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Faqs Related To Podbean Coupon Code

😃 Is Podbean offering any coupons today?

Podbean is currently offering 14+ coupons for discounts. Today's best Podbean coupon is for a 20% discount.

😄 How to find the best Podbean coupons?

Simply click above follow button to get Podbean discount on Affiliatebay. We'll send you an email as soon as new Podbean coupons and promo codes are available. You can also be notified when similar brands, such as Podbean, issue coupons.

🤝 Is Podbean cost-free?

Podbean is a website that hosts podcasts for free. Podbean Podcast App allows you to live stream, record, and publish podcasts for free. Additionally, Podbean offers paid contracts that provide additional functionality and storage space.

🙌 Is Podbean worth it?

Podbean is a user-friendly platform that provides almost any service a podcaster might like, making it an excellent choice if you're new to podcasting or a seasoned pro. The primary feature offered by Podbean is podcast hosting. They effectively serve as a hyperlink to your podcast's host (Podbean in this case).

podbean coupon code

Available Podbean Coupon Code

With a Podbean coupon, you can start making podcasts right away. Depending on what you want, you can start a podcast that covers a narrow topic or a wide range of topics.

With Podbean’s current offer, you can save up to 35% on any of its yearly subscriptions. If you buy the annual version of any plan, you can save up to $360!

Podbean Plan  Original Price  Price Using Our Coupon Code Savings 
Podbean Unlimited Audio $168 $108 $60
Podbean Unlimited Plus $468 $348 $120
Podbean Business $1548 $1188 $360

Today’s Podbean Top Offers

Coupon Codes 14
Best Discount 50% OFF
Total Offers 13
Average Savings 53%

How To Grab The Podbean Discount Coupons?

You must follow the steps below to use these Podbean coupons 2024.

Step 1: Go to the URL www.Podbean.com and hit the discount icon.

Step 2: Choose your Plan.


podbean pricing

Step 3: Add your chosen item to the cart.

Step 4: Fill in the details as appropriate.

Join podbean - connect with google
Step 5: You can easily fill in the coupon code and payment details. Now, experience the virtual world like never before.

What is Podbean?

Podbean is primarily a podcast management, hosting, and monetization platform.

Its mobile app allows you to record and publish podcasts. You can also use it to promote and distribute your podcast to popular apps, such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and others. All of its paid plans offer unlimited storage.

Podbean Top Features:

Podbean is a comprehensive podcast hosting and monetization platform offering a range of features tailored for podcasters of all levels. Here’s an overview of its key features:

1. Easy Podcast Hosting: Podbean provides a user-friendly platform for hosting and publishing podcasts. It supports unlimited bandwidth and storage, ensuring smooth handling of episodes regardless of size or frequency.

2. Intuitive Interface: The platform offers a simple, intuitive interface for uploading and managing podcast episodes, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced podcasters.

3. Distribution and Integration: Podbean facilitates easy distribution of your podcast to major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. It also allows integration with various social media platforms for wider reach.

4. Customizable Podcast Websites: Users can create and customize their podcast website with a range of themes and personalization options. This includes custom domains for branding purposes.

5. Monetization Options: Podbean offers various monetization tools, including a patron program (similar to Patreon), advertising opportunities through Podbean’s Ad Marketplace, and premium content offerings.

6. Detailed Analytics: The platform provides in-depth analytics, giving insights into listener behavior, episode performance, audience demographics, and more.

7. Live Streaming: Podbean Live Stream is a unique feature that allows podcasters to host live shows, interact with the audience in real time, and even monetize these live sessions.

8. Mobile App: Podbean has a mobile app for both iOS and Android, enabling podcasters to manage their podcasts and listeners to access content easily on the go.

9. Audio Recording and Editing: The platform offers basic recording and editing tools, allowing users to create and edit podcasts directly in Podbean.

10. Podcast Promotion Tools: Podbean provides promotional tools, including automated social media sharing, SEO optimization features, and the ability to embed podcast episodes on other websites.

11. Multiple Podcast Channels: Users can manage multiple podcast channels from a single Podbean account, which is beneficial for creators with diverse content.

12. Cloud Hosting: Ensures reliable and secure hosting of podcast files, with data backed up in the cloud.

13. Customer Support: Offers customer support through various channels, including email, live chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base.

Podbean Pricing Plans 2024

Podbean gives the Podbean discount coupons for free and the premium plan for all the users hosting.

Check the Podbean Pricing below.

It has 4 Plans to choose from:

podbean pricing

1. Basic Pricing Plan

It gives you a Storage Space of 5 hours and a bandwidth of 100GB Monthly for just $ 0/mo. But in this plan, you will have a basic Custom Design.

