Hobbies That Make Money 2024– 30 Hobbies To Earn Money $500/mo

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This post is about Hobbies That Make Money 2024. Start earning from your hobbies. Here is a list of 30 hobbies in case you haven’t discovered yours yet!

Hobbies That Make Money 2024

Are you bored with your current 9-5 job? Or are you just doing this job to help you pay your house rent, water bills, etc? Do you hate to wake up every morning and get ready for this job you dislike?

This is basically because you don’t like the task you’re doing, which is again because it’s not what you love; It Is Not Your Hobby!

Okay, so, to begin with, hobby is your favorite activity that you love to do in times of leisure. It is something you enjoy doing.

Now, just imagine a scenario where you are performing your favorite activity let’s say Dancing, or Writing, or Photography and you are making money doing all of this.

Wow! Doesn’t this just sound awesome while you imagine? Guess, when you start doing it, what the results will be?

A hobby is a very important part of everyone’s life. Doesn’t matter if you’re a dog lover, or a travel enthusiast, or a computer freak; It’s your hobby, and you are forever fascinated about it.

And making money out of fascination is just like a dream come true.

I know certain hobbies can’t fetch you a huge amount of cash, but when you love the duty you perform, you will put your 100% and make the best out of your current position.

Why? Again, because it is something you love it is your hobby!

Let’s see some of the most fantastic choices available for you to make a great decision for the coming future.

Top 30 Hobbies That Make You Money [Make $500+/mo]  

1. Freelance Writing

I would like to start writing because it’s one of my hobbies that I love to do at all times.  If you are fond of writing there is a huge list of things you can do.

If you ask me right now, I feel freelance writing is an awesome opportunity a writer can grab to make online money.

freelance writing -earn money
pc – Pixabay.com

The internet is full of blogs these days and several blogs are willing to pay a good amount of writers out there. If you are not confident about starting your blog then freelancing is a great option.

Other than writing blogs you can also write articles for certain topics, product descriptions, social media posts, and the list continues.

And you know the best part of this? You can easily travel from any place in the world; all you need is your laptop and a good network.

This might take a little time initially to set up everything, but once you have the clients then I’m sure you will do great. You just have to be consistent with the quality and make sure to manage time.

A freelance course that can help you make a six-figure income, earn more writing is a great course to achieve great miles in freelance writing. This will boost you if you are a beginner.

Things you can do to make money from writing:

2. Blogging

Do you like writing but you also love dancing, photography counselling, etc?

And you are super confused to make a choice that will fetch you tons of money along with leisure? There is a huge list of things I can write down for blogging.

earn from blogging
pc – Pixabay.com

It is superb and you want to know why?

Simply because even if you have some other hobby like counselling, you can write blogs about counselling and make a lot of cash from that.

The best part is you can merge your hobbies and spend the most time on your favourite activity and still be monetizing from the same.

Another great thing I would like to state is that, if in future you do not feel like continuing these blogs you can sell it away to someone and make a huge six-figure amount from the same.

Trust my opinion, blogs are very trendy and money-making aspects of life.

Things you can do to make money from blogging:

  • Show advertisements like banners, social media ads, etc.
  • You can also promote products of different people from different sectors using affiliates.
  • You can make sales of your products.
  • Also, you can publish the content that is sponsored.

3. Photography

I have a friend who loves clicking pictures and finds an angle in everything on this earth, as well as loves travelling the most.

hobbies that make money -photography
pc – Pixabay.com

And, one day out of the blue I hear him say I want to start my photography page; it was no shock to me because I knew him in and out and knew this would come up one day soon.

But, you know what made me happy that he is going to pursue something he loves to do and not just have fun but also make loads of money from the same. I was super excited!

Photography is a great hobby and gets you money for taking pictures of your clients, nature, family, friends, etc.

All you have to do is spread the word till you get a little famous and then my friend you have a huge scope including birthday parties, maternity shoots, engagement, anniversary, wedding, new-born, and the list is never-ending.

To become popular in this field all you need is a great mouth of advertisement and also you can build a page on social media to reach more people, when you tag your clients on social media you get a higher exposure leading to expansion and more clients.

Things you can do to make money from photography:

  • Travel more and take pictures of nature.
  • Make more number of clients.
  • Start a blog as I stated above in blogging.
  • You can also be interested in writing about other photographs.(freelance writing, we read above)
  • You can design your eBook for photography.

