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In this post, you will get the best and the latest coupon codes March 2023. is a certification authority which was founded in 2002, it is globally trusted by large governments and organizations so it is used in almost 120 countries worldwide. They are known to be an associate member of the CAB forum. also offers you arrangements for improvement of the digital certificate technologies. Let’s first check out the coupon codes. The certification authority

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Basic SSL Excellent value SSL Certificate for $49/yr

Wildcard SSL for Multiple Site Protection for $225/yr

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Be it providing you help during configuration and installation of your services or selling digital certificate products, the team of offers and provides its customers with outstanding support.

They have very friendly online support representatives who help you with your queries in chats patiently, and they are one of their many perks. The staff is very knowledgeable and acknowledges your needs, with this it helps you meet the best solution of your choice.

When sensitive information like usernames, credit card details, passwords and other private and important information are transferred over the internet, an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used as a method to encrypt private data and help to secure your information. is a leading certification authority and this review will help you provide a useful overview of your need. In this review, we’re going to mainly focus on the kinds of SSL certificates offered by and all those features that come with these products.


Company Overview has it’s headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. It is trusted and used by governments organization and several other popular organizations in all over 120 countries. is leading in the market to provide digital certificates for a very wide range of use cases which includes/MIME email certificates, document signing, code signing, and SSL/TSL server certificates. With an outstanding support system, is a 5-star rated certificate authority. They have gained this position as they extend their support to installation and configuration as well. Plans & Pricing

There are 7 SSL certificate iterations the market for SSL certificates among which you can choose one of your choices and need. Here we’ve made it easy for you to pick one as you can read what use case each certificate is designed to serve and with this, you can also compare the yearly plans or plans with longer durations, get the one according to your need. Get more discounts on the prices by applying the Coupon Codes. Plans & Pricing

Basic SSL

The Basic SSL certificate qualified for issuing a single and fully-qualified domain name(e.g. by using a committed IP address. You can also use it on multiple servers at the same time. Succeeding a successful validation, within 5 minutes this SSL certificate is issued. The Basic SSL contains many qualities and one more of them is, it also secures the version www. Of a domain (www.mail.domain.comor and you can purchase a Basic SSL certificate for a duration of up to 5 years. Basic SSL certificate uses a SHA2 hashing algorithm, comes with a warranty $10,000 and it supports the signing of 2048+ Bit certificates.

Premium SSL

Premium SSL certificate secures up to 3 subdomains which share a primary domain name as it was created for smaller businesses and to meet their needs, hence it supports the well-known Microsoft Exchange’s Auto discover service, it can also be used on multiple servers at the same time as some other SSL certificate, and features private keys and unlimited reassure. The Premium SSL certificate contains a $10,000 warranty.

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High Assurance SSL’sHigh Assurance SSL certificate was created to allow its customers to have their company’s name appear in the details of their SSL certificate. It comes with the same features as the Premium SSL like secures up to 3 subdomains which share a primary domain name, it can also be used on multiple servers at the same time and also features private keys and unlimited reissues just like Premium SSL certificate. With all these features it also provides protection for a fully-qualified domain name including its www variant.

Wildcard SSL’sWildcard SSL was designed to protect any number of subdomains with one single solution and also the root domain and with this, it also needs organization validation.

This certificate is great for virtual hosts and hosting as it can be used on multiple concurrent private keys and on unlimited IP addresses and just like the Basic SSL certificate, Wildcard SSL can be used alongside on multiple servers at the same time. The warranty that comes with this certificate sums to $1,250,000.


To meet the needs of enterprise customer created this certificate hence it works with numerous Microsoft Exchange services.

A single UCC/SAN certificate will offer safekeeping for multiple domains (subdomains and/or up-to 2,000 distinctive domains) on a shared IP address.

The SAN/UCC certificate comes with infinite server licenses and infinite issuances and key pairs. The warranty for this plan amounts to $1,250,000.