Podbean does not provide a free trial; however, you may select your open basic plan for the first time if you are exploring. You only receive their extremely basic website templates, no demonetization, and a maximum of 5 hours of storage space.

If you expect your podcast to gain popularity, choose their Unlimited Audio or Unlimited Plus plans.

2. Unlimited Audio-

It gives you unlimited Storage Space (audio only) and unlimited bandwidth Monthly for just $ 9/mo.

3. Unlimited Plus Plan

For $ 9 per month, full audio works well for podcasters to the point of quitting! You can access their sponsorship market, limitless bandwidth, and jobs.

The Unlimited Plus, however, includes the Patron and PodAds services for $29/month. The support for video podcasts is a more appealing distinction between these two.

4. Network Pricing Plan

It gives you unlimited. Only the Unlimited Plus or Business Enterprise packages have the video podcasting function. It costs $79/mo.

However, if you add it, ensure it does not do more harm than good! Your audio and video rivalry for download or engagement is the last thing you want.

Which Plan Should I Choose?

Deciding on the most suitable plan can be a thoughtful process. At Podbean.com, these coupon codes apply to three distinct plans: Unlimited Audio, Unlimited Plus, and Business. These plans vary in terms of pricing and the features they offer.

While the allure of the most expensive plan with a free first month might be tempting, I advise looking at each plan to determine which one aligns best with your podcast hosting requirements.

This approach ensures that you avoid unnecessary features and prevent overwhelming yourself. Moreover, once the complimentary first month concludes, the site will charge you for the plan that meets your needs.

Determining the features you need depends on several factors, including:

  • Production value of your show
  • Size of your audience
  • Several individuals are involved in your show’s production.

The Unlimited Audio plan is more than sufficient for smaller shows, while larger organizations benefit the most from the Business plan.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the plan that optimally supports your podcasting endeavors.


Podbean stands out as an all-in-one podcasting solution, offering seamless hosting, distribution, and monetization features.The platform's versatility and the opportunity for coupon code discounts make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to venture into or expand their podcasting journey.

💰  Price

$ 9

😍  Pros

It is considered to be one of the best options for hosting a podcast.

😩  Cons

It is bit expensive


Podbean.com is an easy and powerful way to start podcasting. This podcast app is an audio program delivered over the internet and used in a compressed audio format

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Pros & Cons of Podbean



✅User-Friendly Interface ❌Limited Design Customization Options
✅Podcast Monetization Options ❌Limited E-Commerce Features
✅Comprehensive Analytics
✅Reliable Hosting and Streaming
✅Episode Scheduling and Publishing Tools
✅Easy Integration with Podcast Directories
✅Custom Domain Support
✅Mobile-Friendly Website and Player

Podbean Customer Support

Podbean provides customer support to assist users with their podcast hosting needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience on the platform. Here’s an overview of the customer support services offered by Podbean:

1. Email Support: Podbean offers email support where users can send their queries or issues. This is particularly useful for detailed inquiries or problems that require thorough assistance.

2. Live Chat Support: For immediate assistance, Podbean provides live chat support. This feature allows users to interact directly with support personnel for quick resolution of issues.

3. Knowledge Base and FAQs: Podbean has an extensive knowledge base that includes FAQs, guides, and articles. This resource is invaluable for self-help and learning how to use different features of the platform effectively.

4. Video Tutorials: The platform offers a range of video tutorials covering various aspects of podcasting. These tutorials are beneficial for both new and experienced users looking to understand the functionalities of Podbean better.

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Conclusion- Podbean Coupon Code & Discount 2024

Podbean is a great company if you plan to get linked to the best quality services.

It stands out as a versatile and feature-rich podcast hosting and monetization platform. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools catering to various aspects of podcasting, from hosting, distribution, and analytics to monetization and audience engagement.

Also, with our above Podbean discount coupons, you can benefit from Podbean services at a reasonable rate.

With coupon codes, users can enjoy the premium features of Podbean at a reduced cost, which is an excellent opportunity for those on a tight budget or wanting to test the platform’s capabilities before committing to a full-priced plan.

Take your Podbean free coupon code and start your trial now. I hope our Podbean discount coupons are of great use to you. Go and grab all the benefits from our Podbean coupon code and discount 2024 and have the best podcasting service.

Some Useful Podbean Free Podcast hosting 

Podcast Android App & Podcast Player (Free) – Podbean


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Podbean Coupon Code


Podbean stands out as an all-in-one podcasting solution, offering seamless hosting, distribution, and monetization features.The platform's versatility and the opportunity for coupon code discounts make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to venture into or expand their podcasting journey.

Out of 10


Price: $ 9

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