GoToMeeting Review 2023– Is It The Best Tool In The Market ?

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Meeting Quality
User Interface
Ease Of Use
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  • The connectivity is impressive, and the user experience is amicable, which makes the GoTo meeting a great product. 
  • It also has smooth control for remote control.
  • If the meeting is moved, then it's easy to switch it. 
  • It also has smooth control for remote control.
  • The joining of a meeting is easy and very simple, and anyone can join who has the link.


  • The transcript option available may not be that perfect, but at least it's a start and needs some corrections. 
  • Also, It does not have the audio playback audio when you share your screen and play a youtube video.
  • It's annoying when it happens between the presentations.

GoToWebinar is the best tool that's in the market as compared to other means, and with its user-friendly interface, any beginner can learn it with ease. With this, one can make face-to-face contact with their respective clients, customers, or executive, and helps in avoiding business travel in this pandemic also. 

Price:$ 14

Are you looking for the best online meeting software? We have researched and came up with the best meeting software, which is GoToMeeting. We are going to see the GoToMeeting review in this article.

GoTo meeting has a completely reimagined in session experience; it’s clean and helps in improving the productivity of the company and make the meetings more efficient. It is the best option available in this video conferencing market.

It is made by the well-known company Citrix which offers other software like GoToTraining and GoToWebinar. 

It’s a video conferencing software where you can have your online meetings with your colleagues or family and friends, share your screen, and do video conferences all on one platform.

It’s overgrowing in teleconferencing, whether you use it for presentations or any demonstration.

Whether you do meetings with your clients, you will be getting the best experience, and with the help of its sharing screen option, one can share their screen or the other person’s screen to solve problems or anything that they want to work upon. 

From the time someone starts their meeting, they will notice improvements and how user-friendly it is and make their lives easier.

It’s straightforward to use and more flexible when compared to other similar kinds of services. It even has a personalized meeting room where you can change the colors, use the themes of how it looks.

People chose GoToMeeting because it is affordable for their association, and it offers a webinar service that plays a big part in their respective organization or company.

In a survey performed, more than eighty percent of the users choose GoToMeeting over other platforms available because they provide business-grade solutions. 

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Overview of GoToMeeting Review

It’s the best tool that’s in the market as compared to other means, and with its user-friendly interface, any beginner can learn it with ease.

With this, one can make face-to-face contact with their respective clients, customers, or executive, and helps in avoiding business travel in this pandemic also. 

It helps in doing face-to-face meetings virtually with just a few steps and works both on mobile and desktop devices very well.

With GoTo meetings, you can do high-quality video calls, and you will have your personalized link, which you can share with anyone and invite them to join your meeting with more privacy and security.

GotoMeeting Overview

Setting up the panels is also really easy, and it works in all the countries like some other platforms. 

It does not have any restrictions. You will get 14 days free trial when you register at the GoToMeeting for the first time. 

With this, one can make a conference with a customized URL that lapses when the individual panel is finished, or for accommodation, you can keep up the same conference space for all meetings with a connection that never terminates so that it’s simpler for members to join a similar room for a future meeting.

You can integrate it with other devices, which gives more advantages. One can create external webinars, and it supports large internal conferences.

Features of GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting gives a complete list of all the features available with different plans and prices for the same.

Goto meeting comes with a lot of features to it.

  • Supported Browsers

GoToMeeting supports all the browser available and one can download it on their phone and use it from your own comfort:

  • Quality Output on Video and Audio

 With Goto meetings, one can do high-quality video conferences without any lag or screen tearing.

And the audio output quality is really good and crispy. The video is sharp and crystal clear, which makes the experience better.

It also has a background change feature where one can change their webcam background.

It even lets you switch from slides to faces; also, you can close your phone and put it in your pocket, and you will not be cut off from your meeting.

  • Video Conference

 GoToMeeting offers various technical features that other platforms do not. These additional settings can be changed by the meeting host; the webcam visuals can be changed like you can change the brightness of the video and also the contrast.

Even the hue, sharpness, gamma, white balance, and saturation of the video can also be changed. One can also change the power frequency that is the anti-flicker.

  • Recordability


 One can also record their meetings; with this feature, you can keep track of all the members of the panel even after your session is over.

It helps in summarizing your meeting. If you missed any point or want to know anything specific from another colleague, you can open the recording and watch it. Isn’t that great? It is a helpful feature for students.

