Jasper.AI Review 2024: Can a Robot Write Better Than You? (Features, Price, Pros & Cons)

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Jasper AI Review


Jasper AI generates content in several ways that can be used for a variety of purposes and at scale, thanks to its powerful, innovative GPT-3 technology. Write SEO-optimized blog posts, listicles, school papers, YouTube videos, book scripts, and more with this powerful new software.

Out of 10


  • Most likely the best content tool for AI and GPT-3
  • It is easy and efficient to create content free of plagiarism.
  • It can be used to generate both short and long form content.
  • For those working on international content, supports 25+ languages.
  • With Boss Mode, you can create a lot of content for a reasonable price.


  • Does not produce standalone longform content.
  • New subscribers will no longer be able to sign up for unlimited plans.


Price: $ 29

This article is based on Jasper.AI Review. Nowadays, the writing of good quality content for the web is focused on achieving a specific goal, whether that goal is to rank a blog post on search engines like Google, entice email sign-ups, or convert new customers through web pages.

The only way to create web page copy or write blog posts until recently was to hire a freelancer or come up with every word yourself. Unless you outsource your writing to a quality company, this was either a tedious or potentially costly task.

In response, software-as-a-service (SAAS) copywriting tools are flooding the market offering AI-based content generation and writing assistance using GPT-3 technology or their own proprietary algorithm that can generate copy with human-like quality.

Jarvis.ai was recently rebranded from Conversion.ai, one of the best AI copywriting tools available at launch. Sadly, Marvel threatened Jarvis with legal action and forced them to rename themselves Jasper in late January 2022.

As I examine Jasper AI, I will cover all aspects of this AI writing tool and answer any budding questions you may have before deciding whether you would like to sign up.

You should give this software a try and create content using it after you take a course teaching you how to use it, such as the Jasper AI bootcamp.

Content Outline

Jasper.AI Review: What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI generates content in several ways that can be used for a variety of purposes and at scale, thanks to its powerful, innovative GPT-3 technology. Write SEO-optimized blog posts, listicles, school papers, YouTube videos, book scripts, and more with this powerful new software.

In spite of its price, it maintains good value for those looking to do a lot of writing and copywriting without needing to hire expensive outside help due to its competitive features, clean user interface, and high quality output potential.

Jasper.ai Overview - Jasper.AI Review

It is important to remember that Jasper AI can be a little difficult to use and that you cannot always rely on the results of the software, so the fact-checking and editing may still be required. Through almost a year of daily usage, I’ve generated 500K words using Jasper AI.

Who is the Team Behind Jasper?

A group of friends, entrepreneurs and marketers, founded Jasper with a mission to help writers overcome blocks through modern technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With years of experience developing online courses and software products, the team is excited to use their skills to help people create great content with the power of modern artificial intelligence.

Our team is based in Austin, Texas and we strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. Their most noteworthy products are Proof and Payfunnels, which they created before creating Jasper.

Jasper AI Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

As of now, there are two options for Jasper AI pricing, each with vastly different price points and corresponding account limitations:

What is the Starter Plan?

Starter Plan users have access to 600 characters of output, 20,000 words per month, unlimited user logins, five project folders, and 50+ copywriting templates. A refund guarantee is included as well.

It is a toned-down plan because the limit is so low at only 20K words per month. As a result, this plan is best suited to writing short copy that fits Facebook Ads, social media posts, or brief email blurbs.

If the 20K limit is used, you might be able to create one or two blog posts, but keep in mind that this limit does not correspond to how long the resulting article is, but to all the AI generation you come up with during the writing process (whether useful or not).

Jasper.ai Pricing - Jasper.AI Review

What is Boss Mode Within Jasper AI?

Teams, agencies, and professional writers looking to save time and scale their content production can use the Boss Mode with Jasper AI for $59 per month.

There are a number of advanced features in this software, including a raised 3000 character limit per composition, as well as AI “lookback” (we will discuss this in more detail later).

Boss Mode offers a base limit of 50,000 words/month, up to 3,000 characters/output, Jasper commands, recipes that can be customized, SEO mode, 50+ copywriting templates, and more. In the event that you reach the 50K word limit, you can add on 30,000 additional words for $30.

