Hostinger Affiliate Review 2024 : Great Way To Earn Money Online

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Just as there are many hosting providers on the market, there are also many affiliate programs to join. So how do you know whether or not an affiliate program is a good fit for your business?

In this review, we’ll take a look at Hostinger’s affiliate program and what it has to offer affiliates. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of joining this program so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What is Hostinger?

vps hosting

Hostinger is a web hosting company that offers a variety of services for businesses and individuals. Services include shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated servers.

Hostinger also offers a wide range of domain name services such as registration, transfer, and email.

Hostinger was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Kaunas, Lithuania. The company has a strong international presence with offices in the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Netherlands.


Hostinger offers a wide range of features and services that make it a great choice for businesses and individuals looking for reliable and affordable web hosting. Shared hosting plans start at just $0.99 per month, and cloud hosting plans start at $9.95 per month.

VPS hosting starts at $29.95 per month, and Dedicated servers start at $79.95 per month.

Domain name services are also very affordable, with registration starting at just $0.99 per year. Transferring a domain name to Hostinger is free, and email hosting starts at just $1.99 per month.

Hostinger provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and ticket system. The company also has an extensive knowledge base with hundreds of articles on topics such as web hosting, WordPress, website builder, and more.

Overall, Hostinger is a great choice for businesses and individuals looking for affordable and reliable web hosting and domain name services. The company offers a wide range of features and services and provides 24/7 customer support.

How does the Hostinger Affiliate Program work?

Hostinger Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn money online. And the Hostinger affiliate program is one of the best in the business. Here’s how it works:

As an affiliate, you promote Hostinger on your website or blog. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and signs up for Hostinger, you earn a commission.

Affiliate commissions are recurring, which means you’ll earn a commission every time they pay their Hostinger bill. And there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

The best part is, you don’t have to be a Hostinger customer to join the affiliate program. Anyone can sign up and start earning commissions.

So if you’re looking for a great way to earn money online, the Hostinger affiliate program is a great option. Sign up today and start earning commissions! 

How Much Have We Made So Far from Hostinger?

We’ve been with Hostinger for a while now and we’re very happy with their service. We’re making a decent amount of money from our website and we’re always looking to improve our earnings.

In this article, we’ll share some of the methods we’ve used to make money from our website and how much we’ve made so far.

We’ve been using a few different monetization methods on our website and they’ve all been working well for us. We’re making money from ads, affiliate marketing, and selling our own products.

This may not seem like a lot, but it’s only been a few months and we already see good results. We’re confident that we can continue to grow our earnings and reach our goals.

10 Benefits of Hostinger Affiliate Program-


If you’re looking to make money online, one of the best ways to do it is through affiliate marketing. And if you’re looking for a great affiliate program to join, Hostinger has everything you need! Here are 10 reasons why their affiliate program is the best:

  1. They offer some of the highest commissions in the industry – up to $150 per sale!
  2. They provide their affiliates with a wide range of marketing tools to help them promote Hostinger, including banners, landing pages, and email templates.
  3. They give their affiliates access to real-time statistics so they can track their progress and see how much money they’re making.
  4. They offer a two-tier affiliate program, so affiliates can earn commissions on referrals made by other affiliates.
  5. They have a dedicated affiliate team to provide support and answer any questions their affiliates may have.
  6. They hold regular affiliate contests with great prizes, such as free hosting for a year or cash bonuses.
  7. They make payments on time, every time – no delays!
  8. They offer a wide range of payment methods, including PayPal, bank transfer, and even Bitcoin.
  9. They provide affiliates with exclusive coupons and deals to help them boost their earnings.
  10. They are always looking for new ways to improve affiliate programs, so affiliates can always be sure they’re getting the best possible service.

Pros and Cons

There are many affiliate programs available to choose from, and each has its own set of pros and cons. Hostinger is one such program, offering a variety of benefits for those who promote their products and services.

However, like all affiliate programs, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider before signing up. Here, we take a look at the pros and cons of the Hostinger affiliate program to help you decide if it’s right for you.


  1. The Hostinger affiliate program offers a very generous commission structure, with up to 60% commission on all sales generated.
  2. There is a wide range of Hostinger products and services to promote, including web hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting plans.
  3. The Hostinger team provides excellent support to affiliates, with a dedicated affiliate manager available to answer any questions you may have.
  4. Hostinger has a strong brand presence and is a well-established company, which can help to increase your conversion rates.
  5. The Hostinger affiliate program is available worldwide, so anyone can sign up regardless of their location.


  1. The main downside of the Hostinger affiliate program is that it has a cookie life of just 30 days. This means that you’ll only receive a commission for sales generated within the past month, which can make it difficult to earn a consistent income.
  2. Another potential drawback is that Hostinger only offers monthly payouts, so you won’t receive your commissions until the end of each month. This may not be ideal if you need access to your earnings sooner.
  3. Finally, as with all affiliate programs, there is always the risk that Hostinger could terminate the program at any time without notice. This would obviously have a major impact on your earnings potential.

Overall, the Hostinger affiliate program is a great way to earn commission by promoting their web hosting and other related products. However, there are some downsides to consider before signing up, such as the short cookie life and monthly payout schedule.

Ultimately, deciding if the pros outweigh the cons for your situation is up to you.

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Conclusion- Hostinger Affiliate Review 2024

So, if you are looking for a good web hosting company with a reliable affiliate program, Hostinger is a great option. They offer competitive commissions, have an easy-to-use platform, and provide helpful marketing materials to help you succeed.

We highly recommend giving them a try. 

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