4. Create Your Own YouTube Channel

Answer me honestly, if you wish to learn some new recipe, learn a new hack, some skill, an educational session, gain motivation, gain a moment of peace(meditation sessions), exercises, etc.

Create your own youtube channel - hobbies that make money

Isn’t YouTube the first thing that comes to your mind? I run to YouTube for every small task. Imagine if you and I visit YouTube now and then, people from the entire globe might be doing that; don’t you think?

Just think about the money power this hobby can build! It is quite similar to blogs with a minute but not so minute difference which is instead of using text or information, here you can create content on your favourite topic using videos.

 The other point of comparison is that these videos will be uploaded on YouTube itself. You can add it to your website but the basic reference will be YouTube only.

Things you can do to make money from YouTube Channel:

  • Get ad clicks using pay per clicks.
  • Be consistent in uploading videos
  • You can make the sale of sponsorships.
  • Promotion of affiliate items.

5. Shopping

Wow! Did someone say the word shopping? Who does not love shopping?

Making money instead of spending money to shop, seriously is there such a thing? 

This hobby does not get you enough money as you would think but can be a great deal if you love to shop. I’m sure you have gone through this term before, the mystery shopper.

If not a mystery shopper then you also have a choice of being a great shopper in the gig economy. Various companies employ you as a shopper which includes the job of delivery also at certain times.

Things you can do to make money from shopping:

  • Be a mystery shopper.
  • Shop groceries and deliver them.
  • You can also work as a personal assistant or shopper.

6. Selling On Amazon

A few years back my brother decided to sell stuff on Amazon, the products that had a private label. He did not imagine that this could lead to huge scale business in the initial year only. He made about a six-figure profit in the 1st year itself.

earn from selling on amazon

Now, if you are a person who loves to surf online shopping apps. Also, enjoy buying stuff and selling stuff, and then this would be a great option to get you a huge amount of money.

Also, if you are a fashion designer, and fashion is your hobby; you can then sell products like clothes, accessories; set that you design yourself and the list is very long ahead.

7. Graphic Designing

Are you a person who spends most of your life on a laptop, but do not know how to make money out of it? And you’re not a huge fan of coding but you love designing? Graphic design is a superb choice for you.

earn from graphics designing
pc – Pixabay.com

Designing is not just restricted to websites these days. You can design logos, posters, banners, an invitation, and a lot more.

You can choose this as a side business and still gain loads of cash; all you have to do is set a great portfolio. Trust me this is a huge dream for side hustlers.

Even if you decide now to start this it’s not a bad time, it’s perfect for beginners to learn and make clients especially the ones with small businesses who cannot afford to pay for professional graphic designing agencies.

Things you can do to make money from graphic designing:

  • A freelance graphic designer.
  • Full-time graphic designer for a company.
  • A logo or invitation designer.
  • Write tutorials on graphic designing.

8. Social Media

Wake up – use social media, get lunch break- use social media, before sleeping- use social media, get a break for one second- use social media, Let’s be honest isn’t this our current lives today? Isn’t this what we do all day?

Now, what if someone starts paying you for doing this? There’s a huge scope to make money from social media these days.

Businesses are making use of these platforms to connect with their present customers, reach more customers, and to expand the exposure of their companies.

There are many companies out there who outsource their social media handles to the third parties, you can manage profiles for them and make money. If not this then you can also start your page as an influencer and build cash.

There are many people out there who do this as a daily part of their lives. Things you can do to make money from social media:

9. Craft and Handmade Products

This has a huge scope in the market today. Creativity is a crucial part of the hobby. If you are super creative, you can make a lot of money by selling your stuff online.

You just need great marketing skills and that’s it your creativity will be seen and bought by a huge public out there.

Handmade products have a lot of value these days. People use filters such as handmade very often when they wish to give something unique to their loved ones.

Also, this can allow you to spend a lot of time on your hobby, and make tons of money from this. I have seen people who love their work as creative heads and make a lot of money from this.

Types of products you can sell:

  • Beauty items
  • Gift boxes
  • Jewellery
  • Décor ideas for home
  • Clothes
  • Wedding items
  • Accessories

10. Health And Fitness

The Internet has a wide scope for teaching, creating ideas and content. If you are a health freak then you can consider being a personal trainer, provide diet charts, and teach yoga, dance, and a lot more.

health and fitness - make money
pc – Pixabay.com

Nowadays, people are very concerned about their health and are looking for good fitness activities; be it a gym, dance class, workout class, Pilates, and a lot more.

