iAmAffiliate Review 2024: Is It The Best Place To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

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iAmAffiliate Review


iAmAffiliate is a forum for affiliate marketing. In this forum, affiliate marketers discuss their experiences and provide advice for newcomers. They provide information and resources to help others expand their affiliate marketing network on the internet.

Out of 10


  • Feedback in real-time
  • Affordable Pricing Options
  • Excellent Advertising Opportunities
  • Professionals in the Industry
  • Detailed Courses on SEO & paid advertising


  • Beginners find it expensive


Price: $ 49.95

In this post, we are going to share complete details on the iAmAffiliate Review 2024.

Want to make a lot of money? If so, stick with us because we have something really cool for you. People have learned in recent years that they don’t have to work to make a living.

Instead, it is much more comfortable and saves a lot of time to work from home. One of the best ways to make a lot of money online is through affiliate marketing.

But the problem is that it’s hard to get started in this wide-ranging industry. This is where iAmAffiliate, the best affiliate marketing forum, comes in.

Today, we’re going to look at iAmAffiliate in detail and find out why it’s the best forum for affiliate marketers.

iAmAffiliate Review: What Is iAmAffiliate?

iAmAttila, who is known as the “OG” of affiliate marketing, made iAmAffiliate. The main reason why iAmAffiliate was made was to help people who want to learn about affiliate marketing with paid ads in a direct way.

In 2013, iAmAttila launched the first affiliate marketing blog that specialized in PPC advertising. It is good that iAmAffiliate provides people with a place to learn about Affiliate Marketing and how it works.

iAmAffiliate Review

Newcomers and veterans can both exchange experiences, tips, advice, and more on iAmAffiliate. You can also ask iAmAttila, who also visits the forum frequently.

On this forum, you can also find a lot of experts. The forum is also very busy, so you can always get a quick answer from an expert.

It’s one of the best places to learn about things like ad scaling, niches, and how to get a lot of traffic, among other things. On this amazing forum, you will find all the answers you need.

Features Of iAmAffiliate:

iAmAffiliate is a great place for people who want to make a name for themselves in the world of affiliate marketing.

There are tutorials, case studies, tips and tricks, and other ways to improve your skills and make a lot of money on this platform. Some of iAmAttila’s best features are:

Features Of iAmAffiliate - iAmAffiliate Review

1. Tutorials

The fact that iAmAffiliate gives you step-by-step tutorials is one of its best features. This is the best place to learn all of the methods, from the most basic to the most advanced.

There are detailed guides with screenshots and videos that explain how to do things.

The forum offers step-by-step tips and tutorials for learning how to get started, the best platforms to use right now to make money, and much more. This is the best way to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

2. Case Studies

If you want to find the best case studies that will motivate you to make a lot of money, all you need is iAmAffiliate. At the forum, there are six- and seven-figure case studies.

You can look at these case studies carefully to learn how other people have made millions of dollars.

3. Campaigns

Another great thing about iAmAffiliate is that it provides you with a lot of guidance along your journey.

You can follow the campaigns of others as well so you can also learn from their journey as well. All of the information is available in real-time so you can get the best results.

4. Best Courses

iAmAffiliate has some of the best courses for scaling, advertising, and other things. Everything is in the forum, and there are many different projects on the platform.

No matter how experienced you are, iAmAffiliate will always have something new to teach you. You can always know the latest news about your field, new laws, and the growth of social media.

The most useful courses include advertising, scaling, and many more.

5. Expert Advice & Opinion

iAmAffiliate is also an excellent platform if you need expert advice and opinions. The platform is filled with marketing professionals.

This is good since you always get professional advice on everything. You can trust the opinions, advice, and direction you receive.

6. Advertising Opportunities

iAmAffiliate also gives you the chance to advertise your business directly. You can also put up your own ads on this platform.

On this forum, there are different reviewers, affiliate marketers, and businesses. With this great platform, it’s easy to get in touch with experts in your field.