Like if a student misses his/her lecture, then they can tell their classmate to record for them and can watch the recording afterward.

The recording quality is superb and straightforward; you can record both video and audio, which makes the Goto meeting an excellent platform to have conferences.

And it offers unlimited cloud storage for recordings, so one does not have to worry about the storage space and store the recordings with ease.

So visit their cloud storage and search for your recording and watch it from wherever you want to watch. One can also share the transcripts of the tapes easily with other members. 

  • Screen Sharing

Screen sharing

 The screen sharing option is also available where one can share their presentations, word documents, or simply their display.

It helps a lot during the presentations and the functionality of this feature is really smooth and clean.

  • Collaboration Tools

 It has inbuilt control panels to it, which helps in making the server more convenient. Its controls always appear in a separate window. 

Controls are well arranged in a proper layout from top to bottom and left to right, which makes the design user-friendly, especially for beginners. One can even shrink this control panel so that it appears in a small window and can change it later accordingly.

There are various plugins also that one can use to make the experience more smooth like google calendar, ios calendar, outlook, etc. 

While using a calendar, one can invite others to their meetings from their calendar app only, which saves time and makes the experience more smooth,

  • Meeting Arrangement

 When someone is creating the meeting link, it has options; the first is that your meeting link will never expire, and the other one is a one-time link that will expire after the meeting is over.

Using the one time is advisable as it has more security and there will be fewer chances of someone other than your colleague entering in your meeting.

As soon as you click on a join meeting button, it will allow you to check your video or camera setup, and there, you can change your audio settings like audio output device or input device, etc. You can turn off your camera or mic before entering the meeting.  

  • Calendar Management

Everything scheduled is stored on the really helpful calendar. If you have a scheduled meeting and it’s there in your calendar on your iPhone, you can say, “Hey Siri, join me up to my next meeting.”

So you can’t miss a meeting with this feature and be on time for every appointment.

  • Security

 Every platform has a certain level of security features. GoToMeeting uses Secure Socket Layer(SSL) encryption and AES 256-Bit that is government-grade encryption that makes it more secure. 

Every data is encrypted before it is sent somewhere else. Also, a new feature is added, which analyses the members and looks for any suspicious behavior occurring in the meeting. 

One can even set passwords to their meetings so only the person who has the code can join the discussion.

That’s how it makes the meeting room more secure. Your content is well secured, even your content that you share through the screen sharing option available in the GoToMeeting. 

The host can also remove a person who they found suspicious and dismiss them from attending the meeting further, and a message will appear on their screen that you have been removed from the meeting. 

The audio is also secured with their end-to-end encryption, the integrity of VoIP connections. Encryption is necessary to make the connection more secure.

  • SoftPhone (Toll-free)

 GotoMeeting has one more feature to it that one can provide toll-free numbers to others to help them eliminate the long-distance fees. 

Toll-free number dialing is basically that the system will give you a number to dial that will be long-distance for the vast majority of the users. 

It has some cost to it, it’s an additional feature which one can pay for and use. So if some participants in your meeting are using the phone to join the meeting, then they should go for the GoToMeeting feature as it is more flexible for calling.

GotoMeeting Solutions for administrators

  • Live Chat

 GoToMeeting has a group chat option available where everyone can chat in one place. So basically, one can do video calls and chat in one place.

It also has a group messaging feature; meeting participants can personally message each other freely during a call or even not during a video call. 

It acts as a messenger app, and a robust app in one singular app helps in holding private chats also apart from the general messaging chat.

  • Remote Access

 With GoToMeeting, more than one person can be in charge of the meeting. The host can even mute or unmute a participant and turn or turn off their video which helps a lot in the sessions. 

This feature is helpful when there is noise from a participant mic so the host can easily mute the participant mic without actually picking out the name and disturbing the flow of the meeting. 

It’s not like the person who has hosted the conference will be in charge; that person can give administrators rights to a different person. 

Also, the meeting administrator can provide the keyboard or mouse control to someone else without losing the central administration rights, which makes the meeting experience more smooth and convenient; it works well when someone is doing some demos of software, etc. 

There is a lock button available which GoToMeeting calls it Meeting lock, which, when turned on, will not allow anybody else to come into the meeting.

