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In this post, you will find the latest SpyFu Coupon 2020 & Free Trial Code with a free trial code for huge savings.

I have reviewed various SEO tools in the past such as SEMRush, Babylon Traffic, Raven, and various others. Some of them may be pricey but a lot of them were worth it.

So, I have discovered a cheaper alternative to Semrush & Ahrefs in 2020. SpyFu is an amazing SEO Tool for keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and all the tasks an SEO tool does.

Let’s check out the SpyFu Discount Code & Promo Codes 2020 and take advantage of its various plans.

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SpyFu free trial code with discount

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How To Use SpyFu Discount Code 2020? 

To redeem the Spyfu discount, choose the pricing plan that you want.

Enter the coupon/promo code in the box.

Click on Apply coupon and you will redirect to checkout.

SpyFu Overview:

  1. SpyFu is supported by the following devices-
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  1. It supports English as a core language.
  2. The pricing model supported is-
  • Monthly payments
  • Annual subscription
  1. It can be supported and used by all of the following types of customers-
  • Small businesses
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Businesses
  1. The deployment in this software is Cloud Hosted.

What Is SpyFu?

SpyFu is a cloud-hosted software that focuses on search marketing. It provides search marketing formula, which is required by the online marketers to succeed in their online marketing campaign and that too at very affordable prices.

SpyFu coupon & free trial codes

It provides beneficial information to the user that is being used by the competing marketers to grow in the business.

It offers the most profitable keywords and ads for being paid and organic searches that are used by the competing marketers.

SpyFu also provides the user with competitive intelligence that gives smarter strategies to the user. It assures the user of successful online marketing strategies that would boost revenue and will help in adding more customers to the site.

SpyFu is an SEO software which helps in customization of search engine.

SpyFu Features & Tools:

SpyFu SEO Tools with discount coupon

  • PPC Competitor Research

You can look for the competitors in this field. Have a look at every keyword they have introduced on Google, and all the ad tests included on various sites.

To take full advantage of it by making their benefit your own and the mistakes they have done simply by avoiding it or finding a better solution which will turn into a profit.

SpyFu PPC competitor research tool discount coupons

  • Keyword spy-tool for ad-words competitors: It searches for the challengers in the market. So, you simply need to download their PPC keyword, which is very simple to execute. There will be no downloading limit.
  • PPC challengers: It will keep an eye on all the domains that bind your ad-words. Finds the changes that are made on an ad in one hour and look for the competitors that are emerging and then change its plan.
  • Find Competitor Keywords for free: Input any of the three challengers and look for the most profitable keyword.
  • Advisor for the ad-words: input the website. Then they will find all the challenges in the market, and all the history of bonded ad-words after that they will suggest you the most used keyword that will give you profit, but you never thought of buying that keyword.
  • Grouping tool: Look for your challengers and will look at which of them are mostly used, and which gives more profit, then it will add that keyword group in your list too.
  • Look for the history: It will thoroughly analyze your challengers ad-word history, and then look for the output of every ad split test they have executed and also the keyword that did not work and they suffered a loss because of that.
  • PPC negative match suggestion: Simply look at what keywords your challengers have used and failed at.

How To use SpyFu for PPC google ads

  • SEO Competitor Research

Look for the challenger keywords and just find which of the contents and backlinks made them go down in ranking. SpyFu is a great Google Keywords tool and hence works for both SEO and PPC.

It also works like PPC, that is it will search for the competitor’s SEO word and will keep an eye on every challenger, then find the highest three challengers and will look the keywords they used a maximum number of times and which have given them more profit.

The maximum used keyword will be added to that group that you can use.

SpyFu competitor research tool with discount

Then there is a keyword group analysis tool, which will organize all the keywords in a group, which is a very tiring job, but this tool does it for you.

You can look for any domain and can have a look at every place that is displayed on the Google: all they have introduced as an ad word, all the rank, and all the changes that are made in the last 11 years of search history.

So simply learn how to combine with these domains. Find all the new and old methods that are- social, email, via phone, which you can’t see at any other place.

  • Enhance the traffic of your particular site- It has some smart features in drives that they are provided, so you need to choose your SEO or Ad words campaign only.
  • You can also track the ranking of each keyword you have searched for- It keeps a check on all the paid and SEO ranking on all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • You will get a chance to improve your connectivity with others- Its contact information is very much dependable, which will guide you to have a close partnership or can also produce sales leads.

How Much Does Spyfu Cost?

The pricing model of SpyFu is based on the monthly as well as the annual subscription. You can get a discount on SpyFu annual plan,

It has three plans:

  • Free Lifetime Access
  • Basic
  • Professional

SpyFu free trial code with discount

You can use SpyFu free trial code to get free access to Spyfu. Besides this, SpyFu Discount Code gives 40% discount on an annual plan

SpyFu Affiliate Program:

SpyFu Affiliate Program with free trial

As an affiliate, you can join the SpyFu Affiliate Program to make high commissions. When you will register in their affiliate program, you would get a 40% recurring payout commissions as SpyFu referral fee.

It gives the following benefits:

  • 40% Monthly Commissions
  • 365-Day Tracking Cookie
  • Commissions can be paid twice a month

SpyFu Pros & Cons:

Undoubtedly, the services provided by the SpyFu is beneficial to online marketers. It helps them in growing their business and hence earning revenue. It is easy to understand and resourceful for the user.


  1. Quick Domain Search
  2. Keyword search
  3. Export advanced Contact info
  4. Backlinks searches
  5. Filter sales lead
  6. In-depth SEO report
  7. Ad words advisor reports
  8. Data export
  9. Unlimited backlink results
  10. 9+ years of ecological rank history
  11. 9+ years of Ad words history
  12. SpyFu offers reliable customer support through email, live chat, and phone.
  13. Free Lifetime Plan


  1. It could use a bit of visual revamp.
  2. SpyFu is enabled to find the website of the competitor.
  3. Many times the suggested keywords are of no use or can irrelevant.
  4. Need more up to date list of keywords.

SpyFu SEO tool reviews and testimonials

FAQs {Frequently Asked Questions}:

🔥 How Does SpyFu Work?

SpyFu analyses every competitor of your domain and research the ranking domains for your keyword. It completely exposes the SEO secret of your competitor. You can check them every keyword variation, keyword positions, organic rank, and every ad variations they have made up in last 14 years.

👉 How Accurate Is SpyFu?

Even the best SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs are not 100% accurate. SpyFu is not completely accurate but it finds the best domains and analyzes every variation in PPC as well as the organic ranks. However, SpyFu should add the geographical location filter to make it a more reliable tool.

😲 What Does SpyFu Do?

SpyFu is a detective SEO tools that spies on the competitor's keywords and the keywords for which they have been ranking. Spyfu is free for anyone who needs it. It can be used to find keywords for Facebook and Twitter.

💥 What are the best free alternatives to SemRush?

SemRush is an expensive tool and hence it has got various free alternatives. Some of them are SpyFu, SERPed, Babylon, Raven tools, SEO Monitors,etc.

Best Spyfu Alternatives: 

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Conclusion: SpyFu Free Trial Codes & Coupons 2020

Overall, SpyFu is a great software that will help you in finding the best competitors and a great website keyword checker tool. Hence, you can increase your website’s traffic and plan your content writing strategy.

Moreover, SpyFu Coupons & Offers will surely help you in choosing the right plan. So, grab SpyFu coupon and discount codes and save up the top 50% on your plan. Check more discounts on SEo tools on Affiliatebay.

Do not forget to Apply Spyfu Coupon & Discount codes 2020 at the checkout page.


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