Things you can do to make money from Health and Fitness:

  • Give lessons on YouTube or any social media platform.
  • Design your course and form an eBook for the same.
  • Look for people who need personal training
  • Take classes like dancing, Zumba, yoga, aerobics
  • Give consultation related to diet charts and nutrition.

11. Music

If you love music and wish to grab an opportunity to earn in this field, then I would suggest you make money as a side hustler from music. Today’s millennial generation is a huge fan of music and all sorts of different music.

You can teach music online as well as offline, you can perform with bands and also use it as a form of entertaining people.

One of the best options available in this field is DJ, you can play at various events like birthdays, weddings, fresher’s parties, farewell parties, etc.

If you do not feel confident to step out in public, you can also make use of tools available on the internet and create your music.

Things you can do to make money from Music:

  • Create your band.
  • Take private music lessons.
  • Become a DJ
  • Play or sing at various restaurants, bars, or events.
  • Start your own online YouTube channel or website.

12. Travel

This is a very recent and trendy business that seems to grow currently. If you are crazy about travelling to new places, visiting their local places, and knowing about local people; you can become a full-time blogger with this.

You have to click pictures, get your facts right, research about their place, and post all the details on the internet.

This is a very difficult job if you choose it as your side business because you have to constantly keep a check that it doesn’t interfere with your full-time job.

But this is possible even if you wish to continue your full-time job and make this your second priority, many bloggers are doing great who haven’t made this a full-time job.

Some people just write details about their small weekend trips or vacations and still do great as a hobby.

Some travellers gain an extra benefit of travelling the world at cheap rates or even free at times.

Things you can do to make money from Travel:

  • Start your travel blog page.
  • Your own YouTube vlogs.
  • Job as an agent for part-time travel.

13. Comedy

If humour is your forte if you love to make people laugh, then being a comedian is a great option.

earn from you hobby - comedy
pc – Pixabay.com

A full-time job as a comedian is not advisable because you can’t make tons of money from this, but if you are really smart and have loads of creativity then you can just become lucky with it.

  Things you can do to make money from Comedy:

  • Stand-up comedian.
  • Start your own YouTube channel.
  • Work in daily soap.
  • Job as a clown at various events.

14. Fashion And Beauty

If you think you have a great fashion style then you can give fashion advice to people. You can also become a makeup artist or a model and showcase your clothes. You can also start your page online and re-style your clothes in different ways.

This could be more like a side business but if you wish to make this a full-time job then you should pursue it with more aggression and passion to gain great earning and living from it.

You can also start your label and make tons of cash from it, where you can manufacture clothes, accessories according to your ideas and skills. 

Things you can do to make money from Fashion and Beauty:

  • Become a fashion stylist
  • Consult students with fashion ideas.
  • Start your page on social media or YouTube.
  • Design your products and sell them.

15. Decorating

If you have a great vision and some extraordinary designing skills, you can become a great decorator. You can be an interior designer, a home décor manager, event manager, etc. This can be a great full-time job as it helps you gain loads of money for a great living.

You could be a part of a variety of projects like interior designing for residential areas and commercial, or an event manager for a specific event.

If you wish to make this a side business you can also consider designing small home décor stuff and sell those online.

Things you can do to make money from Decorating:

16. Cooking And Baking

If you are fond of cooking food or baking, there are various list of things that make money. You can provide services for catering weddings, baking cake for birthdays.

earn from cooking and baking
pc – Pixabay.com

There are numerous ways to use your talent in an online business, and it becomes very flexible with your working hours. You can train others with your talent. If you are a great chief then people would have told you to open up your hotel.

Though people give us advice sometimes hotels fail at very high rates, also hotels require a large amount of investment and ample working hours.

Things you can do to make money from writing:

  • Bake cakes for parties, weddings.
  • Start with your classes.
  • Publish your recipe book.

17. Sewing

Sewing is a type of talent that very few people have. Of course, this means that if you know how to sew and you love doing these people will pay you for that.

hobbies that make money - sewing
pc – Pixabay.com

Just a few years back my sister and I used to sell products on the internet as that was our business, one of our products which we had ordered online had some stitching defect.

