Alfaleads Review 2024: Is It The Best Performance Marketing Network?

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Alfaleads Review


Alfaleads is a global CPA network that may help you monetize your visitors and make money from the leads you generate. Gambling, adult dating, sweepstakes and games are just a few of the numerous industries in which it may be put to use.

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  • Rapid campaign launch within minutes
  • Personal Account Executive
  • User-friendly design
  • Performance control
  • Strong CTR
  • Advanced Tracking Tools are available to monitor your performance


  • None


Price: $

Alfaleads is an international performance marketing agency operating in the iGaming, Sports, and Dating verticals.

Alfaleads currently have 2000+ active offers and comes with a intuitive and easy-to-use platform that helps affiliates find the right offers and manage their campaigns.

The company also has a dedicated team of account managers who are always available to help affiliates with any questions or problems they may have.

Alfaleads Review

Alfaleads is a trusted partner of many well-known companies as well. The company has also won several awards, including the “Best Performance Marketing Agency” award at the CPA Life Awards 2019.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional performance marketing agency, then Alfaleads is an excellent option to consider.

How Does Alfaleads Work?

Alfaleads is an international performance marketing agency operating in the iGaming, Sports, and Dating verticals.

They work with the world’s leading companies and have extensive experience in executing effective online campaigns.

Alfaleads’ in-depth statistics and analytics allow you to monitor your progress and modify your campaigns as necessary. To increase your earning potential, partners also give you special discounts and bonuses.

Finally, a capable tech support team is always on hand to assist you with any queries or problems you might encounter.

Alfaleads works with the following verticals mainly:


  • iGaming
  • Sports
  • Dating

Alfaleads advertising models include:

Alfaleads Advertising Models

  • CPA
  • CPI
  • CPS
  • CPL
  • Hybrid
  • RevShare

Significant Features & Benefits of Alfaleads

Let’s have a look at some of the best features & benefits of Alfaleads:

Alfaleads Features

1. Alfaleads Main menu:

Alfaleads enables you to navigate the available offers effortlessly. It comprises several filters that help you locate the desired deal without sifting through the numerous offerings in the category.

Due to this fact alone, you will have no trouble finding suitable offers once you are accepted.

2. Alfaleads Interface:

Signing up with Alfaleads is a straightforward three-step procedure. It requests personal information as well as advertising strategies.

Once you submit this information, someone will contact you shortly after that. It indicates that the registration procedure is straightforward and does not need much work on your behalf.

3. Offers in multiple verticals:

The offers are dispersed throughout many sectors. This implies that, regardless of the vertical in which your website resides, these offers will apply to you.

4. Exclusive Offers:

The network also provides several premium and exclusive deals. It indicates that you will be dealing directly with the advertisers. Consequently, the offers will stay active for an extended period, allowing you to scale up your campaigns quickly.

Exclusive and premium deals also feature more significant payments, allowing you to improve your return on investment. Therefore, this feature aids your efforts to develop a legitimate affiliate marketing program.

5. Personal Affiliate Manager:

This affiliate network also provides access to a personal manager for beginners in affiliate marketing. These people have a considerable amount of experience in the affiliate marketing sector. If you have any questions, you can contact the customer care team.

Due to this, you may get answers to your questions and explanations about affiliate marketing. It guarantees that you may set up your campaigns pretty rapidly.

6. Low Payment Threshold:

It would help if you determined whether or not you would be able to meet the daily payment level. If the restriction is very high, it will not be of much assistance.

Fortunately, this network also offers a reduced payment minimum. The payout minimum is just $30

7. Over 2000 Offers:

This affiliate network contains more than 2000 accessible offers, one of its finest advantages. When the affiliate network has so many offers accessible, it is not difficult to identify relevant deals.

This is one of the most compelling arguments for joining this network. You will not need to go through other affiliate networks to discover a suitable offer since so many are available.

Why Do I Recommend Alfaleads For Advertisers?

Here are some of the key points, why to choose Alfaleads as a marketing agency:

1. Your Personal Manager

You’ll have a personal account manager from day one. They’re there for you and will help ensure everything goes smoothly – whether answering any questions or just giving advice on how to improve your profile picture!

They want this process as painless as possible, so they do their best online and in-person at events like meetups/ conferences where partners can talk shop without worrying about confidentiality.

They know what it’s been like to juggle everything else lately with work.

