Wealthy Affiliate Review 2023 – Are They Worth or SCAM ? Earning Proofs

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In this post, I will share my honest opinion on Wealthy Affiliate Review 2023.

If you have a real passion in life and want to put it into action, then this is the time to turn your dreams into reality. Wealthy Affiliate is one such platform that is building great business tycoons online.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Your vision for a flourishing online business will be created with Wealthy Affiliate’s best-developed sources. WA has been helping true aspirants to succeed in life for the last ten years.

I have achieved a lot from this platform, and now it’s your turn to convert your big hope into reality and become a successful affiliate marketer.

My Recent Income Screenshots from Wealthy Affiliate so you can believe that it is real 🙂

Paypal Payment Proofs:

Wealthy-Affiliate- Review and discount coupon paypal screenshots payment proofs
Wealthy-Affiliate- Review and discount coupon PayPal screenshots payment proofs

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018- Are They Worth or SCAM ? Earning Proofs

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2023: Does It Work?

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018- Are They Worth or SCAM ? Earning Proofs

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that helps newbies have an online identity by making their journey easy. It helps educate budding internet entrepreneurs and provides all the resources available to make their process easy and thrive.

Since 2005, the platform at WA has continued to advance and modernize at a speed that is faster than the industry. It has built over one million potential impresarios.

There is a team of dedicated and strong-headed people who help others to increase. Till now, they have done 155 plus system improvements and made 750 + training updates per year.

I feel that this platform is one of the reasons for my outstanding growth in Internet marketing. 

The entire group of passionate people works towards fulfilling our goals. Every development step focuses on the people who want to live their dreams.


How Does Wealthy Affiliates Work?

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018- Are They Worth or SCAM ? Earning Proofs

The functioning of this platform is very smooth, and even a beginner will understand what’s going on and how the forum works. WA aims to provide full-fledged tools and a stable platform to support its users who want to make their bright career in affiliate marketing.

From deciding on your interest in helping you earn good revenue, WA is there with you at every step, which assists in building a successful online landing. WA helps you to grow step-wise so that there is a fair chance to develop gradually with a strong base. You get to:

  • Pick your interest
  • Build a website
  • Attract visitors
  • Earn revenue

With Wealthy Affiliate, your passion will be followed by putting into practice so that you better realize your worth. For this, WA offers you potentially strong conduits through which you can make your journey an easier one.

You can build a website within 30 seconds if you know your online passion. You will get a solid foundation through a strong domain for your website hosting channels and complete training for affiliate marketing.

Not only affiliate marketing, but WA teaches you all the potential ways to earn a substantial income. They teach you proper procedures to build and scale your business in all directions. You can quickly get started as it’s free to join Wealthy Affiliates.

I, too, have learned a lot from the experts who have shared their honest techniques to grow in affiliate marketing. Its 24/7 active forum has helped me solve many issues that would otherwise be a little tricky to tackle alone.


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Comparing Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama:

Features Wealthy Affiliate Affilorama
Customer support 24/7 Mon – Fri
Private Coaching Easily available through lessons & training Thru 120 all-inclusive videos
Live chat option Yes, available Yes
Stepwise guidance Available through videos & downloadable content Available through live sessions, videos, guides, and training
Free websites included Yes Yes
Free trial Yes Yes
Web hosting & domain inclusion Yes Yes
Keyword research tool Yes Yes
Affiliate Program Yes Yes
Start rating 4 stars 5 stars
Objective For all levels- experts/beginners For experts or those who have basic knowledge

Tools offered by Wealthy Affiliate

  • Build and develop your business with the SiteRubix website platform at Wealthy Affiliate. You also get hands on the most helpful and integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking, and security.

  • 3000 plus templates to build your website and complete security with free SSL. Your websites will be operating on a dominant, high-speed platform that will offer your content in a way that will add to the user experience.


  • The SiteDomains platform at Wealthy Affiliate will immediately let you find any domain within seconds. This feature will advance your domain search and reveal some domains. Domains include zero upsell, complete WHOIS security, and simple-to-function.

  • WordPress Hosting offered by WA is extremely powerful and intricately secure. You can grow or spread your online business across nations with their robust hosting platform, SiteRubix. The hosting offered is entirely secure, along with a double host system.

  • The learning process in the form of Live Chat, Live Classes, Live Interaction, and Live Expert Help are all prominent constituents of their educational experience.


At Wealthy Affiliate, you are getting access to the most potent training platform in the world and building a real and tangible business where you can start earning right away. I have learned a lot from this gateway and want you all to benefit from industry experts’ live examples and stories.


Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018- Are They Worth or SCAM ? Earning Proofs

To acquire all this, you just need to fill up the entries on the landing page and open a free account with Wealthy Affiliate.

I also started with the free membership, gained a lot from it, and slowly moved higher to the subscriptions for advanced learning. You must know that affiliate marketing is not limited to one perspective, and you must know various methods to master this field.

Everyone starts somewhere, and for those who are just beginners, Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to live your dream of being an expert affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018- Are They Worth or SCAM ? Earning Proofs

I also started my career with the basics, and when I was well-off with the ABCs of affiliate marketing, I moved step-wise to the complex stages. Knowing the basics is a must in this field, as you don’t know the advanced competition levels.

I hope you enjoyed my honest Wealthy Affiliate Review and got all the essential information about WA. Believe me, if you want to make your flourishing career in affiliate marketing, start with Wealthy Affiliates and grow higher and higher gradually.

Finnich Vessal

Finnich Vessal is an experienced affiliate marketer, he has been in the affiliate industry for the past 7 years and living his dreams online. Spending a larger part of his life researching, making money online through affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing systems. Now, he’s involved in creating multiple digital assets and investing in projects such as GizmoBase, Megablogging, ImageStation, and DigiExe Blog

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  1. I really like the features and tools available on Wealthy Affiliate. The training is top notch and you can always find help if you need it.

  2. Whether you are looking to make money online or learn the best way to be an affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate can help. Be prepared for a degree in Internet marketing and all the pillars of success that go with it; this is what WA does best. They take people with big ideas but not much know-how and turn them into real entrepreneurs who actually know how to put them into practice. Even if you’ve already started your own web business, there is always more information out there — keep up with the latest developments by signing up for the free website membership and check out their blog for honest reviews and insights on anything related to building your business efficiently and effectively!

  3. They’ve been around from so long and they strive to be the best network in the world for you and I looking to learn how to make an online living. They do this by providing all of their free teaching through video tutorials, live workshops, Facebook support forums, Twitter chats, blogs, question & answer sessions. They’ve built a digital ecosystem so effective one has succeeded from it every day for 10 years!

  4. I joined Wealthy Affiliate 10 months ago and have been learning so much about what it takes to create a successful online business. There is a big mix of training content types from SEO tutorials to video hosting lessons, as well as getting started guides for running your own web store. I’ve learned how to rank sites with Amazon SEO and Google Adwords PPC. The forums are helpful too – you can raise any questions or start discussions with other members which really help you understand the nitty gritty of being an affiliate marketer. Sometimes it feels like the sky’s the limit here – WA gives you all the tools!

  5. WA, the best affiliate marketing platform that I have ever come across. It has been a great experience to use WA and finally be successful with my online business endeavors. In just one year I made more than 1 million dollars from this program, which should tell you something about how amazing it is! If you’ve been dreaming of going full-time doing what you love or making a significant contribution to your family financially, give yourself the gift of Wealthy Affiliate !

  6. I love the range of tools and resources Wealthy Affiliate is a true online business partner. I have been a member for 10 years now and it has helped me grow my career to where it is today. Along with great training, they also offer live school courses every month with industry experts. The community is always available to help you through any questions that come up.

  7. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to build my online business and now it’s your turn.
    Many people start affliates as a hobby or just for some extra cash, but then quickly realize that there is potential with this form of work and decide to pursue it as a full-time gig. Wealthy Affiliates provide you with the best tools to help you succeed with affiliate marketing. Whether you need help with creating content, making sales, growing relationships or understanding how we rank affiliates, they have all the tools you can imagine and more!

  8. It’s been 10 years. Can’t imagine what it would have been without Wealthy Affiliate! I’ve learned so much from the courses and from applying them to real life situations, and WA has also helped me connect with like-minded people who share my vision for success.
    A few months ago I finally reached a point in my business that someone told me was impossible to reach by myself: $4,000+ per month recurring income. Now we’re talking about quitting our full time jobs (together) and using our new earnings to reboot other parts of our lives… The reason? Doing it all together is more fun than doing it alone, but WA gave us the tools we need to succeed….thank you so much.

  9. Wealthy Affiliate is an online community of learners and entrepreneurs, including both those looking to create their first business and those who already have businesses. Wealthy Affiliates has been teaching people like us how to make a living on the Internet since 2006 and they’ve helped members earn millions of dollars. They offer over 500 lessons in all sorts of digital marketing skills, as well as two training websites that will help you start your own successful online business without any out-of-pocket costs.