There was previously a Boss Mode plan that offered unlimited content generation but only included one seat per month. For $50 per month, additional seats could be purchased for additional users in your company.

The Jasper team has increased the number of seats to an unlimited amount, all of which are subject to the same word quota since the unlimited plan was removed. Recipes can also be saved and command options can be executed an unlimited number of times.

Does Jasper AI Offer a Free Trial?

I’ll try to explain. A public trial isn’t available for Jasper AI in the sense that you won’t be able to view the tool without giving your credit card information.

However, the company is fair and they do understand that some people may not find Jasper suitable for their needs after a few attempts. As a result, Jasper offers a money-back guarantee after the first 7 days of use and under 20,000 words generated.

If you have enough time and energy, you can thoroughly test out the AI copywriting tool and decide if it is right for your content generation needs. Despite the fact that it may not be a free trial, it does provide you with a risk-free opportunity to test the water before you commit.

How Does Jasper AI Work?

It is amazing how Jasper generates AI content for the first time, and when it works flawlessly with little effort, it seems too good to be true.

GPT-3, or Generation 3 of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, is the secret sauce of Jasper AI, an artificial intelligence system. Basically, GPT-3 is a machine learning model trained on internet data using neural networks.

With GPT-3, OpenAI generates large volumes of relevant and sophisticated auto-text based on input text. Featuring approximately 175 billion machine learning parameters, the GPT-3’s deep learning neural network is a world-class artificial intelligence system.

A trained language model with 10 billion parameters, Turing NLG, was the previous record holder. However, GPT-3 holds the record currently. Consequently, GPT-3 generates better textual content via AI than any previous model and appears convincing enough to be deemed human-written.

Jasper.AI Review: Features & Capabilities

In this essay, I’ll be highlighting the features and capabilities of Jasper’s Boss Mode plan since most prospective Jasper clients are likely to opt for that instead of the Starter plan. If you select the lower tier, you will not be able to access all of the AI technology discussed in this section.

Let’s have a look at the features.

1. Workspace documents & project folders are unlimited

The Boss Mode feature keeps your account clean and organized across all clients and websites, since you can keep track of unlimited projects and workspace documents.

2. Word limit of 50K for base generation

Jasper may write up to 50K words with the Boss Mode plan, and press ‘compose’ as many times as he likes to run the GPT-3 content generation request. You can always purchase 30K additional words for $30 if you reach the 50K quota.

The ability to rerun the output of Jasper several times is crucial to achieving the optimal content results as I know from experience that you won’t always be satisfied with the content generated by Jasper.

3. 50+ Short-Form Copywriting Templates

Both Jasper AI plans include 50 short-form copywriting templates that will help you create copy for a variety of everyday tasks.

These include AI templates for writing content for Frameworks, Emails, Websites, Blogs, Ads, Ecommerce, Social Media, New, Google, Video, and SEO. Jasper includes many templates, but some noteworthy ones include:

Jasper.ai Templates - Jasper.AI Review

  • Framework for AIDA
  • Template for Amazon Product Descriptions
  • Formulate persuading bullet points
  • Paragraph for blog post introduction
  • The Conclusion Paragraph of the Blog Post
  • Topics for new blog posts
  • Outline for Blog Posts
  • A personal bio that is creative
  • Subject Lines Template for Emails
  • Headline for Google Ads
  • Description for Google Adwords
  • Headline for a Facebook advertisement
  • The primary text of a Facebook advertisement
  • Storytelling
  • Script outline for video
  • Improves the quality of content
  • Expander for content
  • Optimized title tags for SEO

4. 3,000 characters or more for long-form content

The longer form editor in Boss Mode is more open-ended in its usage and also has more tools integrated than the copywriting templates. Content creators who want to write whole blog posts or create landing pages starting from scratch should use this functionality.

With Jasper AI’s long form assistant, you can ask Jasper to produce content of different output lengths. You can only generate 600 characters using artificial intelligence in the lower plan.

In Boss Mode, the maximum number of characters that can be produced per run is increased to 3000, allowing for faster and more efficient creation of quality content.

5. 2000-3000 Character Lookback

When generating new text, Jasper AI can consider the amount of text available. Despite referencing the GPT-3 data when generating new content.

