5+ Top High Ticket Affiliate Programs 2024– Start Earning Passive Income

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So, are you up for taking your stakes higher in affiliate marketing and also increasing your revenue?

It’s time to jump into high-paying affiliate programs. I know it’s hard to pick the right high-paying affiliate programs with so many options out there.

When things seem too good to be true, we often feel unsure. But if you do some research and compare, you can find the best ones for your niche.

So, on your behalf, I have done the research and listed below the top 15 ticket Affiliate programs that you should definitely look into.

Top 5+ High Ticket Affiliate Programs 2024

I’ve collected several affiliate programs that pay well in different niches. Each one has its own way of paying commissions. Take a look and see which ones best suit you.

They’re not ranked in any particular order. Also, remember that details might change, but we do our best to keep them updated.

But here’s my tip: you won’t know if a program works for you until you track your results. So, while these programs might seem promising, don’t solely rely on your feelings. Make sure to track your performance to find the best high ticket affiliate programs for you.

1. Kinsta Affiliate Program

Commission Type Commission Rate
One-Time Commission $50 – $500
Monthly Recurring Commission 10% of referred sales
Monthly Recurring Commission 5% of referred Application and Database Hosting customers

high affiliate program

If you’re looking for a top-notch affiliate program to earn some passive income, you might want to check out Kinsta. They offer fantastic customer support, high-performance servers powered by the Google Cloud Platform, and an awesome dashboard called MyKinsta.

One of the coolest things about Kinsta is its super low churn rate—less than 4%! That means most people who host with them love the service, so you can trust that your referrals will be in good hands.


Google Cloud Platform powers their hosting, so you know it’s reliable and high-quality. Plus, they’ve seen some sites get a massive 200% performance boost after switching to their machines.

Managing a site with Kinsta is a breeze, thanks to their custom dashboard. You get free SSL certificates, premium DNS, password protection, and more – all in one place. And if you want to learn more, you can even schedule a demo to see it in action.

With 36 data centers worldwide, your referrals can pick the location that works best for them. So, if you’re interested in earning some commissions with a reputable hosting provider, consider joining the Kinsta Affiliate program today.

2. SEMrush Affiliate Program

Feature Details
Attribution Model Last-click attribution
Cookie Life 120 days
Earning Structure – $200 for every new subscription sale

– $10 for every new lead

– $0.01 for every new sign-up

Support Dedicated team of experienced account managers

Suppose you’re a content publisher delving into topics like SEO, PPC, PR, or content marketing or a marketing agency seeking to enhance your client recommendations. In that case, Semrush’s affiliate program is perfect for you.

Semrush offers an enticing affiliate program through Impact Radius, providing attractive incentives for affiliates. With a revenue-sharing model, affiliates earn commissions on sales or trial activations generated through their promotions.

The program utilizes a last-click attribution model, ensuring fair credit for conversions within a generous 120-day cookie life.

Affiliates are rewarded every step of the way, with $200 for new subscription sales, $10 for new leads, and even compensation for new sign-ups.

Additionally, a dedicated team of experienced account managers offers support throughout the affiliate journey.

The program’s accessibility is further enhanced by its user-friendly interface on Impact Radius.

Affiliates can easily access referral URLs and creative assets to aid in their promotional efforts. With the potential for significant earnings and robust support, Semrush’s affiliate program presents a compelling opportunity for affiliate marketers.

3. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Service Type Commission Structure
Marketplace Gigs – 25% of first order

– 10% of future orders (12 months)

Pro Services – 70% of first order

– 10% of future orders (12 months)

Logo Maker – $30 for first order

– 10% of future orders (12 months)

Fiverr is a popular platform used by millions worldwide. It offers a wide range of services, including Fiverr Pro and Logo Maker, which make it easier for affiliates to attract potential customers and earn significant commissions.

Commissions are paid monthly on a net 30 basis, meaning you receive payment at the beginning of the following month for the previous month’s referrals.

Affiliates can promote Fiverr using various platforms, such as blogs, social media, emails, and podcasts.

Fiverr provides customized shareable links and marketing tools to make promotion easier. When buyers click on these links and sign up, they are automatically linked to the affiliate’s account, and commissions are paid directly to the affiliate’s PayPal, Payoneer, or bank account.

4. Teachable Affiliate Program

Feature Details
Cookie Duration 30 days
Initial Commission Rate 30% of Teachable subscription purchases
Recurring Commission Rate 30% of subscription fees for the first year of the user’s membership on Teachable
Opportunity for Higher Commissions As you drive more conversions, the opportunity to earn higher commissions (up to 30%) increases.
Commission Structure Recurring commissions for one year per sale with a 30-day cookie window

Teachable affiliate program stands out as one of the best in the industry for several reasons.

Firstly, partners can earn a substantial income, with an average of $450 per month and the potential to earn $1,000 or more monthly. The program offers a generous 30% commission on

Teachable subscription purchases, with recurring commissions, for the entire first year a creator is on the platform. This means you earn money repeatedly for just one referral.

Additionally, Teachable provides a user-friendly partner portal with unique tracking codes for easy commission tracking.

Your audience will love Teachable for its ability to help them build successful online businesses, enhancing your credibility as an affiliate.

With robust campaign reporting and reliable payment processing through Impact’s technology, the Teachable affiliate program offers a seamless and lucrative opportunity for partners to earn passive income.

5. Smartproxy Affiliate Program

Feature Details
Earning Potential Up to $2,500 per user
Commission Rate Up to 50%
Cookie Duration 60 days
Money-Back Guarantee 14-day option available

If you have followers interested in tech and data-driven businesses, you can make good money with the Smartproxy affiliate program. You could earn up to $2,500 for every new customer you bring in.

