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Faqs Related To Podbean Coupon Code

🤝 Is Podbean cost-free?

Podbean is a website that hosts podcasts for free. Podbean Podcast App allows you to live stream, record, and publish podcasts for free. Additionally, Podbean offers paid contracts that provide additional functionality and storage space.

🙌 Is Podbean worth it?

Podbean is a user-friendly platform that provides almost any service a podcaster might like, making it an excellent choice if you're new to podcasting or a seasoned pro. The primary feature offered by Podbean is podcast hosting. They effectively serve as a hyperlink to your podcast's host (Podbean in this case).

🙏 Is it possible to listen to podcasts for free?

If you have access to the internet, listening to audio programs or podcasts is free. You need to locate a podcast website or software that works for you and then listen to a few of the thousands of podcasts generated worldwide. Both podcasts are unrestricted, and the majority are accessible via various applications.

👉 Which is the superior product, Podbean or BuzzSprout?

Both solutions are, without a doubt, great hosting sites. Recognize that there is no such thing as an ideal solution on the market. Your level of expertise determines the podcast host you can use as a podcaster. Podbean is ideal for all apps, although Buzzsprout is a safer option for newcomers.

🤑 Is Podbean compatible with Spotify?

Podbean is a Spotify-authorized passthrough affiliate. This ensures that Spotify can pull it from your RSS stream if the content is uploaded and accepted, similar to how most podcast apps and podcatchers do. Continue reading to learn how to get your podcast on Spotify via Podbean.

😘 How can Podbean generate revenue?

Additionally, Podbean Live enables you to raise money through Live Show admissions and interactive presents from your listeners. When a listener enters the stream, they will donate to you via Podbean's Golden Beans gifting scheme.

🔥 Is it possible to listen to Podbean offline?

You can use podcasts and listen to them offline.

🍁 Is Podbean compatible with iTunes?

Once your podcast is registered with iTunes, you will receive an iTunes feed ID, which you can enter in Podbean's Feed/iTunes settings. Following that, iTunes can immediately download your podcast.

🍃 Are you able to record on Podbean?

Hold your phone up to your face and begin recording. It's the most compact and comprehensive audio recorder accessible, with no additional costly tools.

💥 How do I add Podbean to my Spotify playlist?

Here is how you can add Podbean to your Spotify playlist – Enter your Podbean username and password and navigate to the 'Settings'->'Social Share' tab. Then, on the 'Connect to Spotify' page, press the 'Connect to Spotify' icon. This function is open to all profiles, unrestricted and beyond.

✨ How can you get an advertisement on Podbean?

Here is how you can advertise on Podbean - Log into your account at https://sponsorship.podbean.com/podcasters and navigate to the Podcasts section, which contains your podcast feed. To access advertising opportunities, click Join Ad Marketplace.

💫 How can you navigate the Podbean application?

Here is how you can navigate to the application Podbean - In Android Auto, tap the audio button. If you are in another app, tap the audio button once more. From the software list, choose Podbean. Choose Downloads if the episode has already been downloaded or Following to browse the podcasts you subscribe to. To play an episode, tap it.

🚀 Why would Podbean come to a halt?

If you install cell phone maintenance or power saver software such as Greenify or 360 Security, the app would be disabled. These would shut down app providers and block them from resuming to save battery power.

🔺 Are you able to edit on Podbean?

Here is how you can edit on Podbean - Navigate to your Podbean account's Episodes -> Episode List tab. To edit an episode's title, click on it.

♦️ How do I incorporate music into Podbean?

Here is how you can incorporate music in Podbeam - To add background music, click the music icon—>Add Music tab. On the Add background music tab, click the + button to add new music directly, or click the Import music button to import additional audio files. (You must ensure that all music you include in your live stream is copyrighted.)

In this post, you will get access to the Podbean Coupon Code & Discount 2021. Use these codes to get your preferable plan at discounted rates

About Podbean

Podbean.com is an easy and powerful way to start podcasting. This podcast app is an audio program delivered over the internet and used in a compressed audio format. It is a digital audio file officially designed for playback on computers or portable digital audio players, such as iPods.

Podbean delivers an audio program over the internet regularly. If you are planning for podcasting, then Podbean is the best choice you have.

Bottom Line Up Front | Starting a podcast exactly the way you want. With Podbean, you get the whole package – reliable podcast hosting, unlimited storage and bandwidth, promotional …I highly recommended, Podbeancheck out now


Podbean coupon- free podcast hosting
Podbean coupon free podcast hosting

Best Buy Podbean Coupon Code & Discount 2021

For experiencing these superb podcasting experiences, both in audio and video, at low-cost using Podbean, you must have Podbean coupons Code & Discount 2021.