2. Product Testing

They’re not just testing the water with these offers, they’ll put your product through its paces and see if it stands up to the competition.

Alfaleads’ media buying team puts the offers to the test, which consists of 60 highly qualified professionals who work with Google Ads, Facebook, and SEO/ASO as their primary traffic sources.

Custom software development packages explicitly designed around what YOU need to be done right now starting under budget but still delivering top performance ̶ anything goes!

You can also count upon their trusted publishers when they try out new products before launching them onto the marketplace.

3. Website Audit and Funnel Optimization

Before they start working together, their marketing managers will follow your purchase funnel from clicking on an ad to completing the target action.

Based on this information, they’ll offer advice for improving CR and income tailored just for what you need!

They want every customer’s experience with them not only to be successful but also enjoyable – giving them more than their money deserves (which isn’t always easy).

That’s why when someone purchases something through one of your links or ads, you send out surveys afterward so you can find out how everything went; errors included.

4. Antifraud System

They have a fraud detection system that helps them deliver the best experience possible for their advertisers.

This is done automatically and through manual intervention by specialists to ensure only high-quality traffic comes into your account, which will also provide you with better conversion rates.

Alfaleads Offers For Advertisers

5. App Development

Their expertise in developing native apps for various industries ensures that your app flies off the shelves.

They make branded and unbranded APKs tailored to each industry’s specific needs: iGaming (including casino gaming), dating platforms, or finance firms could benefit from custom-built mobile applications created by Xclusive Softwares’ team of developers.

6. Design

They are the go-to team for creating engaging content to convey your message.

Whether it’s a video, an animated GIF, or a static banner, their designers have you covered with every type of media imaginable, so no matter what device people use, they can see what matters most right away!

All this takes some serious talent, but luckily they’ve got just enough at Alfaleads.

7. Promotional Activities

Alfaleads is a leading provider of PR services for CPAs. They implement the most innovative promotional events in their industry and have been honored with two Affbank Awards as creative partner networks!

Their wide variety can be done through cooperation or on your own time—whatever works best to promote your products at any budget level desired.

8. Offline Events

They share their knowledge with other marketers and help them grow their media capital through invitation-only events. There, you can meet top players in the CPA market who will promote your brand for free!

Promotional opportunities include banners and printed materials at these gatherings and a chance to give talks by speakers that they select just for this occasion – all tailored towards increasing your and your client’s exposure online.

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Alfaleads For Affiliates

Additionally, Alfaleads is the ideal option for affiliates. It is a network of partners designed for media buyers. Through Alfaleads, anybody may boost their partner’s earnings.

Alfaleads is thus the optimal blend of highly compensated offers and excellent conversion rates for maximizing your partner’s revenues.

Alfaleads offers affiliates the same number of rewards as it does advertisers. They are listed below:

Alfaleads Offers For Affiliates

1. Simple Integration:

Lastly, it offers affiliates an easy connection with major trackers like Octo-Tracker, Binom, Bridge, Voluum, etc.

2. Various Verticals:

It offers all verticals in an all-in-one affiliate network, such as iGaming, Sports, Dating, etc.

3. Flexible Conditions:

Web admins can add landings and pre-landings to the system under flexible circumstances.

4. Personal Assistance:

It offers a dedicated account manager who can optimize and fine-tune your advertising strategies.

5. Statistics System:

Alfaleads offers an easy-to-use internal statistics system for its most satisfactory services so that affiliates can quickly keep track of their data.

6. Direct Contact:

It gives affiliates direct access to advertising, consistent offers, and TOP deductions.

7. Tech Support:

Alfaleads offers affiliates robust technical assistance that instantly fixes any issue.

8. Advance Payouts:

Alfaleads may give advance rewards to reputable affiliates to boost your development chances.

9. Assistance With The Campaign Launch:

Managers at Alfaleads will inform you of new GEOs and aid you in coping with unusual traffic sources.

10. Legal Support Service:

Professionals from Alfa Defense will help you with all commercial transactions and handle legal and accounting matters.

11. Official Betting Apps:

You may direct traffic to bet establishments’ official mobile applications. In contrast to Webview, they enjoy more user confidence, a more identifiable design, and a more stable functioning with fewer defects.

Alfaleads For Advertisers

Alfaleads is the best marketing platform for practically all types of advertising. As a performance marketing firm, it provides each partner with a complete, custom-tailored marketing solution instead of merely merging offers as other networks do.