  10. With Wealthy Affiliate’s best-developed sources, you will be able to create your vision for a flourishing online business. WA has helped people like me succeed in life for the last ten years, and it’s now my turn to help you by recommending.

  11. Every year, it becomes more and more difficult to succeed as a business owner. However, Wealthy Affiliate is here to save the day! The platform has been helping people to be successful online for over ten years and now I can finally say that I am one of them too. You can trust who offers opportunities like these with no gimmicks attached; they know what they’re talking about. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for success in this competitive world – why not take it?

  12. Wealthy Affiliate is a great site to get advice and guidance for your online businesses. It has all sorts of features including an in-depth training series, community forums, live chat with experts, one-on-one mentoring sessions and more. Invest in the people who have been building successful online businesses consistently for ten years….i love this.

  13. Wealthy affiliate is a trusted community for making money online. It can also be called the “Complete Solution For Make Money Online Ideas” and has been helping people make money since 2005. I joined WA Method five years ago, and it completely changed my life after that! The Wealthy Affiliate team always keeps me updated about what’s going on in business world and tips to keep our member up to date.

  14. As an affiliate marketer, you want for your venture to become successful and create a thriving online business. Wealthy Affiliate takes care of all aspects of marketing with the products they provide such as training tutorials and products which help customers implement their vision efficiently. The success story is real – WA has helped true aspirants over the last ten years in achieving financial freedom. Join now so they can show you how! i am there all time follower.

  15. Wealthy Affiliate really is a lifesaver for all of those who want to own a successful online business but don’t know where to start. All the information you need, from software development to marketing ideas and more, are accessible through this one website. WealthyAffiliate has been around since 2005 and continue to be at the top as one of the best affiliate marketer sites on the interwebz! try this roday.

  16. After struggling for years as a starving artist, I finally raked in the dough. There’s tons of tutorials that help you succeed and grow your online business to a thriving one. I owe WA.

  17. You can build a successful business from ANYWHERE with Wealthy Affiliate. I was working for an insurance company and could barely get by when I discovered WA – one of the best-developed online programs to help everything from entrepreneurship to affiliate marketing.
    I went absolutely nowhere fast at my job, so needing something more out of life, I cashed in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 10 YEARS LATER & NO EASY WAY OUT EVER–the relationship you have with this platform is a man who will never let go or stop supporting your efforts! TRY THIS.

  18. WA is a place for hopeful affiliate marketers to learn how to succeed where they have failed. It has helped me and many others around the world make money online. I really recommend it as you can start making income right away without having to spend your own money or rely on referrals like most other starter kits require.

  19. Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to start your journey towards becoming an Internet Entrepreneur. The platform touts 10+ years of help for developing your business strategy and exploiting it so that you can grow exponentially. There are also forums, chat rooms, training modules, webinars and much more to help build up your online presence! If you need any additional help or want tips on building a successful site just contact WA Members through their 24/7 live chat service or email them. Wealthy Affiliate Welcome Home!

  20. I simply love WA. It is the best place for people like me who are not that computer-savvy to learn about internet marketing and start their own business. More than 100,000 members have already made this platform work for themselves and I can share with you my success story now. If you want to be profitable online without wasting your precious time, WA is the definite answer!

  21. Wealthy affiliate is a really great website to buy from if you’re interested in making money online. I joined last year and have been able to earn a lot of money so far. They have different levels so it’s not too time-consuming to work your way up, but at the same time they give you enough exposure to get going pretty fast!

  22. Wealthy Affiliate is my number one go-to for every question that comes up as they explain things so well and introduce me to new ways of earning. Wealthy affiliate has been my very first investing service where I managed my life changing success with ease.

  23. I was a beginner affiliate marketer once and I quickly realized how important the basics were to get started. Luckily for you, Wealthy Affiliate does not measure your knowledge of complex steps but rather goes back to the beginning with you. No matter what level of expertise you’re at from beginners to experts, their platform teaches you everything that will be useful in this field. It has never been so easy for me as a newbie -or- even an expert looking to refresh on some skills, while building my business online!

  24. Normally when I find myself needing to make a purchase in order to grow my blog, I think about the time and hard work that has been put into this blog. There’s no way that I can start over and all of my efforts would be moot. Knowing that I’m not going to let anything stand in my way (and thankfully WA makes it easy), there was no question as to what affiliate program would be best for me. Finding Wealthy Affiliate made everything so simple for me!