7. Easy Registration

It is easy and quick to sign up for the program. Only your email address, a nickname, a password, and the time zone need to be entered.

Then, you have to choose a membership plan from the one’s iAmAffiliate offers.

iAmAffiliate Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of iAmAffiliate:


  • Feedback in real-time
  • Community at large
  • Professionals in the Industry 
  • Tips and Tricks 
  • Excellent Advertising Opportunities
  • Follow campaigns  


  • Beginners find it expensive

Why Choose iAmAffiliate?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living because you can make a lot of money in it. Affiliate marketing allows you to promote and advertise other people’s products and services.

You will make more money the more people you send to the client. iAmAffiliate is a great forum with a lot of tips, tricks, and advice from experts that you can use to improve your affiliate marketing skills.

Why Choose iAmAffiliate

Finding people like you is easy for you as a businessperson. It’s great that there are so many affiliate marketers on this platform who are willing to share their knowledge, strategies, and guidelines with you.

iAmAffiliate Subscription Plans: How Much It Cost?

iAmAffiliate currently has 4 subscription packages that users and other affiliates can choose from. Affiliate marketers and CPA networks can choose from two plans each.

For both types of packages, there is one plan for each month and one plan for each year. Individual Member Access starts at $49.95 per month for the monthly plan. For the annual plan, Individual Member Access starts at $495.00 per year, with two months free.

Here are the details of each subscription plan, including prices and features.

iAmAffiliate Pricing Plans - iAmAffiliate Review



Price: $49.95 per month


  • Stay up-to-date on the latest trends
  • A Private Look At Attila’s Most Secretive Secrets
  • Get Thousands of Dollars of Free Advice
  • Connect with other successful people who share your interests
  • Joint venture opportunities with unique characteristics
  • Don’t buy fake Guru courses and save thousands


Price:  $495.00 per year (2 free months) – SAVE $105


  • Stay up-to-date on the latest trends
  • A Private Look At Attila’s Most Secretive Secrets
  • Get Thousands of Dollars of Free Advice
  • Connect with other successful people who share your interests
  • Joint venture opportunities with unique characteristics



Price: $99.95 per month 


  • Identify affiliates who are running campaigns
  • Advertising Directly
  • Customer Bonding Made Easy
  • Feedback in real-time
  • Spreading the word in a community of people
  • A valuable professional opinion
  • Demands & Trends in the Industry
  • CPA Networks, Traffic Sources, SAAS Tools, and other companies seeking new customers.


Price: $995.00 per year (2 free months) – SAVE $205


  • Opportunities for direct advertising
  • Bonding with your customers is easy
  • Feedback in real-time
  • Spreading the word in a community of people
  • A valuable professional opinion
  • Demands & Trends in the Industry

Visit the iAmAffiliate pricing page right away to find out more about their subscription plans, pricing, and the terms and conditions that apply.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Good Career Choice for You?

To put it simply, it is a printer that makes money. This is how it works. As an affiliate marketer, you advertise and promote the goods and services of other people.

The more people you send to your client, the better you do and the more money you make. If you choose a good social media platform and learn how to use it well, you might be able to make a lot of money. Even better, you can depend on a good, steady income.

There are many marketing strategies that can take years to figure out how to use correctly. In contrast, if you’re a member of an affiliate marketing forum such as iAmAffiliate, other people can do your research for you.

You can start your career right away by utilizing the network of professionals at your disposal.

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Conclusion: iAmAffiliate Review 2024

This is easily one of the best platforms for you if you want to learn about online marketing and make a lot of money. There are many useful tools that can help you get started with Affiliate Marketing.

They have a really big online community that is always there to help you. If you want to learn new ways to bring good traffic to your business, you should read this book. Then you should really use this forum.

iAmAffiliate is a great way to learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing and how to get traffic to your site. Overall, iAmAffiliate is probably the best platform for Affiliate Marketing.

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