EV SSL’s enterprise EV (Extended Validation) certificate provides you the highest available validation and industry-toping identity assurance. In order to be issued an EV SSL, your company is systematically examined outside the standard domain validation procedures. This type of SSL certificate spontaneously enables the certificate details which will display your organizational information hence enables a green address bar.’s this EV SSL certificate safeguards a fully-qualified domain name comprising the www variant of that domain, it can be used on multiple servers at the same time like many other SSL certificates, you can get infinite reissuing during its lifetime, and it comes with a $2,000,000 warranty.


The EV UCC / SAN SSL is one SSL certificate that offers you the highest assurance and multi-site SSL protection, which will enable your company’s name to appear in the address bar and hence it ultimately enables Green Bar. If you are running an enterprise and want to secure your multiple domains and multiple sites this is the most suitable SSL certificate for you to choose or end up with.

Free SSL trial also provides a free SSL certificate for you, so how it works is, you are given a 90-day trial version of the Basic SSL certificate. It gives you plenty of time to see the advantages and disadvantages of an SSL certificate in use, you can yourself figure out and make up your mind. Features & Value

There are a set of features that provides which are considered standard and are given on all certificates:

  •    Compatibility with 99% of all browsers;
  •    Full mobile support;
  •    Free unlimited certificate reissues during the lifetime of the certificate;
  •    30-day no-quibbles money-back guarantee;
  •    Meeting HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements;
  •    A padlock symbol and “https” domain;
  •    256-bit SHA2 https AES encryption;
  •    User-friendly Account Manager.
  •    24/7 email, phone and chat support;
  •    Free Site Seal;

There is an Site Seal that activates with all SSL certificates signals to your customers or visitors that your site is secure, which will increase visitor retention and conversion rates. An SSL certificate will also improve your site’s search engine rankings.

Not all digital certificate providers support unlimited lifetime certificate reissues or offer support for installing or configuring certificates. also has the advantage of being a reputable and recognizable brand.

Also read about Cloudways SSL here.

Customer Support: Coupon Codes

You can contact’customer support three channels that are, live chat, phone, and ticketing system. They care for you genuinely so that is why all the channels are open 24/7.

Customers of have labeled out the company’s customer support as knowledgeable, outstanding, kind, patient and very helpful.

The company’s website has maintained a Knowledgebase website so that the customer who visits their website looking for the answers of basic questions to advanced questions can have help with their queries about SSL certificates, their installation, and configuration.

Moreover, users and customers always have the option to post their queries or solutions at the Q&A community site, which is obviously free for every visitor.

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Pros & Cons of

Since is such a certificate authority in the digital landscape it’s become quite tough to find fault in their services. Nevertheless, let’s see both sides of the coin and head towards the pros and cons of


  •    They have a very fast and effective support system and supportive online members.
  •    One of the things that define their position in the market is they have multiple SSL certificate types, which a customer can choose from.
  •    They give you a trial period of 30 days where there are no-questions-asked and if you don’t like it they have a money-back guarantee as well.
  •    Easy-to-use interface.


  •    It might be costly as compared to its competitor’s charge. charges a bit more than some of its competitors, but to compensate that cost-effective criterion offers a lot more things with their services, which includes their support that is the talk of the town among their customers. As it’s been a very long time with them in this business they have managed to assemble many competitors, still, they hold a place like no on eels. is a well-established and more trusted brand.

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FAQ:- Coupon Codes

🤷‍♂️Can I order an SSL/TLS certificate for an IP address?

Yes, but under some circumstances

🧐What are downgrade attacks?

In software security, downgrade attacks are network attacks that force users to use older, more vulnerable versions of software in order to exploit known vulnerabilities against them.

Conclusion- Coupon Codes 2023

It becomes very easy to switch to “https” with, you can achieve this in a very few steps. They have got a great variety of SSL certificates which are meant to meet the needs of various customers from small businesses who need to secure a fully-qualified domain name but single to large enterprises that require multi-site SSL protection.

The word about their services has been written many times but it’s worth writing, your chosen certificate will be issued to you within minutes following a successful validation or verification.

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I hope you get the full benefit of the Coupon Codes [Updated March 2023].

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