Jasper AI also considers the existing text of your document and can reference up to 3000 characters prior to the generating of new content. To ensure that Jasper AI doesn’t repeat points, the generated result should flow nicely with the previous context.

6. Customizable Tone of Voice

Incorporating GPT-3 data into Jasper AI is one of the coolest features, as it can replicate an existing voice tone based on the tool’s understanding of the tone.

In some cases it can also recognize fictional characters (even adjectives). Some of my favorites to use are MKBHD (a popular technology YouTuber), Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tony Robbins.

7. A 5th-grade student can understand Jasper’s commands by rephrasing & explaining them

Boss Mode and the long form assistant allow you to give Jasper AI text-based directions, instructing him what to do based on a modifier such as paragraphs, lists, tone of voice, etc.

The rephrase feature, available at any time, allows you to highlight a particular sentence or a paragraph and click rephrase in order to allow Jasper AI to attempt to rewrite the content in a more difficult tone without deviating too far.

This is not to be mistaken with their content improver template, which allows Jasper AI to improve content based on what it sees.

There is another cool feature that is located right next to the rephrase button in Jasper AI, which is their ‘explain this to a 5th grader’ function which tries to simplify the wording of a complex sentence or paragraph so that it will be understandable by a fifth grader. Short sentences and easy-to-understand wording result from this practice.

8. 25+ Supported Languages

The tool offers support for over 25 languages, so if you are writing content for another country or demographic you can do so using Jasper AI.

Jasper Supported Languages - Jasper.AI Review

My only experience with the tool is writing content in English.

9. Surfer SEO Integration

As one of the most powerful on-page SEO tools available, Surfer SEO is perfect for marketers who are looking to create SEO-friendly blog articles or other web content that can rank in Google.

By scanning competing pages and running correlations, as well as utilizing natural language processing, the company determines its content recommendations.

Jasper Surfer SEO Integration

Alternatively, you could create content with Jasper AI and copy that into another SEO recommendation tool, but Surfer SEO is integrated directly with the Jasper AI long form assistant, allowing you to create SEO-optimized content with ease and with the help of artificial intelligence.

If you choose to use Surfer SEO, you will be paying for it separately and it is not included in your Jasper AI subscription. For those seriously interested in producing SEO-focused content, Surfer SEO can be added for 59 USD/month and the two can be used together.

10. Integrated Grammarly Support

Grammarly is a fantastic tool to keep your content grammatically correct and flow smoothly from one sentence to another if you write a lot for work or school.

Jasper AI includes Grammarly premium in their long-form editor at no extra cost, which is a great perk to keep consistent, strong grammar, especially for people who are producing English content outside of their native tongues.

11. Plagiarism Checker Via Copyscape Integration

Jasper AI now includes a plagiarism checker in its long form assistant. Although Jasper content is unique and based on a machine learning algorithm and a GPT-3 database, there is the possibility that you may accidentally duplicate or write the same content as another web page by accident.

Jasper AI is compatible with different plagiarism detection tools (WriterZen, Grammarly etc.), but Jasper AI has partnered with Copyscape to provide plagiarism detection as a built-in feature in the AI software.

Nevertheless, just like Surfer SEO, even with a subscription to Jasper AI, this is a pricey tool. It costs $10, $20, or $100 to load in credits. For each document analyzed, $0.03 in credits are applied to the first 200 words and $0.01 per 100 thereafter.

12. Chat Support, Detailed Documentation & Frequent Live Training

A lot of these other tools don’t offer any hands-on documentation, training videos, or live webinars, which Jasper AI does really well. You can learn how to use their tool, find best practices, and read articles like those about search engine optimization or copywriting.

Jasper AI’s team is passionate about creating a valuable tool that gets better over time, as well as nurturing customers into becoming the best users of the product.

13. Facebook Group & Community for AI Copywriters

In addition to the above, Jasper AI subscribers have access to Jasper AI’s AI Copywriting Community, a really helpful Facebook group, in which they can network and discuss Jasper AI, AI content generation, and marketing tips.

Jasper Facebook Community

With close to 40K members, I am a member of one of the most active Facebook groups. Though they don’t do a great job at keeping spam to a minimum, the moderators do a good job at keeping productive conversations flowing.