I then found a woman through an advertisement and she knew sewing and alterations and then we hired her. She mainly knew how to alter dresses and customize them.

Things you can do to make money from writing:

  • Do alterations and some fixings.
  • Customize clothes for clients.
  • Start with your own business.
  • Start selling from home.

18. Art

If you have a passion for the art you can make tons of cash while enjoying this task. It’s not necessary that if you pursue what you like will lead you to become a starving artist.

A full-time job is also a great option in this field to earn a living, but you can have this as your side hustle to make some extra cash.

The Internet has a huge scope to provide you with opportunities related to designing and art.

I have an experience where I had my blog for which I hired freelance artists who helped with illustrations for my graphic design blog. This helped me boost the sale of products on my blog.

Things you can do to make money from writing:

  • Put your art for sale at various exhibitions and galleries.
  • Get a job as an illustrator.
  • Take art classes online or offline.
  • Create videos of your art.


19. Driving

If you love driving and follow all traffic rules, then there’s a list of a few things you can pursue to make money from your favourite hobby.

You can think over Ride Sharing which is a great alternative for taxis that allow getting away from your car and also provides good opportunities for drivers.

There are various delivery jobs in the market that can help you make money. Some companies have a focus on providing job opportunities for delivery guys mainly for restaurant deliveries and grocery deliveries.

You can also take part in certain racing competitions, but again that is a super risky job.

Things you can do to make money from driving:

  • Get a job at DoorDash
  • Get a job for making deliveries for Uber eats.
  • Racing competitions

20. Surfing The Internet

What do you do while you have free time? How do you make use of your short breaks? Many people out there surf the internet as a hobby.

Have you ever thought of such a hobby? I have ideas that can help you make money from this hobby of yours.

Few companies pay you for surfing the internet, though they do not pay a huge amount of money, they can be a great option for making extra cash.

Things you can do to make money from Surfing the internet:

  • MobileXpression- This Company offers you money to share mobile browsing data.
  • Swagbucks- they pay you to browse through a search engine and to watch online videos.
  • Nielsen Computer and Mobile panel – This Company offers you money to share mobile browsing data.

21. Web Designing And Coding

This hobby helps you make tons of money. You can start by designing websites for family or friends or small businesses. You can work under someone to design their websites or you can completely have your own business.

web design and coding - hobbies that make money
pc – Pixabay.com

Companies need web designers now and then, and they are paid a lot. You can create a web design, keep updating the available design or you can completely redesign an existing website

Things you can do to make money from Web Design and coding:

  • Create a website for your clients
  • Keep maintaining and updating available websites
  • Redesign the existing ones.
  • You can make your themes and sell them online.

22. Create A Podcast

Podcasting is somewhat similar to a YouTube channel or a blog, the only difference is that the content in podcasts is in the form of an audio.

earn from making podcast
pc – Pixabay.com

You can make podcasts on any topic that you find interesting and make a lot of money from it, perhaps it should be well marketed to people.

You can also bind this podcast with your blog page to provide viewers with a great quality of written content as well as content in audio form. This can be effective.

You can also invite guests to your podcast channel and sell their products to make extra cash.

Things you can do to make money from Podcasts:

  • Teach sessions using podcasts
  • Vigorous promotion of products using affiliate
  • Make your products and sell them using podcasts.

23. Sports

Some parents are paranoid and do not appreciate their kids pursuing a career in sports, though situations today are not worse in making sports a career.

There are some very good opportunities in this field and one who loves sports will make the most out of the given opportunity. If not as a full-time job one can make sports as a part-time skill.

Things you can do to make money from Sports:

  • Play in a team or provide coaching to them.
  • Give private coaching sessions.
  • Become a referee.
  • Start your page, be it a blog or a YouTube channel, or podcast.


Are you a person who loves to organize things, host a bunch of people, and keep them entertained. If yes, then this is going to be a super fun option for you, which will also get you tons of money.

If you love meeting new people and host an entire day for them, then you should jump for this option. This is more like a full-time job rather than a side business.

Things you can do to make money from Hospitality:

  • Host a good experience for tourists and travellers.
  • Rent out rooms and beds for them
  • Offer them local tours according to their convenience.
  • You can also consider the option of bed and breakfast.

25. History

Are you a history geek? Do you love reading history? What if I tell you that you can turn this knowledge of yours into an income?