  25. When you want to take the plunge into the deep end of eCommerce, WA will guide you every step of the way with a gradual and supportive approach. They offer a strong community full of experts who provide guidance on how to research products, develop your craft, build an army of customers and make money all from home!

  26. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for aspiring affiliate marketers. And once you register, they help you to create your vision for a flourishing online business through their top-tier sources. If you are ready to start achieving success in life now, WA can be your one stop shop! So what are you waiting for?

  27. Wealthy Affiliate is an online entrepreneur university and it’s helping me and others like me to succeed in life. This platform has the best-developed tools for success and we all made a lot of money doing what we love – building our own website because of Wealthy Affiliate. Now it’s your turn to build your dream!

  28. If you’re just starting out and want to get ahead of the game, this is your place. I had a lot of choices for where to start my career but chose Wealthy Affiliate because I loved how it was super customizable to what I wanted. They have so many tutorials and amazing support- not like typical one hour masterclasses.

  29. Wealthy affiliate is more than just another free beginner course. It’s a supportive community of experts willing to teach you how to succeed online – all for the low price of $0! Join Wealthy Affiliate today and watch your dreams come true like me.

  30. From few years, this has helped me to live my dream. Wealthy Affiliate’s community is helpful and amazing because it takes one small venture at a time unlike other platforms which give you just the entire package. All the tools are available in WA for entrepreneurs who want to learn step by step how to build an online business starting from scratch. Above all these awesome features, it’s free! Imagine that!!

  31. If you want to make money online, WA is the way to go. After several months of membership, I am now making real money and can’t believe how easy it was!

  32. Wealthy affiliate is a perfect forum for beginners and experts in online marketing alike and it’s the best place to start your journey. The name will imply that this site brings wealth, but what makes it stand apart from all other sites is its generosity with resources, knowledge, time and guidance. The courses are created by entrepreneurs who wish to share the wisdom they have gained over their 16 years of experience. Wealthy Affiliate offers one free month trial which users can sign up for an account at no cost.

  33. Wealthy Affiliate is a fully-fledged destination for online entrepreneurs to thrive. As a thriving affiliate marketer, WA has given me the support and tools I’ve needed to achieve my goals during this last decade. It’s no wonder they’re one of the most successful platforms out there. Join for free today!

  34. Wealthy Affiliate helped me build my website, market it, and have an audience who I can hanker to purchase anything that I am ever going to sell. They are not just a simple affiliate network! WA offers the best tools in the world for future entrepreneurs making huge profit. What’s great is that people are willing to pay you upfront because they know this will make their life easier down the line. It saves them time, money–everything!

  35. Wealthy Affiliate is hands down one of the best investments you could ever make, as far as your future freelance lifestyle earnings are concerned. The value it brings to those who set out for their first steps as an online marketer can’t be beat. If you want a business that’s uniquely yours and tailored just for YOU, then WA is the way to go! It might seem complicated at first but once you have a grip on everything, you’ll find it so simple and user friendly! Whatever skillset(s) or experience level(s) you may come from or have achieved so far in life – there’s a place for YOU here at WA because we’re all learners 🙂

  36. I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate back in 2014. I had been buying products and learning the ropes of creating a profitable affiliate website. But these other programs always left me wondering what came next, where to go next? That’s not the case with Wealthy Affiliate – you are guided every step of the way. You can take as much time as you need, or jump right it–and they’re always there for support when you need it!

  37. When I found Wealthy Affiliate, I did it with a degree of hesitation. But I’ve been convinced to stay because the staff is very friendly and supportive. More importantly, there are lots of market leaders who offer you free courses on this website. All these courses have guided me in how to make my online business grow!

  38. I absolutely love this website, Wealthy Affiliate. It’s like a magical wonderland for those of us looking to jump-start our online ventures and realize our entrepreneurial dreams! WA takes you step by step through the entire process; from setting up your business and domain name, to graphics and marketing campaigns that’ll skyrocket your earnings. The support staff is always there when you need them with quick responses and active monitoring to make sure all the bugs are fixed before they become too big of an issue.

  39. Wealthy Affiliate really works! I was skeptical at first, thinking it seemed like a pyramid scheme or something. But then I noticed that whenever I got on to this site I saw people posting their success stories and how they were earning more money for all of their efforts. Early on in my membership with WA, not only did the free training give me the knowledge to get started but through it’s membership community, advice of others members and very successful mentorships- WealthyAffiliate is enabling me to achieve success online.