Ease of Use | GoToMeeting

The interface is amicable and very easy to use. And also, setting it up for the first time is also really easy. Open goto meeting on your browser, click on start for a free trial and fill out all the demographics and information and sign in. 

For an invitation, you will have a copy invitation; both from there, you can copy the invitation link and send it to the participants.

People feel more comfortable using it because it is user-friendly, and some people who are not that technologically savvy use it with absolute ease, and they don’t experience a lot of connectivity issues.

Sales and marketing companies mostly use GoToMeeting; there are other groups also who use this platform for communicating with their clients. 

The bandwidth usage is low because of which it can provide stable video calls even if one has a slow internet connection sometimes. 

To reduce the bandwidth lower, the best way if you don’t have a stable internet connection sometimes is that one can turn off their camera and talk through audio-only. That’s the only possible way. 

GotoMeeting Review

Customer Support at GoToMeeting

With their 24*7 customer support, the experience gets better and better. They provide excellent support and help other organizations to increase their productivity while sitting at their home.

GoToMeeting customer care service is best; the customer care person listens to the customer query very carefully and takes necessary actions accordingly to help the customer in every possible way. 

And they take feedback from customers to know if their question is solved by the customer care executive or not and how the experience was.

They do the constant maintenance of their servers and database, which is good. They release constant updates to improve the user experience and prevent overlapping or similar issues from arising.

Pros and Cons:


  • The connectivity is impressive, and the user experience is amicable, which makes the GoTo meeting a great product. 
  • Arranging conferences and even scheduling is easier, and the dial-in and dial-out feature makes it more advantageous. 
  • There is also no time limit to the meeting, and with its one-click remote process, it gets easier to join in a discussion.
  • Whenever a person gives reviews on their mobile app, GoToMeeting takes the review very positively and asks for suggestions, how they can improve and enhance the user experience more. 
  • The joining of a meeting is easy and very simple, and anyone can join who has the link.
  • It helps the users in communicating with clients and helps improve services and also helps in recruiting new interns, and assists in guiding them to the right path with the help of GoToMeeting. 
  • If the meeting is moved, then it’s easy to switch it. 
  • It also has smooth control for remote control.
  • No matter whoever is sharing their screen, if the person has the host right, then he/she can easily show their presentation or anything else whatever they want to share.


  • The drawback to the Goto meeting plans is that you can’t have one person as a scheduler who can then set up meetings, and you want to host a meeting at, let’s say 6 pm. 
  • And will give room to someone, and you have to provide another meeting to someone else at 6:30 pm then these meetings are going to conflict, and you have to be signed in to the meeting for the discussion to continue. 
  • The internal meetings the end-user can not log on to sometimes, which makes it annoying sometimes for the organization.
  • The transcript option available may not be that perfect, but at least it’s a start and needs some corrections. 
  • If the participants are too many in the meeting, then sometimes the positioning of the members is troublesome, which makes it laggy sometimes, and identifying a specific user from more than 60 members is quite difficult sometimes.
  • When a recording is saved, it does not provide any information that the recording is saved or any other display message. 
  • Also, It does not have the audio playback audio when you share your screen and play a youtube video.
  • Sometimes, some people have audio issues, and sometimes, audio lags and cut off between meetings, due to which there are disturbances in the conference, and the flow of the conference is disturbed. 
  • It’s annoying when it happens between the presentations.

GoToMeeting – SAAS

New features designed for intelligent online collaboration

We try to endeavor to look at the containers on every front, yet no place in the association that is more obvious than it is in our onboarding and client achievement programs.

We value inviting each client – either from the independent venture to any huge undertaking, by redid onboarding, counsel on accepted procedures, living by face to face preparing. 

The ones who are offered these sorts of training are overseers, however for other clients as well, and they genuinely affect!

Our clients regularly feel that, to an extent, it’s not that difficult at all. They were swift and gaining something whenever they began utilizing GoToMeeting.

Pricing of GoToMeeting

GotoMeeting Pricing Plan

If you go to there, you can see all the plans provided by them.

Everything is available on their homepage, from a monthly plan to a yearly plan. So, sign up and choose any plan that you want and use their premium features.

  • Professional Plan: 

The professional plan is for $14, and this is per month per host or organizer. It includes HD video screen sharing, web audio, dial-in, unlimited meetings with no time limits to the meetings.

Also, a private meeting room that you can simply at any point say you want to go into a meeting room and you want to post on your web page that this is your meeting room.