Let’s see Podbean coupons so that you can buy some good packages at a reasonable price. This Podbean coupon would get your Podcasting solutions at the most discounted price.

How to Grab The Podbean Discount Coupons?

You need to follow the below steps to use these Podbean coupons 2021.

Step 1
Go to the URL www.Podbean.com by hitting the discount icon.

Step 2
Choose your item.

podbean free coupon code - Choose your item
podbean free coupon code choose your item

Step 3
Add your chosen item to the cart.

Step 4
Fill the details asked properly.

Join podbean - connect with google
Step 5
You can easily fill in the coupon code and details of the payment. Now experience the virtual world like never before.

Later in this Podbean review, I’m going to talk more about those unique features.

How To Use Podbean For Podcast Hosting?

podbean premium - How Customizable Is Podbean?

The process of setting up a Podbean account takes approximately 20 min. The setting up of account is easy and simple and involves only a few main steps that are listed below-

  1. Pick a Custom Subdomain– The first and initial step is to pick the custom subdomain, which later is known as a custom domain. Within seconds the user can create a basic site with the default themes.
  2. Change or Customize Layout– Once the domain sets up, the user can start customizing their site. They can change the layout to any of the themes from several themes offered. There are modern designs that are very responsive, which is very important as many visitors may be using devices like mobiles.
  3. Upload and Publish the First Episode– Now the site is ready to be uploaded with the very first episode. After the upload, the user has to give the following details like- title, episode description, and monetization option, if any. And then, by clicking on publishing, the video will get uploaded.
  4. The Podcast is now Ready to be Listed– From there, the user can visit the subdomain and can see the Podcast’s RSS feed at the top.

Podbean Features:

Podbean podcast advertising marketplace

• Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
• SEO (Search engine optimized).
• Reliable.
• Support from iTunes and Play store.
• Domain and Branding.
• Reliable Cloud hosting
Website builder
• Full-featured podcast site
• Lower price rate
• Easy and flexible
• Great support system
• Good analytics
• Prompt and helpful


Podbean is the best Podcast App & Podcast Player on Android with over 5M downloads, 120K reviews, 1 Billion+ episodes downloaded, and an average rating ...

💰  Price

$ 9

😍  Pros

It is considered to be one of the best options for hosting a podcast.

😩  Cons

It is bit expensive


Podbean.com is an easy and powerful way to start podcasting. This podcast app is an audio program delivered over the internet and used in a compressed audio format

Rating 4.5/5

Podbean gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth. So, you don’t have to worry about the rising cost. Also, you can easily share your podcasting through many players like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Alexa, and all the podcast apps.

By sharing your podcast, you can make money out of them from your listeners. Podbean provides you with the opportunity of Monetization. Let’s have a look at podcasting plans provided by Podbean. You can choose any plan according to your requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Podbean?

Podbean is a user-friendly software that offers almost all the services that are needed by the podcaster. Podbean is the core service provider of podcast hosting.

The user can upload podcast episodes to Podbean that can easily be watched and heard by other users by merely downloading or streaming the data from the Podbean app.

PodBean coupon codes - Podcast app

Also, the user can publish the podcast to other Platforms like iTunes and Google Play. But these sites do not host the episodes for the users.

There are four different plans offered by Podbean, for an aspiring and existing podcaster. The podcast works for every person, whether it be a new or already existing user. It offers amazing plans for the users who are in the planning stage of a new podcast.

Can I Customize My Podcasts? 

Yes, Podbean lets you customize your podcasts with various tools and features that it offers.

The user has the option of choosing the theme, and they can also edit some basic styling options. It offers the following styling options to its user-

  1. Header images
  2. Background image
  3. Theme color
  4. Font color
  5. Link color
  6. Title color
  7. Font style
  8. Font size
  9. Podcast player presence
  10. Episode count per page
  11. Audio player color
  12. Video player color

How Do Search Engines Search For The User’s Podcast?

The search engines work on the title and the description of the podcast episodes. They are very straightforward.

Also, Podbean has the basic feature of SEO META TAGS that allows the user to add some basic tags for simply searching on search engines. It’s neither difficult nor unique, but it’s the minimum the user should do for the podcast.

