Typli.AI Review 2023: The Ultimate AI Writing Tool

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During my experience creating content, I often encountered the daunting task of churning out engaging and informative articles at lightning speed.

In order to keep up with the demand for quality content, I needed a reliable ally. This led me to Typli.AI, which turned out to be an absolute game-changer.

Typli.AI isn’t your typical content generator. AI-driven ingenuity helps you craft content faster and more accurately with this tool. Intrigued? In this article, I will explore Typli.AI, an innovative AI-powered software that streamlines content creation.

We will look at its unique features, functionality, and the reasons why it stands out as an excellent solution for those seeking efficient content generation.

Typli.AI stands out when it comes to content creation tools, so I recommend checking it out if you are looking for something truly unique. The goal as a content creator isn’t just to write content; it’s to unlock your full potential. 

Typli.AI Review 2023: What is Typli.AI?

Typli is my go-to AI-powered writing tool. It’s like having a personal writer at my fingertips, thanks to its natural language generation (NLG) capabilities.

Whether I need unique articles, engaging blog posts, or persuasive sales pages, Typli can handle it all, covering diverse topics like travel, finance, technology, and marketing.

Typli.AI Review

The best part? It’s entirely automated. Once I set up my account, I can sit back and watch Typli take care of the heavy lifting while I oversee the writing process.

I use Typli from various angles. For instance, I often outline a blog post and then let Typli work its magic to fill in the content. It’s also fantastic for generating emails or crafting catchy phrases for ad copy and marketing campaigns.

The key is to provide Typli with all the information it needs. The more specific I am, the better Typli can generate accurate and relevant content. It’s like having an AI writing assistant that truly understands my needs and helps me create content that shines.

Features of Typli.AI

Features of Typli AI

1. Precise Long-Form Content Creation:

Typli.ai takes the hassle out of crafting lengthy articles as it is one of the leading ai writing assistants. Thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP), it effortlessly generates unique, well-structured content.

With the “Generate AI Content” feature, you can produce diverse content even without a specific writing plan. This means you can tackle comprehensive writing projects with ease.

2. SEO-Optimized Content Creation:

Maximizing SEO potential is crucial, and Typli.ai simplifies this process with its SEO Checker tool. You no longer need to spend time navigating complex website analysis.

Typli.ai optimizes your content for long-lasting SEO success, helping you work gain more visibility on search engines.

3. Tailored Content Generation:

What sets Typli.ai apart is its ability to intelligently understand my instructions. With over 100 writing commands at your disposal, you can customize my content to meet your specific needs.

Whether it’s articles, reports, or creative pieces, you can create content that’s unique and free from copyright restrictions.

4. Innovative Text Rephrasing:

Typli.ai offers a creative twist by allowing you to generate fresh content from existing material. You can replace words, phrases, or even entire sentences to create distinct variations each time. This feature adds a layer of creativity and uniqueness to your writing projects.

More Features of Typli AI

5. AI Image Generation:

Creating high-quality images with remarkable realism has never been easier. Typli.ai’s AI engine transforms your creative input in text format into stunning images.

This feature is incredibly useful for adding visual appeal to my content, from blog posts to presentations.

6. Image Alt Text / Instagram Caption Generation:

Generating AI-powered alt text and Instagram captions is a breeze with Typli.ai. It simplifies the process of providing precise and descriptive text for images.

This feature ensures that your visuals are not only captivating but also accessible to a wider audience.

7. Text to Voice:

Typli.ai’s text-to-speech feature is a game-changer. It transforms written content into natural, human-like speech. This adds a dynamic and engaging dimension to your content, making it more effective for presentations, audiobooks, and more.

8. Unlimited Output Generation:

Typli.ai distinguishes itself by offering unlimited content output, making it incredibly valuable. You don’t need to worry about constraints, allowing you to tackle multiple projects without limitations.

9. Value for Time and Money:

Typli.ai is a cost-effective, round-the-clock writing and content-generation assistant.

It provides access to advanced models at competitive rates, ensuring that you save both time and money while achieving exceptional results. This means you can focus on what matters most – creating quality content.

How to use Typli.AI

Using Typli.ai is a straightforward and efficient process designed to make content generation a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to utilize Typli.ai effectively:

1. Start Your Free Trial:

Begin by signing up for Typli.ai and activating your free trial. You’ll have the opportunity to explore its features and capabilities.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Interface:

Upon logging in, you’ll notice a clean and user-friendly interface. On the left-hand side is the menu, which provides access to various features and commands. The majority of the screen is dedicated to your content generation textbox.