  40. Wealthy affiliate is a one-of-a-kind online course that will teach you all the skills needed to succeed in this space. It is not like other courses. The core curriculum is created by industry experts, many of which are WA members themselves. You often hear people say it’s best to learn from someone who has succeeded doing something before they begin their journey….I found Wealthy Affiliate to be exactly what me needed to learn everything.

  41. To be honest, I had almost lost all hope. I want to create a lifestyle that’s better than the one my parents have for myself and wifey too, but how can i do that while juggling everything else in life? Nevertheless, after joining WA I found it surprisingly easy to not only build an online business but also every day people around me started realizing its potential pretty quickly. They wanted me to teach them what i know so they could start their own WA blog too! It was so satisfying seeing people who used to be skeptical about making money on the internet because of privilege envy changing their tune when they saw not just myself achieve success, but also everyone around thanking me for sharing my knowledge with them…..i am all because of this.

  42. I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for the last ten years to help other people start their businesses online, and now it’s my turn. This platform has helped me a lot, so I know they can help others succeed too!

  43. Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketplace out there. I’ve tried plenty of other platforms in my time, but this site always manages to beat everything else when it comes to traffic, customer support and user interface to promote your products. Not only will you have all the tools you need for any type of marketing activity under one roof, but that roof also looks very nice!

  44. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start if you are just starting out in the field. Wealthy Affiliate offers many helpful tutorials along with training videos and community forums for building your online business. They have specialists who answer questions about affiliate marketing, blogging, internet security, domain registration, site design- all of which are crucial skills that can vary depending on what type of business you want to get into. It’s easy to use and free for basic services!

  45. This site provides everything you need to succeed as an online marketer. Wealthy affiliate has the best course material available and it’s so easy to use! My favorite part about using this system for marketing is that I can do it all from my phone or desktop computer which makes working a lot more convenient. I’ve been able to create a profitable business with their help and now other people could be successful too if they sign up!

  46. The last decade should have taught you something about life. That’s why, when I first found Wealthy Affiliate, I signed up right away. This is the only way to do things-nowadays! It took me a while to figure it all out but now that I know what goes into succeeding online as an affiliate marketer, WA really shines through since they’ve designed their program this way on purpose. Take your time with the training modules and then jump into each step at your own pace without having to worry about wasting limited time or money…WA has thought of everything!

  47. Wealthy Affiliate is an exciting way to make some extra money on the internet, but more importantly it’s also a great avenue for pursuing your true passions like art, design or photography. I am not always “wealthy” (hehe) and often struggled to find balance between work and my personal life; WA gave me something new to focus on outside of spending time with family. I use my creative side every day by helping others develop their online businesses- whether that’s building websites or running private coaching sessions – many people who are serious about being successful have found Wealthy Affiliate as one of the best ways to change up their routine without totally giving up what they do. Plus WA offers so much more than just education.

  48. Thank goodness they didn’t call this product Poor Affiliate, because my experience with the Wealthy affiliate has been anything but. I started slow and when I got to finance/insurance, things got complicated so fast that it took a ton of hours to learn it properly.

  49. WA is a very affordable membership site with one of the best software for creating your own website. I’ve been using it for over 4 years now and I’m earning 6 figures this year!
    I cannot even begin to tell you how much time, money, frustration, trial-and-error that I have saved by just being an affiliate member on Wealthy Affiliate instead of trying to do everything myself.

  50. Wealthy Affiliate is a great way for beginners and experts to get on the internet and learn how to build their own business. This course teaches about all aspects of building an online business from generating traffic, starting blogs, making money on line, dealing with search engine optimization and more! You can be coaching your family members or friends in no time at all!

  51. They say “Work smarter, not harder,” and that is WA’s mantra. This networking site molds your creativity into a full-fledged business while you learn; we all want to view success in our own way. With WA, the sky really is the limit for everyone on their personal journey! It holds true logic: give 100% of yourself and you’ll bring home even more than if you were only working on your venture half-heartedly. The best part, however; it attunes to each person’s style–you decide what program and how much information is right for you. You mold yourself into an entrepreneur with the click of a button because opportunities await at every corner just waiting to be explored by someone like YOU!

  52. Wealthy Affiliate is a great program. With WA, you’ll get to experience the different parts of affiliate marketing, all while building your own site and learning more about yourself in the process. I found WealthyAffiliate after working for months to make something happen with my blog from scratch. Weighing all my choices, investing in myself made perfect sense since everything else was barely putting money in my account over time… But when I realized what WA offered me at such a low investment price…I quit one day job because now that’s how confident I am in this opportunity! Get Started Today

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