Plus, you can get up to 50% of the sales and enjoy a 60-day cookie policy. Smartproxy is a big network with over 40 million IPs, providing extra security and privacy.

Once you sign up on Impact, you’ll get a special link to share with your audience. When people click on your link and buy something, you make money. It’s easy. Just make sure people use your link when they make a purchase.

This program is one of the best because it offers high commissions, a big network, and simplicity.

6. Thinkific Affiliate Program

Commission Structure 30% lifetime recurring commission on all monthly or annual paid plans
Cookie Duration 90 days
Signup Process Sign up to receive your unique referral link
Additional Benefits Different commission structure for Plus plans

Joining the Thinkific affiliate program is a smart move if you’re in the business of sharing knowledge or creating online courses. They offer a fantastic platform and an affiliate program that pays well and keeps on giving.

Whether you’re a content creator, a business leader looking to educate customers, or an entrepreneur seeking new revenue streams, Thinkific’s affiliate program is perfect for you.

You can earn a lifetime recurring commission of 30% on all monthly or annual paid plans, and even better, there’s a 90-day cookie period.

This means that if someone clicks on your referral link and signs up within 90 days, you’ll still get the credit. It has contributed to a lot of $$$ in my bank, so it can be really good for you to earn a good income.

It gives you a chance to earn $1700 per referral annually, so why have you not joined Thinkific Referral yet? JOIN NOW.

Thinkific provides ready-to-go creative and promotional content to help you reach your audience and start earning referrals effortlessly. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

7. Bigcommerce Affiliate Program

Commission Structure Details
Standard Referral 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment
Enterprise Referral $1,500 per enterprise customer
Commission Caps None
Minimum Commitments None
Additional Benefits No obligation to meet specific quotas or commitments

Opportunity for increased commission tier with more referrals

Access to a dedicated account manager for personalized support

This is one of the best affiliate programs because it offers lucrative commissions and a range of promotional resources to help you succeed.

With BigCommerce, you can earn up to 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment or $1,500 for enterprise customers.

There are no commission caps or minimum commitments, and as you drive more referrals, your commission tier can increase.

Additionally, the program provides powerful tracking tools through an affiliate dashboard, allowing you to monitor your clicks, trials, sales, and commissions easily.

Plus, you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager who can offer personalized support and guidance to help you maximize your earnings.

Partnering with BigCommerce can be a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers, as it offers generous commissions, comprehensive tracking, and dedicated support.

What makes a “High Ticket” Affiliate Program?

When you’re looking for a good “high ticket” affiliate program, consider a few important things. Think about what kind of products they sell and how much money you can earn.

Also, see how long their cookie policy lasts and how many different products you can promote.

Affiliate niches with the highest payouts

First, think about the type of industry or niche that an affiliate program belongs to. While this won’t guarantee finding super high-paying programs, it’s a good starting point for your search.

The digital sector often offers the highest payouts compared to the price of the product. This includes things like online marketing tools, website builders, entertainment subscriptions, and digital tools.

Since these products don’t cost much to make or deliver, they can afford to give affiliates bigger payouts.

Luxury products also tend to have high payouts because they have high prices. These programs offer high ticket affiliate products, meaning you can earn a lot of money from selling them.

However, marketing luxury products can be more challenging because they have a smaller audience.

Personal finance programs, like those involving crypto or retirement plans, are another industry with higher payouts.

It’s important to make sure the products you promote are legitimate and reliable. If you promote a scam, you’ll lose the trust of your audience.

Commission Structure & Cookie Policy

Another factor that makes an affiliate program “high ticket” is its commission structure. Many of these programs offer recurring commissions, which means you can earn money every month when someone signs up for a subscription-based product.

This can be a great source of passive income. Alternatively, you might earn a big one-time payment for promoting expensive products.

The cookie policy is another important factor to consider. This refers to how long you have as an affiliate to get credit for a sale after someone clicks on your affiliate link.

For example, Amazon’s affiliate program only gives you 24 hours. However, most of the programs listed here have much longer cookie periods, usually a few months.

This is important because people usually don’t make big purchases on impulse. They might take weeks or even months to decide, and you want to make sure you still get credit for the sale when they do.

Products sold in high-paying affiliate programs

Lastly, pay attention to the products available in an affiliate program. Some programs might offer a high-paying opportunity, like a $2k investment in precious metals, but they might also have many other low-paying, cheap offers.

While it’s okay to promote cheaper products to attract customers, you don’t want to waste your time and money on a program that won’t give you those big commissions you’re hoping for.


❓What is a high ticket affiliate?

👀Are high ticket affiliate programs legit?

Yes, high ticket affiliate programs are legitimate. In conclusion, high-ticket affiliate marketing is a legitimate and viable avenue for those willing to invest time in research, build trust with their audience, and promote valuable products. Approach it with integrity, educate your audience, and embrace the potential for substantial earnings.

🤔How do I start high ticket affiliate marketing?

To start high ticket affiliate marketing, begin by identifying high ticket products in your chosen niche, such as online courses, coaching programs, or luxury goods. Next, conduct thorough research on the products and companies you plan to promote. Check their reputation, customer reviews, and commission rates to ensure they align with your goals and values.

Conclusion: Becoming a high-ticket affiliate

After 10 years in affiliate marketing, here’s some simple advice from me: getting into high ticket affiliate programs isn’t easy. If you’re new, it might be better to start with programs that offer cheaper stuff and lower payouts.

That way, it’s easier to make sales and improve your advertising skills. Even if you’re really good at affiliate marketing, you still need to test your ads.

Tracking helps you see what works best, allowing you to make more money. Eventually, you can set up rules to automate your ads and make things easier.
Do let me know if you have zeroed down on the best high ticket affiliate from my list; else, do share yours.

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