3. Choose Your Content-Type:

create a blog post

To get started, select the type of content you want to generate. In this example, let’s say you want to create a blog post.

generate a post

4. Define Your Topic:

Enter relevant keywords related to your topic. For instance, if your blog post is about tomato gardening, input keywords like “tomato cultivation,” “gardening tips,” or any other relevant terms. These keywords guide Typli.ai in understanding your content requirements.

5. Specify Content-Length:

Next, specify the desired length of your content. Typli.ai makes it effortless to generate longer blog posts by simply indicating the desired word count. This feature is particularly useful when you need comprehensive articles.

6. Generate Content:

With your topic and length parameters set, Typli.ai will swiftly generate a blog post tailored to your specifications. It employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create coherent and informative content.

7. Fine-Tune as Needed:

Fine-Tune as Needed

Typli.ai offers the flexibility to fine-tune your content. If, for example, you’re dissatisfied with the provided conclusion, you can issue a command such as “Write another conclusion.”

Typli.ai will then present you with options for AI content generation or rewriting. Choose the option that suits your preferences, and Typli.ai will make the necessary adjustments.

8. Review and Download:

Once you’re satisfied with your generated content, you can review it within the platform. If everything looks good, you can proceed to download the content in your preferred format, whether it’s a text document, PDF, or another file type.

Typli.ai’s Pricing: Which Plan Should You Choose?

Typli.ai Pricing Plans

Monthly Plan – $29/month:

  • Ideal for Individuals: If you’re an individual content creator, writer, blogger, or small business owner looking for a flexible, pay-as-you-go solution, the monthly plan is a great choice.
  • It provides access to all of Typli.ai’s features and benefits without a long-term commitment. The 7-day free trial allows you to test the waters and see if Typli.ai aligns with your workflow.

Yearly Plan – $24/month (Billed Annually at $288):

  • Perfect for Teams: If you work within a team or organization, the yearly plan offers substantial value. Here’s who should consider it:
  • Teams: If you collaborate with others on content creation, the yearly plan’s inclusion of five additional user accounts makes it cost-effective. Each team member can access Typli.ai’s features, enhancing productivity and content quality.
  • Advanced Users: If you anticipate a high volume of content generation and foresee long-term usage, the yearly plan’s cost savings (equivalent to two months free) make it a sensible choice.
  • Early Adopters: If you’re eager to explore upcoming features like the AI Power Mode and want to be at the forefront of Typli.ai’s development, the yearly plan offers early access to Beta features.
  • Those Seeking Priority Support: Priority email support ensures prompt assistance with any inquiries or issues you may encounter.

Typli.AI Vs ChatGPT

Typli shines as the superior choice over ChatGPT for content creators and writers seeking a comprehensive toolkit.

While ChatGPT excels in conversational AI, Typli offers a broader spectrum of tools that empower users with AI image generation, image captioning, and text-to-voice conversion, all in one platform.

Typli’s SEO optimization feature streamlines content for search engine visibility, a valuable asset for online content. Additionally, its AI autocomplete function combats writer’s block, enhancing productivity.

For those focused on crafting engaging content, Typli’s diverse toolset and content expansion capabilities make it the preferred choice in the AI-powered writing landscape.

Pros & Cons Of Typli.AI

Pros of Typli.AI:

  • Versatile Content Creation: Typli.ai generates content for various purposes, from blog posts to marketing copy.
  • AI Image Generation: It creates high-quality images, enhancing visual content.
  • SEO Optimization: Helps improve content for better search engine rankings.
  • Enhanced Productivity: AI autocomplete feature combats writer’s block.
  • Text-to-Voice Conversion: Transforms text into natural-sounding speech.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design makes it easy to navigate.


  • Monolingual: Limited to English content generation, lacking multi-language support.
  • Lack of Content Organization: Inability to sort content into folders or categories for efficient management.
  • Subscription Cost: Monthly or yearly fees may not fit all budgets.

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Conclusion: Typli.AI Review 2023

Typli.AI offers a user-friendly and budget-friendly option for content creators and marketers. Its accessibility across various devices and the availability of a free trial make it a convenient choice.

However, it’s worth noting that the AI writing landscape is competitive, with several tools resembling Typli. The added assurance of a 7-day money-back guarantee from the developers provides the peace of mind to explore its capabilities risk-free.

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