Jasper.Al Review: 4 Best Functionality & Performance

In contrast to other Jasper AI reviews, I have been using Jasper AI since April 2021, when it was still called Conversion.ai and more recently, under the name Jarvis AI. The tool initially seemed like a gimmick due to all the promises it made.

Having used Jasper AI in a hands-on approach, I have been so impressed I have kept my membership active to this day (over 500K words have been generated as a result of my subscription).

My daily workhorse, Jasper AI, keeps me out of writer’s block while I create content to rank on the web and help others.

1. Jasper AI = AI Content Creation Tool, NOT an AI Content Creation Tool in itself

Jasper AI and other AI copywriting tools are misunderstood as hands-off tools that you can use to quickly create landing pages, ads, and blog posts from scratch.

The current state of affairs does not permit this, and probably for good reason. Jasper AI is insanely good at writing copy and generating blog post content, don’t get me wrong.

You may be able to whip up a piece of content in just a few minutes if quality and accuracy are not a major concern (like with a PBN site, for example). The majority of users still need to manually direct Jasper AI in the right direction as well as research the topic for fact-checking.

As a result of Jasper AI utilizing machine learning methods using a vast assortment of webpage content, the knowledge of topics within Jasper isn’t as current as it could be.

Even if it is a topic that has become more discussed in recent years such as Coronavirus, NFTs, etc., it will do its best to write about it, but sometimes it may miss the mark.

2. The accuracy of AI-generated text from Jasper shouldn’t be blindly trusted

The primary reason why you can’t rely on Jasper AI to do everything is that it will often come up with numbers, names, and situations as facts that have no basis in reality since it tends to make things up out of thin air.

For this reason, the content and marketing messages created by Jasper AI should be verified and read over before being published.

Reading through a piece of writing related to a subject you are familiar with isn’t difficult. The process can be more time-consuming if you have little or no knowledge of the topic.

You can provide it with correct facts, such as technical specifications, and then let it generate content based on that view Boss Mode command (something I frequently do), but this is a more advanced tactic that you’ll learn as you work with Jasper AI.

3. Practice is required to achieve Consistency 

Jasper AI is described as overhyped by many people and doesn’t produce good results for them. Jasper is actually a tool that you learn through associated training and through your own use of it.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you take the free Jasper AI Bootcamp course that comes with your Jasper AI account if you are considering signing up for one.

In this course, you will learn the necessary tools and skills to become able to write blog posts, video scripts, or write delightfully creative stories using the Jasper AI software.

This is a great tool, but when it is in the hands of someone who understands its power and is properly directed, it has the potential to create excellent content.

 We all started with limited knowledge of Jasper AI, but now we see how easy it is to produce long-form blog posts full of 100% plagiarism-free content.

Jasper AI will work differently depending on the text or prompt you enter before you push the Compose button or through the Boss Mode commands, so utilizing best practices and positioning him correctly for content generation success is paramount.

This is one of the best writing tools currently available, but manual work is still required from you to write high-quality blog posts on topic. By instructing Jarvis AI to start a sentence with a few words and then letting it write, you can see a significant improvement in the quality of the content Jarvis AI generates.

In reality, you’ll have to sign up for the tool and use it on your own before you will truly understand the power. I am unable to provide a good overview of the tool in a single Jasper AI review.

Jasper AI can be used to create any kind of content, as can be seen in any of the recent articles on this website, all of which were crafted in some way with the help of Jasper.

4. Frequent Updates to Platform

As I have reviewed or used other SAAS products for a long period of time, one feature that truly sets the Jasper AI service apart from the others is how frequently the team works behind the scenes to improve the product and add new features.

Jasper keeps releasing new features and improving its functionality and performance every week since I have had an active account.

Redesigned user interfaces, improved algorithms, increased limitations, and expanded integrations with existing services like Grammarly, Surfer SEO, and Copyscape are included in this update.

The more I use Jasper AI, the more I am certain it will be improved, thus making my investment in the tool that much more important to my daily content needs.

How does it compares to other tools?

As of now, there’s no tool in the market that offers features like GPT-3 commands and as well as assure you high-quality outputs. Among the alternatives you can look into are ShortlyAI (which they acquired), Frase,  CopyAI, PepperType, and many more to come.