People will try to connect up to it all day long, and if the host that is you are not in that meeting room, then they will not be able to join it.

  • Business Plan: 

GoToMeeting business plan costs $19 per organizer per month for 250 participants, and it does not require more than one organizer.

It’s $5 a month to have the toll-free and the call me options added; if you are going to have international callers into your toll-free numbers or in out the call me to feature, there may be some additional charges.

If there is some global presence, then one can look for other options available. So, the $5 a month option is a great little plan and reasonable. 

The business plan also has unlimited cloud recording and also has a pretty good transcription option.

It will run a speech-to-text program over your meeting audio and create a transcript to it.

Another feature of the business plan is it lets you convert the slides into pdf format, which is a good feature; also, there is the note-taking feature that gives the host the ability you can make notes during the ongoing meeting.

It annotates the video recordings. If someone later wants to want to hear the tapes, then he/she can do that with this. 

It also comes with drawing tools and can have a whiteboard. For the mobile features, they have a commuter mode and voice commands with Siri.

If you are using Goto on your mobile, you can use the mobile cloud recording feature, which comes exclusively with a Business plan.

  • Yearly Plan: 

You can either go for an annual professional plan and a business yearly plan. The features will be the same as included in the monthly plan, only the pricing differs.

After opting for the yearly plan, you will have to pay $10.20 for the professional instead of the $14 plan, and for the business plan, it will cost $13.60 monthly instead of $19. It will save you around 16%, that is, if converted is $35.

Quick Links

FAQs | GoToMeeting Review 2023

🤔 How should I test my connection for the Goto meeting?

For checking your network connection on your PC, go to the desktop app connection. If you are facing a connection issue, then. Click on Preferences Then on the Connection menu and there you will find Test your GoToMeeting connection and click on Test Connection and look for Test Results. After a message will appear which will say whether the test performed is passed or fail. Just remember if you use any proxy to enter the windows user name and password to continue. And if a proxy is not available, meet the system requirements. Then the last is click on the Ok and now can't attend your meeting.

🤷‍♀️ How can I run the GoToMeeting Connection Wizard(Windows)?

Its effortless and easy to install the GoToMeeting on your desktop. Just follow these easy steps, and you will be able to install it in just a few steps. Download the setup from the site and run the software A dialogue box will prompt, and click on the Run the connection wizard to begin the test. The connection wizard now will open your default browser to visit If it doesn't open, then open it manually and go to the website. And now press Ok on the dialogue box. Now The GotoMeeting wizard will try to determine the best connection settings for your computer to connect to the GoToMeeting service infrastructure. Depending on the compatibility of your network, this process may take several minutes, so kindly be patient and let the wizard do its job. So, sit, relax and wait. Now start a meeting with the new connection settings. If you're able to connect easily without any problem and you are good to go. If it's not working and you are not able to connect to the servers, then click on the I still have problems button, then another screen will appear, which is the connection summary. The connection wizard will find the connection settings that are to be used by the GotoMeeting.Now you have to verify again that the settings are working fine or not.

✅ How to contact the customer support of GoToMeeting?

When someone is using any service, whether it's a video call, money transfer, email, or you are buying anything online from Amazon, etc. The main criteria that a customer looks for are how is the customer company of that specific company. So, it becomes essential for companies to provide the best customer service experience to their customers in every way possible. For the past year, there are currently longer wait times for both the emails and calls because of the pandemic situation in the world. But GoToMeeting is trying its level best to help a valuable customer as early as possible. Some countries do not have the email support option. Use the search provided to look for your question or query. If your query is not solved, click on the call support option at the right bottom corner of the screen to contact us. Now you will be given a ticket number and keep the ticket number with you as you will ask for the ticket number while you are getting our representative. Our representative will ask for the ticket number to verify you, and you have to provide it at that time

Conclusion | GoToMeeting Review 2023

GoToMeeting is a great option and can be used every day to hold a virtual staff meeting or any other meeting, and it’s really easy to navigate.

It has got fluid communication, finding the way around more accessible. It keeps you informed and in-touch with lots of people and speakers at meetings.

It is the best choice for any organization meeting due to its best video and audio quality and other features.

If there is a more prominent organization, then this app provides more and the best price when compared with other software available.

The organization, which needs around 130 to 260 members every time, this platform offers the best deal and quality.

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