.

Overview of SpyFu:

SpyFu discount codes

  1. Domain search
  2. Keyword search
  3. Export advanced Contact info
  4. Backlinks searches
  5. Filter sales leads
  6. Organic keywords
  7. Paid keyword
  8. In-depth SEO report
  9. Ad words advisor reports
  10. Data export
  11. Unlimited backlink results
  12. 9+ years of organic rank history
  13. 9+ years of Ad words history
  14. Custom brands
  15. API access

Features :

Two type of research comes under SPYFU; let’s see what its features are and what important role they have.

PPC competitor research

You can look for the competitors in this field. Have a look on every keyword they have introduced on Google and all the ad test have included on various sites. So make full advantage of it by making their benefit your own and the mistakes they have done simply avoid it or find for a better solution which will turn into a profit.

Spyfu free trial

  • There is a keyword spy-tool for ad-words competitors: it searches for the challengers in the market. So you simply need to download their PPC keyword, which is very simple to execute. There will be no downloading limit. Then from there just find how many clicks are there on each keyword and look how much money they have paid for those keywords.
  • Looks for all the PPC challengers: it will keep an eye on all the domains that bind your ad-words. Finds the changes that are made on ad in one hour. Then look for the competitors that are emerging and then change its plan.
  • You will get to know about the competitor keyword, which you have not purchased: input any of the 3 challengers. And look for the most profitable keyword in which all the 3 have put their money on and also find the ones they are purchasing from the last few years that you never imagined of buying.
  • Then there is an advisor for the ad-words: input the website. Then they will find all the challenges in the market, and all the history of binded ad-words after that they will suggest you the most used keyword that will give you profit but you never thought of buying that keyword.
  • There is a grouping tool: look for your challengers and will look which of the keyword are mostly used and which gives more profit then it will add that keyword group in your list too.
  • Look for the history: it will completely analyse your challengers ad-word history, and then look for the output of every ad split test they have executed and also the keyword that did not worked and they suffered a loss because of that.
  • PPC negative match suggestion: why do you want to waste money on costly keywords? Simply look what keywords your challengers have used and it failed.
  • Then you can also mark the rank: it will keep the record of your rank and the mostly used keyword group. They will also suggest how to expand keyword and how to use them, it’s for free.

SEO competitor research

Look for the challenger, keywords and just find which of the contents and backlinks made them to go down in ranking.

It also works like PPC, that is it will search for the competitor’s SEO word and will keep an eye on every challenger, then find the highest 3 challengers and will look the keywords they used maximum number of time and which have given them more profit and there is a keyword group the maximum used keyword will be added on that keyword group which you can use.

SpyFu competitir research discounts

Then there is a keyword group analysis tool, which will organize all the keywords in a group which is a very tiring job but this tool does it for you.

SPY means to be like a detective; basically, it displays the search marketing tragedies that are your competitors in your field and what techniques they are applying to grow their business.

You can look for any domain and can have a look on each and every place that is displayed on the Google: all the keywords they have introduced as an ad word, all the rank, and all the changes that are made in the last 11 years of search history.

So simply learn how to combine with these domains. Find all the new and old methods that are- social, email, via phone which you can’t see at any other place.

For that, you need to follow these things-

  • Enhance the traffic of your particular site- it has some smart features in drives that they are providing so you need to simply choose your SEO or Ad words campaign.
  • You can also track the ranking of each keyword you have searched for- it keeps a check on all the paid and SEO ranking on all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • You will get a chance to improve your connectivity with others- its contact information is very much dependable which will guide you to have a close partnership or can also produce sales leads.


The pricing model of SpyFu is based on the monthly as well as the annual subscription. You can get discount on SpyFu annual plan.

SpyFu annual pricing


SpyFu is a very useful software for the content writers or any person who wants to publicise their website. It helps the user in knowing where all their domain is is shown up on google. SEO and Adwords are very effective in marketing. It is of great help for online marketing business. Following are the ranking of SPYFU on various platforms:

  • SpyFu stands in the one of the top 50 marketing software products
  • Also, it stands in top 20 SEO software products
  • It also holds 12th position in the search marketing software


SpyFu is one of the most  favoured SEO software preferred by online marketers. It helps them in earning more revenue by publishing their domain in top. It also shares with them secret formulas which are needed by the online marketers to gain success in their business.

It shares valuable information which is required by the user. It also allows the user to search for the places where the particular domain is listed on various social networking sites. This helps the user in learning the ways to connect themselves with these domains and also finding new online and traditional methods to gain lead.

It offers smart recommendations which helps the business work more effectively. Also, it detects bad or wrong keyword and also helps the user in eliminating it from the domain. And the best part of SpyFu is that the user can leverage their competitors. Also it does not need any testing as to keyword research.

It also shares some details which enables various users to build partnerships or to generate sales lead.

Undoubtedly, SpyFu has helped in the transformation of Adwords data and google search results into insightful answers.


Following are some technical details of SpyFu-

  1. SpyFu is supported by following devices-
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web based
  1. It supports English as a core language
  2. The pricing model supported is
  • Monthly payments
  • Annual subscription
  1. It can be supported and used by all of the following type of customers-
  • small businesses
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Businesses
  1. The deployment in this software is Cloud HOSTED


Undoubtedly, the services provided by the Spyfu is very helpful to online marketers. It helps them in growing their business and hence earning revenue. It is easy to understand and resourceful for the user.

Following are the pros for using Spyfu

  1. It is a worthy software for SEO and PPC marketing and tracking
  2. Easy to understand.
  3. The aids or videos provided are of great help for people who struggles with technology. Training modules helps the user in understanding the essence of this software
  4. The kombat tool helps the user in analysing the keyword which the competitor is honing and avoiding.
  5. It helps in comparing multiple websites as well as users of specific keyword
  6. Provides systematic dashboard of competitor’s search marketing strategies.
  7. Provides a list of keyword and the list of keyword for a particular domain
  8. SEO amd PPC reports provides useful information.


  1. Lacks alert system
  2. It could use a bit of visual revamp
  3. SpyFu is enable to find the website of the competitor
  4. Many a times the suggested keywords are of no use or can irrelevant.
  5. Keywords are quite iffy
  6. Need more up to date list of keywords


Customer support system or customer helping system is very much needed by all the users. A software with a sound support system is usually preferred among other software’s. And so this software offers good support system.

The user can avail all or any of the following support system-

  • Email- the user can send an email to the vendor in problem or doubts.
  • Phone- the user can also call on the customer helpline service. It is effectively answered.
  • Live chat- so this is the best support system offered by this software. Live support is of great help. The user can have live chat with the customer care executive.

SpyFu customer reviews

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CONCLUSION:[Updated September 2019] Spyfu  Coupons & Offers

Overall, Spyfu is a great software which will help you in finding the best competitor’s keyword. Hence, you can increase your website’s traffic and plan your content writing strategy. Moreover, Spyfu coupons & offers will surely help you in choosing the right plan. So, grab SpyFu coupon and discount codes and save up the top 50% on your plan.

Hope you find the Spyfu coupons & offers helpfully. 


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