Yes, it is possible. Would you not grab It immediately?

I agree that is a very tricky option and does not have too much to offer but it is a great choice for a side business. If you stay in an area which has some attractive historical places, you can always be a guide for tourists who love to visit new places.

You can also write about all the historical information you have. You can make it attractive and unique and it can be a great product on the market. Trust my gut!

Things you can do to make money from History:

  • Be a tour guide.
  • Start your website or YouTube channel.
  • Create an eBook.

26. Working With Kids

Oh my god, I love small kids. They are so playful, happy, cheering, and full of positive thoughts. If you feel sad, just play with a kid for some time and see the magic they do on you, it’s amazing.

You do not have a huge list for this particular hobby and I can’t say that it will get you a lot of cash, but I’m sure it’s a great task for a side hustle.

Things you can do to make money from Working with kids:

27. Language

There is a huge list of languages spoken worldwide. And not every language is known by every person. This can be one of the great hobbies that make money, which can be a full-time business as well as part-time.

language - hobbies that make money
pc – Pixabay.com

Things you can do to make money from Language:

  • You can get a job as a translator.
  • You can teach languages.
  • Get a job as a scopist.
  • Also can work for proofreading.

28. Speaking

Are you super talkative? Do you love talking in public? Are you super confident about speaking on a stage? If yes, then you can even turn this hobby of yours into a full-time income.

There is a huge list of people out there who make a lot of money using this hobby. You can speak on events, shoot videos speaking on whatever topic you like, motivate people, be an influencer, etc.

Many people have this talent as a gift from heaven and you can make the best out of it because it’s great to make some extra cash also.

Things you can do to make money from Speaking:

  • Be a guest speaker for conferences, lectures, etc.
  • Motivate public.
  • Spokesperson of the company.
  • Be an influencer and create your page.

29. Video Games

I remember this one incident when my brother used to play video games all day and my parents used to scold him for that.

make money from gaming - hobbies that make maney
pc – Pixabay.com

Have you been through this? What if I told you that you could still play all day and can make an income out of this? I know, it’s super crazy to hear this. But this is possible, you can make loads of money from this hobby of yours.

I have seen kids who learn thousands of dollars every month. You can stream your games live, or just keep playing the entire day.

Things you can do to make money from Video Games:

  • Sell your video gaming accounts.
  • Start your own YouTube channel
  • Be a part of gaming competitions.

30. Investing

Investing is not a hobby for everyone and anyone, it is possible if you have money already to invest somewhere. Investment can be a huge risk, so you have to make sure that you are ready for that risk.

earn from trading online -make money

There are various options where you can invest money, but you should be well researched to get a good return on investment (ROI).

Some investments need a lot of attention whereas some investments require a lot of time.

Things you can do to make money from Investing:

  • You can buy stocks and sell them.
  • You can buy stocks and hold them for a period.
  • Invest in properties or real-estate.
  • Provide capital to companies.
  • Invest in long-term assets.

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FAQs | Hobbies That Make Money

🤘 What are the best hobbies to make money?

Now, that we have seen a huge list of hobbies that can get you money, I hope you have formed your ideas to decide which one is best for you. I know from my experience that making money from your favourite hobby can be very relaxing and fun. You can make money while you enjoy a great journey.

👉 How can I make $500 fast?

Many things can help you make $500. You can sell paid promotions, sell your space or garage space, you can be a freelance writer, or make your blog, become a handyman or a babysitter or take care of pets.

🤔 What is a profitable hobby?

Every hobby is a profitable one, perhaps you have to put in a lot of passion into it. You have to give your 100% to make the best out of your hobby. The above-stated options are great to consider.

🤨 What is a fun hobby to get into?

There is a huge list of hobbies that are fun like surfing the internet, video games, social media, driving, writing, playing with kids or pets, and many more! everything you are passionate about turns into fun, and all the things stated above can be really fun and also a great opportunity to make good money.

Conclusion | Hobbies That Can Make Money 2024

Maximum people out there have many hobbies and are super sure about their talents. All they have to do is figure out the ways that can lead their hobbies to make a good income. You have to be very passionate about your hobby to gain the best results.

I would suggest you research well and evaluate all the options you have, before diving into it.  I hope the information above has made you clear your mind and has left you with no more confusion.

Hope this list of Hobbies That Make Money 2024 helps you get in the right direction to earn money online from your hobbies.

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