My intuition on Frase and PepperType is strong, and I believe they can fight Jasper effectively in the near future. If you’re interested in writing long-form content that’s persuasive, Jasper is the best as of me writing this blog post.

What Kind of Customers Would Invest in Jasper?

Jasper is capable of supporting a wide array of usage cases due to its technology and functionality. Whether you work online or offline, if you are in the process of creating text-based content or copywriting, there is a way that Jasper can be helpful to you.

Here are a few interesting uses of the Jasper copywriting tool that I have seen:

  • High School & College Students: Assistance with academic writing, such as writing term papers, essays, and dissertations.
  • Real Estate Agents: Describe homes well for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and realty websites
  • Digital Marketing Agency Owner: Creating marketing copy for social networks (Facebook Ads), writing catchy captions (including awesome Pinterest pin titles), and writing web content.
  • Email Marketing Specialists: Write clever subject lines and body copy to capture readers’ attention and convert them to clients
  • SEO Writers: combine SurferSEO with Jasper AI to produce search engine-friendly content that attracts visitors via search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Screenwriters & Novelists: With AI, you can generate creative storylines or dialogues to combat writer’s block.
  • Bloggers & Website Owners: Increase readability of blog posts using Jasper AI-generated content in conjunction with ideas for blog topics.
  • YouTubers: Create titles, scripts, and descriptions for upcoming videos.
  • eCommerce Store owners: upload product specs to Jarvis so you can write compelling product descriptions

Using the AI service Jasper can have immense benefits for anyone who works in any of the roles listed above.

Jasper.AI Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • Most likely the best content tool for AI and GPT-3
  • With Boss Mode, you can create a lot of content for a reasonable price
  • The usage templates, features, and functionality are regularly updated
  • It is easy and efficient to create content free of plagiarism
  • Surfer SEO integration for optimizing blog posts (requires a subscription to both Boss Mode and Surfer) is excellent.
  • It can be used to generate both short and long form content
  • For those working on international content, supports 25+ languages


  • For entry-level consumers, it may seem expensive (cheap for professionals).
  • There are cheaper alternatives to GPT-3 that have fewer features and worse functionality
  • A constant fact checking of the content is necessary, as most of the numbers and some of the words generated as facts are not accurate
  • Does not produce standalone longform content without the need for editing nor can it rewrite entire articles (like a content spinner).
  • New subscribers will no longer be able to sign up for unlimited plans

FAQs on Jasper.AI Review

Is there a discount or coupon for Jasper.ai?

The trial period is 7 days. However, you can obtain 5,000 credits using the link in this post.

If my content is generated by AI, will it be ranked by Google?

Using its processing power, Google doesn't need to decode AI content (it has a lot more important things to do). Google only cares about whether your content attracts readers and satisfies their needs.

Have you ever received a lifetime deal from Jasper.ai?

Their lifetime deal was never offered, but they offered an early adopter or launch discount. They reached the audience of lifetime deals nonetheless.

Is Jasper.ai affiliated with an affiliate program?

Affiliates can earn recurring commissions of 30% with their affiliate program.

What is Jasper Boss Mode?

By using Jasper in this mode, you can create content through commands similar to those provided by Google Assistant or Siri.

What technology does Jasper use?

GPT 3 is OpenAI's algorithm. Jasper was created after the algorithm was trained to produce better copywriting and conversion results!

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Conclusion: Jasper.AI Review 2024

Jasper (Conversion.ai) meets the needs of many people. Template-only plans are popular among people who use them to create fragments of posts for their blogs.

However, their Starter plan comes with a limitation of 25,000 words, so if you are more likely to hit the “Compose” button frequently, you may want to upgrade. The Jasper application is one of the more expensive options available on the market.

It might provide you with a method that improves your output by 50-70% (or even more in some cases) compared with what you could achieve without Jasper. The value of money is based on time. If you’re not sure of your self-worth, you need to learn about it.

Using Jasper, I am able to compose my first drafts in a fraction of the time. With sufficient content available, Jasper can even increase your writing productivity by 200% – 500%, depending on your niche.

We provide agencies and freelancers with the best ROI in the industry with Jasper.ai. Thank you for reading !

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