Uptime And Money-Back Guarantees

So the site does not talk about any money-back guarantee to its users on the Podbean site. But in terms and conditions, it is clearly stated that the company gives a 7 day grace period to its new users – in which they will fully refund – if users are not happy with the services.

So it allows new users to try free plans in order to know if Podbean fits their needs and expectations.

Also, it does not offer any Uptime guarantee, so if the site goes down, which usually does not happen, then the user will not get compensated. Not having the uptime guarantee is a concerning point for the host as the hosts very much need an uptime guarantee.

Pricing: Podbean Coupon Codes & Discount 2021

Podbean gives the podbean discount coupons for free as well as the premium plan for all the users hosting.

Check the Podbean pricing below.

It has 4 plans to choose:

podbean free coupon code - Podbean Plans and Pricing


It gives you a Storage Space of 5 hours and a bandwidth of 100GB Monthly for just $ 0/mo. But in this plan, you will have a basic Custom Design.

  • Unlimited Audio- It gives you unlimited Storage Space (audio only) and unlimited bandwidth Monthly for just $ 9/mo.
  • Unlimited Video- It gives you unlimited Storage Space (video) and unlimited bandwidth Monthly for just $ 29/mo.


It gives you unlimited

Top listed podcast platform for audio learner

Why Choose Podbean Hosting Coupon?

Podbean is a site specially designed for podcasting. They give the best podcasting for internal communications, training, radio networks, and media organizations.

Also, they provide the things you require to host, promote, and to track your podcast. Within a few seconds, you can easily upload, publish, manage, and promote your podcasts. It is very easy and user-friendly.

Podbean discounts give free and premium hosting packages according to your needs. Hence, it is the best podcasting site you can have.

Customers feel comfortable when they engage with Podbean. It never does anything that makes you switch to another hosting site. Their analytics are the best.


They provide you with the best service at the lowest price. Also, they have a great support system. For any complaints or information, you can directly contact them and they will resolve your problem.

Also, Podcasters can record and publish their podcast from the Podbean app. Its biggest advantage is that it gives unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage at a great price.

Here at Podbean, users can raise their monthly income by connecting with advertisements. Podbean users can easily sell premium podcast content. See, it’s that easy, it requires only a few clicks, and you have your final result within seconds.

If you want a cloud hosting plan, check Contabo redeem code and exclusive discount offers to save up to 50%.


Why Is Podbean Better Than Others In The Market?

Following are the reasons that make Podbean a better choice and value to the user in comparisons to others-

  1. Free plans– There is also a Podbean free month plan for the brand new podcasters who merely want to learn and doesn’t expect many listeners can opt for this. And also, they have the option of upgrading later.
  1. Unlimited Audio– It is best for solo podcasters. For starting off, it offers the majority of important features and that too at a very reasonable price. It gives an amazing opportunity to new podcasters.
  1. Unlimited Plus– So this is again a great thing. It is better than unlimited audio plans if the user wants to add a few extra features like video podcasts or create a program.
  2. Business– This is the best plan for podcasters who have reached on stage where they are willing and also needing to hire people to work for them and have multiple people working on a podcast.
  3. Unlimited Storage– It doesn’t imply infinite storage data but it has a reasonable storage place for data and podbean for desktop gives it a big boost.
  1. Unmetered Bandwidth– It is a great and helpful plan for its users.

Customer Support And Guarantees

Podbean free hosting coupon - best hosting ever

Podbean offers live chat and email support to its users. But honestly, there are hundreds of articles and video tutorials that are more helpful to the user. Else, the support system is also effective and supportive to its users.

It’s an integral part to get started to choose where to host your show. But there are lots of other areas that are just as important, if not more important.

And whether you need guidance with the structure and quality of your series, or with free podcast hosting, filming, or editing, within The Podcast Host Academy, they have courses on them all.

You will also have links to their regular live Q&A sessions in there, and you will never again be lost in any part of podcasting!

Podbean Twitter And Replies


Also, Read

Alternatives to Podbean

1. Buzzsprout:

BuzzSprout is one of the most specific podcast streaming services for beginners. They’ve been in business since 2009 and have developed a sizable group of podcasters that includes some of the industry’s best podcasters.

If you’re just getting started, you’ll find it extremely simple to use. Insert the media file, and it will automatically take care of the rest.


Additionally, they can upload the episodes directly to all major podcast repositories, ensuring that your podcast is accessible on all platforms and applications.

Their embeddable podcast player is attractive and functional across various screen sizes. It displays the cover art, social media keys, skip functions for forward and backward, and more.

2. SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is a standard website for hosting music and podcasts. The good news is that you can insert every SoundCloud podcast episode by merely pasting the URL into your WordPress articles and sites.

SoundCloud is entirely free to use with up to three hours of uploads.


Their free package is an excellent place to start for beginners looking to explore the waters first.

Their paying plans include increased capacity and bandwidth and predictive statistics, monetization, and delivery options.

It’s easy to use but not the most personalized or versatile podcast hosting plan available. The free plan has a three-hour upload cap. Paid subscriptions begin at $6 a month.

3. Libsyn:

Libsyn is another reputable source of podcast streaming services. They have an easy-to-use interface that prioritizes your brand and assists you in promoting your podcast through many channels, browsers, and smartphones.

Libsyn began operations in 2004, making it one of the first podcast streaming services.


It was built by podcasters for podcasters and boasted a sizable user base that includes some of the most prominent podcasters.

They provide monthly subscription-based podcast hosting plans with varying storage limitations but unrestricted bandwidth.

They have monetization tools, comprehensive analytics, and collaboration with WordPress through their Libsyn Publisher Hub plugin. Monthly subscriptions start at $5 for 50 MB of data.

4. Transistor:

The transistor is a robust and user-friendly podcast streaming service designed for both experts and beginners.

They deliver unrestricted podcast hosting, ensuring you would not be charged for uploading for hours as specific other hosts do.

They make it extremely simple to upload and post your podcast media. Additionally, they have podcast metrics, allowing you to see how each episode performed.


Their embed code makes it incredibly simple to include each episode in your WordPress articles and sites. If you don’t already have a website, they will build one for you quickly.

One factor to keep in mind is that their proposals already include a download cap.

This implies that you’ll need to update your schedule as your podcast expands. Starting at $ 19 a month for up to 10,000 monthly installs.

5. Blubrry:

Blubrry provides various hosting podcast plans suitable for inexperienced and seasoned podcasters.

They deliver a standard WordPress podcasting plugin named PowerPress that allows managing a podcast extremely simple directly from your WordPress website.

Using Blubrry in conjunction with PowerPress enables you to quickly and easily submit your podcast episodes to your podcast hosting service.


Additionally, it is easy to upload the podcast to Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) and Google Podcasts.

This enables easy discovery of your podcasts on Google Home, Assistant, and the Google Podcast app for Android devices.

Additionally, Blubrry has monetization tools, podcast analytics, and social media functionality. Monthly subscriptions start at $ 12 for 100 MB of data.

Podbean Real Customer Review & Testimonials


“I’ve been with Podbean since my very first episode and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I researched all the hosting platforms three years ago and I can honestly say I made the right choice.

The value for money is excellent as is their customer service. Every time I’ve asked a question they’ve gotten straight back to me. The feed is also super reliable and the integrations with Spotify, iTunes and Facebook have helped me find new audiences. The whole uploading process is basically foolproof, and believe me, with my limited tech skills it needs to be.“

“We are so impressed with the Podbean team. We have a question, they’re on it. We have a problem, they solve it. The platform is easy to use and we get our podcast out to the world instantly. We’re closing in on a year and several other hosting sites have tried to lure us away. We’re staying right here with Podbean.”

“We have been podcasting with Podbean three times a week since 2008. We have shared over 1,500 episodes with our listeners from all over the world in over 11 years! During this time, we have created podcasts on cruise ships with our listeners, at Disney theme parks, even raised well over $100,000.00 for charity! Without Podbean and the entire podcasting community, none of this would have been possible. Our show is heard on every corner of the globe due to this amazing service!”

Podbean Facebook Real Customer Review & Testimonials


Conclusion | Podbean Coupon Code & Discount 2021

Podbean is a great company if you are planning to get linked to the best quality services. Also, with our above Podbean discount coupons, you can take the benefit of Podbean services at a reasonable rate.

Take your Podbean free coupon code and start your trial now. I hope our Podbean discount coupons are of great use to you. Go and grab all the benefits from our Podbean coupon code & Discount 2021 and have the best podcasting service.

Podcast Android App & Podcast Player (Free) – Podbean

Podcast Android App & Podcast Player (Free) – Podbean

How to Submit Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts 2019 (Updated for 2020 In Pinned Comment)

Podcast iOS App & Podcast Player (Free) – Podbean

Value for potential

Verdict: Podbean.com is an easy and powerful way to start podcasting. This podcast app is an audio program delivered over the internet and used in a compressed audio format

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