Listed below are some of the advantages and specialized services that marketers may get via this platform:

Alfaleads Offers For Advertisers

1. Offline Events:

Regularly, Alfaleads hosts gatherings and invitation-only events. There are several promotional alternatives to build media capital, such as banners, speeches by your speakers, and printed materials.

2. Promotional Activities:

PR professionals organize new promotional events for the CPA industry. Alfaleads has earned an Affbank Award as the most innovative partner network. Therefore this is evident.

The events may be conducted with the support of CPA networks or independently for their product’s advertising efforts.

3. App Development:

In addition, it offers advantages by creating branded and unbranded applications for numerous verticals, such as iGaming, Dating, etc.

4. Audit & Funnel Optimization:

When Alfaleads begins functioning, its marketing managers track your purchase from beginning to end: clicking on an ad and executing the required activity. Therefore, it encourages the advertisers to increase their CR and revenue.

5. Product Testing:

Their offerings are evaluated by their own media purchasing team, which comprises sixty specialists dealing with primary traffic sources, such as Facebook, Google Ads, and SEO/ASO.

It may also request that its reputable publications test the goods.

6. Personal Assistance:

When you apply, you are allocated a personal account manager who is always accessible.

It has a cordial connection with its partners and enables you to converse online or in person at numerous conferences and gatherings.

How To Get Started With Alfaleads?

To begin using Alfaleads, click the blue button below to visit the website and click the pink “Register” button in the upper-right corner.

How To Get Started With Alfaleads

Then you must complete an application form:

Step – 1: Enter your name, email address, and password.

Step – 2: Provide your nation and place of residence, then choose a messenger. Explain your marketing expertise in further detail. Include data from other affiliate networks and programs.

Step – 3: Choose your profile (influencer, website owner, media buyer, etc) and provide more information about your daily average conversion rate, geographies, preferred offer verticals, traffic sources, etc.


Alfaleads Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of Alfaleads:

Alfaleads Pros

  • Up to a $ 30 minimum withdrawal option is available
  • Competitive pricing
  • Facilitated usage.
  • If you encounter any troubles, you have access to support staff.
  • Rapid campaign launch within minutes.
  • Performance control.
  • Strong CTR.
  • Personal Account Executive.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Advanced Tracking Tools are available to monitor your performance.
  • They are always prompt with payments.
  • They have unique, high-converting offerings.

Alfaleads Cons

  • None

FAQs On Alfaleads Review

How do the Alfaleads support teamwork?

Typically, support professionals react within an hour. You may contact support by using your account to access the ticketing system.

What is Alfaleads?

The multinational performance marketing agency Alfaleads. They assist their affiliates in monetizing traffic while providing advertisers with a comprehensive suite of brand marketing services.

What information can be provided by an Alfaleads personal account manager?

Personal account managers are appointed to reputable affiliates of Alfaleads. They offer all the required information regarding offers and payments and aid in developing and scaling affiliate programs.

How can I become a trusted Alfaleads affiliate?

A reliable Alfaleads affiliate is a publisher who gets high-quality traffic under advantageous conditions. Several perks are offered for reputable affiliates, including improved commission rates, a personal account manager, and free creatives.

How do I make money with Alfaleads?

In brief, you advertise offerings listed on their site using a unique ID link. You get compensation when a user clicks on your link and completes the desired activity. The desired action (also known as a conversion) is specified in the offer specifics. You may promote offerings via several channels, including your website, Google advertisements, Facebook, etc.

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Conclusion: Alfaleads Review 2024

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help you take your business to the next level, but you’re unsure where to start.

It can be tough to know who to trust when hiring a digital marketing agency. There are so many agencies out there, and it’s hard to know which is right for your business.

Alfaleads is the perfect solution for you. They’re a performance-based marketing agency that has helped businesses like yours increase their website traffic and conversions.

Alfaleads is a well-established worldwide affiliate network that offers good chances to affiliates regardless of the vertical or GEO.

You will discover a vast range of offerings for various verticals, dedicated support, legal and accounting aid, and the media purchasing skills of in-house staff.

They have a team of experts dedicated to helping your business grow, and they offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee so that you can be sure they’re the right fit for you.

Exclusive deals, regulated betting software, and a flexible payment schedule are just a few of this network’s benefits. Sign up with Alfaleads to see for yourself!


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